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The wind rustled with activity as the Demon-eyed Tiger King touched down in the skies next to Bai Yunfei. 

The Golden Roc King was gone. Captured and rendered immobile within the Core World.

Then, Bai Yunfei disappeared as well.

The Core Stone fell from where Bai Yunfei’s neck used to be and landed within the outstretched palm of the Demon-eyed Tiger King.

He went still after that. The Core Stone was safe in his hands while Bai Yunfei went within.

Inside the Core World.

The sealed form of the Golden Roc King was suspended over the top of a rather large mountain. Right beside the roc was Bai Yunfei.


A wave of energy traveled from beyond Bai Yunfei the moment he appeared. Elemental fire came to life around him before he struck the defenseless Golden Roc King!


Pain shot up Bai Yunfei’s arm. Grimacing, he brought his hand back; it felt as if he had just punched steel. Though it hurt for him, the Golden Roc King was even more affected by the blow—there was a large dent in the area where he was punched!


A large volume of blood was expelled forth from the Golden Roc King’s mouth. The might of Bai Yunfei’s Critical Glove’s +10 and +12 additional effects was truly powerful. Through their effects, Bai Yunfei was able to multiply the power of his punch to the point where it was able to do damage to the Golden Roc King’s body. His body was as strong as a heaven-tier soul armament, but his defenses were severely limited without soulforce supplementing it.

Bai Yunfei snapped his fingers. A serpent of fire sparked to life at once between them. Swelling in size, the serpent shot forward to ensnare the Golden Roc King within.

It was only when Bai Yunfei was fully sure that the Golden Roc King was confined by the Law of Fire that he called the Soul Sealing Mandate back to him.


The effect was instantaneous. The Golden Roc King exploded with power at once and let out a furious scream!


Sneering, Bai Yunfei fired off a powerful soul attack onto the Golden Roc King!


Another scream, but this time one filled with pain and surprise. The Golden Roc King shuddered and vomited yet another mouthful of blood. His soulforce was starting to waver.

He was alarmed. What had happened to him? To his soul? It felt detached to him, a stranger to his body that he could not control. And where was he now? Where was this place where no elemental energy could be felt?

Many questions were had, that was to be sure. But Bai Yunfei would never answer them. Manipulating the Law of Fire around the Golden Roc King, Bai Yunfei had it lock the soulbeast in place so he could struggle no more. Concentrating, Bai Yunfei had the Golden Roc King sent into a different dimension.

Once that matter was done, Bai Yunfei disappeared from the Core World!

Outside the Core World.

Bai Yunfei reappeared beside the Demon-eyed Tiger King abruptly. Plucking the Core Stone from the Demon-eyed Tiger King’s paws, Bai Yunfei placed it back onto his person.

Everyone was stunned.

“The Golden Roc King was defeated!?”

No one from the bloodthirsty wind apes or the Beast Taming School could believe their eyes!

It all happened too fast. Everyone had been too busy fighting their own battles until they heard the Golden Roc King’s screech. They saw the Golden Roc King struggle against something as Bai Yunfei charged at him when they turned their heads. Then there was a beam of white light that seemed to capture the Golden Roc King, and then just like Duan Tianqing, he disappeared! He was magicked away somewhere!

They saw Bai Yunfei disappear next, only to reappear moments later. An unbelievable sight for an unthinkable situation. The noise of the battlefield dimmed as people simply just stood there and gaped… 

“The…the Soul Sealing Mandate!! That’s the Soul Sealing Mandate!!” One of the Late-stage Soul Kings from the Beast Taming School shrieked in terror. He looked like he saw a ghost. “The bird and dragon soulbeasts…the Soul Sealing Mandate…an unbelievably large Soul armament…a soul skill with two dragons…and a soul armament that can store even humans…it’s…there’s no mistake…

“There’s no doubt about it!! He’s…he’s Bai Yunfei!! That Bai Yunfei!!”

The realization hit this Soul King like a sack of bricks. His knees quivered and threatened to buckle under his weight as he screamed out in panic!

“What?! Bai Yunfei? But there’s no way! He’s…agghhh!!”

Another Soul King began to voice his disbelief, but before he could say much, he suddenly began to cry out in pain instead!

It was unnatural, this reaction was. What caused him to cry out in pain?

Confused, everyone turned to him. The first few saw drops of blood sprinkle down his person. On his back was a lightningfire wolf! While this man was looking to Bai Yunfei, this wolf took advantage of it and took a bite of him!


There was another screech of pain as someone else fell prey to the same distraction. It was an early-stage class seven ape. But unlike the Soul King who was merely injured, this ape was cut in two by Xiao Qi’s attack!

“The Golden Roc King was defeated?! Impossible!!”

The Soul Kings weren’t the only distracted ones. The Wind Ape King was completely bewildered as well, even as he fought in his own section of the battlefield!

His enemy, the Bloodhowl Wolf King, shared none of the same emotions; he was extremely pleased by such an outcome!

Bai Yunfei had actually done it! And faster than predicted!


The large and transparent head of a blood-red wolf appeared in the skies above the Bloodhowl Wolf King. The roar it gave off vibrated the skies and stained the clouds red with the red light coming off from its head. From the center of its mouth, a crescent-shaped beam of red light shot forth!


The Wind Ape King looked thunderously panicked. Ten minutes hadn’t even gone by since the battle began and yet everything had gone disastrously wrong… 

He couldn’t think about it too much, though. There was an attack coming at him right now. Snarling, he materialized a larger form of himself that lashed out with a punch onto the bloody crescent moon.


The beam broke apart amidst a loud explosion of light and sound, but not without taking out the right arm of the giant ape. It took a moment, but the arm reformed itself with a blast of light-green light. Pounding its chest, the ape threw itself across the sky at the giant wolf!

The Wind Ape King was taking action too. Disappearing into a gale of wind, he was heading for the Bloodhowl Wolf King!


Bai Yunfei was still looking around the battlefield, the light in his eyes dancing with glee. At last he managed to catch a glimpse of the faraway Wind Ape King and the murderous aura around him.

“It’s…your turn now!!”

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