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Chapter 906

Chapter 906 - Battle formation, Clear Autumn Chains

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian looked at General Huo, upon seeing the hesitation in his eyes, he retracted his gaze. If he were to take action, Tang Tian would react instantly. He had never heard of the Huo Family and did not care about them. He reckoned that they were about the same as the Qiu Family.

He was more interested in seeing how Ah Xin would fight.

Tang Tian watched as the illusory figures seemed to become slightly more real and spirited, causing Tang Tian to think that they were not the same. ~This should be their own power~, Tang Tiang had heard of Ah Xin's first sentence before. When Tang Yi walked out of the Spirit Chamber from the first time, he had said the same words.

~The Southern Cross Army is truly unfathomable.~

But what Tang Tian felt awed at was not that, it was the spirit of the Southern Cross Army, their brand and their faith. Tang Tian had seen many strong powerhouses, for example, Temple. But he had never seen the same spirit that the Southern Cross Army had in other places.

Ordinarily, such emotions would disappear after a long time, but when the Bugle Horn of the Southern Cross Army was blown, the countless figures rose up from the dust of history and gathered under the same flag.

The merciless time and the cruel world could destroy their bodies and wipe their memories, but the deep marks and conviction left in their spirits were eternal.

~Even after ten thousand years, they are still as passionate, how can that not obtain the respect from others?~

The Ocean of Peace was no longer an Ocean of Peace, but a battlefield. Ah Xin's robes fluttered in the air while he stood upright, the long sword was placed in front of him, as though he had returned to the flames of war of the past, as though he could see the smokes and battles.

Ah Xin who stood on the Ocean of Peace released a dominating aura, amongst the countless of images, he was extremely striking with his lofty radiance.

He looked ahead and roared: "Blow the horn!"

20 illusory figures moved, and a low bugle sound resonated through the entire Ocean of Peace.

Tens of thousands of meters away, Bing, who had his head buried in files, suddenly looked up, his eyes filled with joy and disbelief. Inside the Honorable Martial Roar, Screw who was resting suddenly

opened his eyes, the eyes that were lost had become clear. Inside the Savage Continent, One of the commanders fighting against Mu Zhi Xia's army suddenly trembled. He raised his head, the fatigue that was originally written all over his face had disappeared, his eyes so sharp that it looked as though he could see through the skies.

No one knew of these events, everyone's eyes were fixated on the battlefield.

More accurately speaking, they were attracted to Ah Xin. Spirit Generals were rare in Sacred Saint Galaxy, and inside Saint Continent, where the present families were prestigious families, no one had a spirit general, but naturally knew of them. Ordinary spirit generals were unable to attract their attention, but they knew how powerful top grade spirit generals were.

For example, Sophie, a Spirit General that led the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights.

For example, the mysterious Bing of the Southern Alliance, an outstanding commander.

To the prestigious families, although a powerful spirit general like Sophie was good, but she was not as attractive to them as a commanding type Spirit General.

They had never heard of the General rank spirit general in front of them. Even the mysterious Bing of the Southern Alliance was definitely not a General.

How could such a matchless Spirit General that had appeared in front of them not capture their attention. They were equally curious, how powerful was a General Spirit General?

When the Bugle horn was sounded, the entire Ocean of Peace surged with black light auras. These black auras slipped into the illusory soldiers. As for the soldiers that had blown the bugle horns, they started to return back to the formation.

All of these illusory soldiers moved silently, but everyone could hear their footsteps in their hearts.

Pa pa pa.

The footsteps were in sync, and in a few seconds, their formation was completed.

Ssssi, General Huo took a deep breath. To a military general that was skilled with formations, he was clear of what was happening.

The orderly formation was extremely tight, their killing intent seemed to congeal into a substance like flow, the Ocean of Peace beneath their feet frozen from their killing intent, while the air flow above the Ocean of Peace seemed to slow down.

In the air, Qiu Tian Qing's expression changed. Previously, when Ah Xin made his move, he did not feel threatened. But after the illusory soldiers revealed their killing intent, it made his heart jump. ~They are true elites

elites that had gone through hundreds of battles, even the subordinates in my charge cannot release such killing intent.

The more one goes through battles, the more congealed their killing intent. The killing intent emitted by the illusory figures was something Qiu Tian Qing had never seen on any other armies before. ~This is an army that had experienced a chaotic world, only those legendary armies can congeal such killing intent.~

General Huo was also able to see it, and was trying his best to recall, ~In which legendary army in history is there a famous general called Xin?~

Compared to General Huo's surprise, Qiu Tian Qing was much calmer. It was not that his psychological state was better than General Huo, but because he was in a state to fight, his attention had become more focused, and he did not have as many complicated thoughts.

Although he was surprised, he was not afraid.

~So what if you were from a legendary army? No matter how powerful you were in your past life, you have died for so long, how much can you do now?~

~I am Qiu Tian Qing, the man who dares challenge the Five Great Generals, you think I will be afraid of some young man and his legendary army of shattered spirits?~

In the air, Qiu Tian Qing's eyes flashed with a glare, he gave the order: "Battle formation, Clear Autumn Chains."

The Qiu Offense Army soldiers opened up their arms, the gold lines on their bodies lit up and like snakes, swam along their arms and to their palms, causing their palms to light up with grey light auras.

Every palm extended out grey chains, and were like growing grey vines that extended out endlessly.

Clang clang clang clang.

The sound of the chains squirming caused other people's heart to palpitate.

Ten thousand grey chains descended from the sky like ten thousand growing grey vines, the scene of it was extremely pressurizing.

No one had seen such a majestic and strange sight before, causing their scalps to go numb.

General Huo's mouth was wide opened as he watched the Qiu Offense Army in the sky. ~How powerful is Qiu Tian Qing?~ He could not believe his own eyes. The first rate Prestigious Families were all strong and hid their powerful military generals, and that was nothing to be surprised about.

But the Qiu Family already had Qiu Xu Hua. The highest quality of a military general could be said to be the Five

the Five Great Generals, and that was a quality that every family yearned for.

The Qiu Family was able to live and prosper in the circle was because of Qiu Xu Hua's existence. Any of the Great General existence were powerful assets.

So when General Huo saw Qiu Tian Qing's strength which was not inferior to Qiu Xu Hua, how could he not be dumbstruck? To him, it was completely absurd.

~Were the Qiu Family so strong?~

Ah Xin did not even look at the densely cluttered grey chains closing in on him but calmly adjusted the formation.

"The left three sections, move ahead ten steps."

"Right two sections, ascend 21m."

"Middle three sections, ascend yourselves by 45m."


He was thorough and straightforward, his expression calm, his voice clear and articulate, his orders were straightforward without beating about the bush. What was even more surprising was that his orders flowed on like water without any hesitation or pause, as though he had long formulated the plan and was simply saying it out.

But everyone knew that it was impossible for him to make prior preparations to counter the chains.

As expected of a general rank spirit general!

No one knew how many times they were moved, but right at that moment, every single person were feeling moved at the same time.

Compared to the strange sight of ten thousand chains descending from the sky, Ah Xin's side looked extremely calm. But, under his fluid commands, the tight and strict formation quickly transformed. Every order he gave would change the formation, the movement of the illusory soldiers were extremely concise like Ah Xin's commands, straightforward without any hesitation.

Instantly, everyone's attention were placed on the formation above the Ocean of Peace, they were like toy building blocks arranging themselves according to Ah Xin's commands, with the exact rhythm of his commands, the formation kept moving.

One side would ascend while the other descended. The formation kept on changing in Ah Xin's hands.

The grey chains descended onto the army from the sky, but the air above the formation seemed to have an invisible wall that blocked the grey chains.

Qiu Tian Qing sneered.

The grey chains wrapped around this invisible wall, forming what looked like a fence with Ah Xin and his formation trapped in the middle, while the other end of the chains entered the Ocean of Peace.

The ten thousand chains erected and became extremely straight like spears, the gold lines on the lines on the chains lit up and formed a gigantic prison.

~It's finally finished!~

Qiu Tian Qing's eyes flashed with joy as he roared: "Go!"

Mist started to diffuse from the chains, along with the decaying aura. Qiu Tian Qing's heart was extremely pleased, ~With the finale set, the enemy can't survive this.~

That was the true killing technique.

When the grey chains descended, Ji Ze was not able to comprehend anything. But when the grey chains formed a prison and when the gold engravings appeared, he quickly realized what was going on, and his face instantly lost color.

Law Domain!

The chain prison had already formed a Law Domain that was difficult to approach.

An Autumn Law Domain!

Inside this domain, Autumn Laws were greatly strengthened, and any life would quickly wither and decay. If it was a live human being inside, he would quickly grow old.

It was different from Time Laws, the aging of Autumn Laws was not formed by the flow of time, but by directly turning the life into its late age, that was the most terrifying part of the Law.

~Damn it!~

Ji Ze was prepared to rush forward, when his eyes coincidentally met Tang Tian's, and he stopped himself.

~Boss doesn't seem worried at all~, he thought. ~With Boss foresight, he should be able to see what I can see. Why isn't he anxious at all?~

~Unless he sees something that I didn't?~

Ji Ze who was secretly looking at Tang Tian suddenly noticed the excitement in Tang Tian's eyes, he immediately thought that he had missed something.

He suppressed himself and turned his eyes back to the Ocean of Peace.

His eyes suddenly lit up as he could not hold back a gasp.

Inside the chains, Ah Xin had completed his formation, causing everybody's eyes to tremble.

What a strange formation!

The entire formation looked like a sword that was pointed to the sky, the illusory soldiers were stacked layer by layer, forming a robust "Sword body".


No one could understand it, no one had ever formed such a strange formation before. It is crucial to know that formations required research and analysis, no formation could be easily formulated and casually set up.

Ah Xin floated to the highest point, the position of the "sword tip".

He raised his head up and looked to the sky, his face revealing a smile, and then did something out of everyone's expectations.

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