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Everyone turned to watch Li Yue as he clutched at his head and screamed a bone-chilling scream. He was screaming as if someone had invaded upon his own soul and was repeatedly battering upon it!!

The +10 additional effect of the Soul Sentinel Scarf—bouncing back a spirit-type attack, had activated!

Bai Yunfei hadn’t had this effect activate ever since the battle first begun, so it came as a slight surprise that it’d take now of all times to activate!

The effect was without a doubt too illogical of an effect to make any sense. It didn’t even matter how fast a person could react to such a thing since reaction speed was as equally useless as how strong a person was. No one could possibly foresee themselves being afflicted with the very same soul attack they had only just unleashed. It was enough to make anyone be absolutely dumbfounded.

Li Yue was finding himself in such a situation. His mind had taken a temporary leave of absence as the aftermath of his very own soul attack carved up his soul quite nicely. He wasn’t even able to do anything else but just stand there as the black smoke around him started to disperse.


While everyone else was just staring at him, a powerful burst of aura suddenly exploded from someone else in the vicinity. A new wave of killing intent flooded the area immediately, filling Qin He and the others with a sense of dread at once!

It felt like an ancient beast had suddenly woken up from its slumber of some kind. Fury like none other filled this entity in such large amounts that the anger was practically in a visible form as a fire that burned anything and everything it touched to cinders!

“You will…all die here and now!!”

Another roar was heard, this time with enough vigor to rupture the eardrums of everyone that listened and enough killing intent to freeze the hearts of even the most battle-hardened people. This roar was definitely some type of soul attack!

Even in their fear, people could see the area where Bai Yunfei was was now a pillar of flames that scorched everything in its path up. The pillar continued upwards for hundreds of meters before warping into some kind of demonic being that seemed to be roaring as well!

It was a ghastly apparition that seemed to exist for only moments before it returned back to being regular flames, but two dragons flew out from the flames shortly afterward. Snapping and snarling with their jaws, the two dragons flew down to Qin He with the intent to burn them to ashes!

A single person was standing beneath the source of where the dragons had spawned. He was cloaked in the flames in a way that seemed like the flames were actually coming from him. And at the same time the two dragons appeared, this person was doing something else with his hands… 

Two beams of light shot out from him. The first violet and the second crimson. Streaking across the skies fast enough to leave behind mirror images, the first bolt traveled for the south while the other traveled for Li Yue!

“What is this!!?”

Qin He exclaimed in bewilderment. All the blood in his face had long since drained away while he tried to make sense of the sight in front of him.

It was fruitless though. He simply couldn’t believe that Bai Yunfei was capable of something like this!

This Dual Dragon Burst was at the very least twice as strong as the first one! This wasn’t something a Mid-stage Soul King should be able to pull off. 

Qin He couldn’t even boast of having an attack that powerful, and he was a Late-stage Soul King!


The options were truly limited now, and Qin He knew it. A retreat was the only option. Sounding the command to have everyone retreat, Qin He began to gather some elemental fire of his own to him to form a barrier of fire. While he was doing that, Qin Long was using the green energy around to form a barrier over him and Qin He to further bolster their defenses.

This, unfortunately, left the Mid-stage Soul King to fend for himself. Pasty-white in fear for his life, the Mid-stage Soul King took off in a different direction from where the Dual Dragon Burst was heading to try and make it out and away from the impact zone.

“Boom boom boom boom boom!!”

Thunderous explosions echoed all over the place again and again as the Dual Dragon Burst impacted against the first wall of fire!

Like snapping a dried twig, the two dragons tore through the wall of fire like it was nothing to head onwards in its attack on Qin He and Qin Long!


There was one final explosion as a wave of fire completely devoured the area where Qin He and Qin Long stood!

To the people observing from the outside, this was a breathtaking sight to see. Everyone’s hearts were practically leaping out from their throats from the anticipation of what was going to happen next. Would Qin He and Qin Long be seriously hurt by Bai Yunfei’s attack?


The flames and smoke didn’t even clear away from the area when a loud shriek of pain came forth!

This was a voice everyone was familiar with. They had only just heard it moments before…it was Li Yue!

The spectators swiveled around to look at Li Yue at once, only to have their jaws drop wide open at what they saw!

There was a flash of crimson light flying away from Li Yue, but his chest and back were gone! There was a hole in his body!

Everyone stopped breathing as a collective whole from shock. No one could’ve expected such a thing to happen. While they had been focusing so heavily on the Dual Dragon Burst, the group forgot completely about Li Yue and missed out on the attack that had done him in.

How could a Late-stage Soul King have…have a hole made straight through his person?!

Even more hard to believe was the black light shining from in front of him. It was stacked layers over layers in front of him like a strange multi-layered tortoiseshell. But the thing was…the elemental barrier was fine! It was completely intact! And yet at the same time, there was a hole straight through Li Yue’s body and a path of red light coming from where it should’ve stopped against the barrier!

Only a few were lucky enough to see what had happened. A strange red light shot out in the direction of Li Yue at the same time the Dual Dragon Burst had been cast. Li Yue, who was still reeling from the aftereffects of his reflected soul attack, had only a second to put up the tortoiseshell defense to hopefully protect him from the incoming beam of red light.

The defense was made swiftly enough, and Li Yue was about to move away from the area to take advantage of the chaos to prepare his next strike when… 

His entire body went rigid then. Looking down, Li Yue saw the same beam of red light his barrier should’ve stopped go straight into his body. And then…it went straight through him without even stopping for a second as if it had encountered no resistance whatsoever!


No one in the world could have reactions as fast as to dodge something like that. Li Yue only felt a faint burn in his heart before the flames made its way deeper into his body. Then as quickly as the heat came, his body dropped drastically in temperature as his life started to drain away from it… 

“....” Li Yue hadn’t even the proper expression or words to describe that moment. Realizing that it was his body he was looking, Li Yue snapped back to full clarity for just a moment to let out a heart-wrenching scream!!


It was a scream of absolute madness as he gripped at the hole in his chest. He was seemingly grasping at something as if to seal up the hole and prevent his life from slipping away, but he was like a drowning man flailing about to grab hold of something to save him. Large quantities of black energy was already dissipating from his person to act as a protective barrier, but that too was breaking apart as quickly as it formed… 


In his final struggles, Li Yue’s senses alerted him to a potential danger coming from behind. He wasn’t fast enough to turn around, however, and all went dark for him.

Then, he knew nothing… 

It was unexpected, but those who were somehow fortunate enough to see Li Yue’s final moments saw the attack that actually did him in. It was a black crescent-shaped void of space that sliced and devoured the upper half of Li Yue into it before disappearing!

Only when the crescent-shaped void traveled another few thousand steps away and disappear into nothingness did the people watching let out a gasp!!

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