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The tip of the Fire-tipped Spear pressed against the skin of Yan Tianxing's body, as if daring him to move. But Tan Tianxing knew better than to do that and gain a new hole in his person. He was still as a statue and not even his soulforce made a move.

Without a steady source of soulforce to feed it, the curtain of lightning faded away from the skies. Once the curtain dropped, the figure of Bai Yunfei was revealed to be standing about a hundred steps away. His outstretched arm seem to be remotely controlling the Fire-tipped Spear.

Slowly, the sky began to regain the normal shades of color of daylight. Though the fight was reaching a lull, the spectators were watching more with more intensity than before. They were perhaps trying to process the fact that this was the conclusion of a most unforgettable fight. 


Qin Long crashed into a mountain nearby the spectators, causing many of them to jerk their heads away in surprise. The impact of his landing was mighty enough to cause a localized earthquake to rumble to life. The mountain trembled for a brief moment before collapsing in on itself and kicked up a dust storm.

Bai Yunfei spared a quick glance over to where Qin Long fell before twitching a finger on his right hand. As if attached to a string, the Fire-tipped Spear zipped back to Bai Yunfei's side along with the Heaven's Thunder which came to a stop on the other side of him.

"Lord Yan, I'll be leaving now. Please do not stop me."

He stated to Yan Tianxing as he stored away his Fire-tipped Spear. Stepping onto the Heaven's Thunder, he zipped off into the skies to where Tang Xinyun was.

Yan Tianxing remained motionless where he stood. His mouth opened and closed several times as if wanting to say something. No words were coming out though. All he could do was just watch Bai Yunfei leave.


"Can…can someone tell me what in the world happened? It's…it's over? Lord Qin and the lord-mayor were both…defeated by Bai Yunfei!?"

"There's just no f*cking way?! Was this really a battle between equals?! How in the world were neither lord Qin or lord-mayor Yan unable to stop Bai Yunfei?! I can't believe this!!"

"A soul attack…it was a soul attack that defeated lord Qin at the end! I can't believe lord Qin wasn't able to defend against it! That wasn't a normal soul attack then, it had to be some kind of arcane art! Bai Yunfei has possession of an even more powerful soul attack!"

"And that one soul armament that defeated the lord-mayor, what was that?! Lord Yan shouldn't have been able to be so easily defeated if he was focused entirely on defending himself! What soul armament was Bai Yunfei using to penetrate it!?"

"How is lord Qin? Can he still fight? Will the fight really end like this?"

"How would it continue even if he could? Not even a few more Early-stage or Mid-stage Soul Kings wouldn't be enough if Bai Yunfei is this powerful! Unless patriarch Qin and his other elders come out, there's no way Bai Yunfei won't win! And an entire clan against one person? Would…would the Qin really do something like that?"

"Bai Yunfei's leaving! And lord Yan isn't stopping him…is he giving up? Tsk tsk…lord Yan has to be doing this on purpose, right? He didn't show his entire strength, sure, but to fight together with lord Qin on this wasn't very spectacular, especially since he lost…"

The entire battle had been only a few minutes at least and ten at most. For those long few minutes, the entire audience had been stunned over and over again by how powerful Bai Yunfei was. The 'abrupt' ending was even more of a bombshell onto these people and so most of them were having a hard time believing it was over.


On the mountains to the left of the battlefield was Tang Xinyun. Watching as Bai Yunfei shot on over on his Heaven's Thunder, Tang Xinyun began to break into a relieved smile and pride. She waited for Bai Yunfei to alight from the sword before she ran up to him,  "Are you alright, Yunfei?"

"I'm fine." Bai Yunfei smiled back, "Do I look hurt to you? I can't even say how relaxed I feel right now, haha…"

He hadn't spent much time in the 'Coil' Form so dispelling it wouldn't do much harm onto him. The battle did drain a decent amount of soulforce from him, but that'd be easily solved with his faster-than-normal regeneration. At most, his biggest injuries were the physical blows Qin Long gave him, but even those were just negligible wounds. 

Truly, Bai Yunfei had come out from this battle with more than enough to spare.

This was the first fight he took part of since he became a Mid-stage Soul King and was 'refitted'. Even he was surprised by how easily victory came to him.

A good reason behind that victory was in part due to Yan Tianxing not taking the battle too seriously. Though he was siding with Qin Long, the man wasn't fighting with the intent to kill Bai Yunfei. He was just fighting at a level needed to injure and capture Bai Yunfei. 

Or it could perhaps be said that Bai Yunfei hadn't given him the chance to fight seriously either. The +13 additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear (ignore elemental defenses) was a decisive deal-breaker no one could possibly expect to see.

"How…how is lord Qin?" At ease now due to Bai Yunfei being safe, Tang Xinyun was still seemingly worried about the other combatant. There was without a doubt a grudge between Bai Yunfei and the Qin now, and even though she herself didn't like the Qin much, her family was still friends with the Qin. Having things develop this way wouldn't be good at all for relationships between the Tang and Qin.

"He's not dead, but he's not lightly injured either. He won't have much energy to fight unless he risks everything…"


A loud explosion rocked the earth behind Bai Yunfei a split-second later before washing the area over with a wave of powerful soulforce!

Bai Yunfei frowned. "No way, did I jinx it?"

The dust where Qin Long had fallen had cleared away to reveal a pillar of green light to shoot up into the sky!

Qin Long was looking worse for wear within the pillar of light. His hair was a frazzled mess and his clothes were in ruin. Not even his dark-green armor was in one piece with multiple fracture lines running from where two fists imprints had been left behind on its carapace. Blood was trickling from his heaving mouth, but his eyes were bloodthirsty—very much like an animal—and still filled with killing intent.

He wasn't just angry over the death of his two sons now. He was angry that a 'youngster' had dealt such humiliation to him! His heart was like a hornet's nest with how it beat and brought his soulforce into quick undulations.

"Die! Die!! I'll kill you!" Elemental wood poured out from his body at the same levels as if he was completely unharmed as he let loose a guttural roar towards Bai Yunfei.

"Lord Qin, please calm yourself. Don't do anything hasty now…"

Yan Tianxing appeared right beside him as he tried to pacify the man, albeit a little helplessly.

"My lord!! Please restrain yourself! Zhou Huai has already gone to report to the others. I am sure brother will be here shortly…let them make the decisions for now. We can chase after Bai Yunfei another time…"

Qin Pingzhi had caught up to him now as well. His battle with Xiao Nan had been finished a lot earlier when Yan Tianxing and Qin Long began their assault with the two of them choosing to stand aside rather than fighting.

The more they tried to convince Qin Long though, the angrier he became. The snarl on his lips grew more and more pronounced as his soulforce started to leak out larger amounts… 

Yan Tianxing and Qin Pingzhi had worried looks on their faces. They could both tell Qin Long was being swayed more by his emotions than logic. His hatred for the one who humiliated him was overriding all logical thought and was close to turning him insane.

"I'll…I'll kill him! Ahhh!!!"

At last, a primal roar erupted from Qin Long. His head snapped back to let loose the fury within him along with a burst of soulforce! This was the power of a man gone crazy!

"N—no way?! Does he still want to fight? Don't tell me lord Qin has gone berserk?!"

Someone from the audience gasped aloud as he realized what was going on. His cry was picked up by the others in the audience and another conversation was soon started.

At that same moment… 

"Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!!"

Without any warning whatsoever, the ground beneath everyone's feet started to tremble violently! It was as if the entire earth was being shaken! Something deep underneath the earth was rumbling so loudly that even the heavens could hear it!

"What's going on? What's happening?! An earthquake?"

"The epicenter is towards the north! Ah!! Look there! What…what is that?!"

The abrupt earthquake had caught everyone off guard. Crying and yelling out in confusion, everyone started to look this way and that before someone brought their attention to the north. To the north…where the skies were dyed a crimson red!

Yes. The sky to the north of Swallow City seemed like it had been either set on fire or had been dyed red with blood. It was a chilling sight that seemed to affect even one's soul!

What…in the world was going on in the north!?

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