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“Bai Yunfei! He’s actually going to try stopping patriarch Qin! Does…does he actually plan on fighting him?!”

“He’s strong. He has to be if he can fight off two or three Late-stage Soul Kings. But up against a Half-emperor like patriarch Qin? That’s not going to be enough, is it? He wasn’t exactly unharmed in his battle either. He can’t possibly have much soulforce less, isn’t he just being suicidal like this?”

“Well, we don’t know for sure! Bai Yunfei might not be at his best, but neither is the patriarch! Didn’t you see how much energy using that crystal thing took out of the patriarch? Bai Yunfei has so many powerful soul armaments to him, don’t you think he might be able to squeak out a victory here?”

“A weakened lion is still stronger than a wolf. Patriarch Qin is a Half-emperor! How could a Soul King possibly win? Don’t forget about that thing he used, it took out another Half-emperor! How would Bai Yunfei even compare?!”

“Speaking of which…what exactly was it that he used!? Some kind of soul armament? What kind was it?”


Needless to say, everyone was surprised that Bai Yunfei would suddenly step in to save Jing Wuying from his death at patriarch Qin’s hands. Many thought Bai Yunfei was simply just ignorant of his own strength, though there were a few that did think he had a chance of winning. Other than that, the audience was still trying to figure out how exactly Jing Wuying had lost.

A few of the Soul Kings were standing there still, but two or three of them had a contemplative light in their eyes. They seemed like they were realizing something about what the patriarch had used… 

Yan Tianxing, in particular, had his eyes glued to the patriarch’s left hand. “Is that…could it be…?”


“The spirit within the Soul Sealing Mandate is a prideful one. It wouldn’t accept anyone not a Soul Emperor as its master, so this patriarch Qin is definitely not its master!” Xiao Fang exclaimed to Bai Yunfei. “He definitely forced the Soul Sealing Mandate to work for him that one time! As a Half-emperor, he could probably use it once, but not to its full might. And as you can see, it takes a lot to force it!”

Xiao Fang was talking about how tired the patriarch looked and the reason behind it. “Forcing the Soul Sealing Mandate to work definitely took a large toll on his soul. He shouldn’t be able to use it again. Take this chance and…kill him! Kill him and take Sealer away!!”

Bai Yunfei was Xiao Fang’s ‘master’ so Xiao Fang would naturally think of him first. Xiao Fang was hoping that Bai Yunfei would be able to get the Soul Sealing Mandate and become even stronger. Patriarch Qin was Bai Yunfei’s enemy, and an enemy with a powerful Regalia like that was too big of a threat to let live. It was best that Bai Yunfei take this chance to take the Regalia now.


Bai Yunfei’s eyes twinkled as he processed the information given to him. He was thinking about what his possible choices were here.

A moment later…he came to a decision!

Xiao Fang was right, now was the best time to act!

He sent a withering glare at the powerful enemy in front of him as a prelude of his will to fight. Loosening his right hand so that the Fire-tipped Spear would float next to him, Bai Yunfei immediately started to go through a series of hand seals!

The fact that Bai Yunfei had even appeared in front of him was surprising enough to patriarch Qin that he didn’t even retaliate at first. He wasn’t afraid of Bai Yunfei. If anything, he was more afraid the outsiders—Yan Tianxing in particular.

A Regalia was something that was far too alluring for any soul cultivator that knew about them. He had no doubts that given the chance, one of the Soul Kings here would definitely try to steal the Soul Sealing Mandate away from him!

It wasn’t a crime to be poor, but it was a crime to be poor and be in possession of a precious item. The Soul Sealing Mandate had been in the Qin’s possession for decades now, and not once had they ever divulged of that fact to any outsider, and for good reason too. They didn’t have the power to defend themselves in the worst-case scenario.

But now that Bai Yunfei was glaring at him with the intent to kill and was raring to fight, the patriarch began to sneer.

“You’re seeking death!!”

To him, it looked like Bai Yunfei was throwing away his own life. How could a Soul King—even if he had the power of a Late-stage Soul King thanks to some kind of mystical power—ever hope to contend with a Half-emperor? It was a pipe dream!

“Eh?! What…what is this?!”

He was in the middle of preparing to launch an attack to kill Bai Yunfei when his senses caught onto an explosive burst of energy powerful enough to cause him to stop!

Bai Yunfei had all of a sudden exploded with a newfound strength to elevate him beyond the level of a Late-stage Soul King! And it was still growing!

“Peak Late-stage Soul King! A second power-boosting soul skill!!”

It wasn’t until Bai Yunfei’s aura reached the levels of a Peak Late-stage Soul King that the patriarch let out a stunned cry of disbelief! He could hardly believe this was happening!

But he wasn’t so stunned that he wasn’t capable of doing anything. A grim light entered his eyes as he retreated to gain some distance from Bai Yunfei!

He felt a premonition of danger in that one moment!



Fire burst out from Bai Yunfei’s body as he entered ‘Berserk’ Mode. His hands didn’t stop as he began to make the appropriate seals for the opening move. Elemental fire converged around his arms in tremendous amounts before spiraling around it… 

This was…the Dual Dragon Burst!


Even several hundred meters away, the patriarch didn’t feel safe. He could see from the flames rising up from Bai Yunfei that the incoming attack was a dangerous one. His eyes flickered over to the Soul Sealing Mandate as if contemplating something. Snarling, he threw it into his space ring and began to go through a series of hand seals himself!

He had planned on recovering some of his soulforce before he was committed to fighting Bai Yunfei, but things were developing in ways that didn’t allow him the luxury of waiting. Bai Yunfei was using a powerful soul skill, so he had to prepare one himself.

Elemental fire gathered around patriarch Qin as he readied for battle. Forming a giant wave of fire behind him, the flames continued to pick up in size!


Like a spring, both of Bai Yunfei’s arms lashed out to send a giant spiral of flames from them. As they flew forward, the flames took on the form of two giant dragons complete with a snarling jaw that spat fire and had several strands of violet light running through it. It was barely visible, but anyone with a keen enough eye would be able to spot it.

As powerful as that move was, the strange thing was what happened to Bai Yunfei! As soon as he cast the attack, Bai Yunfei’s aura immediately fell back down to the levels of a Late-stage Soul King!

He was only capable of going into ‘Berserk’ Mode for a single moment! And he looked pained for just being in that for such a short amount of time! The pain of being in ‘Berserk’ Mode was powerful enough for him to cancel it straight away somehow. It was definitely strange to see since Bai Yunfei should’ve been used to the pain… 

Patriarch Qin greeted the sight of the two giant dragons with a calm look. Waving his hand, he sent the giant wave of fire behind forward to repel the dragons back!

From a rudimentary standpoint, the amount of energy in the two moves were both very strong, but it was the Dual Dragon Burst that was marginally weaker! As expected from a Half-emperor, the move of one of Bai Yunfei’s most powerful attack still wasn’t enough!

Everyone believed that the two attacks would cancel each other out at least or that patriach Qin’s attack would continue onwards to Bai Yunfei. And if patriarch Qin were to attack again, then…things wouldn’t look good for Bai Yunfei.

Even patriarch Qin thought his attack would be the ultimate victor and started to sneer in preparation for it.

But when the moves smashed together, the sneer was immediately wiped away from his face! In its place, two wide-opened eyes and a wide-open jaw stared in disbelief at where the moves collided!

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