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“Eh? What’s wrong?”

Hong Yin asked, confused why Bai Yunfei had stopped.

“Please wait a moment. These people are acquaintances of mine, I’d like to greet them first.”

“Acquaintances?” Hong Yin repeated to himself. “Those two? How does Bai Yunfei know them?”

Already up high in the sky, Bai Yunfei drew closer and closer to the two rays of light before finally coming to a stop with them.

“This junior pays his respects to the Two Winged Kings.”

Bai Yunfei bowed to the two.

It was a male and female pair. Both looked to be thirty years of age. The male wore a rich-purple robe while the female had a green one. The male’s eyes were bright and his expression sharp. The female was beautiful and graceful. They were the ones Bai Yunfei met years before when he was just a Soul Exalt. They were the Two Winged Kings!

Time made them stronger, it seemed. Bai Yunfei remembered them being mid-stage class seven soulbeasts before but now their aura suggested that they were now late-stage class seven soulbeasts. A rate of progression like this was alarming even for soulbeast standards. 

“You…” The two were taken aback upon Bai Yunfei’s polite greeting. It was a little alarming, in fact, to see how strong Bai Yunfei had gotten while still remaining as humble as ever.

“Are you…” The male began, “Bai Yunfei?!”

“I am he, senior. It has been a long time.”

Then as if remembering something, Bai Yunfei waved his right hand to summon a small bird from the Core World.

“Hey, what are you doing taking me outside, Yunfei?”

It took a moment for Xiao Qi to realize they weren’t alone. Turning away from Bai Yunfei, the bird quirked his head upon seeing the Two Winged Kings, “Masters!!”

The Two Winged Kings looked surprised yet again upon being called ‘master’. 

“Are you…that prisma oriole from before?!” The female asked.

“I am! It’s me!”  Xiao Qi flapped his wings excitedly, “I’m Xiao Qi, masters! Look, I still have the Wind and Lightning Feathers you gave me!”

His wings flashed briefly with two different shades of color. One shined green while the other shined violet.

As Xiao Qi said, the Two Winged Kings were his ‘masters’. Not only because of the Wind and Lightning Feathers, but also because of the techniques they gave to the bird for his training. At first, Xiao Qi thought of the two as family due to how young he was back then. Now that he was older, however, he realized they were more like ‘masters’ and was still very excited to see them again.

“Xiao Qi? Are you really that same class six prisma oriole? You’re…” Yi Gang couldn’t believe his eyes. It seemed so unrealistic that the bird in front of him would be the very same one from before, but it was the truth! The both of them were so much stronger now! 

A decade hadn’t even passed since their first encounter. In that time frame, Xiao Qi managed to mature from being a fledgling to an equal! Could anyone possibly remain calm after realizing that?

“Have you two seniors come to join against the Beast Taming School?” Bai Yunfei asked. As understanding as he was about their surprise, now wasn’t the time to be talking about that.

“We are,” Yi Gang nodded after a moment to recollect himself. “We came by the moment we heard the news, would you be the organizer of the plan then? We also heard that the Wind Ape King and Golden Roc King joined with the Beast Taming School to attack the wolf clan, only to be stopped by you. And…may it be true that you have the Core Stone?”

“All of those are true.” Bai Yunfei nodded. “Seniors, let’s head into the conference hall first. The Bloodhowl Wolf King and the others have been waiting for some time now. Any questions you might have can be answered later.”

“Ah…very well then.”

The two glanced briefly at one another before following Bai Yunfei to the conference hall. Beside Yi Rou, Xiao Qi was happily chattering away very much like a young child to their grand-parent, saying things such as wanting to visit the two had he known their residence earlier.

Meanwhile, many of the soulbeasts were starting to fill up the conference hall.

Though he had already steeled himself, Bai Yunfei still felt quite amazed by the number of people gathered in the hall.

There were the soulbeasts he was familiar with, such as the Violet Dragon King, the White-browed Hawk King and the others from the first gathering. Then there were many other class seven soulbeasts that were presumably the leaders of their respective clans in the forest. 

A total of seventeen soulbeasts were gathered here today!

The aura of a few class eight soulbeasts could be felt amongst the seventeen. There were at least three additional class eight soulbeasts excluding the Bloodhowl Wolf King, Three-eyed Tiger King, and the Violet Dragon King!

And not a single one of these soulbeasts were below being a mid-stage class seven! Only two of those soulbeasts were here, the rest were of the late-stage class seven or peak late-stage class seven level!

All conversation within the hall died straight away upon their arrival. Not a single soulbeast was unaware of their presence.

Though surprised by the turnout of soulbeasts, the Two Winged Kings saluted to the Bloodhowl Wolf King. 

“Wolf King.” 

The Bloodhowl Wolf King nodded. “So you’ve arrived…please take a seat.”

Not really being familiar with the people here, the Two Winged Kings forewent the greetings to the others and took a seat on the nearby chairs.

Walking up to Bai Yunfei, the Bloodhowl Wolf King looked back to the soulbeasts gathered there to begin his speech. “Everyone, this is Bai Yunfei from the Crafting School and the ‘organizer’ of this plan! By using the Core Stone, he will take us to the Beast Taming School!”

The eyes of the soulbeasts not familiar with Bai Yunfei narrowed. Rumors had already told them the basics of what the plan was, but hearing the Bloodhowl Wolf King verify those rumors was still quite surprising.

He paused here to introduce a few of the soulbeasts to Bai Yunfei.

“This is the Ancient Crocodile King of the crocodile clan.”

A blue-robed elder nodded his head. The aura around his person seemed very indistinct, but Bai Yunfei could tell this man was comparable in strength to the Bloodhowl Wolf King!

“This is the Violet Spider King of the spider clan.”

An enchanting woman dressed in purple gave Bai Yunfei a playful smile once she saw him bow. She was an early-stage class eight soulbeast just like the Violet Dragon King!

“And this is the head of the stegosaur clan, the Stegosaur King.”

A handsome man with an aura as sharp as a sword was the next one to be introduced. As like the Violet Spider King beside him, the Stegosaurus King was an early-stage class eight soulbeast. 

But regardless of early-stage or not, the two of them were still among the class eights!

The others weren’t introduced to Bai Yunfei one by one, he’d have to go talk to them separately after this conference was over.

Bai Yunfei greeted the class eight soulbeasts first before walking over to the Two Winged Kings to discuss something.

“Wolf King, I’ve been very interested in the ‘soul rejuvenating pill’. Would you perhaps ease this one’s mind by shedding some light on its situation?”

The stern-faced Ancient Crocodile King asked.

Having been within earshot, Bai Yunfei turned around. Upon receiving a nod from the Bloodhowl Wolf King, he spoke, “This one will be happy to talk about it. Please rest assured, I’m sure my demonstration will be satisfactory to everyone.”

A leopard-type soulbeast puppet appeared from Bai Yunfei’s space ring. It was time for his demonstration.

“This is a late-stage class six soulbeast puppet. Watch as I administer a single soul rejuvenating pill. Please take note of the changes to the slave seal, it should prove enlightening on the pill’s efficacy…but please don’t touch the seal with your sense, lest it is prompted to self-destruct.”

A single pill appeared in Bai Yunfei’s hand. Holding it tightly, he was just about to open the soulbeast puppet’s mouth to throw it in when...

A ripple of energy started to form at the entrance. He, along with the other soulbeasts, turned to look.

This ripple of energy meant someone was teleporting into the area. From the ripple of energy came a flash of light and a powerful wave of energy that crashed into everyone there!

“Haha!! I suppose I’m late to the party with this many people here already! How could you have a plan to destroy the Beast Taming School without including me on it!”

A brash voice boomed across the hall with laughter.

“The Golden-eyed Ape King?! What’s he doing here?!”

Someone whispered just loudly enough for Bai Yunfei to hear.

“Someone from the ape clan?!”

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