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Chapter 893

Chapter 893 - Qiu Family's Retaliation

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

"The Qiu Family! We actually capsized the Qiu Family's boat! Oh god, are we mad?"

Inside the study, Wylie was screaming with despair, that's right, he was in complete despair. It was the Qiu Family, the Qiu Family that had Qiu Xu Hua, the Qiu Family that could destroy them with a lift of a finger. Wylie was unable to comprehend why they had to provoke the Qiu Family, ~Just because they blocked your path? Just because they helped Elizabeth Tradings?~

Every ounce of happiness in Wylie had completely disappeared, he spoke slowly: "Melissa ah, although our recent situation has improved, but we are unable to offend the Qiu Family. Tomorrow, I will accompany you to the Qiu Family's branch, I heard that Young Noble Qiu is in Snow City. We have to apologize and compensate them well, we have to do it honestly."

Melissa was not angry, she was able to understand Uncle Wylie's panic, compared to the Qiu Family, Mace Field Tradings was just an ant to an elephant.

But, the one in command was Tang Tian, and upon thinking about it, she too, felt a headache. She still remembered how panicked and terrified she was when Tang Tian ordered to collide into the trading ship. She was completely stupefied at that time. It was in that state that she watched as Matchless Ship destroyed the Qiu Family's trading ship.

That was why she was able to understand her Uncle Wylie's emotions.

But she had already slowly dissolved the fear in her heart, that's right, she finally understood that she was the only one in fear. Tang Tian did not even place the Qiu Family in his eyes, ~That's true, come to think of it, Qiu Xu Hua was beaten by Tang Tian's subordinates, if I still think that Tang Tian has any fear towards the Qiu Family, I am truly naive.~

~It seems that Tang Tian only has one enemy in his eyes, Temple.~

~As for the rest, they mean nothing to him.~

Melissa was no longer in a state of panic or in fear, she started to understand the disparity between them. Tang Tian was a real powerful man, regardless of his individual strength or authority, he could be compared to the finest ranks of Temple. He was a courageous man that wielded the heart of a true powerful martial artist. The reason why Tang Tian did not take action right from the start was because he thought that

the other party was truly in a situation of a breakdown. From this point, Tang Tian was already being extremely polite, and did not behave unscrupulously just because he was strong.

And as for the Mace Field Family, although they could be considered a prestigious family, but inside the circle, they were of the lowest rung, and naturally became used to behaving appropriately and obediently.

~But you want Tang Tian to behave appropriately and obediently?~

Now, the decision maker for Mace Field Tradings Family was Tang Tian, and the entire family were in service to Tang Tian.

"We cannot apologize to the Qiu Family." Melissa's tone was firm and unwavering.

Wylie became worried, ~Could it be that my own niece has started to become arrogant after these mere results?~ He spoke sternly: "Melissa, why? Could it be that you think that our Mace Field Family is able to contend with the Qiu Family?"

Wylie had decided that if Melissa truly felt that their family was strong enough to contend with the Qiu Family, he would definitely stop her from becoming the Family Head.

"Of course not." Melissa shook her head firmly.

Wylie heaved a sigh of relief, but then asked again with suspicion: "Then why must we go against them?"

"It is about us going against the Qiu Family." Melissa knew of some matters, and had no choice but to hide them from Wylie, if they did not have Wylie's support, their mission in the Saint Continent would become extremely difficult. She looked at Wylie: "The Qiu Family is Elizabeth Family's backer, then who is our backer?"

"Who's our backer?" Wylie was startled, but he quickly realized something, his eyes opened wide with a surprised and excited look: "Could it be that we found a backer?"

Wylie was jealous that the Elizabeth Family had the Qiu Family as their backer, as the reason why the Elizabeth Family was able to suppress Mace Field Tradings all the time was because of the Qiu Family. But it was not easy finding a backer, Mace Field Tradings was already a prestigious family, for them to find a backer, they had to look at the strongest and biggest family, for example, the Qiu Family. As for the other families that were inferior to the Qiu Family, although they were stronger than Mace Field Tradings, but there was still a limit on how strong they were, and the assistance they could provide to Mace Field Tradings was equally limited.

But for a top grade family like the Qiu Family, they were

were equally as fussy, and ordinary advantages were meaningless to them. There were many things that could not convince them, nor sway them at all.

"Yes." Melissa spoke with confidence: "Definitely stronger than the Qiu Family."

Tang Tian was stronger than the Qiu Family, much stronger.

Wylie became excited, he immediately understood that it was not Melissa that had lost her reasoning, but it was because they had someone to rely on. He looked with anticipation: "Which family is it?"

"I can't say it." Melissa shook her head, then added: "It was Grandfather who decided it."

As expected, when the unhappy Wylie heard that it was the decision of the old master, he immediately had no objections. In Mace Field Tradings, the old man held supreme authority. When he heard that it was the old man's decision, Wylie immediately calmed down, even though he could not obtain the answer, he did not continue asking.

He then asked the most direct and realistic question: "Then what do we do if the Qiu Family comes up our door?"

Just as he asked that question, a servant barged in with a panicked expression: "Not good! Not good! A group of people are holding up our entrance….."

Melissa looked at Wylie with a helpless expression, ~Truly a crow's mouth.~
(TN: A crow's mouth usually indicates a mouth of bad luck.)

In fact, on the way back, Melissa had guessed that Qiu Family would definitely retaliate, but she did not expect them to do so that quickly, the moment their front leg was stepped on, their hind leg would kick back. But come to think of it, it was extremely normal. In the Qiu Family's eyes, the Mace Field Tradings was just a shrimp, and now that the shrimp actually dared to take action on them, shouldn't they teach Mace Field Tradings a lesson? If it were another family that was on the same grade as them, they would have to consider it first, whether or not it would bring about an all out war between both families. But there was no need for consideration towards a shrimp, the Qiu Family only needed to think about who to punish to set an example to the others, on how to let Mace Field Tradings Family, that was overestimating themselves, where they actually stood.

By Melissa's side stood a real life example, if Tang Tian was the one being offended, would he wait overnight to take revenge? Stop joking!

"There is no need to worry." Melissa consoled Wylie, she calmly walked towards the

towards the outside with a sneer in her heart.

~It is not only your Qiu Family that cannot tolerate the enmity lasting through the night, you truly think that this enmity will end with just this? Too naive!~

To the others, the Qiu Family were the one that had suffered and were holding back their anger. But Melissa knew that Master Tang Tian's rage had not even been unveiled. Although she had not followed Tang Tian for long, but she had grasped Tang Tian's temper. ~If you dare to block me, I will knock you down~, if Tang TIan had known that the other party did not harbor any kind intentions right from the start, he would had directly knocked them down without saying a second word.

In the end, Tang Tian was truly stuck, furthermore, it was for two hours. The debt for being stuck was paid, but what about the two hours?

~We will have to claim the debt well.~

Melissa was clear that Tang Tian was not some magnanimous man, but instead, it was his style to repay what was owed.

On the road, Melissa had reminded Tang Tian that the Qiu Family would definitely retaliate, and she clearly remembered the sneer that came out from behind Tang Tian's mask.

Suddenly, she pitied the Qiu Family. They had assumed that Mace Field Tradings was a fat and docile sheep, and had pounced over with drooling mouths, but would ultimately realize that they had pounced into the lion's mouth.

As expected, upon leaving the study, she heard a few wails.

Upon hearing the wails, Wylie's expression changed, his heartbeat rose, and he hastened his steps. On the contrary, Melissa remained calm and walked leisurely, as though everything was within her calculations.

When Melissa and Wylie rushed to the entrance, they saw many people on the ground wailing, and were startled.

"Good good good! What a good Mace Field Tradings! Not only do you dare to collide into our Qiu Family Ship, you actually dare to beat our men, you guys are good, really good!"

Wylie recognized the middle aged man who spoke, he was the shopkeeper of the Qiu Family shop in Snow City, Qiu Yong. Wylie and Qiu Yong were acquaintances, and every time they met, Wylie saw that Qiu Yong was a happy man that smiled a lot, but to see his sinister and fierce face, that was continuously calling out "Good", Wylie's heart was already at his throat.

Qiu Yong noticed Wylie, and then sneered: "Wylie, then sneered: "Wylie, this isn't over, let me tell you this, the Qiu Family and your Mace Field Tradings are mortal enemies from now on! Anyone, any families, that dares to ally themselves with Mace Field Tradings, will be the enemy of the Qiu Family."

He had lost his face. Qiu Yong had ran over to Mace Field Tradings to criticize them, but did not expect the other party to start taking action without saying a word, they were even more aggressive than the Qiu Family.

Upon hearing his words, Wylie's face flushed red.

~Mortal Enemies, isn't that putting us in a situation where either one of us have to die, although the Qiu Family is unable to act against us because of the Holy Bell's bans, but after the war….~

Furthermore, with the Qiu Family publicly announcing that Mace Field Tradings was a mortal enemy of the Qiu Family, no one would dare to ally themselves with Mace Field Tradings any longer. At such a critical moment, going to war to fight alone without any allies was extremely dangerous, with countless of people falling due to being backstabbed in history.

The spectators who had joined in to spectate immediately calmed down after listening to Qiu Yong's words.

Wylie did not know that majority of the big figures of Snow City were secretly observing the quarrel. Many of the sharper people, after witnessing what had happened at the harbor, had guessed that the Qiu Family would retaliate quickly.

At that moment, the big figures could not help but reveal looks of pity. The first rate families of the Honorable Martial Continent had terrifying influence, where outsiders could only witness a portion of their robust strength. No one felt that the Qiu Family's words were empty, as the only entity that the Qiu Family was afraid of was Temple itself.

Regardless of anything, with Qiu Family's words, everyone knew that Mace Field Tradings was done for.

Yong Qiu looked at all the spectators once, ~You guys think that our Qiu Family will fear the Holy Bell Bans?~ All of them had never expected that the Qiu Family only needed to use one sentence to condemn Mace Field Tradings to death.

They are the Qiu Family!

He had an arrogant look on his face, without even looking at Wylie, he coldly ordered the bodyguards that were already crawling up: "Let's go!"

With that said, they turned and left. But suddenly, a snort came out from behind them.

"Did I say you could leave?"

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