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Chapter 890 - Arriving in the Saint Continent

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

People who watched how the Iron Mask Army and crew members of Mace Field Tradings boarded the Matchless Ship happily and touched the ship everywhere with their burning eyes, all knew that they were country bumpkins who had not experienced the world!

The bodyguards of Elizabeth Tradings looked at the Matchless Ship reluctantly, their mouths constantly cursing and scolding, their faces filled with mourn. Especially when they watched as the country bumpkins touched the precious Matchless Ship everywhere, all of their faces were extremely ugly as their hearts bled.

The endless of exclamations on the Matchless Ship entered Hank's ears.

"Oh my, a gold grade warship is definitely different, look at the deck, it is so comfortable walking barefoot!"

"Awesome! Too awesome! No wonder it is called Matchless, it truly lives up to its name!"

"We truly have to thank Elizabeth Tradings! They are such good people!"

Tssss, Hank and everyone else felt their hearts being stabbed by knives, their bleeding hearts immediately spewed out like fountains!

Their faces turned ashen and all of them gritted their teeths and clenched their fists. Claudia's face was as white as paper, her slender and white neck still had the clear marks of Tang Tian's hands. The fright and shock she had just received greatly surpassed everything that she had ever experienced added together. She looked at the Matchless Ship's figure with bitter resentment, ~This grudge will be repaid.~

"Let's go." Hank sighed, he looked as though he had suddenly aged by a decade.

Claudia was startled for a moment, who then spoke out unwillingly: "If we take action now, can we take back the Matchless Ship?"

~You want to take action and seize back the Matchless Ship?~ Hank wanted to tell Claudia, ~They are far stronger than you can imagine. To be able to escape out of the Forbidden Hoop without any of us knowing, do you know how terrifying and scary that man is.~ Just based on this point, he knew that Tang Tian's strength was on another level as compared to his. If possible, Hank did not want to meet such an opponent for the rest of his life.

Furthermore, he had his suspicions, that such a powerful man could only come from one place, and that was Temple.

But he did not say anything to Claudia, as she had already been blinded by the hatred.

Hank shook his head and spoke with even more dejection: "Let's go."

With that, he turned and left. Claudia hesitated for a moment, before following. If it were like before, she would directly take command, but after what had happened, she finally had some reveration in her heart.

"She is definitely thinking of how to take revenge."

On the Matchless Ship, Melissa observed Claudia and Elizabeth Tradings' distant figures, unsure if it was a reminder for herself or feeling emotional of the victory.

"Who cares." Tang Tian did not care. He never placed Claudia or Elizabeth Tradings in his eyes. In his eyes, the only enemy that he had was Temple, and never felt that the trading organisations under Temple ever had the qualifications to be his enemy. He did not have the interest of specifically dealing with these small fries, but if they ran up to Tang Tian without knowing their place, Tang Tian did not mind teaching them.

Melissa could hear the strong confidence in Tang Tian's casual remark. But she no longer had any doubts, Tang Tian's powerful performance had completely convinced her. She was rejoicing in her heart, that by being a follower of Tang Tian was much more fortunate to being an enemy of his.

Tang Tian had already looked through Matchless Ship, and was extremely satisfied.

The Matchless Ship was Elizabeth Tradings' only gold grade warship, and almost never had the chance of participating in a battle, but instead was frequently used to receive important guests, thus the interior of the warship was decorated extravagantly, and was splendorous and majestic.

~Only such a warship barely qualifies to fit my Qian Hui.~

Tang Tian was pleased, he stood at the ship's bow, and with high spirits, he waved his arms and shouted: "Matchless Ship, move out!"

"Ayye!" Ji Ze and the rest all replied with a weird cry and raised their arms up and pointed to the front: "Our target, Lady Boss!"

"That…. Direction is wrong." Melissa said weakly.

The Matchless Ship was a gold grade warship, and naturally flew extremely fast, with its current top speed making it seem like a flow of light. Tang Tian did not make them cover their tracks, but instead swaggered through the entire road. The Matchless Ship was Elizabeth Tradings' only gold grade warship, and thus many people recognized it. Furthermore, Tang Tian felt that its name [Matchless Ship], was a good name, and did not had plans to change it, thus the name written on the ship remained.

The only change was the Insignia, where Elizabeth Tradings' Insignia was removed and replaced with Mace Field Tradings'.

It was also because of that that many passersby en route were startled upon seeing Mace Fields Tradings' Insignia on the Matchless Ship.

Tang Tian and the rest never expected that even before they had reached Saint continent, rumours about them would had spread. Elizabeth Tradings' suffered a huge setback against Mace Field Tradings, and even lost the Matchless Ship. There were many versions of the battle between both parties, but there was one factor that remained constant throughout, that was that a brave character had been produced from Mace Field Tradings. No one knew who the brave man was, but everyone knew the reason that the major player, Elizabeth tradings lost the Matchless Ship, was because of this brave man.

Rumors started spreading more and more, which surprised everyone. Elizabeth Tradings suffered from a huge setback despite being much stronger than Mace Field Tradings. Elizabeth Tradings only had one gold grade warship, and even if the situation was at its most dire, they would definitely not give Matchless Ship up.

This made everyone extremely curious as to who this mysterious brave man of Mace Field Tradings was, if the rumors were true, then no one could stop Mace Field Tradings from rising again. Mace Field tradings' decline was not because of a deviation in operations, but because their President had unexpectedly passed, and the heir was lacking in strength. For a powerful character to appear at such a time, Mace Field Tradings would be able to sweep its declining state away and once again emerge as a first rate trading organisation.

If the rise of Mace Field Tradings was to be anticipated, than in contrary to it would be Elizabeth Tradings. If Elizabeth Tradings did not have any effective retaliation, then they would quickly slip into recession. With the gathering of so many aristocratic families and prestigious houses, the competition was extremely intense.

This period of time was the most intense competition between the various prestigious houses and aristocratic families of Honorable Martial Continent, the intensity of competition reached an unprecedented high. The victors would win everything, and become the top grade families in the Honorable Martial Continent, and even the whole world, as long as their later generations are not silly, the glory of the families could easily last thousands of years.

As for the losers, they would only disappear in the dust of history, where no one would remember their existence.

Opportunity, it was an opportunity that arose after 500 years, no one was clear as to how important this opportunity was than the aristocratic families. It was also a competition, a competition they had to participate in, any retreat would only leave one torn and crushed.

Countless aristocratic families and prestigious houses gathered at the Saint Continent, all of them from different factions. Upon hearing the news, all the families close to Mace Field Tradings were jubilant and became excited. As for the aristocratic families that were allied with Elizabeth Tradings, all of their faces became gloomy as their moods became terrible.

With no orders from Temple, the various powerhouses at Saint Continent started to stir restlessly, with movements occurring in the shadows.

And the instigator for the stirring of the deep pool, was the declined Mace Field Tradings.

It was under the restlessness that the Matchless Ship finally arrived in the Saint Continent.

The Saint Continent had 66 estuaries, where half of which allowed safe passage for large scale warships. The Saint Continent's flourishing activity was evident, in ordinary days, all 66 estuaries would be filled with endless streams of trading ships. It was the heart of the Honorable Martial Continent, the land where Temple resides.

When the Matchless Ship arrived at the Saint Continent's estuary, they witnessed countless of warships, trading ships and transport ships formed into large groups, slowly inching their way forward.

"Don't they have 66 estuaries? Why is there still congestion?" Tang Tian was surprised.

"There are too many people arriving." It was also Melissa's first time witnessing such a scene, making her somewhat excited: "In the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy, there are over 500 aristocratic families recognized by Temple, and only Temple knows the exact numbers. Every family that comes will bring warships, and many families brought more than one, with so many people, the daily consumption of goods is no small amount. No matter how flourished the Saint Continent is, with the sudden influx of people, there will definitely be a shortage of goods on the market. So everyone has to bring their own, and prepare their own food, thus the need for transport ships. And this war has just begun, and will drag on for a long time, no one knows how long, thus they have to bring even more things. Otherwise, if they experience a lack in something, even if they have money, they can't buy it. So out of all these fleets, the number of warships doesn't amount to much, as the majority of them are cargo and transport ships. I reckon that many people even brought their own artisans."

Tang Tian was shocked: "They truly made it large. Over 500 aristocratic families? So many? So it's actually easy to be an aristocratic family, I still thought it would be hard to gain the recognition from Temple."

Melissa explained: "It does seem a lot, but this number is recognized within 500 years, you can say that every year, only one family has the qualifications to obtain the recognition from Temple, it is not easy."

In the past, Mace Field tradings had made tremendous contributions to obtain the recognition.

"Then what must we do?" Ji Ze look at Melissa, his face revealing his impatience: "Do we have to wait here?"

"We can only do that." Melissa was helpless as well.

Tang Tian and them queued for almost 8 hours before reaching their turn.

The moment the Matchless Ship arrived at the Estuary, a few clan elders with Temple's embroideries on their clothes flew over, with five Honorable Martial Knights behind them glaring over.

Melissa immediately went forward and respectfully held up her own emblem: "Mace Field tradings Family, this subordinate is here for Temple's orders."

A clan elder released a regiment of holy Flame in his hands, which enveloped the emblem, which immediately released an image of the Honorable Martial Temple. The Clan Elder nodded his head, and handed the Emblem back to Melissa.

The other clan elder laughed: "Mace Field Tradings is recently in the limelight oh."

Melissa was somewhat stupefied: "This subordinate does not dare to, this subordinate does not dare to."

The clan elder immediately waved his hand: "Don't be nervous, Temple will not intervene in the grudges between you two, as long as you do not violate the Holy Bell Bans."

He then continued with guidance: "The Matchless Ship is a good warship, I hope that you do not dishonor it. Temple needs powerful families, do your best."

With that, he flew down the ship, and the Matchless Ship was allowed entry.

Tang Tian and the rest quickly noticed that something was amiss, when they were flying through the Estuary, the Temple members on both sides had weird gazes at them, occasionally gesticulating.

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