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Chapter 891 - Even Heroes Have a Weakness for the Charms of a Beauty

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

It looked as though something was amiss, but Tang Tian did not ponder on it, his mind was filled with Qian Hui. ~There seems to be a situation? So what!~ Even if he had to expose his identity at this time, he would never cower before meeting Qian Hui.

Even if he had to fight with Temple, he would not cower.

"Boss, there seems to be a situation!" Ji Ze spoke softly, the workers on both sides were gesticulating, giving everyone some pressure. And when smaller boats flew close by, the crew members would run to the deck and inspect the Matchless Ship and have discussions amongst themselves.

Gradually, the Matchless Ship became the focus upon passing through the estuary.

Tang Tian had a look of disdain: "Look at all of you! It's just a small matter and you guys can't take it, you guys are throwing my face."

Fu Zheng Zhi immediately took the opportunity to add: "Boss, from this, you can tell who are reliable and who are not in crucial times."

Ji Ze immediately flew up in rage: "I'm unreliable? Old Fu, you, a bootlicker, is reliable?"

"Old Fu?" Fu Zheng Zhi's face changed, with an unkind expression, he unsheathed his Chief Green Swords and spoke coldly: "Seems like we lack communication between us, I think we need to have a good talk."

Ji Ze laughed sinisterly as he raised his Bewitching Blade: "You're right, old man!"

Melissa looked at the two men in shock, ~Are they…..having an internal strife?~

Tang Tian tapped on the deck with his feet impatiently as he stared at the two of them: "Have we been too free recently? Are you guys not comfortable with the lack of training?"

When they heard the word "training", the two men immediately trembled. All the other members trembled as well, the word definitely did not bring about happy memories to any of them. To their knowledge, the only thing that could come close to the word "training" would be hell. Or was hell even better than training?

Before Ji Ze and Fu Zheng Zhi could react, all the members rushed up and pinned the two of them down.

"Boss, we have long been pissed off by them! What kind of attitude are they showing, by making a ruckus in front of boss! Where is the professionalism!"

"That's right, Boss, the two of them definitely do not represent us! Our lives are now so bright that it is comparable to the sun in the morning!"

"They are the degenerates! Our God Armor…..oh, Iron Mask Army, actually has such degenerates, it is the disgrace to Mace Field Tradings! Utter disgrace!"


Melissa's eyes were wide open, as she stared at the man who was speaking words of righteousness all over, her face riddled with disbelief, ~hey hey hey, let your internal strife be your internal strife, what does my Mace Field Tradings have to do with you!~

But after staring for a long time, the man's expression actually did not have the slightest fluctuation, and remained righteous…..

~Whatever~ Melissa rolled her eyes, ~It is harmless anyway, as long as you guys are happy.~

Ji Ze and Fu Zheng Zhi who were squashed beneath the group of people were wailing in pain when countless of fists and legs stomped on them, causing the wails to stop abruptly.

Mace Field Tradings' branch was located at Snow City inside the Saint Continent. The walls of Snow City were made out of snow rocks, which were pure white and flawless. The entire city was constructed out of these snow rocks, and that was how the city got its name.

The branches in the Saint Continent were the most important branches for all organisations, and the shopkeeper in charge of the branch in the Saint Continent was Mace Field Tradings' most authoritative figure, Wylie. Wylie was Melissa's Uncle, he was astute and capable, along with the help of money and power, he obtained the trust from the previous President. Wylie had held the position of the Saint Continent's branch shopkeeper for over two decades, and never made a mistake, earning an extremely high prestige inside the Mace Field Tradings family. If not for him explicitly rejecting the position of president, he would had been the President of the organisation.

"Has the street been swept clean?"

"How goes the preparation for the night banquet? Get Old Wang to be serious! Put some effort into it, whoever does well will be rewarded!"

Little Aron stole a peep at the huge shopkeeper, who had been busy going up and down since the morning. Ever since the President encountered the accident, Little Aaron had not seen the shopkeeper being so red all over. It was not only the shopkeeper, the entire branch was in high spirits. ~It is the Matchless Ship, the gold grade warship, and it was even seized from our competitor, Elizabeth Tradings.~ When the news came, no one believed it at all. In the past, Mace Field Tradings was on equal grounds with Elizabeth Tradings, but as of late, even the most optimistic people dared not hold such hopes.

But as the rumors spread more and more, the entire branch looked as though they were preparing for an invasion, countless of people felt that it was Elizabeth Tradings that was intentionally spreading the news, because they were ready to take action against them.

But as they waited and waited, Elizabeth Tradings never did anything, instead, scouts caught sight of Claudia slipping back to Elizabeth Tradings, and even looked to be injured. More importantly, there were no signs of the Matchless Ship!

~Could the news be real?~

Everyone became excited.

As of late, the hottest topic in the Saint Continent was the Matchless Ship. Regardless of where they went, there would be people talking about the gold grade warship, about Mace Field Tradings. News of Young Miss Melissa pulling the organisation out of trouble, Mace Field Tradings' family holding a secret and powerful Iron Mask Army, the stories were told to great imagination.

And it was from the day that the rumors started, that the Mace Field Tradings branch started to become lively, and endless of people came to visit.

Everyone was excited, and the passing days became like a dream, ~How long had it been since the branch has seen such liveliness?~

In the Saint Continent, Mace Field Tradings became hot, even Little Aron suddenly realized that whenever he went out for work or purchase goods, everyone's attitude towards him was completely different from the past, they were extremely passionate and courteous, which he was not used to. In the past, the brother that never even looked at him in the eyes, actually treated him to a meal for the very first time, and this friendly spirit made Little Aron invigorated for the next few days.

The entire branch was waiting for Young Miss Melissa, waiting for the mysterious Iron Mask Army, and waiting for the Matchless Ship.

When they heard that the Matchless Ship was quickly arriving, the branch began to decorate themselves with lanterns and colored banners as they anxiously awaited.

The majority of the branch members stood at the entrance to wait, but even after a long time, the Matchless Ship had not appeared.

Wylie looked at the time and was bewildered: "Why are they not here yet?"

Right at that moment, a worker ran in: "Shopkeeper, not good, not good, the port….someone has blocked the Matchless Ship's road at the port!"

The Matchless Ship was a gold grade warship with immense size, and was unable to stop in the city, and thus such large scale warships had designated ports to anchor. In other places, large organizations and warships were not easily available, but in the Saint Continent, it was a common sight, thus every city in Saint Ccontinent had such ports.

Hearing that, Wylie's face darkened, ~As expected, someone is impatient?~ He snorted: "Let's go, to the port!"


Snow City Port.

Tang Tian and the rest were held up outside the port for two hours, where a large scale trading ship had encountered an accident and was stuck. The entrance of the port only allowed the passage of one large scale warship at a time, and with the trading ship stuck, the entrance was jammed.

Melissa who was sent to negotiate came back with an ugly expression: "It is the Qiu Family's trading ship, they are not willing to be towed away, and said they want to wait for their artisan to come over for repairs."

Fu Zheng Zhi who followed along spoke up: "They are extremely arrogant, their words are disgusting, furthermore, it seems that they have the intention of stopping us."

He looked at Melissa, after the negotiation, he saw that the other party were extremely rude, but Melissa was actually able to tolerate them, this brought about a change in his view towards her.

"The Qiu Family is one of the top rate families, they are a family that contributed to the founding of the Honorable Martial Continent, and have special ties with Temple." Melissa explained all these to Tang Tian, the Qiu Family was a top rate family and not something any trading organisation could compete with.

Then, she added: "Qiu Xu Hua belongs to the Qiu Family."

She felt that these words were enough to explain everything.

"Qiu Xu Hua?" Tang Tian was surprised, he obviously knew that Qiu Xu Hua was one of the Five Great Generals. He looked at Melissa: "Do they have any grievances with you?"

"No." Melissa took a deep breath, then garnered her courage and spoke: "But they have a good relationship with Elizabeth Tradings, The third young master of the Qiu Family is Claudia's suitor."

"I understand now." Tang Tian revealed a look of understanding: "It's because heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beauty!"

Melissa was stunned, these words that came out from Tang Tian somehow sounded extremely different. For a long time, she had not seen Tang Tian take a glance at any ladies, and even Claudia, who could be considered a top rate beauty, was choked and threatened by him.

Ji Ze laughed evilly: "I never thought that Master has such understandings as well."

Tang Tian glanced at Ji Ze: "Are you a hero?"

Ji Ze froze, and forced a laugh: "In front of master, how can this subordinate be a hero."

"Am I a hero?" Tang Tian's words sounded as if he was anticipating some compliments, but he did not even wait for anyone to speak up when he spoke deadpan earnestly: "I definitely am!"

Everyone who were already stiff from having their fawning words stuck in their throats were stunned by their boss' shamelessness. ~For boss to be so serious, he must be speaking his heartfelt words.~ With everybody's understanding of Tang Tian, they all felt that he firmly believed it from the bottom of his heart.

Everyone was left speechless…..

"Is Qian Hui a beauty?" Tang Tian continued his rhetorical questions: "Of course!"

Everyone stared blankly at Tang Tian, no one understood what was happening, oh no, they did not understand what the boss was trying to say….

"Only Qian Hui is a beauty in the world." Tang Tian added without hesitation, ~Why does it feel like his killing intent is surging….~

Everyone instantly had tears streaming down their cheeks.

~Although lady Boss is definitely and must be a beauty, but to say that only Lady Boss is a beauty…..Boss, you have to leave us with some way out, we love beauties too…..~

"The meaning of the sentence, heroes have a weakness for beauties, means that I have a weakness for anything that has to do with Qian Hui, that is a norm." Tang Tian's tone changed as killing intent soared, he waved his hands: "But for anything else, I must get through them!"

Streams of tears continued to flow down everybody's faces.

~If you want to beat us, then beat us, if you want to kill us, then kill us, but why do this?~

~Look, what we meant was, aside from Lady Boss, can there be other beauties in the world?~

~ - We love beauties too!~

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