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Chapter 892 - Dumbstruck

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

In the distant scenery from the harbor, there was a huge slope that was formed due to the terrain, making the scenery extremely beautiful. The vast number of warships in the distance formed a unique bearing, thus there were many established tea houses around the area. Multi colored umbrellas blocked the sun, with the snow white slope, it formed a beautiful contrast, becoming the unique scenic location of Snow City. Many of the local influentials loved to take a breather here when they had nothing to do, to drink tea and enjoy snacks, to spend their afternoon in leisure and joy.

Under the shade of a specific umbrella, a group of people were leisurely drinking tea and snacking. They were all dressed in embroidered robes, one could immediately tell that they were no ordinary people.

"Still, Brother Qiu is brilliant." Claudia gave off a trace of coquettish glares, her voice was sweet, intimately flowing into other people's hearts. She was dressed in a white dress, with her outstanding beauty, she donned on a dazzling diamond necklace around her slender white neck, increasing her nobility and gracefulness.

The necklace fit perfectly on her neck.

The young man called Brother Qiu was extremely good looking and had a unique bearing. He smiled: "We only gave him some minor problems for them to have a taste, it will not do any substantial effect."

Although he liked Claudia, he was not a hedonistic man who only knew how to drink and play, in such a crucial period, he did not want to cause too many problems. Naturally, he did not place Mace Field Tradings in his eyes, Claudia had requested him to help her, thus he could not say no, but he was not stupid enough to clash head on with the other party.

From a prestigious school, he knew that he could not flaunt or have free rein over his methods, for it was considered a low class move to the upper society.

For example, he had used a trading boat to block off the harbor's entrance, which was extremely ingenious. ~So what if you have a gold grade warship? Just by using an ordinary trading ship, Mace Field Tradings has to suck it up.~ In a world where reputation precedes everything, a gold grade warship was truly too insignificant. One trading ship from the Qiu Family was enough to block a gold grade warship, that was the power of the Qiu Family.

Qiu Yun Qi also used the opportunity to beat on others who had any intentions, the war had just begun, and was the military campaign that would decide the hierarchy of Honorable Martial Continent for the next thousand years. How could the other allies of the Qiu Family not have their own thoughts? Even the Elizabeth Family was not as obedient.

~This is good, I want everyone to see how powerful the name 'Qiu Family' is!~

~Even if my Qiu Family used a small sampan and block the path, who will dare to say anything?~

"Come come come, try out our newest tea for the year, from the Han Family's newest plant, the Dragon Blood Cassia, everyone, come and test it out." Qiu Yun Qi called out passionately to everyone, he did not even place the conflict at the harbor in mind. To him, enjoying the late afternoon was more important than anything else. Good tea and beauties were his favorite.

The gaze he had towards Claudia was filled with admiration, Claudia might not be the most beautiful lady he had ever met, but in terms of being a "gaud", no one could compare to her, she was extremely charming. He was unable to understand why would there be men in the world who would actually harm her.

"Such fragrant tea!" Claudia was surprised, the tea inside the cup that was as red as blood had an extremely alluring scent.

She was from a prestigious family and had tried various luxurious products, and naturally was a person who was knowledgeable on goods. The Dragon Blood Cassia in front of her was definitely worth a lot.

"It wasn't easy to obtain: "Qiu Yun Qi laughed, he was extremely pleased hearing the exclamation from the beauty. He raised his cup and toasted to everyone: "Everyone, please!"

Everyone raised their cups: "Please!"

Claudia looked towards Qiu Yun Qi with a coquettish glare, then drank the tea. Out of all her suitors, Qiu Yun Qi was one of the men that she had her eyes on, he was extremely good looking and came from a good family, he was also talented and was someone that none of the hedonistic young nobles could compare to. Furthermore, in such a crucial period, to be able to marry into the Qiu Family was simply the biggest thigh the Elizabeth Family could hug onto.

But Claudia was clear that it was more of hearsay that Qiu YUn Qi was interested in her. Qiu Yun Qi did admire her, but it did not extend that far out to become a suitor. Furthermore, as a graceful and outstanding man himself, how could Qiu Yun Qi be lacking in suitors?

~I must definitely leave a good impression on Qiu Yun Qi~, Claudia reminded herself inwardly, and her actions became even more graceful. Suddenly, her eyes landed on the harbor in the distance, her seductive and beautiful eyes dilated, and she completely forgot that she was drinking tea.


She spat out the red tea, as though she had spewed out blood onto Qiu Yun Qi, who was seated in front of her, and was unable to dodge in time, instantly becoming drenched in the red hot tea.

Dead silence.

Everyone was shocked by Claudia's loss of manners, the shade under the umbrella fell into an awkward silence as everyone looked at each other at a loss.

A sinister look flashed past Qiu Yun Qi's eyes as the smile on his face disappeared. He had a mild case of mysophobia, and his current situation made him extremely unhappy. He firmly resisted the anger in his heart, and turned to look at Claudia, wanting to listen to her explanation.

But Claudia did not even look at him, her eyes were fixated to the harbor as she remained unmoved like a statue.

The sinister look in Qiu Yun Qi's eyes deepened even further, he spoke up: "Young Miss Claudia?"

Claudia suddenly raised her arm and pointed at the harbor as she stammered: "T-there…."

Everyone was startled and turned to look towards the direction that Claudia had pointed to. Suddenly, everybody's expression froze and became dumbstruck, some even had their eyes wide opened to the point that they could swallow duck eggs.

Qiu Yun Qi was extremely unhappy, yet he still turned to look at the direction where Claudia had pointed to. In the next moment, his eyes suddenly dilated, he stood up abruptly, and due to his sudden huge movements, the chair was flipped. This sort of behavior had never appeared from him before.

At the entrance of the harbor, the Qiu Family's trading ship was already flipped over like a dead fish with its belly facing the sky, and as for the Matchless Ship, which was previously stuck outside, it was passing through while crushing the capsized trading ship. Even from the far distance, everyone could hear the teeth aching squeaking sound caused by the strong base of the trading ship being rubbed by the even stronger passing Matchless Ship, it was helpless in that situation, like a weak and crumbling biscuit.

Countless of timber was scattered everywhere, the trading ship's crew members were escaping in panic, the situation had become extremely chaotic.

The pitiful trading ship was giving off a wailing sound under the Matchless Ship.

The Matchless Ship did not even give mercy, it brought the planks and timber that covered the area in as it rushed through the harbor.

Qiu Yun Qi had completely forgotten about the tea being spat all over him, the red tea that flowed down along his cheeks looked like blood oozing out from blade wounds, causing the handsome and heroic face to become extremely sinister.

His fists were clenched extremely tightly as his entire body started trembling involuntarily and his eyes spewed with rage.

~Since when, have the Qiu Family ever been challenged like that before? Since when, have any warship dare to crush our Qiu Family's trading ship?~

~Mace Fields!~

Under the umbrella, it was completely silent, everyone were completely overwhelmed with shock by the sudden change of events, they saw Qiu Yun Qi's ashen complexion, and thus no one dared to speak up. Claudia's eyes never left the harbor, the impact that she had received was the strongest, and she had not even regained herself. She only had one thought in her mind.

~How dare he?~

~How dare Mace Field Tradings?~

The masked man flashed past her mind, she had another intense premonition that it must be the mysterious Iron Masked man's command. Although they had only met once, but the cold and merciless man had left a deep impression on her, the determination and decisiveness he had that could not waver even in the face of threat.

Witnessing the scene, she suddenly rejoiced.

~That lunatic! He is a real luantic! Only a real lunatic can do such a preposterous act that looks down on everyone. Luckily I am still alive, I am glad for my life, even if there is still lingering fear in me, but if I had hesitated at that moment, I would simply be a corpse now.~ She did not doubt this point, that the brazen man that dared to smash the Qiu Family's trading ship, definitely did not place the Elizabeth Family in his eyes.

When Wylie arrived at the harbor, he instantly found the Matchless Ship. Mace Field Tradings and Elizabeth Tradings were arch-enemies, and were naturally familiar with the other party's gold grade warship. Furthermore, the Matchless Ship was simply too striking, head on crushing a trading ship beneath it while passing, no other warships dared to block the Matchless Ship.

Wylie was a brilliant man, upon seeing the scene, he knew that someone was deliberately doing it, just that the trading ship was already shattered into pieces, and he could not see the other party's insignia.

But although Wylie wass cautious, he did not worry too much, and only thought that it was Elizabeth Tradings that was not happy.

He snorted in his mind, ~Clumsy mischief maker! You think by doing such an underhand trick, you can get your face back?~ Seeing the scattered pieces remnants of the trading ship and all the sinister looking crew members, he rejoiced in his mind, but he maintained the calm and collected look on his face, revealing a calm expression.

The Matchless Ship was right in the middle of anchoring when Wylie immediately ordered his workers to prepare to welcome the ship.

Right at that moment, a fat man dressed in purple robes walked over. Wylie recognized this man, he was President White of Extraordinary Machilus Tradings, which was a relatively famed figure in Snow City. The Extraordinary Machilus Tradings was not extremely strong in terms of its comprehensive strength, but it was a local tyrant due to it being a local organisation of the Saint Continent, as it was rather capable.

Wylie and White were not on close terms, but had met a few times, seeing President White walk over, he called out: "I never thought that I would meet President White here, what a coincidence."

White stared at Wylie for a long time but did not speak a word, his expression even rather queer.

Wylie did not understand, he lowered his head to look at his clothes, but did not find anything amiss.

White walked over and patted Wylie on his shoulder: "Mace Field tradings, you have guts!"

With that, White turned and left with a strange expression, without even waiting for Wylie to say anything.

The moment White left, another President of another organisation came over and patted Wylie on his shoulder, and said the same words "Mace Field Tradings, you have guts!" And turned and left in the same fashion.

A series of familiar people did the exact same actions, all of them with strange expressions.

Wylie was covered in perspiration, he did not understand the situation, when he suddenly caught sight of an expressionless middle aged man walking over in a fast pace, but was brimming with awe. ~Snow City's City lord!~ Wylie trembled, he immediately walked up to greet the City Lord, but before he could even speak up, the City Lord initiated: "Mace Field Tradings, you have a lot of courage oh!"

With that, he turned and left as well, without waiting for Wylie to speak up.

Wylie felt his head turning numb, ~Exactly what is going on here.~

Coincidentally, a shattered piece from the broken trading ship floated in front of Wylie, on it was an extremely clear word "Qiu", causing Wylie to become dumbstruck, as though he was struck by lightning.

The blood from his face was completely swept clean and turned as white as paper.

Chapter 893 - Qiu Family's Retaliation

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

"The Qiu Family! We actually capsized the Qiu Family's boat! Oh god, are we mad?"

Inside the study, Wylie was screaming with despair, that's right, he was in complete despair. It was the Qiu Family, the Qiu Family that had Qiu Xu Hua, the Qiu Family that could destroy them with a lift of a finger. Wylie was unable to comprehend why they had to provoke the Qiu Family, ~Just because they blocked your path? Just because they helped Elizabeth Tradings?~

Every ounce of happiness in Wylie had completely disappeared, he spoke slowly: "Melissa ah, although our recent situation has improved, but we are unable to offend the Qiu Family. Tomorrow, I will accompany you to the Qiu Family's branch, I heard that Young Noble Qiu is in Snow City. We have to apologize and compensate them well, we have to do it honestly."

Melissa was not angry, she was able to understand Uncle Wylie's panic, compared to the Qiu Family, Mace Field Tradings was just an ant to an elephant.

But, the one in command was Tang Tian, and upon thinking about it, she too, felt a headache. She still remembered how panicked and terrified she was when Tang Tian ordered to collide into the trading ship. She was completely stupefied at that time. It was in that state that she watched as Matchless Ship destroyed the Qiu Family's trading ship.

That was why she was able to understand her Uncle Wylie's emotions.

But she had already slowly dissolved the fear in her heart, that's right, she finally understood that she was the only one in fear. Tang Tian did not even place the Qiu Family in his eyes, ~That's true, come to think of it, Qiu Xu Hua was beaten by Tang Tian's subordinates, if I still think that Tang Tian has any fear towards the Qiu Family, I am truly naive.~

~It seems that Tang Tian only has one enemy in his eyes, Temple.~

~As for the rest, they mean nothing to him.~

Melissa was no longer in a state of panic or in fear, she started to understand the disparity between them. Tang Tian was a real powerful man, regardless of his individual strength or authority, he could be compared to the finest ranks of Temple. He was a courageous man that wielded the heart of a true powerful martial artist. The reason why Tang Tian did not take action right from the start was because he thought that the other party was truly in a situation of a breakdown. From this point, Tang Tian was already being extremely polite, and did not behave unscrupulously just because he was strong.

And as for the Mace Field Family, although they could be considered a prestigious family, but inside the circle, they were of the lowest rung, and naturally became used to behaving appropriately and obediently.

~But you want Tang Tian to behave appropriately and obediently?~

Now, the decision maker for Mace Field Tradings Family was Tang Tian, and the entire family were in service to Tang Tian.

"We cannot apologize to the Qiu Family." Melissa's tone was firm and unwavering.

Wylie became worried, ~Could it be that my own niece has started to become arrogant after these mere results?~ He spoke sternly: "Melissa, why? Could it be that you think that our Mace Field Family is able to contend with the Qiu Family?"

Wylie had decided that if Melissa truly felt that their family was strong enough to contend with the Qiu Family, he would definitely stop her from becoming the Family Head.

"Of course not." Melissa shook her head firmly.

Wylie heaved a sigh of relief, but then asked again with suspicion: "Then why must we go against them?"

"It is about us going against the Qiu Family." Melissa knew of some matters, and had no choice but to hide them from Wylie, if they did not have Wylie's support, their mission in the Saint Continent would become extremely difficult. She looked at Wylie: "The Qiu Family is Elizabeth Family's backer, then who is our backer?"

"Who's our backer?" Wylie was startled, but he quickly realized something, his eyes opened wide with a surprised and excited look: "Could it be that we found a backer?"

Wylie was jealous that the Elizabeth Family had the Qiu Family as their backer, as the reason why the Elizabeth Family was able to suppress Mace Field Tradings all the time was because of the Qiu Family. But it was not easy finding a backer, Mace Field Tradings was already a prestigious family, for them to find a backer, they had to look at the strongest and biggest family, for example, the Qiu Family. As for the other families that were inferior to the Qiu Family, although they were stronger than Mace Field Tradings, but there was still a limit on how strong they were, and the assistance they could provide to Mace Field Tradings was equally limited.

But for a top grade family like the Qiu Family, they were equally as fussy, and ordinary advantages were meaningless to them. There were many things that could not convince them, nor sway them at all.

"Yes." Melissa spoke with confidence: "Definitely stronger than the Qiu Family."

Tang Tian was stronger than the Qiu Family, much stronger.

Wylie became excited, he immediately understood that it was not Melissa that had lost her reasoning, but it was because they had someone to rely on. He looked with anticipation: "Which family is it?"

"I can't say it." Melissa shook her head, then added: "It was Grandfather who decided it."

As expected, when the unhappy Wylie heard that it was the decision of the old master, he immediately had no objections. In Mace Field Tradings, the old man held supreme authority. When he heard that it was the old man's decision, Wylie immediately calmed down, even though he could not obtain the answer, he did not continue asking.

He then asked the most direct and realistic question: "Then what do we do if the Qiu Family comes up our door?"

Just as he asked that question, a servant barged in with a panicked expression: "Not good! Not good! A group of people are holding up our entrance….."

Melissa looked at Wylie with a helpless expression, ~Truly a crow's mouth.~
(TN: A crow's mouth usually indicates a mouth of bad luck.)

In fact, on the way back, Melissa had guessed that Qiu Family would definitely retaliate, but she did not expect them to do so that quickly, the moment their front leg was stepped on, their hind leg would kick back. But come to think of it, it was extremely normal. In the Qiu Family's eyes, the Mace Field Tradings was just a shrimp, and now that the shrimp actually dared to take action on them, shouldn't they teach Mace Field Tradings a lesson? If it were another family that was on the same grade as them, they would have to consider it first, whether or not it would bring about an all out war between both families. But there was no need for consideration towards a shrimp, the Qiu Family only needed to think about who to punish to set an example to the others, on how to let Mace Field Tradings Family, that was overestimating themselves, where they actually stood.

By Melissa's side stood a real life example, if Tang Tian was the one being offended, would he wait overnight to take revenge? Stop joking!

"There is no need to worry." Melissa consoled Wylie, she calmly walked towards the outside with a sneer in her heart.

~It is not only your Qiu Family that cannot tolerate the enmity lasting through the night, you truly think that this enmity will end with just this? Too naive!~

To the others, the Qiu Family were the one that had suffered and were holding back their anger. But Melissa knew that Master Tang Tian's rage had not even been unveiled. Although she had not followed Tang Tian for long, but she had grasped Tang Tian's temper. ~If you dare to block me, I will knock you down~, if Tang TIan had known that the other party did not harbor any kind intentions right from the start, he would had directly knocked them down without saying a second word.

In the end, Tang Tian was truly stuck, furthermore, it was for two hours. The debt for being stuck was paid, but what about the two hours?

~We will have to claim the debt well.~

Melissa was clear that Tang Tian was not some magnanimous man, but instead, it was his style to repay what was owed.

On the road, Melissa had reminded Tang Tian that the Qiu Family would definitely retaliate, and she clearly remembered the sneer that came out from behind Tang Tian's mask.

Suddenly, she pitied the Qiu Family. They had assumed that Mace Field Tradings was a fat and docile sheep, and had pounced over with drooling mouths, but would ultimately realize that they had pounced into the lion's mouth.

As expected, upon leaving the study, she heard a few wails.

Upon hearing the wails, Wylie's expression changed, his heartbeat rose, and he hastened his steps. On the contrary, Melissa remained calm and walked leisurely, as though everything was within her calculations.

When Melissa and Wylie rushed to the entrance, they saw many people on the ground wailing, and were startled.

"Good good good! What a good Mace Field Tradings! Not only do you dare to collide into our Qiu Family Ship, you actually dare to beat our men, you guys are good, really good!"

Wylie recognized the middle aged man who spoke, he was the shopkeeper of the Qiu Family shop in Snow City, Qiu Yong. Wylie and Qiu Yong were acquaintances, and every time they met, Wylie saw that Qiu Yong was a happy man that smiled a lot, but to see his sinister and fierce face, that was continuously calling out "Good", Wylie's heart was already at his throat.

Qiu Yong noticed Wylie, and then sneered: "Wylie, this isn't over, let me tell you this, the Qiu Family and your Mace Field Tradings are mortal enemies from now on! Anyone, any families, that dares to ally themselves with Mace Field Tradings, will be the enemy of the Qiu Family."

He had lost his face. Qiu Yong had ran over to Mace Field Tradings to criticize them, but did not expect the other party to start taking action without saying a word, they were even more aggressive than the Qiu Family.

Upon hearing his words, Wylie's face flushed red.

~Mortal Enemies, isn't that putting us in a situation where either one of us have to die, although the Qiu Family is unable to act against us because of the Holy Bell's bans, but after the war….~

Furthermore, with the Qiu Family publicly announcing that Mace Field Tradings was a mortal enemy of the Qiu Family, no one would dare to ally themselves with Mace Field Tradings any longer. At such a critical moment, going to war to fight alone without any allies was extremely dangerous, with countless of people falling due to being backstabbed in history.

The spectators who had joined in to spectate immediately calmed down after listening to Qiu Yong's words.

Wylie did not know that majority of the big figures of Snow City were secretly observing the quarrel. Many of the sharper people, after witnessing what had happened at the harbor, had guessed that the Qiu Family would retaliate quickly.

At that moment, the big figures could not help but reveal looks of pity. The first rate families of the Honorable Martial Continent had terrifying influence, where outsiders could only witness a portion of their robust strength. No one felt that the Qiu Family's words were empty, as the only entity that the Qiu Family was afraid of was Temple itself.

Regardless of anything, with Qiu Family's words, everyone knew that Mace Field Tradings was done for.

Yong Qiu looked at all the spectators once, ~You guys think that our Qiu Family will fear the Holy Bell Bans?~ All of them had never expected that the Qiu Family only needed to use one sentence to condemn Mace Field Tradings to death.

They are the Qiu Family!

He had an arrogant look on his face, without even looking at Wylie, he coldly ordered the bodyguards that were already crawling up: "Let's go!"

With that said, they turned and left. But suddenly, a snort came out from behind them.

"Did I say you could leave?"

Chapter 894 - What's All That About Being a First Grade Prestigious Family?

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Ji Ze was in complete disbelief. ~They actually dared to come here, are the people from the Qiu Family retards? Do they think that the matter at the harbor was settled? Are there still such naive people in this world?~

Seeing the other party running towards them with such anger, with their dignified looks, Ji Ze was so excited that the hairs on his body had stood erected. Upon thinking about how they were stuck at the harbor for two hours like idiots, Ji Ze's heart fumed with rage. If he had been alone, he would had ran over to the Qiu Family to kill a few people. But upon thinking that the boss had suffered the same humiliation, Ji Ze felt ashamed to the point that he started reprimanding himself, but no matter what he did, the evil flame in his heart could not be extinguished.

Ever since he had pledged to follow Tang Tian, Ji Ze's life goal was to become Tang Tian's left and right arm, his most loyal guard, at the very least, he had to be the head subordinate under Tang Tian. With this grand and loyal goal in mind, Ji Ze followed Tang Tian, but did not expect the boss to encounter a group of ants upon reaching the Saint Continent.

~With Master's identity, he will not quarrel with these ants~, but Ji Ze never planned to let them go.

Right when he was worried about being unable to find the other party, they actually came up their front door. How could Ji Ze not be happy? And upon hearing how the Qiu Family was acting so rampantly, Ji Ze became even more overjoyed, the more aggressive and ferocious they were, the more exciting the fight would be. Ji Ze was looking forward for the conflict to reach its boiling point, this way, he could finally have a chance. He was alright with not killing, Ji Ze was not a good person, when he moved as a lone wanderer in Sin Domain, he was mixed with all the ferocious and terrible people. He had countless of methods to make a person wish for death even without killing him.

But the following development caused Ji Ze's eyeballs to fall.

~Just by handling a few guards, you guys actually want to retreat? Please, big brother, you took the effort to travel so far and even scolded us for so long, could it be that you just wanted to say these few words? You guys are the Qiu Family, you guys are a first rate prestigious family, where is the awe-inspiring might of a first rate family? Where is it? Where is your overbearing attitude? Where? Stop throwing the face of the first rate prestigious families, so many people are watching, quickly show off your Qiu Family's pride, come and fight us, Hey, don't go!~

Qiu Yong was about to cry.

He knew that he had lost face, and the day had become the largest stain in his life. When he had arrived, he had never expected for Mace Field Tradings to be that unyielding. He had crossed paths with Wylie before, and saw that Wylie was an astute and capable man, with money and power, but due to the many gains and losses from the business, he had become excessively prudent. The Qiu Family's branch in Snow City was not large and did not have many helpers. The reason why Yong Qiu dared to walk up Mace Field Tradings front door was because the Qiu Family had a consistent manner of being overbearing, and furthermore, they were up against Mace Field Tradings, which they despised.

Who knew that they had ended up knocking into a tough nail.

He had just vented out a few words, and was about to return home, who knew the other party did not have any intention of letting him go. His complexion turned green: "What? You want to keep me here?"

He could not believe his own ears, ~Imprison someone from the Qiu Family?~ Such a thing had never happened before, he could not remember, but in his memories, it had never occurred before. There was never once a person who dared to use such attitude to treat the Qiu Family, to the point that even the enemies of the Qiu Family never did such a thing. Qiu Family's shield was extremely famous in the entire Honorable Martial Continent. To imprison a member of the Qiu Family, what kind of retaliation would that incite from the Qiu Family was something that even Qiu Yong did not know, but he knew that it would definitely be extremely intense, and many members of Mace Field Tradings would die.

The crowd around flew into an uproar.

Many of them had expressions as though they had seen a ghost, ~Is Mace Field Tradings going into spasm? They have definitely gone crazy! To be so bold as to hold a member of the Qiu Family captive, what has the world become?~

Some of the more astute ones noticed the change in the Mace Field Tradings family, and went into deep thought. ~For them to behave so unusually, they definitely have something or someone to rely on. But, what kind of backing can defend against the Qiu Family?~

Ji Ze did not care how the others thought, and replied coldly: "Do you think Mace Field Tradings is a wet market, a place that you can come and go as you please?"

These words caused another huge uproar.

~This is completely wrong! Those words should be spoken by the Qiu Family to Mace Field Tradings, what in the world is going on?~

"You!" Qiu Yong was infuriated, he pointed at Ji Ze, as though he was about to pounce onto him.

"Me? What me?" Ji Ze sneered: "You came from so far away just to block our path, hoot at our home, and called us dead people? Stop being so embarrassing, I want to see what methods your Qiu Family has, don't think you can brag and slip away just like that. Since you have announced that we are mortal enemies from now on, then let me teach you what mortal enemies are. Do you think mortal enemies that rush up to their enemy's door to cause trouble can simply pat their butts and leave? Hehe, sigh, please don't let us go, the Qiu Family is so strong, you can completely squash us ants to death."

The entire place became silent, no one made a sound, everyone were stunned by Ji Ze's imposing words.

Qiu Yong calmed down, if he still could not see the other party's calmness, he was too stupid. He spoke gravely: "What do you mean?"

"What do I mean?" Ji Ze scoffed, his tone suddenly turned bone chilling: "What I mean is for you to stay here obediently, and wait for your Qiu Family to come and rescue you. It will do you best to resist, this way, I have the reason to beat you up, or maybe we should have a bout? My big blade has become impatient a long time ago!"

He sized Qiu Yong up with an unkind gaze, as though he was sizing up a clean cattle, and was thinking of where to slice down.

Qiu Yong felt as though a ferocious beast was staring at him, causing a chill to surge up from the bottom of his feet, his heart was overwhelmed with fear, ~What a heavy killing intent!~

Everyone was shocked by Ji Ze's bold and naked threat. Even the City Lord of Snow City that was in disguise amongst the crowd had his mouth wide opened, his face one of astonishment. The prestigious families circle, which was the Honorable Martial Continent's upper class circle held etiquette as something highly important. Regardless of how furious they were, they would never make such a naked threat in the face of another party, and speak such words.

Such ferocious, unbridled and naked threats were spoken to the Qiu Family.

It was dead silence.

No one dared to speak, even if they were overestimating themselves even if they had some sort of backing, to dare speak such ferocious words to the Qiu Family, such a person was someone no one was willing to provoke. They were so impolite to the Qiu Family, but were there any other families in Snow City stronger than the Qiu Family? No.

Countless of people revealed joyful expressions as they rejoiced in Mace Field Tradings' calamity, they were a bunch of lunatics, the Qiu Family did not provoke a normal family, but a bunch of lunatics, what followed on would only be interesting.

No one had expected for Qiu Yun Qi to be amongst the crowd, his face was as black as a pot, without a trace of his usual demeanour. His fists were clenched to the point of being white, he was fuming with rage that he was trembling, he had never expected for Mace Field Tradings to speak such detestable words. The other party's gangsterism and ferocity made him realize that he had placed himself in a terrible situation. A tinge of regret surfaced in his heart.

Claudia looked at the Qiu Yun Qi's green face, and did not dare to say a word. She had never expected for the matter to blow into such a huge proportion. She realized that she was still underestimating the lunatic Iron Mask Army, she initially thought that even though they did not place Elizabeth Tradings in their eyes, they would not dare to provoke the Qiu Family.

But not only did they provoke the Qiu Family, they made a huge fuss about it.

Due to the change in situation, Claudia became afraid, as she was the initiator of the entire thing. If the Qiu Family encountered loss because of the matter, she and her business would naturally be in a bad position.

Qiu Yun Qi took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. He knew that being impulsive would not change the situation, thus he became extremely passive. ~Mace Field Tradings doesn't take threats, then we can only speak with our fists.~

~Before reinforcements comes, anything we say now will only humiliate ourselves further.~

Qiu Yong also understood this point, he had been too careless, and they had fallen to the losing end, any further words would further cause them to be the object of ridicule. He did not leave, but spoke coldly: "You're not allowing us to leave? Fine! You want to imprison me, do it, with whatever methods you have. I want to wait and see on how you will be sending me off when the time comes."

With that, he no longer spoke and sat on the ground. The other bodyguards around Qiu Yong sat down as well.

The spectators were inwardly in approval of Qiu Yong's actions. Qiu Yong had tossed the ball to the other party, causing Mace Field Tradings to be in a difficult situation. But everyone also understood that Mace Field Tradings had truly become mortal enemies with the Qiu Family, and both would not rest until one was dead. The Qiu Family's retaliation would definitely be thunderous. If the Qiu Family could not resolve the matter regarding Mace Field Tradings quickly, they would become the laughingstock of the upper class circle, and their name would fall to the depths in Honorable Martial Continent's history.

Ji Ze was unafraid, instead, he was filled with disappointment. ~After all of that, he's actually staying passive? What's all that about being a first grade Prestigious Family?~

He waved his hand in disappointment, causing all of the other members who were by the sides staring at Qiu Yong and his guards to rush forward and tie them up.

The spectators were speechless, ~They dared to tie them up! Mace Field Tradings is truly fearsome!~

Qiu Yun Qi calmed down, the Qiu Family no longer had any choice. Other than trampling down on Mace Field Tradings, they had no other choice.

"Two days, we will come back in two days."

Qiu Yun Qi spoke up indifferently, no one could tell from his expression if he was angered or happy.

Claudia knew that Qiu Yun Qi was talking about the day of retaliation. She hesitated for a moment, then hardened her resolve and spoke: "Who will come?"

Qiu Yun Qi's face revealed a look of revere, but deep inside his eyes, a look of fear was revealed, it was a deep fear, in which he did not even notice his voice that trembled slightly: "My Elder Brother and his personal guards."

~Two days later, Mace Field Tradings will become a land of ruins.~

Claudia's eyes constricted, her eyes became enveloped in fear, as though she had heard of some terrifying news. It was not only her, the other young nobles all revealed expressions of fear. A few cowards were even trembling from head to toe.

"I…...I think I have some matters to attend to…." Claudia stammered and spoke up.

The rest also said that they had their own matters to attend to.

"Could it be that everyone doesn't wish to meet my Elder brother?" Qiu Yun Qi looked at everyone, his laugh sounded extremely natural: "I think my Elder Brother will want to meet everyone."

All of their faces turned grey.

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