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The failure of becoming a Soul Emperor was already a heavy blow to patriarch Qin. But the total annihilation of the strongest of his family was something he couldn’t tolerate. It was something that was driving him absolutely insane!

Every single Soul King of the Qin—dead!! That was as good as killing off the entirety of the Qin!


His fury couldn’t even be described with words now. The mouth of the patriarch was split wide open as he let loose a heart-wrenching wail of anger before locking every into place with a wave of killing intent!

“Die…die! You will all die!! Die!!!”

Cursing all that could hear him, the patriarch immediately glared at the source of all his anger—Jing Wuying!


A giant dragon formed from the flames around him to rush straight for Jing Wuying!

He leaped onto the head of the dragon as it flew for Jing Wuying. Like the flames around him, his killing intent was blazing wildly. The flames around his right hand solidified to form a giant claw ready to strike and kill.

He clenched his fist hard enough for Jing Wuying to hear the popping sounds of his knuckles. Over his right hand, five sharp blades formed with a twinkling-sharp light.


The dragon slammed into a curtain of black light and scattered apart. Waves of energy flowed outwards away from the wall, but patriarch Qin pounced in the opposite direction like a panther. The fiery claws over his right hand were still shining brightly as it swiped down to aim at Jing Wuying’s person!

Jing Wuying’s eyes shined dangerously. The black light around him stuck to him like a black garment as he raised his dagger up to stab patriarch Qin’s wrist!

Despite the risk of losing his hand, patriarch Qin continued his downwards plunge with the claws!

Jing Wuying narrowed his eyes. If patriarch Qin wasn’t willing to back away, then he would.

But even while Jing Wuying was backing away, patriarch Qin was making an explosive leap forward! The claws quickened in pace as it zoomed in after Jing Wuying to strike him down!

The explosive leap forward saw to Jing Wuying being run straight through with the claws. However, patriarch Qin didn’t have a pleased look on his face!

He didn’t manage to hit Jing Wuying at all; it was a mirror image!

A black light started to shine from beside the spot where the mirror image was struck. Jing Wuying appeared out of nowhere then with his dagger now poised to strike in between the patriarch’s eyebrows!


There was a scraping sound as Jing Wuying’s dagger came to a stop in front of patriarch Qin and was forcibly yanked away from him!

The patriarch had used his claws to parry the dagger. It wasn’t any weaker than the dagger and was fully capable of withstanding a blow or two with it. When the dagger was caught, patriarch Qin tried at once to yank the dagger away from Jing Wuying and strike at his throat with his left hand!

The throat strike was carefully observed by Jing Wuying, who had no intentions of dodging it despite his dagger being in a less-than-optimal place. Several blades of black appeared around the dagger following a pulse of soulforce and flew around patriarch Qin’s arm straight for his eyes and throat!

The patriarch responded in kind with a burst of fire to fly up and cover his face like a mask. And at the same time, he kicked away from Jing Wuying to gain some distance between them.


The seven blades entered the fire in front of the patriarch’s face but were ultimately stopped just short of reaching his eyes.

Jing Wuying hadn’t expected that the dagger would be capable of a move like that, but he was thankful that he didn’t grab hold of it. As he was planning to gain even more distance between him and Jing Wuying, the patriarch realized then that something was clutching at his right arm as if holding it in place, preventing him from moving any further back!

That was when he noticed it. The near-transparent lines that connected the blades that struck him to the dagger! When they flew around his arm, the strings that connected them had wrapped tightly around his arm! All Jing Wuying did next was pull on it and the clothes had immediately been ripped apart along with the skin so that his inner flesh and bones could be seen! If it was any tighter his arm would be shredded to pieces!

The immediate stinging pain that traveled up his arm was enough to make the patriarch wince with pain. He couldn’t ignore this soul armament any longer. With a loud roar, he twirled his right arm and yanked hard on it to try and pull the dagger away from Jing Wuying again.

But he didn’t feel any resistance when he pulled! 

Jing Wuying was already in front of him and ready to attack!

He wasn’t even bothering to do anything with the strings attached to the patriarch’s arm. He was ready to strike at the patriarch through the forehead with his dagger!

The constantly changing actions of Jing Wuying had made the patriarch rather passive in his approach to this battle. He leaned forward with his upper half to allow for the dagger to instead strike at his heart.

It wasn’t a suicidal move. His body was already forming a layer of solidified fire around it to act as a piece of armor. He was going to tank this move!

His right hand reached out with a flame that burned pure white to lash out at his waist! He was trying to duke it out with Jing Wuying!


The two struck one another in a furious explosion of energy. The two stuck together like glue as their attacks slammed into one another’s body for a split-moment before the explosion forced the two apart!

They flew several thousand steps away before coming to a stop. There was a large hole in the chest area of patriarch Qin’s robes, and the golden armor he wore underneath it had a small crack on it—but it wasn’t broken through. Jing Wuying’s robes, on the other hand, were burnt away to reveal a black-colored piece of armor that had five claw marks on it.

Neither Half-emperors were able to pierce the defenses of their enemy, but the concussive force of their attacks was still enough to deal a considerable amount of damage to them both.


Patriarch Qin didn’t look very happy. How could he? There was something painfully clear to him after the previous exchanges with Jing Wuying. Jing Wuying was a little stronger than he was!

“He was already a Half-emperor, so he’s more familiar with its power than I am. And he definitely got stronger after taking the energy meant for me. Whether I want to defeat him or stall for time, I cannot match him!”

It was a bitter and humiliating pill to swallow, but the patriarch had to accept the truth for what it was.

“I have to use that then!! I can’t control it, but I should still be able to do enough to have it kill Jing Wuying! Then I can kill the others! The Qin is dead already, there’s no need to hide anything anymore! Even if I die, our enemies will be killed today! No one will be spared, everyone will die!!”

He decided to himself in anger. Even more energy started to pour out from his person as he shot straight for Jing Wuying!

“Die!!” He roared as he launched a near-transparent wave of energy straight ahead!

A soul attack!

“Hmph!” Jing Wuying sent out a soul attack of his own. The two struck one another in mid-air and created an equally transparent shockwave of energy!

Patriarch Qin was traveling onwards despite that. Waving his left hand, he shot out a small beam of sparkling light!

It was hard to see what the sparkling light was, but the speed was incredible. It traveled hundreds of meters within a matter of moments and caught up to Jing Wuying as he was preparing to stop it. A jet of black light flew forward from him, but the sparkling light had already stopped just meters away from Jing Wuying’s head!

There was something within the light. It was about the size of a palm and translucent like a crystal. It was some kind of crystalline tablet!

As he was trying to see what this object was, it began to shine with a bright enough light to cover his entire person!

A malicious gleam entered patriarch Qin’s eyes then. His soulforce began to bubble with renewed vigor before he shouted out a single word—


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