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“Senior Yi, who might this Golden-eyed Ape King be…?”

Bai Yunfei whispered to Yi Gang.

“The Golden-eyed Ape King is one of the ape clan’s heads and an early-stage class eight soulbeast for about a hundred years. He rules over one half of the ape clan while the Wind Ape King ruled over the other. The Golden-eyed Ape King has been the weaker one of the two, but a takeover of his territory would’ve been a terrible choice for the Wind Ape King. For years, the two have been in a stalemate.”

Generally speaking, many clans existed throughout the world of soulbeasts, and just as many clans were segmented even further. The wolf clan was a good example of that. They had the ‘lightning wolves’, the ‘wind wolves’, etc etc. Clans were generally not entirely unified, and in cases just like the ape clan, had multiple leaders for their respective ‘tribes’.

But with the Wind Ape King and the rest of their class six and seven soulbeasts dead, the wind apes were basically a dead tribe. It wouldn’t be long before the last of the dissenters were gone and the ape clan could finally be unified at long last.

“Golden-eyed giant ape?” Repeated Bai Yunfei. He remembered Hong Yin doing battle with such a soulbeast before outside of Jadewillow City with Song Lin before taking it away.

“The Golden-eyed Ape King is known to be violent. The Wind Ape King might’ve been his enemy, but they were still of the same clan. Your hand in the wind apes death might earn you his ire, so be polite with him…it doesn’t appear anything bad will happen. With this many soulbeasts gathered here, I’m sure he wouldn’t dare do anything.”

Yi Gang’s voice spoke into Bai Yunfei’s mind. It was little wonder why the Golden-eyed Ape King’s aura had locked onto Bai Yunfei since his arrival then. So it was because of the Wind Ape King?

The Bloodhowl Wolf King narrowed his eyes. Strife was a common thing in the world, every soulbeast had their friend and foe, but neither he or anyone else here called upon their foes for this plan. If anything, what hatred could be had when this plan involved the destruction of every soulbeast’s enemy? What point was there in making enemies now? Or was it just something easier said than done?

He hadn’t any grievances with the Golden-eyed Ape King, personally speaking. The only reason why he didn’t ‘invite’ the Golden-eyed Ape King was due to his battle with the ape clan recently. It was best to let that matter cool off first. 

But apparently, the Golden-eyed Ape King came to this place uninvited. 

“What purpose have you come here today, Golden-eyed Ape King?”

As brash as the Golden-eyed Ape King was, he was still a class eight soulbeast like him. 

“Is that even a question worth asking, Bloodhowl Wolf King? I came here for the same reason you all are here for. Is that a problem? Am I not welcomed here?”

“The Beast Taming School is a target of the entire soulbeast world. If the Golden-eyed Ape King wishes to join, then we would be happy to discuss our plans with you. However…I would hope you put aside any grudges you might have until this is all over.”

Spoke the Ancient Crocodile King.

“Haha, what a joke! I am here as a representative of my clan. What reason would I have to do anything that might prove beneficial to us all?” Roared the Golden-eyed Ape King as he walked to take a seat on the side.

He sat down and stared at Bai Yunfei expectantly. With no one saying a thing, the Ancient Crocodile King saw it prudent to nod at Bai Yunfei. “Continue by all means, little brother.”

Bai Yunfei spared one last glance at the Golden-eyed Ape King beside him, “Very well then.”

Using the Beast Taming Ring to open the soulbeast puppet’s mouth, Bai Yunfei placed the pill into it and had the soulbeast puppet swallow.

Roughly twenty soulbeasts focused on the soulbeast puppet and began to watch with their senses the changes that would take place in the leopard.

A while later.

The eyes of the Ancient Crocodile King, the Three-eyed Tiger King, and the other class eight soulbeasts widened as they caught sight of something.

“It’s working! The slave seal is weakening!”

“So it’s true! The soulbeast’s soul wasn’t erased, but sealed!”

“Then if we get rid of the slave seal there’s a chance for the soulbeast to regain its sentience!”

“But the effects still aren’t that noticeable…how long will it take for a full recovery at this rate?”

The hall broke out into conversation shortly after the pill started taking effect. Many soulbeasts were absolutely beside themselves with the excitement of this demonstration.

Even the Golden-eyed Ape King was giving Bai Yunfei an incredulous look of surprise after that.

“And that is the power of the soul rejuvenating pill. As seen, the pill isn’t quite as effective as expected, but…that’s because this pill is a work in progress. A full month hasn’t even passed yet. Given our current rate, I’m sure we’ll be able to produce a pill that’s even stronger. One strong enough to cure even a class seven or even class eight soulbeast puppet to their original states.”

No one said a thing. They were all digesting what Bai Yunfei said with trepidation. Only a month? This pill had shown far more than they expected from such a tiny amount of time!

“My friend, I heard you didn’t kill any of the soulbeast puppets during your fight with the Golden Roc King and Wind Ape King. I also heard that you took with you a few class seven soulbeast puppets from your fight with the beast tamers. Would those rumors be true?”

A middle-aged man dressed in a robe as bright as the sun suddenly asked.

“They are. I’ve over a dozen class seven soulbeast puppets and many more class five and six soulbeasts in the Core World right now.”

“Truly?” The man looked almost hopeful, “would there be a mid-stage class seven blaze horse with you? Ma Xucheng from the Beast Taming School had one as their soulbeast puppet.”

“A blaze horse? When I fought the man, he did have a mid-stage class seven blaze horse with him. Could that be someone you know…?”

“Would it be possible for me to see?!” The man queried.

“Of course.” Concentrating for just a second, Bai Yunfei summoned a brilliant fire-red horse from the Core World into the hall.

“Third brother!!”

The reaction was instantaneous. The middle-aged man exploded with excitement the moment the soulbeast appeared in the hall and rushed to his side.

So they were brothers? That meant this person had to be the head of the blaze horse clan.

“My friend, would there be a mid-stage class seven purple-tailed biheaded python among your soulbeast puppets?”

“Would you perhaps have an early-stage class seven earthbreaker magiscorpion?”

“Do you know of a late-stage class seven swamp lizard?”

“Or perhaps…”

More than half the soulbeasts there began to call out for their friends at once. The excitement of the soul rejuvenating pill was getting to them—not only did Bai Yunfei hold the key to their age-old struggle, he also had many of their loved ones!

It was all a little sudden to Bai Yunfei. “Everyone, please calm down. I’ll have everyone come into the Core World in a moment and see if there’s any soulbeast puppet you might know…”

It took a while, but everyone did eventually start to calm down. The soulbeast that spoke up first had to get a specialized ring for carrying soulbeast puppets from Bai Yunfei first before taking his third brother into it.

Now Bai Yunfei could talk about the plan to destroy the Beast Taming School. The finer details were explained before Bai Yunfei talked about the Vow of Souls. Many of the clan heads fell deep into their own thoughts towards the end. Some of them were already fully ready to cooperate with Bai Yunfei and make the Vow of Souls to destroy the Beast Taming School.

“Wait just a second now!!”

One voice drowned out the voices of the others—

—it was the Golden-eyed Ape King!

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