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Upgrade SuccessfulUnique Equipment
Equipment Grade: Mid Divine
Elemental Affinity: Space, Earth
Upgrade Level: +12
Soul Compatibility: 100%
Equipment Effect 1: Create a pocket world a thousand kilometers in diameter identical to the real world. Can freely manipulate the Laws of the pocket world.
Equipment Effect 2: Gain ability to sense spatial energy within fifty kilometers.
Equipment Effect 3: Gain ability to teleport anywhere within a perimeter of fifty kilometers.
Can teleport instantly if within a single kilometer.
Charge up period of .5 seconds if distance is less than 5 kilometers.
Charge up period of 1 second if distance is less than 25 kilometers.
Charge up period of 2 seconds if distance is greater than 25 kilometers.
Cannot teleport if the surrounding spatial energy is disturbed.
Cooldown of 2 seconds.
Additional Attribute: Amplify Equipment Effect 1 by 25%, Equipment Effect 2 by 20%, and Equipment Effect 3 by 15%.
+10 Additional Effect: Consume soulforce to send any target within ten meters into a sealed dimension for two seconds. Target cannot be attacked and cannot attack. Target maintains original visibility.
Cooldown of 1 minute.
+12 Additional Effect: Temporarily increase the activity rate of any type of energy by 100% within an area of the owner's choosing.
Upgrade Requirement: 700 Soulpoints

Bai Yunfei’s eyes lit up with excitement as the notifications rolled through his mind, but it wasn’t because of this success that he was excited! It was because a familiar voice was speaking into his mind at that same moment!!

“Ah…that feels good…”

The voice sounded muggy as if it belonged to an owner who had only just woken up from a long dream. The Core Stone began to shine with a faint orange light that took on the shape of a familiar object...

“Haha!! Xiao Fang, you’re finally awake!!” Bai Yunfei exclaimed with glee.

“I was finally sleeping so well…what was that for, Yunfei…I was—” Xiao Fang trailed off as it realized what its awakeness meant, “Yunfei!? You’re okay?! And I’m here too…I woke up?! Did you manage to ‘upgrade’ the Core Stone?!”

Xiao Fang’s thoughts were as perceptible as ever, evidently.

Bai Yunfei smiled and nodded. “I did. The Core Stone is now +12…Xiao Fang, it’s thanks to you that I’m still alive right now…”

Though a spirit of the armament, Bai Yunfei truly thought as Xiao Fang as an important companion to him.

“You’re my ‘master’, of course I’d do my best to keep you alive, stop being so polite. I’d only be asleep for a while anyways, it’s not that big of an iss—actually, how long have I been sleeping for?”

“It’s been three years since the fight with Nether…”

“Three years? That’s not long at all…

“Hold on, what’s with all these people?! A city?! What’s going on here?! And…Yunfei, when did you become a Peak Late-stage Soul King?! And where are we anyways?!”

“Haha, don’t worry. I’ll explain it slowly…”

“Oh?! Core?! You’re awake?!”

A crisp voice spoke up over Bai Yunfei, causing the latter to look to where a small tiger had appeared out of thin air. It was the spirit of the Soul Sealing Mandate.

“Sealer?!” Xiao Fang yelped, “You woke up before me?!”

“He woke up when I managed to upgrade the Soul Sealing Mandate to +10.”

“How did you wake, Core? Yunfei told me an upgrade would be necessary before you could wake up.” The tiger asked, but the answer was already coming to him. “You upgraded the Core Stone?! Do you mean to say that you managed to get a hold of one of those ‘Guaranteed Upgrade Stones’ you mentioned before?!”

“I did.” Bai Yunfei nodded, “it was when I entered the cave of the Wind Ape King. Thanks to that venture I was able to upgrade the Core Stone to +12.”

“Is that so?!” The tiger’s eyes shined brightly with eagerness. “Are there any more? One, maybe? I wished to be upgraded too!!”

“Not now I’m afraid…” Bai Yunfei shrugged his shoulders, “I have a +12 Guaranteed Upgrade Stone, but not a +11 one. I’ll have to find one of those first…”

“Ah? I see…how selfish of you, Yunfei! What a prejudiced act, to upgrade the Core Stone before telling me!” Somehow, the little tiger looked crestfallen and angry at the same time.

“Xiao Fang was sleeping all this time, I had to upgrade him to wake him up…” Bai Yunfei began to justify his actions, “But don’t worry, I’ll definitely upgrade the Soul Sealing Mandate once I get another +11 Guaranteed Upgrade Stone.”

The might of a Regalia was connected to the spirit of the armament. If the spirit wasn’t in a good mood, then the Regalia would be negatively impacted. Therefore, it was essential to keep the spirit appeased if one wanted to make the most of the Regalia...

With Sealer appeased, Bai Yunfei decided to study the new and improved Core Stone.

The three equipment effects were all boosted, much to Bai Yunfei’s satisfaction. But more importantly… 

“A soul compatibility of 100%! It’s another lifebound armament!!” Bai Yunfei whooped. A full soul compatibility with the Core Stone meant Bai Yunfei would be able to use the Core Stone far more easily and with a reduced cooldown time on its abilities.

And now, the Core Stone was Bai Yunfei’s sixth lifebound armament!!

“Increase the activity rate of any type of energy by 100%...what does that mean?” It was time for Bai Yunfei to study the +12 additional effect now. Not really sure of what it meant, he activated the effect to see.


The air in the cave trembled upon the effect’s activation. A tendril of fire appeared in the cave and skyrocketed the temperature.

Bai Yunfei wasn’t even controlling the heat himself. It was as if the elemental fire in the cave had suddenly doubled in quality!

Pulling at the tendril, Bai Yunfei watched as the fire danced over his palm with excitement.

“I get it now…the ‘increase in activity rate’ refers to the strength of elemental energy. And I can do this to whichever energy I want to double its power!” Bai Yunfei exclaimed, “It’s an aretype effect!!”

The Core Stone’s +12 additional effect was equivalent to an areeffect soul skill!

In other words, Bai Yunfei would be able to elevate the power of his fire attacks to a whole new level with this effect!

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