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The water-type Early-stage Soul King with plans to attack Tang Xinyun was named Qin Huan and was a cousin to Qin Long.

Now set with a game-plan, Qin Huan flew as fast as he could over to where she was—and coincidentally over the spectators who scrambled to get out of the way as fast as they could.

“What’s he doing, trying to run away?!”

“No, look! Don’t you see the people on that mountain there? The lady in white there…that’s Tang Xinyun of the Tang!”

“You’re right! She’s with the blue-robed woman that came with the earth-type Soul King earlier! And there’s that one who helped Bai Yunfei earlier too!”

“Is he trying to distract Bai Yunfei by going after them? Isn’t that…stooping too low?!”

“Hey, who cares about that in a battle like this? To the victor the spoils!”

“But that’s the daughter of the Tang! Are the Qin really going to anger the Tang like that?”

“They can worry about that in the future, what’s more important is the battle right now! They probably won’t do anything to her, it’s just a trick to distract Bai Yunfei.”

“It’s too sudden. There are no Soul Kings near her, only Soul Exalts. They’re just waiting to be captured…”

“I wonder how Bai Yunfei is going to react…”

Several critics cried out in response to Qin Huan’s actions. They were incensed that a Soul King would even stoop so low to a tactic like that. No one was willing to interfere though, this wasn’t a depth of water they were willing to soak their toes in.

Yan Tianxing watched this scene from farther away with a small frown, but even he did nothing to stop it from happening.


“F*cker! A Soul King’s coming over!!”

Up on top of a certain mountain, Hu Sha swore out loud in fright at the sight of Qin Huan flying straight for them.

He looked left and right as if to look for a way to flee, but he moved nowhere. It was pointless to run. The person coming after them was a Soul King, and they were only Soul Exalts. Stricken with fear, Hu Sha scratched furiously at his hair to think. The orange-blade Bai Yunfei gave him earlier popped out a second later when he made his decision.

“Don’t fear, miladies!! No one will harm even a hair on your heads with Hu Sha here! I’ll hold him off, you two run away now!!”

He yelled out heroically to stand in between Qin Huan and the two ladies behind him. It was clear to see that he was frightened to his very bones and that his legs were threatening to give out beneath him, but his face was showing equally clear signs of determination that he was ready to fight off the Soul King or die trying.

In truth, he probably could have abandoned the two ladies there and try to pass himself off as an ‘unconcerned party’. Qin Huan would’ve let him escape in that case. But here he stood. Whether it was an act of extreme bravery or stupidity had yet to be seen.

“Hurry up and run, what are you doing standing around?!”

He turned around in alarm that neither Tang Xinyun nor Zhao Jie had even bothered to start running yet. He wanted to say something more, but Qin Huan was already upon him.

“Catch my blade!!”

Hu Sha snarled out loud. Bursting with orange light, he heaved his sword up to swing it at the incoming Soul King!

It was a mighty blow that made even the ground beneath him tremble a bit as a ten-meter large blade of orange light flew out from his sword to fly at Qin Huan.

“Pah! You insignificant worm!!”

A disdainful sneer appeared on Qin Huan’s face at the attack. As insignificant a role he played in the battle with Bai Yunfei, the man was still a Soul King after all, and the attack of a Soul Exalt was nothing in the face of him. Blue light exuded from his body as he brought his right hand out. The orange blade of light touched upon his palm before it was reduced to pieces!

“Heaven-tier soul armament!!”

Qin Huan’s eyebrows flew up on his head from surprise. The power of the attack was stronger than he expected. The soul armament Hu Sha was wielding had to be a heaven-tier soul armament.

That got the greed going in Qin Huan’s eyes.


A blue spear materialized in Qin Huan’s hands as he lashed out to kill Hu Sha! And at the same time, his free hand flew out to grab at Txy behind Hu Sha!


“Xiao Jie!!”

A furious Xiao Nan roared from across the battlefield. He saw everything that happened and immediately disengaged from his battle to fly on over.

But a figure cut in from his left to obstruct his path.

“Stop me and die!!”

This was the first time Xiao Nan had leaked such furious killing intent since the battle started. His battle expression was multiple times more furious than what it was before, and the orange light around him was glowing even more intensely as he brandished his sword at the enemy!

It wasn’t just Bai Yunfei’s ‘tail’ Qin Huan had stepped on. He had stepped on Xiao Nan’s ‘tail’ too!!

Orange light shot out from him before it took on the shape of a giant qilin. Roaring loudly, the qilin charged straight for the water-type Early-stage Soul King!

“What is this!!?”

The water-type Soul King cried out. This was a show of strength he hadn’t expected to see from Xiao Nan!

He had been holding back this entire battle so far!


The qilin crashed into the water barrier of the Soul King with a thunderous crash, sending orange and blue light splashing everywhere including the water-type Soul King. He was seen moments later again flying out from the explosion with blood spilling from his mouth and his body covered with heavy wounds.

A single blow was all it took for this Soul King to be rendered unconscious and out for the count!

Xiao Nan took only a moment to take in that sight before flying off to go to where Zhao Jie was.

And then another dozen blades of wind came flying at him from the right to stop him yet again!

With how angry he was over the danger Zhao Jie was in and his relative lack of self-awareness after defeating the Soul King that had blocked his path, Xiao Nan was essentially caught off guard. The blades of wind nearly slashed into him before he erected a barrier around his person just in time to watch as they started to collide with him.


On the other side, Bai Yunfei was similarly looking off towards the south with narrowed eyes as Xiao Nan roared out in anger.

“An opportunity!!”

His short lapse of concentration was what Li Yue was waiting for. In an explosion of soulforce, Li Yue lifted a finger to point it at Bai Yunfei!

Another soul attack!


This was a crucial moment for the two of them. Roaring loudly, Li Yue was prepared to kill Bai Yunfei with this soul attack!

Qin Long and the other Mid-stage Soul King with him had the same idea as well. In seconds, four different Soul Kings had their soul attacks pointed straight at Bai Yunfei!


A single scream erupted through the air and brought a stop to Qin He and the other two!

“What’s this? He didn’t even use a soul attack of his own, was Li Yue’s soul attack too much for him?”

But that was when Qin He realized something. It wasn’t Bai Yunfei that had screamed just now!

The one to actually scream was Li Yue!!

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