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Like lightning, the Wind Ape King and Bloodhowl Wolf King traveled closer and closer together. And when they drew close enough to make contact, the both of them lashed out with a right punch!


The two fists slammed into one another, creating a loud explosion and shockwave. Moments passed before red and green light blew everywhere—this was the might of two mid-stage class eight soulbeasts!

“Rumble rumble rumble…”

The ape and wolf stood at the center of chaos as the world itself trembled violently. Cracks appeared throughout the sky and devoured at the surrounding elemental energy around it before letting the Planar Laws within the cracks extinguish the energy.

A low growl escaped the Bloodhowl Wolf King as he retreated, each step he made created another crack in space. He was grimacing, and his right arm was still trembling from the blow. His collision with the Wind Ape King did not spare him any pain.

“He’s a little stronger than me…”

Inferred the Bloodhowl Wolf King. One year ago, the Bloodhowl Wolf King had tried to become a late-stage class eight soulbeast. Unfortunately, the Wind Ape King appeared at a very critical juncture and forced him to abort the attempt. The two fought then to a stalemate before the Wind Ape King retreated. The battle then took a lot from the Bloodhowl Wolf King before he could fully recover, but the wolf was sure that the two of them were of equal strengths then.

The Wind Ape King must’ve come across something extremely potent if he managed to get the advantage over him in after just one year.

By the point a soulbeast reached the level of the Wind Ape King or Bloodhowl Wolf King, it’d take dozens of years—if not a hundred—to get noticeably stronger. 

But that was only taking into account for natural progression. The Soulbeast Forest was a treasure trove of natural resources. There was no shortage of potential resources a soulbeast could avail themselves to to get stronger.

The sinister light in the Wind Ape King’s eyes grew even more pronounced. He chased after the Bloodhowl Wolf King with his arm already prepared to strike again.


Then, the world shook once again with the roar of a tiger!

“The Country Shaking Tiger’s Roar?!” The Wind Ape King narrowed his eyes in annoyance, “You pest!”

A soul attack like the Country Shaking Tiger’s Roar was ineffective on a mid-stage class eight soulbeast like him. Turning around, he changed his target to another!


The green light around the Wind Ape King concentrated to his fist, allowing it to swell in size to slam into the Demon-eyed Tiger King that had just appeared right behind him!

Reacting accordingly, the light around the Demon-eyed Tiger King intensified to form some kind of armor around his body. Solidfying in time, the light reduced the strength of the blow, but not enough to stop the tiger from being sent flying!


Again, the roaring of an animal could be heard. The Wind Ape King turned around after punching the Demon-eyed Tiger King away; coming at him were two giant flaming dragons!

The Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst!

“The Planar Law of Fire!!”

His eyes narrowed again. The Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst was something new to him, but he could still sense the Law of Fire contained within them. This was not an attack he could afford to take lightheartedly. 

Both hands snapped out in front of him to summon a gale of wind. It swirled frantically in a circle to form a near-solid curtain of concentrated wind to protect him.


The Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst slammed into the curtain of wind. Blasting apart into a sea of flames, the dragons tried their best to reach the Wind Ape King but found themselves unable to break past the curtain.

“There’s…chaotic energy in here too!”

This came as a shock to the ape. He knew the caster of this attack was the one that defeated the Golden Roc King, but he still hadn’t been to worried about the person, attributing their success to random luck and happenstance. But…to have a soul skill contain both the Law of Fire and chaotic energy? That was no longer something an attack the Wind Ape King could say belonged to someone weak. This was someone that was a threat to a Soul Emperor!

That didn’t mean to say he was afraid of this person, though. The Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst could pose a threat to an Early-stage Soul Emperor, but he wasn’t such a person. He was a mid-stage class eight soulbeast. The Law of Wind he wielded was far stronger than the Law of Fire Bai Yunfei could use. The two simply couldn’t be equated to one another.

“A second one now…do you really think you’ll be able to defeat me?!”

Bai Yunfei and the Demon-eyed Tiger King were grouped up with the Bloodhowl Wolf King now. Upon seeing that, the Wind Ape King snarled aloud with anger. The giant ape above him shrunk in size, but the light it gave off was far brighter than before!

In the blink of an eye, the Wind Ape King swelled in size. His original humanoid limbs were now the limbs of an ape. Slivers of green hair flashed with a metallic sheen before mixing with the gren light around his body. The harsh glare faded away shortly afterward to reveal a body-wide piece of armor!


His eyes were blood-red now. He pounded his fists against his chest like a drum, each hit resonating so strongly with the world that everyone felt like their breath would stop!

The Wind Ape King was now in his strongest fighting form! Even his aura was drastically different, it was a great deal stronger than before!

So drastic was his change that even Bai Yunfei looked distracted!

“Not good!!”

It was only for a split-second. Grimacing to himself, Bai Yunfei leaped back and called the Cataclysmic Seal out to form an orange barrier around him.


A blade of wind sliced through the area he had just been standing in a moment ago. It disappeared the next second, leaving behind a long crack in space!


The barrier around Bai Yunfei shattered into pieces a moment later. When the blade of wind flew past Bai Yunfei, it touched upon a part of his barrier and destroyed it!

“Wow…” Sweat pooled on Bai Yunfei’s back. His heart pounded against his cage as he thought about the terrifying brush of thought he just had.

Half a second earlier and he would’ve fallen prey to the blade of wind, unless the Core Stone used its effect to teleport him into another dimension to evade it. If his instincts were any slower in fact, Bai Yunfei wouldn’t have even the opportunity to activate the Core Stone’s effect. He would’ve been cut in two… 

As he was about to congratulate himself for dodging… 



There was a loud banging sound as a metallic beam of light was sent flying!

The Demon-eyed Tiger King!

Bai Yunfei hadn’t been the only one the Wind Ape King attacked. A blade of wind was sent to attack Bai Yunfei, but the Wind Ape King decided to personally punch the Demon-eyed Tiger King!

And since Bai Yunfei was so distracted by the blade of wind, the Demon-eyed Tiger King was defenseless against the attack. As helpless as a horsefly against a flyswatter, the Demon-eyed Tiger King was sent flying!

Capitulating on his successful attack, the Wind Ape King charged at Bai Yunfei to attack him again, but a bolt of red light forced him to leap back. The giant bloody wolf was after him!


Giving up on his attack on Bai Yunfei, the Wind Ape King scattered the giant blood wolf back into light with a mighty punch!

“This is the strongest skill the Wind Ape King has, Bloodrage!! By burning his soul and blood, he can increase his strength, be careful!!”

The Bloodhowl Wolf King warned Bai Yunfei via soul communication a moment later… 

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