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"Damn!! How can he be that strong?!"

Mo Ni spluttered in frustration. Contrary to what he thought would happen, Bai Yunfei had actually managed to come out as the victory against two Late-stage Soul Kings! 

And he had done it practically uncontested!

Having not witnessed how the fight outside Mo City was conducted, Mo Ni had thought this entire time that Bai Yunfei's victory over Li Fenghai had to be done with some external assistance of some kind, somehow. A solo victory felt inconceivable to him otherwise. He only knew Bai Yunfei was capable of powering himself up twice. But even that wouldn't be enough to win the battle, Mo Ni thought Bai Yunfei would surely struggle in this battle with two other Late-stage Soul Kings. However, what really happened was Bai Yunfei easily defeating the two.

That had been a heavy shock for Mo Ni to see.

"He only used just one power-up….just one! How?!" Mo Ni's face was twisted inwardly in deep thought as he roared and cursed mentally to himself. "And…what's going on with the Qin?! They shouldn't have sent only one Soul King! Qin Tian should've appeared, where is he?!"


The ground beneath his feet started to buckle heavily at that moment, snapping Mo Ni out of his deep thoughts.

"What?!" His head snapped up to look first all around him before hovering over the area to the north. "What is that?!" 

In the north of his location, a bright crimson light was rapidly dying the skies there.

"The north…" Mo Ni suddenly remembered, "That's where the mines are! Did…did patriarch Qin…but that's far too fast!!"



A loud cry boomed over the battlefield where Bai Yunfei was. It was Qin Long!

The Qin Long—who had at this point seemed past the brink of rationality—was back to his senses! He had finally taken his eyes off Bai Yunfei to gaze off to the crimson skies in the north!

There was surprise in his eyes. Something about the crimson skies was making his body tremble with excitement!

Right by his side, Qin Pingzhi was also staring at the sky with a pleased look.

A strange spark of light crossed over Yan Tianxing's eyes when he heard Qin Long cry out the word 'patriarch'.


Heaving like the rough breathing of a person, the ground around everyone shook endlessly. The surrounding mountains were having rockslides, and even the middle of Mo City had an immeasurable amount of commoners running about in terror of a 'disaster'.

"Eh? Who's that?!"

Suddenly, someone watching the scene pointed out someone in the northern skies!

There was someone standing on the edge of where the crimson light was spreading from. In his quadrant of the sky, a black light was pervading through the sky as if he was heralding the night sky to come faster. In a short time, the skies were evenly split between black and red!

"Boom! Boom! Boom!!"

It wasn't just the ground that had the sound of rumbling. Even the heavens above were quaking with the loud sounds of thunder!

With how the black and red light was spreading, it felt like two heavenly beings were about to fight one another!

That was when two bone-chilling auras from the north made themselves known to everyone! It was hardly noticeable except to those strong enough, but it was there nonetheless! Anyone that could feel the auras immediately went slack in the face from shock!

The skies were north to Mo City, a direction that ran completely opposite of them in the south. Measuring the distance from here to there meant well over hundreds of kilometers of distance! What kind of aura could possibly extend that aura!?

"No! Something's happened!!" Qin Pingzhi was the one to cry out in panic at Qin Long.

"We're going!!" Qin Long snapped at once.

And in a burst of dark-green light, Qin Long went flying off towards the north! Qin Pingzhi said nothing and quickly followed suit. Yan Tianxing followed a few moments after the two to travel silently by himself towards the north.

"They're…they're gone!? But why? Do the QIn have to do with whatever that is in the north?"

"If it can make Qin Long forget about his grudge with Bai Yunfei…what in the world is it?"

"Bad news! People in Swallow City are saying that the assistant-head and several other key members of the Qin were assassinated not too long ago!"

"What?! No way! Something like that happened?!"

"That many people from the Qin died?! That's too much, isn't it? Qin Hu is a Mid-stage Soul King! Who could possibly assassinate him?"

No one could find the words to describe the emotions they had. News of Qin Hu's assassination was spreading quickly from Swallow City, but everyone was having trouble wrapping their minds around the subject at the same speed.

Multiple people were running towards the north now. The auras they felt was intimidating, but curiosity had a stronger grip on their hearts and left everyone with a great deal of interest on what in the world was going on…


Like the others, Bai Yunfei was staring at the skies to the north with a heavy look.

He could tell at a glance that this sight was taking place above the mines in the north. He also felt that there was something foreboding about this sight.

His heart had skipped a beat when he saw the figure standing on the black side of the sky. That aura felt very similar to Jing Mingfeng's grandfather!

"Mingfeng and his grandfather…can't be related to this, can they?" Bai Yunfei thought to himself.

"The way Qin Long reacted, his family has to be connected to this! Is the figure in red someone from the Qin then? What's going on for something like this to happen? Are…they going to fight? Is Mingfeng there too then?"

Question after question fired off in Bai Yunfei's head as he tried to make sense of things. All he could feel was concern for whatever it was.

"I have to go see!!"

It seemed very likely that Jing Mingfeng was somehow related to this newest development, so Bai Yunfei wanted to leave for the north at once rather than to stay around here.


Bai Yunfei turned around to see Xiao Nan flying towards him with his wife by his side.

"Brother Xiao Nan, sister-in-law." Bai Yunfei nodded in greeting.

Xiao Nan looked rather surprised still from Bai Yunfei's battle. "Yunfei…" He huffed, "I knew you were strong, but not that strong…me lending my 'assistance' was unnecessary it seems…that Early-stage Soul King from the Qin wouldn't even be a problem to you…"

"Brother Xiao Nan, I am extremely grateful that you were willing to help me, how could you say it wasn't necessary?" Bai Yunfei shook his head with a smile.

"Well, the problem's over for now at the least. What do you plan to do now? Are you going to leave this troubled city?" Xiao Nan asked. "I saw you were looking towards the north, are you interested in it? And do you plan to…"

Bai Yunfei nodded. "Yes. I'd like to go see what's going on there, are you going there too?"

"Are you really?" Xiao Nan repeated in mild surprise, "Well, this is a very unordinary occurrence. I might as well go take a look myself. Let's go together then."

"Yes, then please hold for a moment so I can do one last thing." Bai Yunfei nodded before flying down towards the ground on the right.

He was heading for a mountain where the burly man who had helped testify for him was still standing.

Bai Yunfei touched down onto the ground and gave the man a grateful salute. "I am truly grateful for your assistance, brother."

"Ah…bro—senior Bai…there's no need for this. I…I just didn't wish to see the Qin so haughty like that…" Caught off guard by Bai Yunfei's polite etiquette, it took a moment for the burly man to respond in kind. 

A Mid-stage Soul King was being so kind to him! They weren't too different in age, but he was just a Soul Exalt and Bai Yunfei was a Soul King. By all norms of their society, Bai Yunfei was someone that'd be considered to be of the more 'senior' position of the hierarchy! 

Subsequently, a Soul Exalt wouldn't be someone a Soul King would consider lowering themselves to greet politely. So this man was completely overwhelmed by the actions taken by Bai Yunfei to him.

Noticing the awkwardness of the situation, Bai Yunfei smiled. "Haha, no need to call me senior. I'm of the same generation you are, why not call me brother?"

The man heaved a sigh of relief out loud and boomed with laughter. "Haha! Alright! If you say it like that, then I'll oblige, brother Bai! I'm Hu Sha, a wandering cultivator from the countryside. What good fortune to come across brother Bai in today's auction, haha!!"

"It's a pleasure meeting you, brother Hu Sha." Bai Yunfei replied in kind. His right hand shook once to bring out an object that glowed bright-orange. "For your assistance, brother Hu Sha, I'd like to gift you one of my soul armaments. Take it as a sign of my thanks."

"What kind of talk is this, brother Bai? I've said it before that I couldn't stand to hear the haughty talk of the Qin. I didn't do it for the re—" The man had already been in the motions to refuse whatever gift it was Bai Yunfei was taking out when he took notice of the energy emanating from Bai Yunfei's hand. His jaw dropped wide-open mid-speech and his eyes widened by several degrees wider than normal as he stared.

"Is…Is that…a…a heaven…a heaven-tier soul armament?!"

Bai Yunfei smiled. "Yes. It's not a mid-heaven tier, but it's far better than the ordinary low-heaven tier soul armament. It's also an earth-type soul armament, so it should suit you just fine, brother Hu Sha. I'm sure you'd suit this soul armament more than I would. I hope I'm not wrong in that guess."

"Of…of course not! I…I love these types of soul armaments!" Hu Sha's eyes shone with excitement at the large bladed soul armament. 

He looked a little ashamed at himself for the apparent greed in his voice. He coughed a few times from embarrassment, but his eyes never left the large ringed broadsword Bai Yunfei was holding. The man swallowed once.

"Then…if it's not too much trouble, brother Bai…"

"If you like it, brother Hu Sha, then take it. This is the most I could hope for." 

Bai Yunfei tossed the giant sword onto Hu Sha's hands.

Hu Sha looked stunned for a moment at the heaven-tier soul armament in his hand. Two seconds passed before he could find the words to say his thanks. "If brother Bai is being this forward, then please allow me to do the same! I truly want this soul armament, I thank you for your gift!"

"A…a heaven-tier soul armament!! Bai Yunfei's giving that guy a heaven-tier soul armament? Am I seeing things?!"

Of the many people who were still standing around here, all of them were watching this interaction take place with dropped jaws. They could all tell how powerful the soul armament was just by the shine of it. Hu Sha's noteworthy reaction was really the confirmation of the fact. That soul armament was most definitely a heaven-tier!

Several people could feel their faces turn green with envy as they cursed themselves for not being Bai Yunfei's witness faster. Even an earth-tier soul armament would've been enough to change their minds had they known!

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