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The class seven bloodthirsty wind apes didn’t stand a chance of winning anymore. Not with Xiao Qi and the others around. They couldn’t even run away least they die even quicker. Their only chance of survival now was to wait for the Wind Ape King to defeat the Bloodhowl Wolf King and come to their rescue.

Yet the Wind Ape King would need more time in order to come to their rescue. Defeating the Bloodhowl Wolf King was taking more time than he thought. Bloodrage wasn’t even enough for the Wind Ape King to do anything to the wolf. If anything, it seemed like things were getting more and more perilous for the Wind Ape King.

Thus, the class seven apes had to stand their ground. Entering into a Bloodrage of their own to fight, the apes still found themselves powerless! Xiao Qi, Long Lan, Wu Dijian and the Yao clan were far too powerful for them. The class seven apes had no chance to turn the tides in this one-sided battle!

The fact that they were able to stay alive up to this point was only a testament to how strong they are. But it was only a matter of time.

At last, one of the apes—an early-stage class seven—dropped their guard and was killed by Xiao Qi!

All the apes were relying on one another to cover up a hole in their defenses. With one of the apes dead the defense was now crumbling apart. Capitulating on this, Xiao Qi and the others leaped onto the apes and killed another one in quick succession!!

One thing led to another and now the apes were dying off like flies! Give or take another few seconds and the apes would be following on the path of extinction like the four-winged golden rocs did!

A late-stage class seven ape tried to self-destruct in an attempt to take down their enemies with him, but a timely soul attack stopped the ape before it was killed!

The disparity of strength grew larger and larger. Soon, only a few apes were left. It wouldn’t be long until… 


 The roar of the Wind Ape King drowned out every other source of noise at once, followed by a fierce blast of energy!

“Ahh!! Dieeee!!”

Like the glows of a candle, the eyes of the Wind Ape King were extremely bright and red. Something that looked almost like blood in color and viscosity leaked from his eyes as he quivered. His aura rippled away from his body in green waves and made his green hair flow rhythmically like a wave in a storm. Some of his hair was slowly turning red even! It seemed like they were being dyed red with blood!


Then out of nowhere, the Wind Ape King slammed his right fist onto the side of the Bloodhowl Wolf King’s neck!

“That’s not good!!”

Bai Yunfei blanched with immediate concern. Feet kicking into action, Bai Yunfei ran straight forward at once!

This new state of the Wind Ape King definitely meant he was fighting at an even stronger level than before. He was presumably burning up his own lifeforce in exchange for a level of power on par with a late-stage class eight soulbeast!!

Had Bai Yunfei a guess, he’d say this technique of the Wind Ape King was probably just as dangerous as his ‘Berserk’ mode, if not even worse. 

Ten years would be needed for the Wind Ape King to heal from the aftermath of this technique, if not more. It was even possible that he might not even remain as powerful as a mid-stage class eight soulbeast even after he healed, but the Wind Ape King probably didn’t care about that right now… 

All in all, this meant the Wind Ape King was now stronger than the Bloodhowl Wolf King. Due to a second’s miscalculation, the Bloodhowl Wolf King was struck by the Wind Ape King and was on the verge of being hit by an even stronger follow-up attack!

The snarl on the Wind Ape King’s face was horrendous. His sharp fangs were bared threateningly over his lips as he heaved both his hands above his head. His sharp nails gleamed dangerously in the light before they swung down to slam into the Bloodhowl Wolf King!

There’d be no stopping the puncture wounds on the Bloodhowl Wolf King if they connected. If his eyes were stabbed into, then victory would be guaranteed for the Wind Ape King!

Understandably shocked, the Bloodhowl Wolf King tried his best to steady himself. The blow to his head earlier saw to the Law of Wind slowing down his body and reaction. Dodging the Wind Ape King’s attack would be impossible right now!

The best thing he could do in this case was try and have the Wind Ape King hit him somewhere else on the body. Somewhere less vital than the head. A heavy wound was better than a fatal one. He’d at the very least be able to continue fighting… 

“Senior Bloodhowl, please transform back to your human form!!”

A second later, Bai Yunfei’s voice echoed in the Bloodhowl Wolf King’s mind!!


The Bloodhowl Wolf King’s eyes widened just a fraction—return to his human form?! Doing such a thing would kill him! His human form was weaker in strength than his true form, and much smaller too. Rather than have one part of his body hit by the Wind Ape King’s blow, returning to his human form would mean seeing to his entire body being hit! He’d basically be reduced to a paste in the Wind Ape King’s hand! The Law of Wind would utterly decimate his body then!

“Quickly!! I’ll help you!! Prepare to attack in two seconds!!”

Bai Yunfei’s voice spoke again, this time with a sense of urgency. The Bloodhowl Wolf King looked hesitant still.


Deciding to entrust himself to Bai Yunfei, the Bloodhowl Wolf King began to shrink in size!

He was choosing to believe in Bai Yunfei!

Faster than with the snapping of the fingers, the gigantic Bloodhowl Wolf King was nowhere to be seen! Only his human-form was left!

That was when the Bloodhowl Wolf King realized that everything around him had gone silent!

It wasn’t just the sound, though…the auras of all those around him were gone as well!!

He blinked. Everything was the same sight-wise, but he couldn’t sense a thing with his soulsense!

Startled, he realized the Wind Ape King’s hands were still coming down onto him! Relying on instincts alone, he erected a barrier of elemental energy to protect himself. But then… 

The Wind Ape King’s claws went ‘through’ him!

It was as if he had turned into a ghost! The Wind Ape King’s attack hit nothing but air!

This was…the +10 additional effect of the Core Stone, the ability to transport someone into a different dimension!

The effect had a limited range of ability, hence why Bai Yunfei implored the Bloodhowl Wolf King to return to his human form. It was for the sole sake of transporting him out of harm’s way!


The Wind Ape King was confused. He was having a hard time understanding what was going on in his rage-induced state.


Two bursts of energy spiked to life to the Wind Ape King’s right. His eyes snapped to the source just in time to see two pillars of fire come at him!

The Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst!


Furious, the Wind Ape King gathered the Law of Wind to his left hand and swung it outwards in a backhanded slap!


The skies crackled with energy as his hand ‘slapped’ the two dragons! In the next second, both dragons…fell apart!

Strands of violet, gray, and red light scattered everywhere along with green like a sudden burst of rain. In one blow, the Wind Ape King managed to break apart the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst!


Out from the chaotic mess of light, a single beam of red light speared through it towards the Wind Ape King!

The Wind Ape King was still in the process of bringing his right arm back after his attempt to strike the Bloodhowl Wolf King, and his left arm was still dealing with the aftermath of the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst. That meant he was practically defenseless as the spear of red light drew ever-so-close to his face!


Exhaling loudly, the Wind Ape King expelled a burst of green light from his mouth to form a giant wall of wind in front of him.

It was supposed to protect him from the red beam of light, but… 

The red beam of light made contact with the wall of wind, just like he expected. Then, instead of stopping there, it…went straight through it!

As if it wasn’t even there to begin with!


Shock filled the Wind Ape King at once. Now that it was closer to him, the Wind Ape King realized what the red beam of light was. It was…a crimson-red spear!


The sudden loss of composure was the worst thing the Wind Ape King could do. With nothing left to stop it, the Fire-tipped Spear closed the distance between it and the Wind Ape King and went through his right eye!


Blood splattered everywhere once the spear deposited itself into the Wind Ape King’s eye. Then one second later…his right eye exploded!!

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