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Chapter 889 - Exchange Deal

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

"Matchless Ship?"

Hank thought that he had misheard, it was not only him, everyone thought that they had misheard. Even Melissa had her mouth wide opened, she stared blankly at Tang Tian who had his hand extended out, grasping Claudia by her throat.

~That posture is truly…..too suave!~

~That demand is truly…..too cool!~

She started to become excited, she was no longer considering the consequences. Just by looking at how Claudia was being choked in front of everybody and dangling like a dead fish in the air made her extremely elated, as it allowed her to spit out the anger in her.

~Claudia must be fuming in rage now~, Melissa satisfyingly admired Claudia's sad situation, feeling that the day was extremely good.

And the Matchless Ship, Elizabeth Tradings' only gold grade warship. Watching Hank's and everyone else's expression made her extremely joyous. Especially thinking about how her own company had lost their gold grade warship, she was immersed in the joy of revenge.

The only people that were not surprised was the God Armor Army.

"Hey hey hey, what I said came true. The Matchless Ship, a gold grade warship, I like it! All the facts just points to it, anything that Master has his eyes on cannot escape from his clutches."

"We are saved! It is such a good warship, look at it, how beautiful it is, it is truly gorgeous! We cannot let it be defiled by the Elizabeth Tradings and their group of idiots, only responsible men like us are fit for such a beauty!"

"I like the way you put it, but from the looks of it, they don't seem to be willing."

"Relax, Master will make them completely willing."

"That is why I like Master's style, because it always makes us so righteous."

"Who cares if you like it."

"Are you challenging me?"

"No, I just hope to see Master teach you what is righteous and what is not."


In contrast to Tang Tian's team of excited men, Elizabeth Tradings was in an uproar.

"He's insane! He actually has his eyes on the Matchless Ship!"

"It's impossible, the organisation will definitely not agree to it. If we lose the matchless Ship, we will all be severely punished when we return!"

"He is putting up a bluff, he definitely is!"


"Is there a problem?" Tang Tian's voice came out from behind the mask, no one could tell if he was happy or angry, it sounded as if he was having an entirely ordinary conversation.

Hank recovered his calm, that's right, even Hank felt that Tang Tian was testing them. ~It's just a negotiation, he asked for a sky high price, but ultimately it will be lowered down with just money.~

But caution birthed in his heart, he knew that the other party was crafty and not a reckless and impetuous man. He heaved a sigh of relief inwardly, he was most afraid of an impulsive character, because such people never considered the consequences, and he would not be able to ensure Claudia's safety. Such a person could do anything if triggered.

~Since he is experienced and crafty, he has his worries, and naturally will not disregard everything with considerations.~ To Hank, he was not worried about Claudia's safety so long as the other party had basic knowledge, for he knew that the other party was clear of what the consequences were if Claudia died.

He firmly believed that the other party did not wish for such an outcome as well.

"We are being sincere." Hank added: "This is just a misunderstanding, although we are not happy about it, but there are no injuries or deaths between us. As long as you let Young Miss Claudia go, I promise you, with Elizabeth Tradings' reputation, that this matter will not be looked into. For Elizabeth and Mace Field Tradings to go to an all out war just because of a small misunderstanding, that is a disaster."

He started to add pressure on Tang Tian, his indifferent tone of speech was filled with threats.

~All out war? You think your Mace Field Tradings will dare to engage with an all out war with us?~ Hank did not believe that they wanted it.

The decline of Mace Field Tradings was related and linked to Elizabeth Tradings in countless ways, but Mace Field Tradings was merely declining, and the reason that it was not being destroyed was only because Elizabeth Tradings did not take direct actions. If they were to truly provoke Elizabeth Tradings, Mace Field Tradings would only become history, and Hank did not believe that the other party could not see that.

Hank, who had his thoughts worked out was not panicking at all, instead he even had a sneer on his face, as he was certain that he knew that the other party was bluffing.

Hank's sneer and confidence surprised Tang Tian, but after listening to Hank's words, he understood where the problem laid.

Hank thought that they were Mace Field Tradings people, that was why he was so calm. Tang Tian became vexed, as the other party had deemed them as subordinates of Mace Field Tradings and believed that he would not dare to take action. But he could not expose his true identity, and without the cover of Mace Field Tradings, they would not be able to even enter Saint Continent.

"You look down on Mace Field Tradings." Tang Tian spoke calmly as he increased his strength in his hand.

Claudia's eyes turned darker, she was completely unable to breath, causing a natural response to struggle, but the hand clasped on her neck was like steel pincers, regardless of how she struggled, he would not budge.

Hank never thought that Tang Tian would actually dare to take action on Claudia, and he immediately roared: "Stop! If anything happens to Young Miss Claudia, Mace Field Tradings will be buried!"

Tang Tian remained indifferent as he increased the strength output.

"Stop! Stop now!" Hank started to become anxious, all the steadiness disappearing from his mind: "State your conditions!"

"The Matchless Ship." Tang Tian said coldly: "Or did I not say it clearly enough the first time?"

Hank was stunned, and reacted only after a while in hysteria: "Are you crazy? Matchless Ship? Do you know what it is? A gold grade Warship! Are you thinking of destroying Mace Field Tradings? You know that your condition will never be accepted!"

Tang Tian nodded his head: "Alright then, I'll give her corpse to you."

"You!" Hank stared at Tang Tian, his eyes spewing fire, his chest undulating heavily, after a moment, he suppressed the anger in his heart, and said gloomily: "Change your condition, the Matchless Ship is an impossible demand."

"Are you saying that Young Miss Claudia is not worth this Matchless Ship?"

Melissa suddenly stood up and spoke out.

Hank took a deep breath as he stared at Melissa coldly: "Can I understand this, is Mace Field Tradings prepared to start a war?"

"It's just a gold grade warship." Melissa laughed: "Young Miss Claudia is invaluable, what is there to discuss with a mere single gold grade warship? This can start a war? The Holy Bell has rung, and the most important thing now is to fight for Temple. Mace Field Tradings is currently lacking a warship, your noble side is strong and rich, you can share a warship with my organisation, which will let us give our all for Temple as well, I firmly believe Temple will also be glad to see it this way."

"Good, good, good!" Hank repeated the word 'good' thrice, he was so angry that he started laughing.

The intent in Melissa's words were very clear, not only did it represent Mace Field Tradings' intent, it also meant that in such a crucial moment, as long as Mace Field Tradings comply to Temple's orders, Temple would definitely not care about the squabble between the two parties.

"Are you violating the Holy Bell bans?" Hank gritted his teeth and said.

"Of course, we do not dare to violate the Holy Bell bans." Melissa chuckled, seeing Hank's eyes lit up, she continued: "We will just let Young Miss Claudia accompany us for the coming days. Just right, we have many people here who adores Young Miss Claudia, I believe that they are definitely willing to interact with her."

Upon hearing that, Ji Ze and the rest started whistling and making a ruckus, all of their eyes lit up like ravenous wolves.

Upon hearing Melissa's words, Claudia almost fainted in Tang Tian's hands she she started cursing Melissa in her heart. It was her first time feeling afraid, and also the first time her eyes had fear when she looked at Melissa.

Tang Tian secretly smacked his lips, ~Women sure are fierce against each other!~ It was such a vicious idea that he definitely never thought of.

A burst of strength came out from nowhere, causing Claudia to scream: "Promise her! Quickly promise her!"

Her body was constantly trembling, previously it was for fear of death, but compared to the fear she was currently feeling, dying did not seem much. She was clear that with the resentment between the two, Melissa might even be hoping for Hank to refuse.

~This bitch!~ Claudia cursed in her heart over and over again as she swore to herself, after getting through it, she would make Melissa live a life worse than death!

Melissa's words made Hank's facial expression change. He did not dare to imagine what he would have to face if Melissa's words came through, as it was definitely not as simple as dying. ~Truly a sinister and vicious woman!~ He initially thought that the other party dared to kill Claudia, but he never thought that Melissa's methods would be even more terrifying.

Hank knew that he had no other options, and in his heart, he had to admit that thw Mace Field Tradings chose an extremely outstanding opportunity. At such a crucial moment, Elizabeth Tradings had no choice but to swallow the painful consequence.

They could not think of finding trouble with Mace Field Tradings before the war ended. And after the war…..with the Matchless Ship, Mace Field Tradings' strength would soar, and their achievements would most probably be higher, instead, Elizabeth Tradings' strength had been cut, which was extremely disadvantageous for any following battles.

In one move, the Mace Field Tradings had climbed out of their decline and struck a huge blow on Elizabeth Tradings, and even made them to be in a position where they had no other choice and to submit to the humiliation, it could be considered that they were truly astute and circumspect.

Thinking through the consequences, a cold chill surfaced in Hank's heart. His gaze was fixed on Tang Tian.

~This is definitely not Melissa's trick, the Mace Field Tradings' decline long proved that they do not have the ability to turn the tides. Furthermore, Claudia's abduction is filled with hostility, it is definitely not Melissa's style. Such farsightedness and ability to construct such a plan definitely came from that man.~

~His decisiveness and ferocity is completely different from the Mace Field Tradings' declining spirit.~

~He is an extremely dangerous man, but who is he?~

~To be able to replace Melissa's position to make such decisions, his position in the company is definitely equal to or higher than Melissa's.~

~Seems like we have underestimated Mace Field Tradings. Mace Field Tradings is more profound than we have thought, they still have a powerful Iron Mask Army that is led by an extremely dangerous leader. For the higher ups to be completely unaware of this, they have been too careless.~

Everyone's eyes were on Hank, preventing him from avoiding the decision making. Although he knew that everyone were waiting to take the initiative, he also knew that once he made the decision, he would be the one to face the music. But he was also clearly aware of what they would face if he did not save Claudia.

He took a deep breath, then said firmly: "Fine! We will exchange the Matchless Ship for Young Miss Claudia!"

Behind him, sounds of people heaving sighs of relief could be heard.

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