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“Bloodrage? Is that some kind of powerboosting soul skill?”

Realization dawned upon Bai Yunfei at this warning. The Wind Ape King was already a mid-stage class eight soulbeast. The Wind Ape King was already a mid-stage class eight soulbeast, using a skill like that…what a pain!

“Take the Demon-eyed Tiger King safer out, I’ll deal with him!!”

The Bloodhowl Wolf King ordered Bai Yunfei through soul communication.

Bai Yunfei’s eyebrows narrowed with reluctance. He didn’t want to retreat, but he couldn’t exactly stay here either. Waiting for an opportunity further out was the best choice he had right now. Fighting the Wind Ape King right now would only lead to a very painful future… 

He had been too foolish. Defeating the early-stage class eight Golden Roc King filled him with too much confidence. The ‘opening act’ of the Wind Ape King after going into his rage was like a bucket of ice-cold water for Bai Yunfei. Thoroughly humbled, Bai Yunfei knew now the difference in strength. It was far too early for him to fight a mid-stage class eight soulbeast.

“I just need to wait for the best time…”

Retreating with a calculative glance, Bai Yunfei had the Demon-eyed Tiger King come back to his side.

The right arm of the Demon-eyed Tiger King was bent at a very odd angle—the result of being hit by the Wind Ape King. Healing such a wound meant taking a considerable amount of energy, and now the Demon-eyed Tiger King was no longer in fighting condition.

“I’d probably be able to defend against the Wind Ape King’s attacks if I can control that one, but there’s no time to change soulbeasts…”

His eyes flickered to the giant elder hillbeast still floating there in the sky. Without Duan Tianqing to control it, the elder hillbeast was as still as a statue. It would’ve been mistaken for a mountain if it fell to the grounds, but because Duan Tianqing was still alive, the seal on the hillbeast was still active. That meant Bai Yunfei could use the Beast Taming Ring to control it, but it’d require the additional step of dispelling Duan Tianqing’s control over it. Duan Tianqing might not even be awake to contest against Bai Yunfei for control, but time was not something Bai Yunfei had a lot of right now. Anything could happen at this precarious moment in time, Bai Yunfei didn’t want to risk his health in such a gambit.

His eyes wandered to another part of the battlefield, “Maybe if ‘that’ happens, I’ll have a chance then…”


A blast of energy jolted Bai Yunfei from his thoughts. Looking closely at the source, he saw the area around it dyed with a bloody-red light!

The light brought with it a chilling aura that even Bai Yunfei found himself shivering after being basked in it. It felt as if a wolf was staring him down with its jaws already open to snap down onto his throat any second.


From within the red light appeared a giant shadow that only expanded in size…a giant wolf the color of blood stood right in front of the Wind Ape King!

This was…the physical body of the Bloodhowl Wolf King!

He transformed into such a state so he could fight the angered Wind Ape King!

The Bloodhowl Wolf King was merely a title and not a proper classification of what kind of soulbeast he was. 

In truth, he was a soulbeast known as…a bloodhowl celestial wolf!

Like the Black Dragon King, this was a high-leveled soulbeast from the ancient past!

The Bloodhowl Wolf King was similar in size to the Wind Ape King. Flames the color of blood flared to life around the wolf’s body with such heat that it seemed to warp the space around it.

He leaped higher up into the air before coming back down with rapid speeds toward the Wind Ape King!


The Wind Ape King let loose a thunderous roar. Leaping up as well, he brought both arms forward to attack the wolf!

The two struck one another again, causing the skies to tremble beneath their might. One of the sharp claws of the Bloodhowl Wolf King had somehow managed to stab into the Wind Ape King’s arms while one of the Wind Ape King’s fist slammed into the Bloodhowl Wolf King’s stomach!


Both attacks were heavily mitigated by the elemental energy the two wrapped their bodies in. There was a muffled secondary explosion as green and red light burst out from the gaps in their defenses and leaked into the world.

It grew exceedingly difficult to see the shapes of the two with all the energy around them. Each passing second felt like the world was getting closer to destabilizing like the first time the two soulbeasts clashed. Cracks were already forming everywhere else, shocking all those who were close enough to see them form.



“Rumble, rumble…”

Everything else in the world but the other soulbeast was left forgotten by these two fighters. Their eyes shone with nothing but determination to wipe out their enemy as they snarled and clashed against one another. 

Every so often, one of them would fall from the skies and crash into a nearby mountain or forest. Sometimes, the landscape would be heavily lacerated with gusts of wind. Other times, the world burned to ashes. A natural disaster or two was touching down onto this part of the world for everyone to see.

And at such a sight, Bai Yunfei was but a wide-eyed spectator.

He never imagined that a battle between two mid-stage class eight soulbeasts would be…so shocking. So devastating. So…primitive.

Technique was something that existed in most battles. It was what differentiates man from beast. But it didn’t seem like this battle had even a single ‘technique’ to it. Both soulbeasts were fighting tooth, nail, and fist, but it also felt like every blow was just as powerful as even a heaven-tier soul skill. A Dual Dragon Burst would probably be blasted apart by a single blow of the Wind Ape King’s fist!

It was a perspective of a soul cultivator rather than a soulbeast. Soulbeasts generally disliked using soul skills or soul armaments. To them, their strongest weapon was their own bodies. When fighting in such a state as they were now, it only made sense to make use of their own bodies to fight.

Furthermore, their fangs and fists were infused with the Laws in them, thus magnifying their strength!


As the Bloodhowl Wolf King and Wind Ape King fought, another soulbeast let out a wail of agony elsewhere!

The wail resonated with the Wind Ape King. Snapping out from his stupor for just a second, he turned his head to look!


He cried out in despair and fury. Looking ready to charge over there, the Wind Ape King was immediately blocked by a wall of fire and pounced on by the Bloodhowl Wolf King!


Enraged by this obstruction, the Wind Ape King began to fight the Bloodhowl Wolf King again. Only this time, he seemed to be getting more and more impatient and furious!

The reason behind this was because of the soulbeast that cried. It belonged to a class seven ape that died shortly after screaming its last!


A loud chirp of excitement resonated through the skies before yet another aura of the same level as the first disappeared as well!

Then the aura of a third soulbeast disappeared… 

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