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Chapter 843 - The Reveal

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

When Screw touched the bronze chest, the 1.5m tall bronze chest opened like a blossoming flower, countless bronze components of various shape and sizes flew out, causing everyone's eyes to dazzle. In the next moment, a complete bronze workstation appeared in front of Screw.

Franks, Melissa, Johnson and the rest were dumbstruck, who had ever seen such a magical mechanical technique before?

The bronze station had all sorts of tools that came in different shapes and sizes, but all with peculiar and elaborate workmanship, making it a dazzling line up, which even Tang Tian was shocked to see. He never expected that the seemingly ordinary bronze chest would actually be able to fit so many things.

Screw who stood behind the bronze work station seemed to have a completely different aura, as though he was a different person. His blank face suddenly became alive and brimming with energy. His pair of eyes that were vacant at the start became extremely focused, like stars lighting up in the night sky, releasing a dazzling light aura that no one could ignore.

Everyone held their breaths, and Zhong Li Bai and the rest revealed even more revere towards him.

Tang Tian finally understood why Zhong Li Bai and the rest were so respectful towards Screw.

But Screw's following actions stunned Tang Tian.

Screw took out a small and delicate silver rack, that familiar undulation made Tang Tian realize that it was a star treasure. But what Tang Tian felt difficult to understand was how Screw was able to know how to use star treasures? Since when did that happen?

"Pictor Constellation?" Tang Tian asked, unsure of what it was.

Pictor Constellation was an extremely desolated and small constellation, one of the Southern Sky Constellations, and its use was extremely unique, usually for professional members to use.

"Silver Light Rack, Sai Lei gifted it to me." Screw said without even lifting his head.

~Oh~, Tang Tian was enlightened, but in the next moment, he saw another tool in Screw's hands, and his eyes could not help but widen again, it was a delicate and small silver compass, like a spinning top that spun round and round on Screw's palm without stopping.

"Circinus Constellation?" Tang Tian blurted out, its characteristics was too obvious.

"Circinus Gyroscope, Pi Pa gave it to me." Screw replied.

Tang Tian did not know what else to say, Circinus Constellation was also one of Southern Sky's 42 constellations, like Pictor Constellation, it was a typical sideline and small constellation where very few martial artists would go to or use their star treasures.

Screw then took out a silver ruler that was flowing with rainbow lights, on it were countless of tiny marked scales, that seemed to keep changing.

"Norma Constellation, now who gave that to you?" Tang Tian was sure of it, He was relatively familiar with the constellations, Jing Hao had trained in this constellation's inheritance. But Jing Hao broke out of Norma Constellation's cage and entered an even bigger and broader world.

"Flowing light Set Square, Bell gave it to me." Screw's tone remained indifferent.

Tang Tian was now brimming with curiosity, Screw had taken out three silver star treasures, which made him extremely excited about how Screw would check the Honorable Martial's Roar. Screw's knowledge on silver star treasures had surprised him greatly, but what surprised him even more was that he had taken the three out fairly quickly.

The Silver Rack shot out a beam of light that expanded right in front of everybody's eyes, transforming into a light screen.

The Gyroscope in his other hand transformed into flowing light that shot into the remnants of the Honorable Martial's Roar, where after that, the light screen had a black dot, which started to move around, forming a black line.

Screw then threw the Flowing Light Set Square into the light screen, which transformed into another flowing light, where countless of mark scales appeared on the light screen, like little fine red needles flying about unsteadily.

Inside the light screen, the Honorable Martial's Roar's outline was drawn out, and numbers started pouring out like a waterfall from the right side of the light screen.

Tang Tian's eyes blurred, he was already surprised by the fact that Screw could use Star Treasures, but he could even combine the use of star treasures, ~That…..that's too powerful!~

Screw looked to be slow and dumb, but upon touching mechanical related things, it was as though he was a completely different man, filled with life.

~As expected of the chief mechanical grandmaster engineer of the Southern Cross Army…~

Zhong Li Bai who was standing by the side was not surprised, they had long experienced the depth of Master Screw's powers. It was normal for Master Screw to be powerful, and abnormal for him not to be. In the past few days, their Monster Army was reborn. In the first few days, Master Screw was completely immersed in researching various materials, thus Zhong Li Bai did not notice him much. But after the next few days, when Screw started to improve the Monsters, Zhong Li Bai was completely shocked.

The strengthened Monsters increased over 30% in strength.

Zhong Li Bai finally understood why the Ursa Major Constellation could become stronger the more they fought, and finally understood what a mechanical grandmaster engineer truly was. The Leo Constellation had studied Ursa Major Constellation for so long, if only they knew the truth, who knows how they would feel.

But Zhong Li Bai did not have the mood to care about what the Leo Constellation thought, he was a military general of the Ursa Major Constellation already. Furthermore, with the rise in strength of [Monster], it made Zhong Li Bai who had finally let off some steam feel an immense pressure.

A mechanical martial artist's rise in strength could not keep up with the rise in strength of their mechanical spirit weapon, if that was leaked out, he would lose all of his face.

Zhong Li Bai never relaxed at all, and trained his subordinates even more harshly.

Franks was dumbstruck, everything that happened in front of him was completely out of his understanding. ~Those….those are spirit objects….~

~A spirit general with three spirit objects, and three powerful spirit objects~, these completely surpassed his imaginations. ~Wait a minute, spirit objects,~ A name suddenly flashed past his mind, which he blurted out: "Southern Alliance!"

Recently, it was said that Southern Alliance had become famous in Sacred Saint Galaxy due to spirit objects!

Upon saying that, the old man immediately felt that it was a mistake, and his face flushed white.

Melissa and Johnson reacted upon his words, and their faces immediately changed. Everyone had all wondered and thought of their background, but they never guessed it to be the Southern Alliance. ~The Southern Alliance is engaged in an extremely heated battle with the Honorable Martial Continent, and they were said to be at a disadvantage, why would they appear here? This is Honorable Martial Continent's most western end, could it be that the Southern Alliance had travelled across the Honorable Martial Continent just to come to his wasteland?~

But when Franks blurted out the name "Southern Alliance", they were all enlightened.

Tang Tian laughed, but did not say anything.

Upon seeing Tang Tian's expression, Franks heart dropped, his face ashen as he trembled in fear. Previously, they felt that it would not be much if they relied on Tang Tian, since the Mace Fields Trading was not any important figure in the Honorable Martial Continent. So if they were from the Gold Continent, there would not be any problems, since the Gold Continent and the Honorable Martial Continent were too far apart, and they could disregard any conflict of interest.

But it would be different with the Southern Alliance. The Southern Alliance was at war with the Honorable Martial Continent, if Mace Fields Trading were to defect to Southern Alliance at such a moment, the Honorable Martial Continent would wipe them out. Franks felt as if he was plunged in ice water, his lips trembling. Previously, if he had suspected that Tang Tian and his group was somewhat related to the Southern Alliance, he would have never chose to defect to them.

He should not even have revealed it.

But they no longer had any path of retreat, even with Tang Tian's smile, if they chose to leave, none of them would be able to leave alive. In the past few days, he had seen how the Master would look harmless normally, but in crucial moments, the Master would become extremely ruthless and scary.

Countless of thoughts swept past Franks mind, and in that moment, he made a decision. In truth, they no longer had any choice to do anything, even if Tang Tian did not kill them, he had given the Southern Alliance the Honorable Martial's Roar, and if word spread, Temple would definitely not let them go. Temple's position was always the highest in the Honorable Martial Continent's internal affairs, and with such guilt, Mace Fields Trading would cease to exist.

"I am truly blind." Franks was filled with self ridicule, but his expression immediately turned serious as he spoke solemnly: "Mace Fields Trading will only follow Master from now on!"

Melissa was stupefied, while Johnson heaved a sigh of relief. Maybe to Mace Fields Trading, it was a gamble, but to Johnson, it meant that his life could temporarily be spared.

Tang Tian happily waved his hands: "I won't let you be at a disadvantage."

Mace Fields Trading was a local business organization, with their help, their entire plan's success rate would greatly increase.

Franks hesitated for a moment, then asked carefully: "I wonder what position Master holds in the Southern Alliance?"

"I am Tang Tian." Tang Tian did not hide anything and spoke blatantly: "The Southern Alliance's head."

The three of them were instantly dumbstruck, and became silent.

The three of them made no reaction for a long time, making Tang Tian slightly awkward and furious: "Do I not look like one?"

He did not know how shocked the three of them were.

It was already an inconceivable thing for the Southern Alliance's Army to appear at the Western Region of the Honorable Martial Continent. But the one to lead the army was actually the head of Southern Alliance, that…..

They suddenly remembered that right from the start of the Southern Expedition, there were countless of reports from the frontlines, but there never was news of the leader of the Southern Alliance, as even the spirit general commander-in-chief of Southern Alliance was reported to appear many times.

Tang Tian had actually led an army to appear at the most west side of the Honorable Martial Continent like a ghost!

Even the dumbest person would understand how this would affect the entire situation. The Southern Alliance had actually silently laid such a fatal move. It was their true killing technique, with three of the Great Generals out, and Mu Zhi Xia guarding the Savage Continent, the large Honorable Martial Continent only had Jia Ya in it.

It was Honorable Martial Continent's weakest moment.

They had personally seen the God Armor Army's fighting capability, and the only army that could induce an energy storm in Honorable Martial Continent was Jia Ya's direct subordinated army. If Tang Tian were to revive Honorable Martial's Roar, adding the mechanical army of the Gold Continent Bandits.

Ssssi, the three of them inhaled in a breath at the same time.

They suddenly realized that, Temple was in danger!

As long as Tang Tian took action, the immense advantage at the frontlines would be helpless, as they were too far to do anything. The situation of the battle had plunged into an extremely subtle dangerous step.

When that happened, it would truly be the crux of the entire battle.

Whether or not Jia Ya could defend against Tang Tian would become the fatal move to determine victory. If he could delay until the three great armies destroyed the Southern Alliance, or for the frontlines to return for reinforcements, then Tang Tian who was deep in the Honorable Martial Continent would be trapped in enemy's territory. And if Jia Ya was unable to defend against Tang Tian, Tang Tian's army would become the fatal hidden dagger to plunge into Honorable Martial Continent's heart.

It was undoubtedly the most brazen, dangerous, and intense plan.

But regardless of how one looked at it, it was an extremely outstanding plan, in theory, it had an extremely large success rate.

And the only one who took the risk, to move without fear and implement the plan, Tang Tian, was definitely a leader worth respecting!

A leader worth following after!

Chapter 844 - The Discussion Over Honorable Martial's Roar

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Three Spirits City.

Sai Lei, Mo Leng and Screw were seated in a circle, discussing and quarreling over the Honorable Martial's Roar for an entire night.

Tang Tian had brought Screw back to Three Spirits City, then got Sai Lei and Mo Leng to stop all of their work, and face the Honorable Martial's Roar together.

Fortunately, at this period of time, with Tang Tian's return, Pi Pa had guessed that there would most probably be a large movement. So she had specially requested for grandmaster Mo Leng to return to Three Spirits City beforehand, to prepare for the highly probable needed assistance. Initially, grandmaster Mo Leng was reluctant to put down his work on hand, but it was under Pi Pa's moving request that he came to Three Spirits City.

This was where Tang Tian appreciated Pi Pa the most, she always managed things to perfection.

The gathering of the three grandmasters made Tang Tian extremely confident.

Sai Lei was a crazy researcher, back when she obtained the warship materials from Sacred Saint Galaxy, she led the mechanical workshop to undergo thorough research and analysis. Her mindset came from the thought that after the Southern Alliance won, they would have endless of beneficial materials. She could then produce a warship for the Ursa Major Constellation. In Heaven's Road, a warship was definitely a huge killing machine, and with its horrifying destructive capabilities and its defense, it would simplify the battle.

The thought of the Southern Alliance losing had never crossed her mind.

What Screw brought with him was not only the data retrieved by analyzing the Honorable Martial's Roar, but information of all sorts of materials from the Sacred Saint Galaxy. When Zhong Li Bai destroyed the Daylight Army, he swept clean the entire Daylight City, the benefits from it far surpassed what was expected. But Screw was not moved with the abundance of resources that they had obtained, but threw himself into the different tests and research on all of the various characteristics of the materials.

His first hand information was extremely precious.

When Sai Lei and Mo Leng saw the information report, the both of them became so excited they almost jumped in agitation, even for Mo Leng, who was always as extremely calm, had become extremely excited. Sai Lei was already pulling on her hair, wanting so badly to enter the Sacred Saint Galaxy.

Mo Leng did not waste his time as well, his base was completely different from Sai Lei's, as well as his direction of research.

For the Mo Family, he was more focused on researching how to excavate the performance potential of ordinary materials, how to structure mechanic weapons so as to increase their performance and lower costs. He came up with many robust theories, and in the past few years, the Mo Family's mechanical spirit weapons also became more and more famous. The Mo Family's mechanical spirit weapons' performance would never be at the top, but would always be placed at a relatively good point, but their mechanical spirit weapons would forever be the most comfortable and easy to use, with the lowest learning curve and were the most cost effective mechanical spirit weapons.

The three mechanical grandmaster engineers with different expertise, produced an intellectual fire and battle far surpassing anybody's imagination.

But, watching the three of them go head to head against each other, it still sent shivers down Tang Tian's spine, even for someone who had seen death.

~These spars…. it's too much!~

Tang Tian had no choice but to interrupt the three almost crazy people, with a rarely seen sternness: "Hey hey hey, guys, watch the time! We don't have much time! You guys need to come up with an answer as soon as possible, the longer you delay, the more disadvantageous we become! By today, I need you guys to come up with a solution, we still need to do factor in the refurbishment and repairs timing, we are extremely tight on time. There is a very high possibility that the other armies in Honorable Martial Continent are coming towards us. We have no time! I do not need a perfect solution, I just need a solution that works!"

The three of them were stunned by Tang Tian's strict and serious voice, and the room became quiet again.

After a moment, the fervent in their eyes gradually receded, and they managed to calm down.

~That's right, Tang Tian is right.~

Sai Lei looked at Tang Tian with shock in her eyes. Tang Tian did not have his usual smile and naive ness on his face, his eyes were strangely deep, and he was emitting a strong bearing. His strong and unyielding tone produced an effect that made them unable to resist.

She was somewhat startled to realize that the originally crazy young lad who loved to boast had already grown to become an outstanding leader.

She quickly recovered her calm: "That's right, we need to hurry."

The three of them quickly went back into discussion, but this time, they were not against each other, and spoke with extreme calm and haste.

"Considering the environment where the Honorable Martial's Roar would be in the future, being surrounded will be a normal occurrence. We must first increase its defense. The Honorable Martial's Roar's strongest point is in its main hull, we need to protect it, and the defense of the entire warship should revolve around it. For this, we would need to have a few diverting courses, forming an energy diverting defense around the hull. By doing this, Other than being able to have an energy barrier, the Honorable Martial's Roar will have an internal energy diversion defense, with this double protection, its survivability will be very powerful"

"From the layout of the warship, it's hull should have its own circuit loop, although the circuit's energy exploitation will not be high, and it is rather old fashioned, but it has a good advantage. It can endure an astonishing amount of energy, this way, we might as well increase the energy flow, since the star rocks in the Sacred Saint Galaxy are not worth anything, and we can use star treasures, we can treat it like a stronghold…."

"We do not have much raw materials on hand, and a large part of the main hull of the warship will require them. I suggest that we embed them purely into the main hull, this way we can greatly strengthen its durability, and then use scattered and loosened building materials to form the exterior. This way even if it suffers from damages, the loosened parts will be able to absorb some energy, and the main hull will not suffer that much damages…."

The three of them spoke sentence after sentence, completing each other at extreme speed, causing Tang Tian to be unable to comprehend anything, only feeling that it was extremely impressive!

Just as the intense discussion was conducted in Three Spirits City, Zhong Li Bai's Monster Army was travelling through the night, towards the Red Soil City.

Their guides were Melissa and Johnson, who sat on a transport ship and watched the Monster Army sprinting beneath them. To prevent their identity from being exposed, the transport ship they were using was an extremely old boat they dug out from the warship cemetery, allowing both the ships and Monster Army to look similar as a disguise. Mace Fields Trading that was hidden in the shadows was proving to be even more beneficial to Tang Tian's plan.

Zhong Li Bai's ferocious roar could be heard from the distance.

"More haste, brats, all of you better be serious!"

"Run well, this is our training! Unless you still wish to sit in the Null Division's Warship in the future, otherwise, you better run well!"

With that said, the monsters beneath all started to increase their speed, as though they were giving it their all.

"A Warship isn't that scary right!" Melissa was flabbergasted.

Johnson also felt that it was inconceivable, he had seen many armies, and knew the personalities of soldiers. All the ordinary soldiers would always rely on transport ships to mobilize, and only a few elite army would use such training to improve their endurance.

He suddenly remembered about some rumors regarding the Southern Alliance, one of it said that the armies of the Southern Alliance liked to conduct resistance training in the Sea of Energy, and even the other powerhouses were incapable of understanding why.

"It must be some sort of tradition." Johnson said without completely sure: "They have the tradition of resistance training by running in the Sea of Energy, and I think they use this method to grind the determination of the soldiers."

Melissa was stunned: "Resistance training in the Sea of Energy?"

"Yes." Johnson nodded his head: "And they travel extremely far, I heard that there were people at the edge of the Honorable Martial Continent that saw a mysterious army, and many of them reckoned that it was an army belonging to the Southern Alliance."

"That's preposterous!" Melissa exclaimed.

If the Monster Army beneath them that were travelling a long distance already made them feel tired, then resistance training in the Sea of Energy would not only be even more tiring, but extremely dangerous! There was the endless energy corrosion, and the sudden appearance of energy vortices, where even warships were unable to assure complete safety.

Melissa could not resist to ask: "Are they not afraid of dying?"

Johnson waved his hand: "It is a terrifying tradition!"

"Isn't it said that the Southern Region people are all immersed in pleasure and extravagance?" Melissa asked with suspicion, Mace Fields Tradings was ultimately still a large scale business organization, and had done business with the Southern Region countless of times. It was only because of the war that the trading stopped.

"The Southern Region is the Southern Region, and the Southern Alliance is the Southern Alliance." Johnson shook his head: "Look at them, do they look like people who are immersed in pleasure?"

Melissa was speechless.

It was true, after seeing and watching them for the past few days, they were definitely not people who were addicted to pleasure. They dressed simply, and even the Master, Tang Tian, was not eye catching at all. Comparing them, the aristocratic disciples of the Honorable Martial Continent dressed even more luxuriously. The mechanical army beneath them also had extremely ugly spirit puppets, with barbs and thorns all over, without any paint, as though they were garbage picked up from the trash.

But when they ran, no one thought of them that way anymore.

They were sprinting like thunder, wild, fearsome, crude, unstoppable, made people know for sure that anything that tried to stop them would definitely be trampled into dust!

"Why is the disparity so big?" Melissa muttered.

Johnson looked at the full force bronze tide, he hesitated for a moment, then said: "They are not Southern Region people."

"They are not Southern Region People?" Melissa opened her eyes wide, she was shocked, and only regained her senses after awhile, and spoke with a low voice: "Are they from the Gold Continent?"

"No." Johnson spoke softly, and pointed to the sky: "There is a saying that spread from the higher ups, saying they might be from another place."

Melissa was startled: "What other place?"

"I do not know." Johnson shook his head: "I only know this much, only the higher ups will know, there is a saying, that Temple had long known of that place, and is thinking of conquering it."

If it were in the past, Johnson would never reveal such information to anybody. Mace Fields Trading had employed him, but it was merely just an employment. But now, everyone was in the same boat, a boat that they could never leave.

Everyone was now companions, that was why Johnson dared to speak of the shocking rumors.

Melissa suddenly thought of a rumor of Temple, and revealed a look of shock: "Could it be that the news of Temple starting the Southern Expedition was for the Southern Alliance?"

The reason for the Southern Expedition was publicly announced to be that the Southern Alliance had offended the Honorable Martial Continent's interests, but no one believed that. Even the citizens of the Honorable Martial Continent felt that the true reason for Southern Expedition was to devour the Southern Region.

But who knew….

"As long as you know about it and do not spread it." Johnson spoke softly.

The silhouette of Red Soil City ahead of them appeared from the horizon.

Zhong Li Bai became excited, Red Soil City that had no armies for protection and was simply a huge fat meal for the Monster Army!

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