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Chapter 908 - We Will Exist Together Forever in The Battlefield, We Will Always Fight Together

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

~Ten thousand years has been too long, everyone is finally together again.~

Ah Xin's gaze swept across his comrades, all of them only had their obsession left, and even if the Ocean of Peace had constructed their bodies, they no longer had their memories or consciousness. If not for the Ocean of Peace containing the essence of Life and Death and their personal auras, it would not had been possible to construct their bodies.

Ah Xin was already satisfied.

~Yes, how fortunate am I to be able to meet everyone again. I know that I am not alone in this war, I know that everyone has not forgotten the oath we swore that year. Actually, there are many times when I myself know that there is no point in the struggle. Like when our Southern Cross Army is already gone, and even if we were to rebuild it today, it will not be the same.~

~But, so what? I will still do it, regardless of how stupid it seems.~

~I am happy that we are able to reunite after ten thousand years. I am happy that we are still the same, doing stupid and meaningless things. This is us, we are like that, we are foolish, and we have never been similar to others.~

~The flame in our blood is the same, the faith that has been marked in our spirits is the same.~

~To be by all of your sides after ten thousand years, even if it is just a trace of all of your obsessions, it tastes as sweet as honey.~

~It is such a grand occasion, only victory can live up to this.~

He turned his gaze to the sky, the eyes that had seen through and experienced ten thousand years were extremely calm without any trace of ripples, like a mirror reflecting the clouds and chains in the sky.

"The spirits of our soldiers will never dissipate, the battlefield is eternal, our hearts hold the cross, we will never fall."

He muttered softly, a look of reminiscence flashed passed his eyes. ~How many people can remember this phrase, how many people now can still remember the meaning it holds?~

~The eight moves, our powerful Eight Great Killing Techniques that awed the world, I wonder how many people can still remember them?~

Aside from his outstanding ability to analyze general and macro situations, or his astonishing talent, the reason why Ah Xin was able to be ranked at General and become the second in command of the entire Army was because he was the only member that had completed and learned the Eight Great Killing Techniques. Even the Commander himself had only mastered seven.

What was even more hilarious was that the technique that the Commander did not master was the [Cross Scythe]. Out of the Eight Great Killing Techniques, the Cross Scythe was the publicly recognized simplest killing technique out of the eight, and the had the highest number of people who had mastered it. But for some reason, the Commander could not.

The Commander was so furious that he created his own [Green Red Cross Scythe].

Upon thinking about the past, Ah Xin could not help but smile, he laughed and laughed, the killing intent around him became denser and denser, ~That's right, today is such a great day, how can I use an ordinary method to finish this?~

He suddenly stepped forward, his figure ascended by a few meters, and landed at the front of the formation.

His eyes gave off a look that was as sharp as a blade. Ah Xin roared: "KILL!"

The fingers of the soldiers in the formation all bloomed with light. In their palms, a faint light aura flickered. The black Ocean of Peace that resembled an unfathomable night sky, lit up with many light auras that resembled stars.

As though they had a telepathic connection, Qiu Tian Qing roared at the same time: "KILL!"

The thousands of chains that descended from the clouds resembled pythons dancing and shrieked with an imposing momentum towards Ah Xin. The thousands of chains enveloped the sky, with a pressure like Mt. Tai, it prevented anyone from escaping and feel instant despair. Countless of white mist dissipated as Autumn Frost floated down like snow.

Ah Xin looked up, the strong gales of wind blew and caused his hair to become messy. He did not even blink, the stars of light in the formation beneath flew towards Ah Xin.

Ah Xin extended his arms out, as though he was welcoming the thousands of chains. He fell backwards.

Buzzz, countless of light dots flew out from beneath him and entered his body. His body did not even tremble as he lay on the surface, and as though he was being swallowed by a bright halo, a dazzling light aura appeared around his body.

Ah Xin revealed a faint smile, he looked as though he was enjoying it, ~What a familiar feeling.~

His vision suddenly darkened as a black figure enlarged in his eyes.

Thousands of thick chains that resembled pythons entertwined in front of him, blocking Ah Xin's view from the sky. The air trembled, and Ah Xin could feel that his own body was being constricted and was unable to run.

The opponent's Autumn Law was too strong, causing the laws in the air around to be pushed aside.

Law Domain! The area inside had become a real Law Domain! Anyone would be sealed inside this space without any chance of escaping.

~I can't escape? Then I will fight you head on!~

The smile on Ah Xin's face disappeared, replaced with a sharp and ferocious aura that exploded from his body, as though a powerful and gigantic dragon that had been sleeping since time immemorial had woke up.

~I have experienced the most cruel war, and did not cower in the face of it.~

~I have experienced the torture of ten thousand years, and I did not give up.~

Ah Xin, who was a young man in the past, who was once a General, awoke.

The power from his past, the glory from his past, the adrenaline from his past, transcended ten thousand years, and stepped through time.

Within his extended arms in front of him, a perfect circle blossomed.

The bright light aura that floated around him suddenly converged within his hands and compressed to an even brighter dot of light. The light between his arms increased its intensity quickly, and soon enough the intensity of the light became so bright that no one could look directly at it. Ah Xin's body was completely enveloped within the dazzling light aura, and no one could see him anymore.

"Star Cannon!"

Ah Xin roared, his voice like thunder. Like a lightning bolt, an extremely thick light pillar shot out from the circle within his arms.

The light pillar shot towards the chains that descended from the sky.


The dazzling silver light devoured everything in its path, causing the entire region to become stark white, where even people with good eyes could not see anything. People all around felt as if their skins were being pricked by needles. The terrifying attack was so tyrannical and sudden that General Huo, who was close by, could not react in time, and as though he was being struck by a steel wall, he was flung out over 30m.

He struggled to open his eyes wide, although he could not see anything, the dazzling silver light shone and reflected his shocked expression. He was fine, although he was pumping with adrenaline, he was not injured. His subordinates were not as fortunate, they were all scattered around in pain.

Tang Tian was the fastest to react, and had distanced himself the moment the attack was unleashed.

But the power of the attack still caused his entire body to go numb, he was overwhelmed with shock. He did not expect that the might of the power would be so horrifying. But he thought about it, and being a general, it was explainable that Ah Xin could do it.

~But the power is too terrifying!~

The white light had not dissipated, Tang Tian himself could not see clearly, and the Awakened God Armor that made him extremely cool headed and was not of much use in that situation. It was most probably due to the chaotic Laws inside the region. Tang Tian had never witnessed an area where the laws had become so chaotic, it made him worry that the place would crumble.

~Too scary!~

~As expected from a General, they are all too perverse.~

Ji Ze and the rest were not as fortunate as Tang Tian, the impact they received from the explosion was even bigger. They were all in terrible shape, their hair were dishevelled, luckily their individual strengths were above average, although they looked to be in terrible shape, no one was injured.

They could not see anything, but were overwhelmed with fear. They had never witnessed such an intense attack.

The dazzling light aura lit Ah Xin's face up. It revealed his calm expression, as though he was reminiscing and feeling emotional, he recalled the past, ~Star Cannon, I never thought that after so many years, I'm not out of practise.~

The dazzling light in front of him slowly dimmed down and dissipated. He regained his vision, all the chains that resembled gigantic pythons in the sky had disappeared, the Qiu Offense Army had disappeared, and what replaced them was a black hole in the sky.

The black hole seemed to be a bottomless void, an extremely cold spatial aura could be felt coming out from the black hole, along with the black cracks around the hole that resembled spider webs.

Ah Xin shook his head, he felt that the Qiu Offense Army had benefited from it. If not for them being reunited, he would never have used the technique.

In the past, this technique was only used to destroy famous people.

General Huo regained his vision, he stared at the black hole in the air in shock, ~T-that…..that is a spatial tear when the space is broken.~ His face distorted as his fingers trembled, ~W-w-who are they? How can they tear space with one attack?~

If he did not witness it for himself, he would definitely not believe that such an attack existed.

The spatial tear gradually disappeared. All space had self regenerative abilities, but once a region of space lost its regenerative ability, that meant that the space would gradually lose control and become destructive.

The entire battlefield became silent, everyone was shocked from what happened.

Everyone's gaze towards Ah Xin increased with reveration. Ji Ze's thighs were constantly trembling. He had mixed with Ah Xin for very long, and enjoyed ridiculing him and teasing him, ~God, why must you play this joke on me? Why is my heart beating so quickly? Why am I trembling so vigorously? Big Brother Ah Xin, can we restart our relationship?~

Ji Ze felt as though his future had become bleak, a mental shadow had shrouded his mind…..

Ah Xin floated at the front of the formation. He looked at all the expressionless faces that had no features, his heart filled with warmth. They stood extremely still as they faced him.

"We will exist together forever in the battlefield, we will always fight together."

Ah Xin's face was calm as he smiled, as though what he said was an extremely simple matter.

Finished with his words, his expression became serious as he bowed towards the soldiers.


The reply he got was a formal salute from the entire formation.

Ah Xin maintained his bow and remained unmoved.

The black aqua men in front of him gradually submerged into the Ocean of Peace. The sea water covered all of them as they maintained their stance, until their heads were covered.

When the last ripple dissipated, the Ocean of Peace regained its tranquility. The pitch black Ocean of Peace disappeared, and a bronze sword landed in Ah Xin's hand. The bronze sword was dyed a bright black, as though it was dipped in black ink, and the original cracks and flaws on the sword became faintly visible.

Ah Xin returned back to the trading ship, and upon seeing Xiao Man's shocked expression, he became pleased: "Hahaha, are you shocked, are you surprised, don't you want to bow down to me? Hehehe, I told you before, I was that ferocious in the past, come, let us have a passionate conversation…."

Xiao Man's initial red face quickly flushed red, followed with flames surging in her eyes, with a swing of her Zanbato, bang, the dense blade surface smacked accurately onto Ah Xin's face as though it was swatting a fly.

Ah Xin was flung out like a sand bag, and he shot around the trading ship like a ball.

Bang, Ah Xin smashed onto the roof of the room ferociously, countless stars revolved in front of his eyes as he laid spread on the floor. He had a dazed expression, ~Something is wrong….shouldn't this cow be pouncing onto me with revere right now? And then I will bury my…..oh my, the legendary feeling of being unable to breathe…..~

Ah Xin's legs were lifted off the ground as a hand grabbed onto his neck, Xiao Man spoke ferociously: "It seems you have forgotten about pain?"

Ah Xin looked towards Xiao Man's other hand, which wielded the Zanbato, which was drawing circles at the space between his legs.

Ah Xin tried to release the hold on his neck as he used all of his strength to speak: "We….can….talk...nicely"

"Want to talk nicely?" Xiao Man sneered: "Hehe, When I spare the punishments, you get spoilt. If not for you performing well today, some part of you would had been separated today!"

Ah Xin's entire body trembled, his face flushed white, and he did not even dare to struggle. ~This duo explosive woman can do anything!~ Ah Xin had secretly given Xiao Man the nickname of duo explosive woman, which meant she had both explosive breasts and explosive violence. There are times that having an accurate nickname is not a good thing…..

On the road back to Mace Field Tradings, Ah Xin became docile, and did not portray signs of winning a battle.

Tang Tian sat down in a rattan chair, enjoying fruits that Qian Hui fed him, and watched the pitiful Ah Xin being spun round and round by Xiao Man, ~Where is the bearing of your General status?~ Tang Tian thought about Ah Xin's heroic posture at the end of the battle, then looked at the pitiful man in front of him. Tang Tian felt extremely emotional about the contrast, ~Qian Hui is still the best!~

Ah Xin's attack had brought an immense shock to Tang Tian.

Of course, it was shock from the pure power, Tang Tian knew that such a technique was not suitable for him. [Star Cannon] was in truth a control aura technique, which was a unique method and technique for military generals that no one else could learn.

Tang Tian had seen Uncle Bing's control aura, and at that time he was overwhelmed with shock, but after comparing it with Ah Xin, it was like a small time magician in the face of a warlock.

~Seems like Ah Xin had oppressed Uncle Bing in the past.~

~Uncle Bing is truly pitiful.~

Tang Tian was filled with sympathy, and decided that upon going back, he would find the opportunity to ridicule Uncle Bing.

When Tang Tian and the rest returned to Mace Field Tradings in Snow City, Melissa was shocked, ~Why are they back so soon? According to Tang Tian's plans, they should be taking a long time to mix and cause a disturbance.~

Ever since Tang Tian left, Melissa was filled with worry. The entire Mace Field Family had their lives in Tang Tian's hands, if Tang Tian were to lose, then Mace Field Family would plunge into a state of no return.

Melissa carefully asked: "Master, did you encounter any trouble?"

Tang Tian did not expect Melissa to ask the question, after considering it, he replied: "A minor problem only."

Tang Tian felt that it was a minor problem, Qiu Tian Qing had caused them to reveal their identities, thus their plan had gone down the drain.

Melissa's heart thumped loudly, she knew that in the eyes of the Master before her, the biggest problems were all minor issues, causing her to be worried.

But she saw that Tang Tian had no intent of explaining, and thus retreated. Since it was not good to ask Tang Tian, she decided to ask Ji Ze to gain clarity.

But when she found Ji Ze, she saw that Ji Ze was inattentive, his gaze was out of focused, causing the unease in her heart to increase. When she found the other members, she noticed that they had the same expressions, she stood in the courtyard for half a day, yet no one bothered about her, she tried to greet a few of them, but their replies were sluggish.

Her heart continued to become increasingly uneasy.

~What kind of setback will cause them to forget themselves?~

Melissa felt an immense fear spreading throughout her entire body. She was very clear on how strong Ji Ze and the rest were. But what truly made her grandfather bet it all on them was the unique temperament that Ji Ze and the rest had.

They were diligent and determined, tenacious, brave and fearless, they were decisive and never did things sloppily. It was these traits that made her Grandfather risk everything and bet on the future of his family by joining them.

Melissa had utmost confidence in her grandfather's judgement, and along the journey, the more she observed them, the more firm her confidence became. In her eyes, they had steel like determination and unwavering heart.

~But, what did they see to make their faces like this?~

~They have completely lost their spirit!~

~Seems like it was a terrible defeat~, Melissa thought. The pain from defeat would usually leave a huge mark in a person's heart. But although she was worried, she still believed in their recovery. She encouraged herself, to be more determined at such a period and not waver.

After thinking about it, it was nothing strange. They were against the Qiu Family, to suffer defeat from the Qiu Family was nothing surprising. ~Seems like I need to spend some time to console them, it is nothing shameful to lose to the Qiu Family, they don't have to be so affected by it.~

Suddenly, Uncle Wylie walked in with an ugly expression.

"People from the Huo Family are coming."

Melissa's heart trembled, ~Huo Family!~

In the Honorable Martial Continent, the five top rate prestigious Families were the Croft Family, Huo Family, Qiu Family, Mo Family and the Vicari Family. The Huo and Qiu Family were the largest and strongest Prestigious Families, and after fighting with the Qiu Family, another top rate Prestigious Family had appeared at their doorsteps, how could they not be surprised?

~They're not here for kind intentions!~

Melissa immediately got Wylie to pass the information down to Tang Tian, and decided to take the initiative to meet the Huo Family.

Regardless of anything, they were in the Mace Field Tradings Family, and she was the master, and could not cower back in fear.

Melissa gritted her teeth and walked towards the main hall.

There, a man that had a fiery red cloak on him stood at the center.

It was an unfamiliar face, someone Melissa had never met, the Huo Family and Mace Field Tradings had never interacted before. But Melissa was no longer a naive girl of the past, from one look, she knew that the man who had an imposing figure was no ordinary disciple.

"Melissa greets Young Noble." Melissa curtsied, she intentionally showed off a weak appearance, to prevent the other party from being too hostile. Usually when faced off against females, the men would be more polite.

"Young Miss Melissa is truly as beautiful as rumors say, I am Huo Li Ruo, greetings to you, Young Miss Melissa." The man in the red cloak bowed politely.

It was as though Melissa was struck by five lightning bolts, her vision darkened as she almost staggered.

~Huo….. Li Ruo…..!~

Melissa tasted a bitter taste in her mouth, the most talented genius of the Huo Family, Huo Li Ruo, was well known for his explosive temper. Whenever he goes crazy, he would destroy his opponent in a matter of minutes.

Melissa was filled with despair.

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