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Chapter 842 - Master Screw

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Only after they boarded Honorable Martial's Roar did they further experience its immense size.

The hull was completely swept clean, with only its main body left, but the keel was truly as what Franks had said, extremely durable. Most of them tried various methods, but were unable to leave a mark on it. Even Tang Tian's Godfist was unable to shake it.

Tang Tian finally revealed a smile and said: "What're all of you standing around for, quickly clean it up!"

After thinking about it, Tang Tian felt that the battle between warships was much more intense and stronger than humans fighting. And as the strongest designed warship, the Honorable Martial's Roar's keel had used the most expensive materials to be built, how could it be so easily destroyed?

Previously, everyone only believed Franks to a certain extent when he told them about the durability of the keel, but after personally testing it out, they then realized how powerful Honorable Martial's Roar truly was. Upon hearing Tang Tian asking them to clean up, they all got to work. It was not a small job, as the size was truly immense. After 200 years, it had become extremely unrecognizable. Large vines coiled around the skeleton, making it look like a green veil. Inside the hull was the playground for beasts, and there were feces and pee stains of wild beasts all around. Spider webs were formed in every corner, and all sorts of worms lurked around.

Luckily, none of them were squeamish and worked extremely hard.

Franks was too old, and could not afford to undertake the heavy manual task, thus he sat near Tang Tian. Unfortunately, Melissa had to follow along to help with the cleaning with her ashen and dirty face, Tang Tian never knew what was being tender towards the fairer sex.

Tang Tian who was working suddenly asked: "This is such a good keel, why doesn't anyone want it? Anyway it's free?"

Franks chuckled: "Who said that no one wants it? It's just that no one dares to. The Ultimate Army Warships are strategic weapons, like large scale siege boats, and no business organization or family dares to extend their hands out to take it. Unless you want to fight against the Honorable Martial Continent? As long as anyone dares to extend their hand here, they will definitely come and have a heart to heart talk with you."

Tang Tian was enlightened, and laughed: "That's true, that's true. Then we have truly profited, anyway, we are bandits, so sooner or later, we have to find them to talk."

Franks' expression turned sluggish, ~Master, do you truly like being a bandit? But, finding them to talk to them...such tyrannical words!~

"Does Master have any ideas for its refurbishment?" Franks asked with a look of concern: "There are a few shipbuilders in Red Soil City, but I am afraid their current ability isn't enough to handle such a grade of warship."

He did not want to give false information, Ultimate Army Warships were top grade warships, and the only ones with the ability to refurbish or repair such warships were definitely grandmaster grade shipbuilders. The Mace Fields Trading company definitely did not have one, but even the Honorable Martial Continent only had a few of them.

Franks started to talk aloud: "The Honorable Martial Continent should have three grandmaster shipbuilders capable enough to repair and refurbish Honorable Martial's Roar. Master Willow is far away in Willow Continent, which is very far. Grandmaster Cameron and Grandmaster Frederick are in Temple. Eh, are we truly supposed to look for any shipbuilders? What a pity…."

Previously, he did not think it through, and spoke in a moment of excitement. Now that they have truly obtained the remains of Honorable Martial's Roar, he realized that he neglected the most important part. Even he found it a pity to randomly find a shipbuilder, as it would waste the good ship keel.

"Don't worry about it." Tang Tian waved his hand, and said: "I'll take care of it."

Franks was startled, ~Does Master have a grandmaster shipbuilder?~

He immediately denied that guess, grandmaster shipbuilder was not a level easily attainable. The Honorable Martial Continent and the Southern Region had the highest standard in building ships, where the Southern Region was proficient in trading ships like transport ships, while Honorable Martial Continent was more proficient in warships. The Southern Region had two grandmaster shipbuilders while the Honorable Martial Continent had three, with five grandmaster shipbuilders, they were all famous and prestigious.

Tang Tian did not bother trying to explain, and buried his head into the work.

After two days and nights of continuous cleaning, the Honorable Martials' Roar's wreckage looked as good as new. The crystallized wood was glossy and dazzling, and was actually beautiful to the point that it stunned them. The alloy that was mixed from the Honorable Martial Origin Stone and Star Metal would release a gentle white light at night.

Even for Franks who was a veteran who had heard of the legendary Honorable Martials' Roar, when he finally got to witness it, he was still stunned by the extravagance of the Honorable Martial's Roar's materials.

If the entire crystallized body could be peeled off even slightly, one piece would be worth a huge sum of money. And even now, when everyone saw the transformation of the body, they were all drooling.

Suddenly, everyone caught sight of a fleet of ships flying from afar.

Franks was old, and could not see clearly, but he heard Johnson shout out: "The Daylight Army!"

Although the insignia on the warships were torn down, but Johnson was extremely familiar with the Daylight Army's warships, and recognized it immediately.

~Wasn't Daylight Army eradicated by the Gold Continent Bandits?~

~It's them!~

Johnson became serious, Franks' muddied eyes flashed with a light, while Melissa stood by the side with a curious look. The Gold Continent Bandits were currently known throughout the White Fields Continent, and the trading ships that escaped White Fields Continent described them as demons and ghosts.

When the fleet was above the warship cemetery, a group of people jumped down, with Zhong Li Bai in the lead.

"It wasn't easy to locate this place!"

Zhong Li Bai whined, his expression somewhat weak and ugly because of sitting in the warship for the past few days. It was not only him, the members beside him all had weakened expressions as well. Upon getting used to the [Monster]'s sprints, they were not used to sitting on warships, the feeling of doing nothing made these valiant generals all uncomfortable and restless.

Especially since the ones controlling the warships were all amateurs.


A warship's anchor dropped down and accidentally struck a pile of ruins, causing dust to be blown up.

"Hey!" Zhong Li Bai used his hand to cover his face, and revealed an angsty expression, then turned back and spoke outrightly to Tang Tian: "Master, I feel that we need more distance to practise our ambushes, we can use such a method to move rapidly, its results will definitely be substantial. Master, you don't have to worry about this group of weak rabbits!"

Even if he was beaten up, he no longer wanted to sit in the warship, it was truly torturous! Only controlling Monster and flying was considered being a real man!

Zhong Li Bai finally blew off his steam.

Before entering the Sacred Saint Galaxy, he had always been suppressed by Nie Qiu. But after obtaining [Monster], their fighting capabilities were finally unleashed. Their first battle caused everyone's eyes to dazzle as they destroyed the entire Daylight Army.

The warships that the Null Division were currently using were all plundered by them. After looking at the swaying warships that looked as though they were intoxicated, Zhong LI Bai was filled with a sense of superiority, but even more determined never to sit on Nie Qiu's warships ever again.

But on the contrary, Tang Tian was not unhappy about the Null Division's performance, warships were complicated to control, and even he did not have any clue on it.

The various generals of the Null Division appeared in front of Tang Tian, all of them had ash gray faces with awkward expressions, to perform so terribly in front of the Master was truly too embarrassing. But Nie Qiu had an indifferent expression, as though he was not bothered about it.

But, when the generals saw the Honorable Martial's Roar's remains, they were all shocked and revealed looks of surprise.

Right from the start, Franks was secretly observing the Master's subordinates, he inspected all of them, where every single one of them had an extraordinary presence, and from one look, he knew they were all powerful.

"Crazy Tang, is this our warship in the future?" Ah Mo Li's eyes lit up, as though he had seen a huge toy.

"If it can be repaired." Tang Tian said with please, he turned and asked: "Where's Screw?"

"Master Screw is there!" Zhong LI Bai's face immediately turned respectful upon talking about Screw. The Current Monster Army all called Screw "Master Screw".

The crowd parted like the red sea, revealing Screw's presence.

Screw looked up at Honorable Martial's Roar's remains blankly, as though he was out of sorts.

"Screw!" Tang Tian shouted.

"Huh?" Screw turned and looked at Tang Tian.

"Can this be repaired?" Tang Tian asked with anticipation.

Franks and the rest immediately turned to look at Screw, they were filled with shock, ~Could this dumbstruck spirit general truly be a grandmaster shipbuilder?~

"I don't know." Screw shook his head: "I do not know much about warships."

For some reason, Franks heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, if a grandmaster shipbuilder spirit general suddenly appeared, he sensed that he would go crazy. ~A spirit general which was a grandmaster shipbuilder, Master is in truth a Temple Clan Elder's son or something, right?

But Franks who had focused on Tang Tian suddenly sensed something, ~Why isn't Master disappointed, could it be that he has other ways?~

As expected, Tang Tian spoke up: "Then can you survey and map it out? We can have Sai Lei and Mo Leng research it carefully."

~Sai Lei? Mo Leng? There's still a Sai Lei and Mo Leng? Who are they?~

All of these questions spun around in Franks' head.

Tang Tian was filled with confidence, that was his trump card, with the three mechanical grandmasters collaborating, with sufficient time and materials, even he had the confidence in rebuilding the Honorable Martial's Roar. Compared to any great masters in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, Tang Tian's ability to grasp ideas and his accumulation of wealth was terrifying. A very long time ago, Tang Tian had a sent a few materials from the Sacred Saint Galaxy's warships over to Sai Lei, but it was just that they did not have the materials for Sai Lei to build the warship.

He believed that it would not be a problem, with Sai Lei's crazy nature to study meticulously, which would bring out all sorts of ideas, along with Screw and Mo Leng's support.

The only thing he was worried about was time. The destruction of the Ratchet Army and the Daylight Army was news that would definitely spread, with so many trading ships escaping the White Fields Continent, the neighbouring garrisoned armies and the Western Traders would have definitely received the news.

Who knew if suppressing armies were already on the way, so the sooner the Null Division could become a fighting strength, the more advantageous it would be for them./

"Right." Screw did not beat about the bush and nodded his head, he turned his head to Zhong Li Bai: "My toolbox."

"'I'll bring it over right now." Zhong Li Bai immediately turned and sprinted without saying a word.

Tang Tian was baffled, Zhong Li Bai was an arrogant and rampant man, he never expected Screw to subdue him, and it truly surprised him.

In a few moments, Zhong Li Bai carried a 1.5 m tall metal chest and ran over.

In front of Screw, he gently placed the metal chest onto the ground, his cautious attitude made it seem as though he was carrying a priceless treasure that would break upon impact.

The bronze chest did not have any other engravings except for the mark of the Southern Cross Army.

Tang Tian could not help but look at Screw, ~The Southern Cross mark has long been engraved into Screw's spirit already right.~

Screw remained emotionless, and stretched his hands into the bronze toolbox.

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