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Equipment Grade: Mid Heaven
Elemental Affinity: Metal, Darkness
Upgrade Level: +12
Defense: 4500
Additional Defense: 4600
Soul Compatibility: 30%
Equipment Effect: Convert a certain amount of attack into additional defense for up to 1 minute for each hit. Defense converted by attacks cannot exceed 30% of the armor's defenses.
Cooldown of 1 minute.
+10 Additional Effect: Create a whirlpool of darkness capable of negating any elemental attack.
Cooldown of 10 minutes.
+12 Additional Effect: Bounce back any attack whose power does not exceed double the defense of this equipment. 
Cooldown of 30 minutes.
Upgrade Level: 250 Soulpoints

“It worked!!”

The light of inspiration hit Bai Yunfei the moment when the upgraded succeeded. The puzzle pieces within his mind were finally starting to come together now… 

“It’s coming!!”

Bai Yunfei was extremely confident about his chances now. Grabbing hold of a mid-heaven tier upgrade stone, he decided to go for another attempt!

But not on his armor. His eyes scanned the other equipment he was wearing. What could he use? Not the Charm Bracelet, for sure. But perhaps one of the rings he wore on his left hand…


The upgrade stone disintegrated into mist upon his command. Flowing into the ring, the mist was soon gone from sight… 

Upgrade Fai

A failure! 

Bai Yunfei sprung into action at once. His right hand snapped up to the space above his left hand and clenched tightly!


A pulse wave of sound was emitted from Bai Yunfei’s right hand. Apparently, something had changed and ripples of transparent energy were flowing away from his hand!

Upgrade SuccesfulUnique Equipment
Equipment Grade: High Earth
Elemental Affinity: Darkness
Upgrade Level: +12
Attribute: +800 Spirit
Additional Attribute: +700 Spirit
Soul Compatibility: 30%
Equipment Effect: Increase perception by 10%
+10 Additional Effect: Reveal anything hidden within a kilometer for 10 seconds in exchange for 5% of current soulforce reserves. 
Can increase range of perimeter by 100 meters in exchange for 1% of soulforce.
Cooldown of 1 minute.
+12 Additional Effect: Enter a 'Hidden' status. Any movement will cancel out this status.
Cooldown of one hour.
Upgrade Requirement: 110 Soulpoints

Just when it seemed like a failure was inevitable, the notification of success appeared!!

The successful upgrade of a +12 upgrade!

He managed to…alter the outcome of a +12 upgrade!

“Haha! This is it! One more time!!”

Another upgrade stone was taken out in Bai Yunfei’s excitement. Like before, it was another mid-heaven tier upgrade stone!

Again the Charm Bracelet was passed over as a potential item to upgrade. And so was the Vitality Bracelet. It was time to upgrade a +11 low-heaven tier soul armament he had.


The order was given and now it was time to concentrate. When the time felt right, Bai Yunfei’s hand snapped out again above the item!

Upgrade FailedEquipment Destroyed

But it seemed it didn’t work this time. Eyes wide open, Bai Yunfei watched as the item turned to dust… 

It took him three seconds to recover. Expression solidifying into a more aware one, Bai Yunfei scratched his head. “That’s enough for now…I nearly lost my self in all that excitement…”

His actions just a moment ago scared him. The overconfidence he had about upgrading definitely took over the logical side to him. Thank the heavens that he managed to snap out from it after just a single failure… 

Bai Yunfei looked back to the three items he managed to upgrade. Three out of four was a very nice outcome, all things considered. The last item wasn’t even very important. But the +12 items he had now? Those were definitely important!

And even more important was how he managed to gain additional insight on how to upgrade items to +12!

If he had to compare himself, then Bai Yunfei would say he felt like a sailor who finally caught sight of a seagull. There was land in sight and a path to follow!

Like how he managed to gleam insight on altering the outcome of a +11 upgrade, Bai Yunfei was sure he’d be able to safely upgrade an item to +12 with the remaining leisure time he had now!

Only ten minutes transpired in the world. But for Bai Yunfei, those ten minutes contained a treasure trove worth of valuable knowledge!

All in all, Bai Yunfei gained three new +12 equipment with new effects and new insight on the Upgrade Technique!

How great the Soul Sealing Mandate’s new effect was didn’t even need to be said. But the ability for the armor to bounce back any attack? Incredible! And the ring’s ability to hide its user? He might as well call this the ‘Invisibility Ring’. Mobility might be an issue with the effect but that didn’t take away from how great the ring was!

“Haha…this was a great learning experience…”

Bai Yunfei laughed to himself.

And so, another three days went by in peace.

It was one early morning when Bai Yunfei decided to emerge out from the Core World. Today was the day of the conference and Bai Yunfei thought it was nearly time to meet all the soulbeasts here. He hadn’t even walked out from his room when he was hit with a wave of powerful aura.

“What power! Are…are they here already? That’s sooner than expected!”

It wasn’t just a single aura he could feel. Multiple aura signatures were originating from the conference room! It was like an ocean of energy with waves of aura overlapping one another! He had to assume there were at least a dozen unique signatures, but he wasn’t quite sure of the exact numbers. Some of the auras were even stronger than the ones around them, so it made determining the numbers quite difficult just like how stars might outshine another.

That meant there were multiple class eight soulbeasts! Far more than before!

Hong Yin came in at that moment while Bai Yunfei was distracted. “Ah, Yunfei,” He smiled, “what timing, I was just about to call you.”

“Brother Hong Yin,” Bai Yunfei returned the greeting, “has everyone already arrived? So soon?”

“Haha…the first comers were rather impatient. The first arrival was last night and the rest came throughout the rest of the night. Father decided it was about time to call you and so I came.”

“Ah, I understand.” Nodding, Bai Yunfei followed Hong Yin out from his room.

“How goes progress on that soul rejuvenating pill, Yunfei?” Queried Hong Yin as they walked.

“Some of the leaders were asking about it when they came. I believe they want to know if the rumors are true or not…”

“I realized. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to verify it for them.”

The two arrived at the entrance to the conference hall and began to walk in. They hadn’t walked far in when Bai Yunfei stopped to look up in the sky.

Two rays of light were homing in rapidly on the hall. One was green and the other violet. 

“Them?” Bai Yunfei wondered aloud as soon as he realized who they were.

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