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The skies south of Swallow City were filled with blades as green as nature itself and crackled with the lightning from the gigantic dragon made of it. Everyone watched with trembling hearts as the three Soul Kings fought. Even the Early-stage and Mid-stage Soul Kings there were in awe at the fight. There was only one thing everyone could think about—they'd be finished if they were to be hit by either of those two moves… 

"It goes without saying that Qin Tian would fight to kill Bai Yunfei. But the lord-mayor? He's not acting as a proper 'mediator' should!! Isn't he afraid of accidentally killing Bai Yunfei with an attack like that?! Or…does he think that Bai Yunfei will be able to endure that much power? He's overestimating that Bai Yunfei, isn't he?"

Someone from the crowd wondered aloud.

Tang Xinyun was watching this fight happen between Bai Yunfei and the two other Soul Kings in fear and sent a look of concern to Xiao Qi.

"I know what you're thinking about. I want to help but Yunfei said not to interfere." Xiao Qi said without even waiting for her to say anything. "And you should really stop worrying about every little thing. It's a little troublesome, but it's nothing Yunfei can't handle. He's probably trying to find the limits of his new strength. Just keep watching, he'll be fine."

Anyone else would've been flabbergasted at Xiao Qi had they heard what the bird had said. 'Worrying about every little thing'? How could a fight between one Mid-stage Soul King and two Late-stage Soul King be considered 'little'?! Xiao Qi was making things out to be something trivial like if Bai Yunfei wasn't even up against some kind of powerful attack of some kind… 


Everyone could see that an orange bulb of light was starting to shine from where Bai Yunfei was. Some kind of ball of light as bright as the sun was shining there as if repelling the green and violet lights. A figure could be seen darting into the orange light as if seeking shelter in it.


A bolt of violet lightning flew out from within the orange barrier with a clap of thunder before cleaving through multiple blades of wind as if they weren't even there. Continuing onwards, the bolt of lightning ascended into the skies!


An explosion took place in the skies a moment afterward to allow for a ball of fire to suddenly materialize. The surrounding area was quickly covered over by a sea of flames powerful enough to drown out even the auras of Qin Tian and Yan Tianxing!

As quickly as it appeared, the sea of flames began to recede inwards into the orange light. Flowing rapidly into it, the flames exploded into the skies as two dragons made of fire towards the dragon made of lightning!

This was…the Dual Dragon Burst!!


Qin Tian gripped his sword tightly. Waving it again and again, he created a barrage of wind blades to strike down the incoming dragons to try and disperse them. What he wanted to was to have Yan Tianxing's attack land down on Bai Yunfei so he could have the final blow onto Bai Yunfei!

Another eruption of light came out from the ball of orange when the lightning dragon was just a few hundred meters away from Bai Yunfei. Qin Tian watched as the first series of attacks he did crashed into the ball of light before simply bouncing off! Then a bolt of violet light came flying out from the orange light to ascend into the skies!

"A flying sword?!"

Qin Long's eyes widened in recognition of the flying sword within the streak of light. He was confused on why a flying sword would appear now of all times. While the sword was quite powerful as a mid-heaven tier, there was no reason why it would show up now. Without delay though, Qin Long transmitted a bit of his energy into his sword to strike down the incoming flying sword.

A sense of foreboding slammed into him a few moments before he swung his sword. Feeling something starting to approach the back of his head, Qin Long kicked off against his foothold to throw himself to the left.


A streak of violet light flew off to the side of Qin Long. He had somehow managed to parry the incoming sword when he threw himself to the side. In that same moment though, the second streak of violet light whizzed past him from where his chest had been and barely left a cut onto his left arm. He watched in shock as an identical-looking sword flew past him, but the bigger shock came when the sword suddenly…disappeared after flying past him!

The blinding light and powerful presence that had been coming at him from behind just a moment ago had disappeared just like that as if it was a mirage!

A sharp pain shot through Qin Long's arm. Right there on his left arm was a wound that was deep enough to see bone! This was clearly an injury left behind by the second sword earlier, so that meant it wasn't an illusion like he initially thought. It was some type of manifestation of energy that could disappear without a trace! Admittedly, Qin Long was perplexed on how there could be an attack like that.

There was no way he'd know that this was just an effect of Bai Yunfei's 'Flying Thunder'.


A sharp clap of thunder rang across the heavens shortly after Qin Long managed to evade the Flying Thunder. The descending lightning dragon had crashed into the ascending fire dragons to divide the skies into two divisions of red and violet.

"Impossible!! How could those dragons be filled with so much power!" Qin Long was aghast by the explosion. He distinctly recalled Bai Yunfei needing to rely on his soul armaments when they fought one another, and the majority of his power was subsequently from those soul armaments. But the power he was getting from the fire dragons when they crashed into Yan Tianxing's attack was filled with far more pure and potent soulforce than Qin Long expected.

The fluctuation in the surrounding air caught Qin Long's attention to something moving at tremendous speeds. Whirling around, he took notice of the fact that none of his blades of wind were there any longer, and neither was the orange ball of light. A figure in red was darting closer and closer to him for an attack!

It was Bai Yunfei!!

The flames that burned around Bai Yunfei was considerably powerful. His eyes were burning with an equally powerful light as he swung his Fire-tipped Spear forward to strike!

"Late-stage Soul King!? How can it be?!" Qin Long's eyes widened in shock. The aura Bai Yunfei was showing now was on the same level as a Late-stage Soul King!


Another surprise was in store for Qin Long when he blocked the Fire-tipped Spear with his own sword. A fist shining red and gold lashed out at his head shortly after and forced Qin Long to bring both arms up. The fist slammed into his arm so painfully that Qin Long felt like a bone had been broken. Then he was sent flying by the blow!

Flying several hundred steps away, Qin Long refocused himself only to see Bai Yunfei giving chase already!

"Clang clang clang…boom boom boom…"

Again and again, Qin Long was forced to parry the soul armament of his opponent one after another. Green and red light sparked everywhere as the two exchanged attacks at an unbelievable pace. The only thing that could be determined from their auras was that neither sides were at an advantage over the other, and the power of both individuals was awe-inspiring.


"A…a Late-stage Soul King?! Am I seeing things wrong?! How has Bai Yunfei gotten that powerful?!"

"He's done it! He's actually managed to survive the attacks of both lord Qin and lord Yan without getting hurt! That's…that has to be the power-boosting technique from the rumors! What a powerful technique it has to be if it can bring him from a Mid-stage Soul King to a Late-stage Soul King!!"

"It's no wonder he can fight against two Late-stage Soul Kings then if he has an ace like that. But that should only last for a while, shouldn't it? I don't think he'd be able to keep using it forever. He's fighting on the same level of strength of two other individuals, that's still not an easy task…"

"Don't forget he's from the Crafting School! He already borrowed the power of a soul armament to attack Qin Long, just how much more powerful do you think his soul armaments will be now? He might just be able to win this fight! Tsk tsk, it was worth it to come to Swallow City if I could see a fight like this…"

The entire audience was in an uproar at how powerful Bai Yunfei was. His level of strength was surprising even the Soul Kings watching.


This was the power of the Dual Flame Artes: 'Coil' Form!!

Byf had finally deigned to use the technique now. Facing off against those first two attacks would've been more than taxing if he were to face it as a Mid-stage Soul King. The best solution was to go into 'Coil' Form and have the Flying Thunder stop Qin Long's attack before he used the Cataclysmic Seal to protect him from the others before. Then he'd use the Dual Dragon Burst to fend off Yan Tianxing's lightning dragon! And then for the finishing blow, he'd take advantage of Yan Tianxing's retreat to launch a fearsome barrage onto Qin Long!

Several dozen exchanges were already had between him and Qin Long this time. And this time, Bai Yunfei was winning!

The battle was wearing down Qin Long. He spat out a mouthful of blood with a snarl. The way Bai Yunfei was fighting was giving Qin Long a very hard time. Bai Yunfei would often rather let Qin Long land an attack on him than give him the opportunity to change the rhythm so he often found himself having almost no time to do anything but defend. 

Each blow onto Bai Yunfei wasn't doing much damage either due to the armor Bai Yunfei was wearing. The two soul armaments he was wearing on both arms were also powerful enough to withstand any attacks that landed on them. So really, Qin Long's options of attacks were quite limited. It was like fighting with one hand tied behind his back while Bai Yunfei was able to attack at full efficiency.

He landed another punch onto Bai Yunfei to push some distance between each other when Bai Yunfei's eyes flashed once with light. Qin Long watched as Bai Yunfei raised his right finger at him and then cried out a word!


"This move again!!" Qin Long's eyes widened in recognition of the word. Immediately giving up his original plan to attack, Qin Long started to gather up his soulforce in preparation to defend the foreign energy that'd try and attack his soul in a moment.

But his preparations were useless. The defenses he had put around his soul crumbled like paper as Bai Yunfei's attack invaded his body and assaulted his soul!! In no time at all, Qin Long's mind went blank and was rendered unable to even think! His soul was being shackled and preventing him from doing anything!

The Soul Anchor Technique this time was several times stronger than Bai Yunfei's first attempt!

Bai Yunfei was a Late-stage Soul King right now and had the advantage. The Soul Anchor Technique was something that was incomparably strong to begin with. Combined with the Soul Sentinel Scarf's ability to double its effect, there was no way another Late-stage Soul King would be able to ward it off!

"Hmph!" Pressing onwards, Bai Yunfei charged straight for the completely immobile Qin Long! His left fist clenched tightly to bring out a massive amount of elemental energy from his glove as he prepared to make the final strike.

"Bai Yunfei! Stop!!"

A furious roar from across the battlefield sounded into Bai Yunfei's ears before a bolt of violet lightning descended from the skies!

It was Yan Tianxing!

He had previously been on top of the lightning dragon when he slammed against Bai Yunfei's Dual Dragon Burst. It was to his surprise that the Dual Dragon Burst had not only been stronger than his own attack but also strong enough to inflict a serious wound onto him. Yan Tianxing had to take a moment to himself to recover, and by the time he did, Bai Yunfei was on his way to strike Qin Long down!

"Don't meddle in this!!"

Bai Yunfei roared back. He wouldn't retreat now. The Cataclysmic Seal flew forward and expanded in size in preparation to take the lightning bolt attack for Bai Yunfei!


It was able to expand into the size of a small mountain before the bolt of lightning slammed against it with a thunderous explosion.

"Bang!!" A dark-green figure came hurtling down from the skies to slam into the ground at the exact same time!

"Lord Qin!!" Yan Tianxing managed to make his voice heard over the rumbling of thunder. He wanted to fly down to Qin Long to see how he was doing, but the Cataclysmic Seal was already flying at him and forcing him to evade. He only saw a flash of light as the Cataclysmic Seal suddenly disappeared and a figure in red to come falling from the skies down to him!

"What?!" Yan Tianxing gasped. Moving as quickly as he could, he started to gather all his soulforce into his body before bringing down a wall of lightning all over him like a curtain. The lightning curtain seemed almost so powerful that anything that'd dare cross it would be vaporized!

A bright red like came streaking into the lightning curtain a moment later almost effortlessly to come face-to-face with him!

The bright red light came to an immediate stop less than an inch away from his throat. It was the Fire-tipped Spear!

Practically bathed in sweat, Yan Tianxing's face drained of any color as he realized what this meant. He was so fearful for his life that he didn't even move an inch from his spot!!

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