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Thanks to the +13 additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear, Bai Yunfei was able to easily bypass the elemental barrier erected by the Wind Ape King. And thanks to this same effect, Bai Yunfei was able to take the Wind Ape King’s eye!

The explosion that took place afterward was naturally the +10 additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear!

Taking into account the size of the Wind Ape King, the Fire-tipped Spear was basically the same as a toothpick. A tiny toothpick that wouldn’t really do much harm in any other place of the body. But if a toothpick were to insert itself into someone’s eyes… 

And an exploding toothpick was understandably even more dangerous. Not even an eyeball as gigantic as the Wind Ape King would be able to prevent itself from being exploded!


A shriek of agony escaped forth from the Wind Ape King’s mouth. Fresh blood poured out like a waterfall from the fresh new hole on the Wind Ape King’s face!

Still howling furiously, the Wind Ape King wrapped the Fire-tipped Spear in a bubble of elemental wind and plucked it from his eyehole!

The spear was about the size of a person, but in the hands of the Wind Ape King it was no bigger than an embroidery needle! Bringing his arm back, the Wind Ape King threw the spear as hard as he could toward Bai Yunfei!

If the spear was fast on its way to the Wind Ape King, then its way back was lightning quick!

In fact, the entire ordeal was abnormally quick. Only three seconds had passed!!

Three things were done at the time the Bloodhowl Wolf King was being attacked. First, Bai Yunfei used the Core Stone to transport the wolf away. Second, he casted the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst. Third and finally, he threw the Fire-tipped Spear at the Wind Ape King! Three actions all done independently of one another and yet blended together magnificently!

That happened within one second. In the next second, the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst was blown apart by the Wind Ape King and the Fire-tipped Spear stabbed into his eye!

In the third second, the Bloodhowl Wolf King was transported back to the real world!!

It was a quick three seconds, relatively speaking. Astounded by it all, the Bloodhowl Wolf King was still at the very least able to understand that this was the perfect time to attack. It was when the Fire-tipped Spear stabbed into the Wind Ape King’s eye that the Bloodhowl Wolf King remembered what Bai Yunfei wanted him to do—attack in two seconds!

That included the one second it’d take for him to return to the real world. He sprung into action the moment he did, filling the surrounding world with his murderous intent!

Both hands clapped together as the Wind Ape King cried out in pain. Raising them in front of him, the Bloodhowl Wolf King summoned a torrent of blood-red light to them and combined it with his soulforce!


The world itself felt like it was being shaken with how it vibrated. Red light poured out into the landscape above the Wind Ape King’s head and formed multiple points of red light like stars!

Then the stars started to shine brightly so that they formed closer together to one another.

And when the stars merged into one singular star-like object, it fell from the sky!

Calling it a star-like object seemed rather…wrong.

An actual ‘star’ was crashing down from the heavens!

This was the ultimate elemental move of the Bloodhowl Wolf King, Starfall of the Celestial Wolf!

Through the concentrated power of the Law of Fire, a ‘star’ could be formed and summoned from the Ninth Heaven!

Crashing down from the utmost heights, this star fell down from the heavens so fast that it was already directly on top of the Wind Ape King’s head!

And it was huge!!

The Bloodhowl Wolf King was already traveling away from the Wind Ape King so as to avoid being hit by his own attack.

On the other side, the Wind Ape King had only just finished throwing the Fire-tipped Spear back at Bai Yunfei. But rather than harm Bai Yunfei, the spear merely came to a gentle stop over Bai Yunfei’s hand. It was his own lifebound armament, how could it possibly harm him?

Though his arm was outstretched to grab the spear, Bai Yunfei’s attention was piqued elsewhere. His eyes rested upon the tremendous ‘star’ above the Wind Ape King for just a brief moment to observe it before he made a hasty retreat with the Demon-eyed Tiger King away from the area.

In front of him, the Wind Ape King managed to finally shake himself out from the pain of his eye exploding to look up at the raging inferno above him!


Terror struck the ape at the sight. His soulforce went into overdrive as he tried his best to cover himself in a layer of energy while also throwing up both arms to protect himself… 


In one swift motion, the Law of Fire forged ‘star’ crashed squarely down on the Wind Ape King!

He was tiny compared to the giant ‘star’, even in his giant form. Once it crashed down on him, the star and its fire managed to drown out the entirety of his figure!


Another crash was heard as the Starfall of the Celestial Wolf impacted onto the earth!

The world looked like it was no longer a continent of dry earth, but a flaming ocean of fire and devastation. Mini-tornadoes of fire ravaged the area for kilometers on end!

Everything was being reduced to cinders in this area!! Not even the rocks and dirt were able to avoid such a fate.

“How terrifying…is this the strongest a Mid-stage Soul Emperor can do?”

Bai Yunfei’s heart skipped a beat in trepidation. The amount of power behind the Bloodhowl Wolf King’s attack was already beyond the combined might of ten of his Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst. In fact, he wasn’t even sure if he could even compare the two anymore… 

“Is he dead?”

Bai Yunfei thought next, curious about whether or not the Wind Ape King was still alive.


The furious roar of an ape arose to answer his question; the Wind Ape King was also a mid-stage class eight soulbeast, how could he die that easily?!


The ocean of fire parted at once as a beam of green light cleaved through it!

The beam of green light swirled around the area, voiding it of any wisp of fire. Completely untouched by the flames, the area within the green light now revealed a giant red figure!

The Wind Ape King!!

Bai Yunfei was stunned to see that rather than getting weaker from the blow, the Wind Ape King was actually…exuding a great deal more energy than before!!

He was now exuding the energy of a…late-stage class eight soulbeast!!

“How?!” Bai Yunfei wondered to himself before realizing the answer. “He’s…burning up his own soul!! He’s really planning to sacrifice his own life!!”

The Wind Ape King’s aura was a great deal stronger than before, but also far more prone to rapid fluctuations as if losing control at times. This was a telltale sign of the Wind Ape King doing more than just burning up his lifeblood. He was burning up his very soul! This was the same as a soul cultivator destroying their own essence originseed for a temporary boost in strength!

This meant the Wind Ape King was doomed to be a cripple, if not death!! He’d be dead if he did or didn’t do something!

The Wind Ape King no longer had that same feeling of regality as before. All over his body, the hair rose and shined red like it was being burnt. His body was covered with wounds with large volumes of blood flowing from them, staining his body red. His eyes didn’t even look like they contained any sense of rationality in them anymore. All there was was bloodlust!


A green pillar of light shot up from the Wind Ape King to fly towards the Bloodhowl Wolf King and Bai Yunfei!

“We’ll die together!!”

Came the following cry!

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