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A conference was being held within the largest cave on top of one of the largest mountains.

The strongest of the wolf clan and their allies were gathered there. At least thirty of them were standing in the skies near the entrance.

Upon a closer investigation it could be seen that the thirty people were standing together so that they were ‘grouped’ up between different factions:

The Bloodhowl Wolf King stood with the rest of his clan to the right.

A figure wearing gold robes sat on the other side of the wolf clan. This person was tall and sturdy, and his aura was especially powerful. This had to be a Soul King leveled person. Even seated, this person looked dignified like a king.

On the left of the Bloodhowl Wolf King was a shriveled elder in green. The expression on his face looked quite sinister. Behind this elder stood six powerful figures with distinctly different appearances but similar auras. They were most likely from the same clan.

Further to the side was a white-haired elder with eyebrows as equally white. He looked quite kind, though the eight men and women behind him were all staring straight forward with a frosty expression. One could perhaps surmise they were from a clan that was adept in the usage of ice.

“Quit it with the theatrics, big brother Bloodhowl. We all came rushing here the moment we realized the Golden Roc King and Wind Ape King’s clans were coming. Imagine our scare when we only saw the battlefield and no one there! We thought your clan were on the retreat or even worse…What in the world did you do to pull this off!?”

The golden-haired man boomed with curiosity. Like the ones with him, this man was extremely curious about how the wolf clan managed to survive.

This ‘man’ was an ally of the wolf clan and head of the golden lion clans. A Peak late-stage class seven soulbeast, the Golden Lion King.

“I’m quite curious myself. I know you want to wait for the Violet Dragon King to come before you explain, but…couldn’t a quick summary be given? To alleviate our wonder? You’d like to know too, wouldn’t you, brother Hawk King?”

The green-haired elder smiled and spoke after the Golden Lion King.

He was the head of the azure-winged bat clan and a late-stage class seven soulbeast, the Azure-winged Bat King.

The Eagle King he spoke of was referring to the white-haired and white-browed elder. This elder was the head of the frost magihawks and peak late-stage class seven soulbeast, the White-browed Hawk King

“Haha, fine then, I’ll give a summary.” The Bloodhowl Wolf King laughed. “As you know, the Golden Roc King and Wind Ape King joined with the Beast Taming School against my clan. I originally planned to have my clan retreat and reconvene with you all, but then…”

“Wait one second! The Beast Taming School?! We knew about the Golden Roc King and Wind Ape King joining together, but the Beast Taming School too?!”

The Golden Lion King interrupted the Bloodhowl Wolf King in furious disbelief.

“Please don’t interrupt, Lion King. Let him finish.” The Azure-winged Bat King glared.

“But these honored people intervened just in time,” The Bloodhowl Wolf King continued, “they came with many Soul Kings and turned the tides onto our enemies soon after.”


Silence rang across the people there as they processed those words. “It’s over? Just like that?”

“They’re dead, all of them. The Wind Ape King and Golden Roc King included.”

“Big brother Bloodhowl, I know you aren’t lying, but—can’t you explain that part more? How are they all dead?! It’s’s just too much to believe! You say these ‘honored’ people, but who are they? How in the world did they bring this many Soul Kings? How didn’t they get seen on their way here? Were they hiding in the forest all this time?”

“The one responsible isn’t here. He’s a soul cultivator currently recuperating his strength. I’ll have him come out when the Violet Dragon King arrives.”

Everything about Bai Yunfei was unique. From him having the Core Stone or the Soul Sealing Mandate to him being able to control the Demon-eyed Tiger King…none of them were small matters. Not that the Bloodhowl Wolf King would tell the other soulbeasts about these matters until Bai Yunfei agreed.


“You mean to tell us that the ones to help you was…a soul cultivator?! And he’s on this mountain? Why haven’t I sensed his presence then?” The Golden Lion King asked.

Already his soulsense was spreading throughout the entire mountain in an attempt to find Bai Yunfei. But even after covering the entire mountain, the Golden Lion King was still unable to find him.

Bai Yunfei was probably in the Core World, or so the Bloodhowl Wolf King thought. “You’ll find out soon enough…oh?”

The presence of someone new made themselves known to the Bloodhowl Wolf King. “The Violet Dragon King is here!”

Expressions of respect appeared on everyone’s faces as they looked up to greet the newcomer.

The Bloodhowl Wolf King glanced over to Hong Yin. Now would be a good time for Bai Yunfei to come out. Nodding his head, Hong Yin slinked off to retrieve Bai Yunfei… 

A group of people appeared out from a rift in space a moment later. There was around ten of them, all of which wore a purple robe. Nine of them had the auras of Soul Kings, but the leader’s aura was identical to the Golden Lion King and the Bloodhowl Wolf King!

The leader was a tall and beautiful woman dressed in a rich-purple robe. The violet eyes she had on her oval-shaped face held a strange allure to them that could seemingly charm anyone if they weren’t careful enough. But at the same time, there was a dangerous presence to her that made it difficult for anyone to get close to.

This was the head of the violet-eyed dragons, the early-stage class eight Violet Dragon King!!

The violet-eyed dragons were the last to arrive simply because they were the farthest away from the wolf clan’s territory. To make it here as fast as they did was already quite surprising.

She looked wary about something with how she stared at the people assembled down below. Her violet eyes hovered over the wolf clan for a brief moment before resting upon the Bloodhowl Wolf King,

If there was something she wanted to say, the Violet Dragon King thought twice about it and kept her silence.

“I understand your confusion, Violet Dragon King.” The Bloodhowl Wolf King smiled, “Let’s gather around now then, I’ll explain to everyone the story at once.”

The Violet Dragon King’s eyebrows rose slightly on her face, but she took her seat next to the White-browed Hawk King while the class seven soulbeast took up seats behind her.

“And now to answer everyone’s confusions, I’ll introduce everyone to this person. My clan wouldn’t have been able to resolve this matter so perfectly without his assistance.”

The Bloodhowl Wolf King’s eyes flickered to the entrance of one of the caves as if waiting to announce the arrival of someone else. The eyes of everyone else followed quickly.

They could hear the soft pitter-patter of footsteps as Hong Yin led Bai Yunfei into the area...

Bai Yunfei could feel his heart skipping a beat upon seeing all the soulbeasts gathered in front of him.

“There’s a lot of powerful people here!!”

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