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A curious expression crossed Jing Wuying’s face as he wondered what the object was. He prepared himself for any sudden actions, but then he suddenly froze up!

It wasn’t that he was stunned by whatever it was coming at him. It was because he suddenly found himself unable to move!

Any signs of resistance were taken away from him the moment he laid his eyes onto the crystalline tablet, no matter how he might’ve tried to move. It was like if an invisible hand had grabbed hold of him to prevent him from doing anything!

It wasn’t just his soulforce that refused to circulate. Even his soul felt like it was being forced to freeze in place!

His powerful soulforce started to drain away the moment he was forced to freeze. The black light that had been swirling around his body dissipated now that his soulforce wasn’t controlling it anymore. He had lost all sense of control over both his body and soulforce!

Not a single person was able to contain their surprise at this!


On the outside of the battlefield when patriarch Qin had just tossed out that crystalline tablet and cried out ‘seal’... 

Bai Yunfei’s eyes narrowed slightly. Something about this had startled him!

When patriarch Qin called out that word, the Soul Sentinel Scarf on his forehead and the Core Stone both started to pulsate with energy!

The type of energy both Regalia pulsated with was rather special. It was only faint enough for Bai Yunfei to feel it due to his proximity, and it seemed like they were resonating with one another!


Xiao Fang cried out in Bai Yunfei’s mind to send him in shock as well at the news!

“Sealer?!” Bai Yunfei felt his face drop several degrees in pigmentation as he digested the information. He was already making the connection between the resonance from the two Regalia and what Xiao Fang had just said. “Xiao Fang, you can’t be saying that…”

“I am! That’s definitely Sealer!” Xiao Fang interrupted, “One of the Ten Great Regalia…the Soul Sealing Mandate!”

A Regalia, the Soul Sealing Mandate!!

Now that his own suspicions were confirmed to be true, Bai Yunfei began to rapidly process what this meant. He never thought that a Regalia would show up here!

He knew a little about the Soul Sealing Mandate from what Xiao Fang told him. Like the Soul Sentinel Scarf, the Soul Sealing Mandate was a type of soul armament that could protect the soul!

Soul Sealing…It was quite obvious that the Regalia was capable of ‘sealing’ the soul!

By sealing the soul, the Regalia was capable of forcing the person to lose control of every aspect of their body!

One might ask; what might happen if the soul was to be sealed?

‘Seal’ and ‘Anchor’ had their similarities, but the Soul Sealing Mandate was on a completely different level than Bai Yunfei’s ‘Soul Anchor Technique’. The Soul Anchor Technique was something that could temporarily anchor a person to where they were for a moment, but the Soul Sealing Mandate acted as a seal of sorts. Unless the seal was undone, the person wouldn’t be able to get rid of it!

If used in battle, just what kind of results would the Soul Sealing Mandate bring?

Well. Just look at Jing Wuying and the answer was obvious… 


A transparent wave of energy was spreading out from the Soul Sealing Mandate to cover Jing Wuying’s entire body. He was unable to do even a single thing as the energy circled around him. He couldn’t even maintain the ability to remain flying in the air and immediately began to plummet down to the ground!

The Soul Sealing Mandate fell with him as if to stick within range of him.


A furious roar called out to Jing Wuying as he was mid-fall. A streak of red light zoomed through the air to smash into Jing Wuying!

It wasn’t a particularly strong attack compared to the battle before, but it didn’t have to be. Jing Wuying was completely unable to move or defend himself right now. If the attack were to hit him, his body would definitely be unable to take it… 

The patriarch was standing a few hundred steps away. He had a strange expression on his face. Shouting out that word earlier seemed to have taken a great deal of energy, as his face was much grayer than before. His soulforce was also flowing rapidly out from his body so that only half of what it used to be remained inside. Clearly, he wasn’t in any shape to be unleashing any powerful attacks. This attack was probably the best he could do at the moment… 


A moment later, the red beam of light crashed into Jing Wuying to have a bulb of fire explode and engulf him inside of it!



The sight of his grandfather being struck square on like that caused Jing Mingfeng to cry out in horror!

Likewise, Bai Yunfei had a pale expression on his face, “Crap!”

The rest of the audience were watching this take place with a stunned look as well!

“Wha…what happened?! What did patriarch Qin do? How did his opponent suddenly just stop moving?!”

No one had a clue what went on. The battle before this point had been intense with two Half-emperors duking it out so magnificently. How could the battle end on such a surprising note like that?!

Though unable to understand what happened, the audience wouldn’t have an answer to their questions. They could only just watch to see if Jing Wuying would end up surviving the blast.

It took a moment before a person fell from the explosion. Plummeting down to the earth below, this person was still being burned by some lingering flames!

He dropped another dozen meters or so before the transparent bubble around him disappeared and the Soul Sealing Mandate zoomed off to return to the patriarch’s hand.

The patriarch grabbed hold of the Soul Sealing Mandate and let out a sigh of relief once it was safe and secure back in his hand… 

This Regalia…was as powerful as he was led to believe from the rumors!

“If I became a Soul Emperor and was able to become the Soul Sealing Mandate’s master, I’d be able to use its power without fail. Who would’ve dared fight the Qin in that case?! We would have been all-mighty. We would have been free to enjoy our golden era!! What a waste! How despicable that it’s all gone into smoke!!”

He remarked to himself in sorrow as he stared at the Soul Sealing Mandate. The patriarch was thinking of a future that could’ve been if not for Bai Yunfei and the others.

And on that note, he snarled and turned to glare at Bai Yunfei with all the killing intent he could muster!

“What?! He’s still alive?!”

But another complication arose up in the form of Jing Wuying, whose aura somehow sprung back up at that moment.

A faint burst of soulforce was coming from where Jing Wuying had fallen. Black light was coming out from his person to extinguish the flames, but it was clearly a great deal fainter compared to before. 

Despite his beam striking down Jing Wuying while his defenses were completely done, Jing Wuying was still alive!

“Why didn’t you die?! Die already!!”

The patriarch roared. Waving his hand again, he sent a burst of flames down to finish off Jing Wuying!


Before it could strike Jing Wuying, a beam of violet light shot out from a different direction to disrupt and block it!

The patriarch’s eyes narrowed at this new distraction and whirled towards the source, but only to see a red and green beam of light fly straight at him!

The streak of green light was Jing Mingfeng, but he was flying for where Jing Wuying was.

And in the red beam of light was Bai Yunfei!

He was flying faster than Jing Mingfeng was. In just a few seconds, he was already in between the patriarch and Jing Wuying!

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