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“A Peak Late-stage Soul King!!”

The Golden Lion King was the first one to exclaim his thoughts. Everyone expected an abnormally powerful soul cultivator, one that was a Soul Emperor at the very least. 

“Everyone, this is the Crafting School’s rumored disciple of Zi Jin, Bai Yunfei. It’s all thanks to him our problems were resolved.”

The Bloodhowl Wolf King called attention back to himself. “Bai Yunfei, these are the allies of my clan. Gathered here today are the violet-eyed dragons, the frost magihawks, the azure-winged bats, and the golden lions….these are their respective leaders, the Violet Dragon King, the White-browed Hawk King, the Azure-winged Bat King, and the Golden Lion King…”

“This one is Bai Yunfei. It’s an honor to meet everyone here today…” Bai Yunfei clasped his hands together in greeting.

The only soulbeast Bai Yunfei heard of was the Violet Dragon King since she was one of the Eight Soulbeast Rulers. There were far too many powerful soulbeasts for the soul cultivator world to pay attention to and learn about. Many of the soulbeasts didn’t even bother coming into contact with soul cultivators, so it was possible that they were totally unheard of.

And that was the problem with why there was such a thing called the ‘Eight Soulbeast Rulers’. A designation like this was only applicable for the soulbeasts known to the soul cultivator world and completely disregarded any other soulbeasts of note, like the peak late-stage class seven White-browed Hawk King and Golden Lion King. They were stronger than even the Black Dragon King and the Twin Winged Kings and yet weren’t a part of the Eight Soulbeast Rulers

“The disciple of Zi Jin?!”

Several of the soulbeasts raised an eyebrow. The Golden Lion King raised both. Zi Jin’s name was a known one to the Soulbeast Forest.

“Big brother Bloodhowl…” He spoke, “he’s the reason why the Golden Roc King and Wind Ape King’s clans were destroyed?! By himself?! You’re kidding. The Golden Roc King was an early-stage class eight soulbeast. Even if you defeated the Wind Ape King, there’d be no way for this one to defeat the Golden Roc King by himself. Didn’t you say there were others? Where are they?”

Bai Yunfei smiled in response to the Golden Lion King. “As senior Lion King says, it’d be impossible for me to defeat the Golden Roc King by myself. My victory over him was because of an invaluable ‘helper’ of equal strength.”

“Oh? Of equal strength you say? A Soul Emperor? Who is it?”

Bai Yunfei waved his hand, “Him!!”

A flash of golden light appeared in front of everyone as a giant figure materialized into the real world with a stunning aura!

“That’s…the Demon-eyed Tiger King!! But how!?”

Everyone realized who this person was at once. In just a second or two after the Demon-eyed Tiger King appeared, the Golden Lion King was already voicing his shock.

“The Demon-eyed Tiger King was captured by the Beast Taming School two hundred years ago! He should’ve been turned into a soulbeast puppet, how…”

He was already coming to the conclusion that Bai Yunfei was someone from the Beast Taming School, but the thought felt extremely wrong to him. Growing silent, he narrowed his eyes and stared at Bai Yunfei to wait for an explanation.

“The Demon-eyed Tiger King is indeed still a soulbeast puppet. In fact, he was turned into a medium for the Beast Taming School’s headmaster, Lin Dongxiao, to use. I destroyed the part of his soul in the Demon-eyed Tiger King’s body and took the Demon-eyed Tiger King away from him. A soul armament of mine allows me to control the Demon-eyed Tiger King—that’s the reason why I was able to win against the Golden Roc King.”

“What?! A medium for the Beast Taming School’s headmaster?! And you fought with him, destroyed that soul aspect, and then took control of the Demon-eyed Tiger King?!”

It was an explanation, but the soulbeasts only felt more confused after listening to him. 

“How did you manage to do all that?!” Demanded the Golden Lion King.

“More importantly…how are you even able of controlling the Demon-eyed Tiger King?!” The beginning of something hostile started to stir in the Golden Lion King’s eyes. If this person in front of him was capable of controlling the Demon-eyed Tiger King…didn’t that mean he wasn’t any different than the beast tamers?!

The Violet Dragon King and the other soulbeasts all had the same look in their eyes as well.

Bai Yunfei knew this question was inevitable. “As I said before, I have soul armament that allows me to control the Demon-eyed Tiger King, but please don’t misunderstand me. I have no intentions of being anything like the beast tamers. Me controlling the Demon-eyed Tiger King was something that couldn’t be avoided at the time….”

Still sensing the hostility in the air, the Bloodhowl Wolf King opened his mouth to speak, “I will vow on my life to guarantee Bai Yunfei’s words. He is nothing like the beast tamers, please be at ease.”

A vow like that? What an exaggeration!

Again, everyone gave a disbelieving look at the Bloodhowl Wolf King. It was especially rare to see that he would endorse a soul cultivator of all people so heavily.

“Please sit, Bai Yunfei.” The wolf king gestured to him.

Bai Yunfei was still standing in the middle of the hall since the Golden Lion King had been interrogating him from the start. Nodding in thanks to the Bloodhowl Wolf King, Bai Yunfei strode to the seat next to the Golden Lion King. Hong Yin hesitated for a brief moment, wondering if he should return to the wolf clan’s side, but in the end he decided to sit beside Bai Yunfei.

“May you please begin to tell us how you kille the Golden Roc King, Wind Ape King, and beast tamers, Wolf King?” The Azure-winged Bat King asked.

“I’ve nothing to hide, senior Bloodhowl, not even the Core Stone and Soul Sealing Mandate. If these people are friends of your clan then I’ll trust them as well.”

Bai Yunfei’s voice spoke into the Bloodhowl Wolf King’s mind.

The only sign that the Bloodhowl Wolf King gave in recognition of Bai Yunfei’s words was a quick glance over to him before he nodded. “Very well then, allow me to explain the story.”

And so the story began with the Bloodhowl Wolf King explaining everything from the very start. Spellbound, every single soulbeast drank in the words of the wolf in silence… 

“So you used the Demon-eyed Tiger King to surprise and incapacitate the Beast Taming School’s Soul Emperor? Haha! You’ve got a nice brain on you, youngster! I approve!”

The first to speak was the Golden Lion King. He was filled with laughter and praise for Bai Yunfei over what he did to Duan Tianqing… 

“The Soul Sealing Mandate and Core Stone…two Regalias are on his person…?”

The Azure-winged Bat King was thinking to himself, shocked about hearing of Bai Yunfei’s possession over two Regalias… 

Waiting a bit for everyone to get over their shock, Bai Yunfei smiled. “There is a matter of business I’d like to discuss with everyone…”

“Oh? What is it?” The Golden Lion King asked.

“What is everyone’s opinion of the Beast Taming School?”

“The Beast Taming School?” The Golden Lion King's eyes narrowed with hatred. “Why mention them? Our clans will one day exterminate that damnable school, just you wait!!”

“Indeed. I abhor the Beast Taming School as well.”

Bai Yunfei nodded in agreement. “Then…how about we exterminate the Beast Taming School once in for all?”

What a bombshell of a proposal!!

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