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The Qin and Soul Refining School had a connection to one another!!

It was a heart-racing conclusion that made Bai Yunfei leap a bit. The Qin was a first-rate family that lived for hundreds of years in the face of light and justice. How could a person not feel shocked that a 'proper' family like them be associated with the Soul Refining School?

But a question like that only led to another question.

What connection was there between the two? And even more importantly…why did the soul refiner decide to show up now of all times?

Even for Bai Yunfei—who was still reeling from the conclusion he had just reached—knew that Li Yue coming out to 'help' the Qin was an unwise move. It'd certainly bring trouble onto them now.

But he couldn't worry about that. If the Soul Refining School was here, Bai Yunfei no longer had the luxury of being kind now!

The anger Bai Yunfei had for the Soul Refining School was etched down to his very bones. He had absolutely no compassion for anyone within the school!

The Soul King in front of him would definitely die today!!

For the first time in a while, true murderous intent started to rise out from Bai Yunfei's body. He was determined to kill Li Yue!

It could be felt by Li Yue, who shuddered when the intent reached him. It was a bit chilling to feel, but the feeling he got from Qin He and the others was even worse. They too, were giving him a look of killing intent!


Things would be difficult for him now, both sides were against him!

He knew what the Qin were thinking about. People would undoubtedly think that the Qin and Soul Refining School had something in between them now. In order to 'prove' their 'innocence' of such a claim, the Qin would try and kill him!

Qin He and the others were without a shadow of a doubt angry to see him here. Li Yue had no suspicions that the Qin would try to kill him now as a result!


Qin He shouted, as expected, to give the command to the others to kill Li Yue!

Four different auras flared to life as they renewed their attack on Bai Yunfei. This time, Li Yue was included in their attacks!

"Eh? What's going on?! Why are the Qin fighting the dark-type Soul King now?"

"So he wasn't from the Qin? Who is he then? He was definitely attacking Bai Yunfei just then. Even if he's not a 'helper' of the Qin, there's no way they'd attack him like that, would they?"

"It's too crazy…can someone please tell me what's going on here?!"

The place was an absolute mess of things as people talked over one another to try and get a better understanding of what was going on. No one could really make sense of the proceedings. Even the Soul Kings were a little clueless, but they were slowly making some leeway towards the truth… 


"Damn! Damn it! Damn it all!!"

Li Yue cursed to himself as he blocked an attack from hitting him. If possible, the amount of fury in his eyes would've been spitting flames with how much anger he was feeling. He was now the number-one target in this battlefield!

In front of him were the Qin and behind him was Bai Yunfei. A two-pronged attack with him as the sole target!

There was nowhere to run even if he had the chance to!

He hadn't expected the situation to end up as it did now, how in the world could he?!

"Damn!! You'll all die here!!"

Now at a boiling point, Li Yue let out a loud curse before going into a myriad of hand seals to ready up an attack!

A soul attack!!

The soul attack of a Late-stage Soul King was without a doubt something to be feared. Only Soul Kings and those above could perceive the visible waves a soul attack would bring. And right now, all the Soul Kings could see the surrounding area around Li Yue come to a freezing halt!


It was the weakest Soul King from the Qin that cried out first. Hands clutching at his head, the Soul King began to twitch and turn while screaming out in pain! Green light shined out from his body as if he was being attacked from the inside out and having his energy forcibly kicked out!

Li Yue waved his right hand at the Early-stage Soul King to point. A small concentrated ball of elemental darkness popped out from his palm. Taking the form of an evil spirit several meters tall, the spirit snarled and rushed at the Early-stage Soul King!

The Early-stage Soul King was filled with fear at the sight. He tried to kick up and away from the spirit's path to get away, but it seemed that he was, unfortunately, slower than the incoming 'spirit' and was quickly caught up.


Someone sneered before the spirit could catch up. A golden beam of light shot forth from another direction to cleave the spirit in two! It was Qin He who stepped in to save his life.

The Early-stage Soul King's forehead was slick with sweat because of his fear of the spirit just now. But before he could even let out an exhale from the danger that just transpired, the Early-stage Soul King felt an extreme burst of heat assault his person from behind.  Turning around, he saw a fireball ten meters wide already nearly upon his person!

Li Yue's attack onto the Early-stage Soul King presented Bai Yunfei an opportunity, and Bai Yunfei was not a person that'd say no to a gift offered so nicely to him. If the Early-stage Soul King was down, Bai Yunfei would make sure he'd stay down and turn the tides of the battlefield!

This one attack wasn't so much meant to kill the person, but to ensure that the person wouldn't be able to continue fighting!

A crestfallen expression appeared on the face of the Early-stage Soul King as if thinking of something.

"I'm only just an Early-stage Soul King, why go after me?!"

The only thing he could was try and retreat… 


A green beam of light shot past the Early-stage Soul King and into the fireball, once again saving his life. But the ensuing explosion had still forced the man to go flying away like a kite without an anchor.

It was Qin Long this time that stepped in to stop Bai Yunfei's attack. He pointed at the mountain beneath Bai Yunfei with a sneer. From the area he pointed at, a dark-green vine sprouted out from it with the agility of a snake to spring up and try and ensnare Bai Yunfei!

Qin He was taking action too. The mid-heaven tier golden-crescent blade was already out again to go whizzing at Bai Yunfei to cut him down.

The other Mid-stage Soul King was starting to recover from Li Yue's soul attack too. His plans to attack Li Yue was temporarily scrapped in favor of attacking Bai Yunfei since everyone else was. Pausing briefly to recompose his soulforce, he concentrated it around his orange blade and sent a powerful blade of energy out to strike Bai Yunfei down.

Li Yue's attack played a relatively small role in this battle. He felt quite displeased that not even a single person had died from it. Similarly, he was pleasantly surprised to see that everyone was attacking Bai Yunfei instead of himself. His eyes glimmered with opportunity at this. He could use this chance to prepare an attack onto Bai Yunfei as well!

In a blink of an eye, Bai Yunfei had turned back into being personnon-grata!


While that was going on, things were already taking on a completely unexpected turn elsewhere…

Having recovered from Li Yue and Bai Yunfei's attack, the Early-stage Soul King staggered backward to recompose himself. His soul was still stabilizing from the previous scare when he aimed a death glare at both Li Yue and Bai Yunfei. As he was debating to himself whether or not he should participate in the battle again, something from behind him prompted him to turn his head… 

His eyes glimmered for several moments before a malevolent sneer appeared on his face. Kicking against the air, he immediately flew off to a different direction of the battlefield!

The direction he was heading for was south of Swallow City where…Tang Xinyun and the others were! In his quick glance behind him, the Early-stage Soul King had noticed Tang Xinyun standing there!

This person was planning on taking her and the others with her down!

Attack the enemy by casting their minds into disarray. This was a common ploy to most on how to win battles. This Early-stage Soul King was clearly planning to attack Tang Xinyun to have Bai Yunfei be caught off guard. And then in his haste to protect her, he'd open himself up to the attacks of Qin He and Qin Long to be killed!

It was a despicable tactic for most, but that was neither here nor there for the Qin right now. What lower depths could they sink to now?

He knew who Tang Xinyun was, of course, and neither did he really plan on injuring Tang Xinyun. He just wanted to scare Bai Yunfei enough to disrupt his mind. That was all.

Unfortunately for him, this tactic was without a doubt a poor choice to take… 

He had no idea that he was about to step on the tail of a sleeping dragon!!

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