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Chapter 907 - Sanctuary Palace

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Ah Xin's movements were unexpected and simple, as he released the Undying Sword in his hand. The Undying Sword descended down into the Ocean of Peace, but did not make a splash.

~What?~ Everyone had a look of confusion in their eyes, Qiu Tian Qing's [Clear Autumn Chains] had already locked the area, and everyone were waiting to see what heaven defying technique Ah Xin would use.

The [Clear Autumn Chains] did not possess an imposing aura, but its deadly mist had completely locked the Ocean of Peace down, preventing Ah Xin from escaping. In an army battle, it was taboo to be restricted, the lack of space meant that both parties would be forced to duel to the death.

The situation was falling to such a state.

Qiu Tian Qing's [Clear Autumn Chains] locked and restricted the area, forcing Ah Xin to be unable to dodge, but at the same time Qiu Tian Qing's army could not move.

If Ah Xin could break the [Clear Autumn Chains], Qiu Tian Qing and his army would suffer from a severe backfire. And if Ah Xin was unable to get out of [Clear Autumn Chains], then there was only one ending for him, which was death inside the formation.

General Huo shook his head, although Qiu TIan Qing's [Clear Autumn Chains] was not a real Law Domain, but it was undoubtedly close to it, General Huo could not think of any way to escape from it. If he was the one trapped, he felt that he would have difficulty escaping.

His prestige was not inferior to Qiu Tian Qing, but at that moment, he had great respect for Qiu Tian Qing. The Qiu Family were truly heaven defying, aside from producing Qiu Xu Hua, they managed to produce a Qiu Tian Qing.

Initially, he had some expectations for the spirit general called Xin, the rank of a general gave him a lot of imaginations. But when he saw Ah Xin drop the Undying Sword into the Sword of Peace, he was disappointed.

He laughed at himself in ridicule, ~This is normal, Mace Field Tradings is just a small Prestigious Family, how can they truly have a General rank Spirit General?~

~Pity they are not from the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights~, he muttered in his mind.If they were the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights, it would had been perfect, the Banner of Knights were their main target, and if they could realize their goal, they could exhaust the Qiu Family's strength, it was killing two birds with one stone.

Inside the formation, the Autumn Laws pervaded all about, the grey mist quietly permeated through Ah Xin and the illusory soldiers' bodies, producing grey autumn frost on their bodies. A degeneration and decay aura surged out from their bodies, making them look like a forest in autumn.

The white autumn frost resembled strange moss that grew at a speed visible to the naked eye. Very quickly, a third of the soldiers were covered by the Autumn frost, and when their bodies were completely covered, their lives would end.

They had no physical bodies, but they could still dissipate, at that time, nothing would be left.

Ji Ze watched to the point that he could only gasp for breath, it was his first time witnessing a Law Domain, although it was not a complete Law Domain, it was already extremely close to it, or maybe it already had many unique features of a Law Domain. For example, the Autumn frost was a corrosive effect of Autumn Laws. Any energy barrier of Sacred Saint Galaxy would be like air in front of it. Its corrosive ability was above the level of energy, thus making it extremely terrifying.

Right at that moment, the calm Ocean of Peace changed.

The Ocean of Peace became alive, the ink black sea water flowed towards the chains, everywhere it passed, the bright gold lines on the chains would dim down, the grey chains turned black, which was an extremely bizarre scene.

The black sea water not only affected the grey chains, the entire sea level was rising, as though some monster at the sea bed had awoken.

What shocked everyone were Ah Xin and the soldiers, they did not even attempt to dodge. The illusory soldiers maintained their positions, unmoved.

The pitch black sea water that resembled ink reached the height of the lowest elevated illusory soldiers' ankles, when the red cracks on the soldiers suddenly lit up. The sea water rose above their calves, thighs, waist, and all the ice cold autumn frost that touched the sea water instantly disappeared.

The Ocean of Peace continued to rise, like a terrifying and greedy beast, devouring everything that it could devour.

~What kind of method is that?~

Ji Ze was dumbstruck, ~What is that black water?~ The other party's formation had perfectly mimicked a Law Domain, the gold lines on the grey chains were Autumn Laws, but they were actually unable to resist the black water.


Ji Ze's eyes was fixed on the Ocean of Peace, he finally realized that he had completely disregarded the Ocean of Peace. At one moment, he would frown, at another, he would relax, his mind was in a complete mess. ~What is that black water? A type of energy? No, All types of energy can't defeat Autumn Laws that easily. Is the Water Laws?~ Ji Ze shook his head, the collision between Laws would never be that silent, unless the disparity between both laws were too much.

[Clear Autumn Chains] was part of Autumn Laws, and was already a step to Law Domain, the only thing higher than it were only Law Domains.

~Is the Ocean of Peace a Law Domain?~ Ji Ze was stunned.

General Huo had a stunned look on his face, he stared at the rising black sea water that flowed and touched the grey chains. His thoughts had become mixed, previously, the vine like chains descended and grew frantically, drawing a huge surprise. Now, the black sea water was equally growing as fast, and growing frantically against the sea water.

~Are they doing a reversal against each other?~

~The sea water is actually able to corrode the chains~ General Huo was shocked, but…..

His gaze was fixed onto the rising sea water, the churning waves looked like a monster devouring the illusory soldiers. But the illusory soldiers that were elevated higher did not move an inch, as though they were oblivious to the rising tide.

~Are they offering themselves as sacrifice?~

General Huo was unable to comprehend the situation, that's right, there were many things that he did not understand.

Ah Xin could guess the look on everybody's faces, causing him to reveal an unconcealable smile, ~How can they ever guess what it is?~

~They don't even know what the Ocean of Peace is.~

From the start, he had never planned to use the spirits of the Undying Sword to fight with the enemy, he was unwilling to do that. Although all that was left of these shattered spirits were their obsession, even so, he was unwilling. Their obsession was so deep, but it was merely obsession, upon suffering from damage, they would completely disappear from the world and leave nothing behind forever.

He was completely unwilling.

He had other ways, and that was the Ocean of Peace.

No one knew what the Ocean of Peace was, or where it came from. They had completely ignored the Ocean of Peace, but it was an unfathomable oddity.

The Ocean of Peace, created by the Southern Cross Army who had spent countless of hours. It used to be a dead sea and emitted a deathly aura, even if someone were to approach it, they would be corroded by the deathly aura. After that, the Commander realized that the deathly aura were Death Laws, and although it was harmful to living creatures, it was extremely beneficial to dead ones.

Furthermore, the most miraculous thing about the Dead Sea was that deep within it, in the center where the death aura was the strongest, existed a blue hole, which harbored an astonishing amount of life.

From death came life, from corpses came lotuses.

The Commander immediately realized the miraculous feature of the Dead Sea, and found countless of precious treasures and objects with spirits and threw them into the Dead Sea, and started to build a sanctuary for spirits inside the blue hole, and called it the Life Palace In the other parts of the Dead Sea, the Commander built 12 side palaces, calling them the Death Palaces that protected the Dead Sea. Every Death Palaces and the Life Palace were connected with chains that had countless of plates with engravings of soldiers that had sacrificed themselves hung onto them.

This became the Ocean of Peace, and through the efforts of the Southern Cross Army, the Ocean of Peace went through a complete transformation after ten thousand years.

Other people would overlook the power of the Ocean of Peace, but not Ah Xin, as he was part of the team that had helped build the Ocean of Peace. The Southern Cross Army were not proficient in laws, but they knew the mysticality of producing life from death. They had never thought of changing the Ocean, but helped to nourish it, and through the nourishment, they finally casted a supreme being.

Qiu Tian Qing's Autumn Laws were truly powerful and could be said to be unstoppable amongst his peers. But if Qiu Tian Qing had lived in the Sin Domain, he would realize that amongst the different laws, there were still disparities in superiority and inferiority.

The strongest, most complicated and most abstruse would be the Three Great Fundamental Laws, which were the four great pillars that supported the entire Law System, which were Time, Space, Life and Death.

The black sea which originally consisted only of Death aura and only the Blue Hole had life, after the nourishment through ten thousand of years, all the treasures and objects that had been thrown into the Dead Sea had been dissolved. The Sanctuary Palace changed, and the separation between the Life and Death aura in the Ocean of Peace was no longer as clearly separated as the past, but had gradually transformed into one body.

After mixing with Ji Ze and the rest for the period of time, Ah Xin had gained a much more in depth understanding towards Laws. He used to have some enlightenment and guesses himself, but he could not break through the thin piece of paper that obstructed him, with Ji Ze and the rest probing him, he gained more clarity in the matter.

When he took the Undying Sword, he immediately gained a few enlightenments. The 13 Chambers inside the Ocean of Peace and the spirits of the army had completely merged into one body, and that was why the Ocean of Peace was in the Undying Sword.

After understanding that, he made his plan.

The power of the Ocean of Peace was immense and terrifying, as long as he could incite the power of the Ocean of Peace, it was sufficient.

Within his calculations, when the Autumn Laws on the chains touched the seawater that contained Life and Death Laws, they were immediately corroded.

That was the disparity between the superior law and the inferior law, which could never be closed.

After sensing that his own Autumn Laws were being disintegrated at an astonishing speed and the formation was quickly turning sluggish, Qiu Tian Qing's face changed, ~How is that possible?~

The black sea water continued to rise and corrode the chains, giving Qiu Tian Qing an immense pressure. The Autumn Laws were dissolving like snow, which brought fear to him.

~What exactly is that black sea water?~

~Why can't my Autumn Laws do anything?~

Qiu Tian Qing knew that he could not back out, he roared and spat out a cloud of blood mist. This blood mist was sprayed across the chains, which quickly permeated into them and disappeared. The chains erupted with a brilliant light aura, which even affected the black chains.

When his soldiers and generals saw his actions, they too bit their tongues and spat onto their own chains, causing the pressure from the black sea water to decrease.

The chains erupted with light auras.

An extreme cold intent locked the Ocean of Peace, Autumn frost appeared once more, which was even denser than previously, the dense autumn frost spread around the chains, causing the black parts to recede.

Ah Xin remained indifferent, as though he did not see anything.

At that moment, only Ah Xin was left standing above the sea water, all the illusory soldiers had been submerged under the sea water. Ah Xin no longer cared about the newly resurfaced Autumn Frost. He simply looked beneath his feet at the sea water, revealing an anticipated look.


The Ocean of Peace let out a loud sound, the sea water started to churn angrily, gales started to blow, as though countless of evil sea dragons were stirring havoc.

On the water surface, Ah Xin stood there unmoved, his eyes erupted with light as his face revealed excitement. He roared out: "Come out!"

The rumblings became incessant, as though the land in the abyss of the water was splitting.

The sky suddenly darkened as dark clouds gathered from all places, the originally clear day instantly transformed into darkness as dark clouds covered the dome. Silver lightning bolts danced like silver swords in the sky, as the thunder boomed like heavy bass drums in everybody's hearts.

Everyone's faces turned to shock.

A Natural Phenomenon!

It was the legendary Natural Phenomenon! Legends had said that when extraordinary things were birthed or collided, a phenomenon would follow suit. This so called phenomenon was in truth the resonance of Laws. But it was an extremely difficult task to incite the resonance of laws. In Sin Domain, it could be considered much easier, as Gu Xue herself had produced rainbows in the sky when she gained enlightenment. But in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, where energy was abundant, the difficulty of inciting a natural phenomenon was extremely difficult, many times more difficult than Sin Domain, that was why the natural phenomenon had become a legend.

Everyone held onto their breaths as their eyes opened wide, afraid that they might miss a small detail.

In the other cities of Saint Continent, countless of people flew into the sky as they looked towards the direction of Qiu Offence Institute in shock. They had sensed the bizarre change in energy around them. Although they did not know what had happened, but the natural phenomenon definitely pointed it to something being very powerful.

Even Tang Tian himself was dumbstruck. The Ocean of Peace which never stirred in his hands was actually able to produce a natural phenomenon in Ah Xin's hands, it was truly an oddity!

~My eyes are truly sharp!~

Tang Tian pleased at his own foresight happily, while opening his eyes to view the phenomenon, he was extremely curious about it. Although he was the one to produce the Undying Sword, he was still shocked by the scene.

In his heart, he felt excitement and anticipation, regardless of what situation it was, the Undying Sword was able to allow itself to be an equal!

~They are all a bunch of legends!~

At that moment, the one under the most pressure was undoubtedly Qiu Tian Qing, the originally powerful Autumn Frost had suddenly met with an invisible suppression. His face became ugly, ~My Autumn Laws have always been unstoppable, even energy barriers cannot stop its power. What is this invisible suppression?~

He was filled with suspicion, the phenomenon in the sky had scared his spirits out, causing his face to become pale white. It was his first time harboring defeat in his heart since the start of the battle. ~What is this ghost in front of me, who can produce a natural phenomenon?~

The overbearing presence had instantly shattered Qiu Tian Qing's will to fight.

Qiu Tian Qing suddenly bit his tongue and spat blood out from his mouth, the pain causing him to become instantly awake. Fear appeared in his heart, as a person who had been through hundreds of battles, he knew that in such a situation, he had to be more determined. The slightest hesitation and fear would only cause them to die. That was the situation of a life and death battle, the opportunity to live could only be reclaimed from the battlefield.

He flew to the middle of his soldiers, with a sincere expression, he chanted in a low voice: "My Qiu Family of the Sacred Saint Galaxy, through the unbroken thousands of years, fuel the flames of inheritance, pass it on to only people of the name Qiu."

Every word that he said would incite a small white mist from every soldier, in the blink of the eye, the white mist enveloped the entire Qiu Offense Army.

Above the black churning ocean, white mists that resembled clouds hung down from the chains.


A loud explosion occurred, exploding countless of black ripples.

A majestic yet simple bronze Palace gradually surfaced out of the water. Its large doors were sealed shut, and on it were four black stars, forming a vague 十 outline. On the four walls, the words "No need for protection, rest in peace". 12 red chains could be seen attached to the peak of the palace, with the other ends leading to the depths of the Ocean.

Tang Tian felt that the bronze palace was extremely familiar, as though he had seen it before, after a moment, he suddenly smacked his own head, ~Isn't that the Spirit Chamber of the Southern Cross Army?~

He was startled, he suddenly had a thought, ~Could it be…~

Ah Xin glanced up at the sky without raising his head, his gaze had never left the Ocean of Peace beneath him. When he saw the bronze Palace, he muttered: "Sorry….. Sanctuary Palace."

When he saw that there were no bronze plates on the red strings, his face revealed a smile.

In the air, Qiu Tian Qing continued to chant.

"Windbreakers cannot break the Autumn Brilliance, the will of Autumn fills my heart, whence does it come from? The three summons, to incite the Autumn wind, incite the Autumn rain, incite the Autumn frost, for all living things will end in loneliness, life cannot be given, it cannot escape time, and has to be returned.:

His voice was not loud, but every sentence that he said would increase the whites of the mist, and amplify its imposing aura.

Chi chi chi!

On the soldiers of the Qiu Offense Army, their soles, hearts, and glabella exploded three regiments of blood mists. Once the blood mist separated from their bodies, they turned white at a speed visible to the naked eye. They did not dissipate, but merged into the white mist in the sky.

The white mist permeated into the chains, causing the chains to stir, as the rumbling sounds completely overwhelmed the skies as though a great rampage had blanketed the entire Ocean of Peace.

General Huo's expression changed, he was overwhelmed with shock, he had never expected that the battle would become so desperate. The strength of both parties had surpassed his expectations. All sorts of different level methods had shook him greatly as time passed.

~Fine, just fight then,at least I will still live from this.~

He glanced at Qiu Tian Qing with complicated emotions in his heart.

Qiu Tian Qing's face had turned golden, his aura had become one of a god, but General Huo knew that Huo Tian Qing had truly staked everything in the battle, even if he won, the Qiu Offense Army would be severely injured by sacrificing their vitality.

~Damn it!~

It was not a good omen for their friendlies to suffer at such a crucial moment. But he would never lend a hand at such a time even if someone were to beat him to death. General Huo was unsure if Qiu Tian Qing was still in a rational state of mind, the Mace Field Family had revealed their strange methods, and for some reason, General Huo who was not afraid of anything, had a strange revere and fear towards the group of men from Mace Field Family.

Right at that moment, the bronze palace door suddenly opened.

Everyone's eyes were instantly locked onto it.

A black figure walked out from the Palace. This black figure was actually constructed from the sea water of the Ocean of PEace. This black aquaman had vague red cracks all over his body that resembled scars.

~That…...that is the illusory soldier from before!~

Before anyone could react, another black aquaman walked out, with the same faint blood scars.

One after another, black aquamen appeared like a tide as countless of them walked out from the bronze Palace.

It was as though the Bronze Palace had an endless number of black aquamen as they poured out like a school of fish. The black aqua men never spoke a word, and simply walked to Ah Xin's side and stood extremely still.

The number of black aqua men around Ah Xin grew, they formed a strict formation.

When the last black aqua man walked out from the Bronze Palace, the bronze doors closed silently, and submerged back into the Ocean of Peace.

The formation became extremely dense and imposing!

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