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Chapter 56 -  Missing Girl        


“Alright, Fan Mo. We will give you an ID related to the City Hunters Team later,” Captain Xu Dahuang said. 

“There’s an ID?” Mo Fan said, feeling a bit stunned.

“Of course!” Feishi explained as he kept smiling, “This ID has quite a few privileges, the you right now is equivalent to a enforcement officer within Bo City!” 

“You’re saying that I have now become an honorable enforcement officer?” Mo Fan asked as he creased his brow. 

“Hahaha, we are precisely City Officers!” Li Wenjie suddenly laughed. Only after he stopped laughing did he continue, “The only difference is that we don’t deal with those law-breaking peddlers nor profiteers, we deal with the things that emerge at night!” 

A City Officer of Bo City?

Mo Fan couldn’t help but smile a little. This position was quite to his own liking; it had a whiff of being Spiderman, The Flash, or Iron Man, the hero that was supposed to save this chaotic city. While at same time, he could be mysterious as he flirted with girls! 

Mo Fan quickly blended in with the mood. Fei Shi, the older brother who had the most experience, introduced the squad’s current state of affairs as well as their primary responsibilities.

“Hello...What, why didn’t you report this to me earlier? What kind of global joke are you making, those police officers are completely useless!” While they were happily discussing things, the Captain Xu Dahuang roared into his phone. 

Li Wenjie, Xiao Ke, Feishi and the people who were happily talking to Mo Fan suddenly changed expressions as their gaze fixed on Captain Xu Dahuang. 

At this time, Fei Shi creased his brow as he whispered to the suspicious Mo Fan, “Originally, we wanted to take you out for some drinks. Who would’ve thought that the second you joined us, we would be assigned work! If we aren’t wrong, then it’s most likely the Cafeteria’s Quaking Door of Mingwen Girl’s Middle School.”

“The Cafeteria’s Quaking Door?” Mo Fan’s eyes widened.

He had heard of quaking cars, quaking water, quaking field, but it was his first time hearing about freaking quaking doors. You city people sure know how to have fun!1

“Brother, you are too wicked… It’s not what you think it is. Every night, the school’s cafeteria would have some strange quaking. In the beginning, they thought it was some construction team working in the middle of the night. After that, they had dispatched people to check and the report said there was no construction team. Instead, there was a strange story that has been passed down through the Mingwen Girls Middle School,” Fei Shi explained to Mo Fan as he whispered. 

“Did you say Mingwen Girls Middle School?” Mo Fan suddenly realized something before he inquired further.

“Yes, it’s a girl’s only school, even the teachers...tsk, cough” Fei Shi returned to being serious. 

Mo Fan was unable to have sexual fantasies about it. Ye Xinxia was at precisely that girl’s school. Thinking back on it, roughly two months ago when he was on phone with Ye Xinxia, she had told him that her cafeteria was really scary. 

“Alright, let’s make use of the time when the students aren’t studying to immediately resolve the issue!” Captain Xu Dahuang said. 

Putting down the phone in his hand, Xu Dahuang’s face was no longer smiling. 

Li Wenjie, Xiao Ke, Guo Caitang, and Feishi; the four people’s eyes were all fixed on their captain. 

“There has been an accident. A second girl has gone missing,” Xu Dahuang said with a calm voice. 

Everyone’s brows creased. 

A few months earlier, there was a girl who went missing in Mingwen Girls Middle School. Due to the school side being unable to determine whether the girl had disappeared on the school grounds, this matter had been handled by the police. After a few months, there still hadn’t been a single clue. 

This matter had been on the morning newspapers, but everyone was quick to forget. A city had more than a few million people, and someone disappearing was not something strange to the police at all. 

Xu Dahuang and his team had made a trip to the Mingwen Girls Middle School once before. The school, however, didn’t want to make this into a big ordeal. Thus, they didn’t want to let the City Hunters do anything, leaving the matter completely unsettled. Who would’ve known that half a year later, there’d be yet another girl gone missing. This time, she had actually gone missing within the school grounds. 

The school finally realized that this was a big problem, and they urgently got in contact with the City Hunter Team. 

“Captain, if someone were to gone missing, shouldn’t they still just contact the police?” Xiao Ke opened her mouth to ask. 

“This Light Mage found some footprints that didn’t belong to humans.” Xu Dahuang said solemnly. 

Everyone else immediately turned silent, except for Li Wenjie, who seemed to be bursting with life. It was evident that he felt happy about having work to do. 

“They contacted us a week after this happened; they really are a group of morons. If they had contacted us immediately, then perhaps we could even find the missing girl. Now that it has been this long, that girl is definitely gone!” 

“Some schools are like that. Everyone wants to hide the bad things, but once they realize they cannot hide it, that’s when they know it’s a real problem!” Guo Caitang said coldly.

As Mo Fan heard everyone talking, his heart began beat harshly. 

Missing for a month? 

Ye Xinxia hadn’t contacted him for a whole week! 

Due to him not having the money to buy a mobile, Mo Fan had always used the old telephone booth to call Ye Xinxia’s mobile. He would talk to her at least once a week. 

He had just returned from Practicals and his heart was filled with how to increase his own strength. Thus, he forgot to check in with Ye Xinxia! 

Aunt Mo Qing’s house was near Mingwen Girls Middle School. Even during summer break, Ye Xinxia would spend the majority of her time immersed within the school’s library, since it was extremely inconvenient for her to walk to begin with...

As Mo Fan thought more about it, his heart felt increasingly more panicked. He urgently borrowed a phone from Fei Shi. 

“The number you have called is unavailable.”

Mo Fan’s heart jumped. 

“I will reunite with you guys in a bit!” Not saying anything further, Mo Fan dashed out of the Hall of the Hunter’s Union. 

“Hey, wait! In any case, take my phone with you, this way we can contact you easier!” Fei Shi yelled toward Mo Fan. 

As he yelled out, Fei Shi tossed his phone toward the running Mo Fan. 

“Brother, isn’t it a bit dangerous when you throw your phone like that? What if that kid didn’t catch it?”

“Don’t worry, that’s a Nokia. It won’t break.” 

“Brother, I meant as in what if you crushed him to death!” 


“What’s wrong, why is your face suddenly looking so bad?”

“Who knows. Either way, we should start doing our work.” 

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

1. Quaking cars, or shaking cars in Chinese basically means engaging in a sexual intercourse in a car, resulting to the cars shaking. I guess everything else after that is essentially same logic. 

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