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Chapter 841 - Warship Cemetery

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

If one were to say that Franks was previously filled with worried about his choice, then now…..

Alright, even Franks would be unable to describe his own emotions, as he was still completely shocked.

~The Gold Continent Bandits were actually Master's subordinates!~

~That Gold Continent Bandits that just destroyed Daylight Army, is actually master's subordinates!~

It was the first time Franks felt as if he had been living for nothing, not thinking about comparing between himself and the Master. The Master was a genius, and Franks believed that the Master was far different from mortal men.

And he started to doubt his own foresight.

Franks had always been extremely confident in his own foresight, his years of accumulated wisdom and abundant experience, made him have extremely sharp insight, and it was where he was the most responsible in. But to suffer from a setback on his most responsible part for the first time on the Master, it was either a poor sense of judgement or it was truly out of his expectation.

For the first time, Franks felt that he was truly unfathomable. No one will ever know how many trump cards he had, and every time when one thought that they had already witnessed the Master's trump card, not long later, one would realise how shallow and stupid he was.

Franks only managed to come back to himself after a long while of shock.

~I am glad that my decision was not wrong~, that was Franks' greatest joy. ~The power that the master had displayed was definitely not simple,~ Franks who had calmed down could afford to think.

~Maybe master comes from the Gold Continent?~

That was undoubtedly the most natural thought process, the Gold Continent Bandits were numbered over ten thousand, and used mechanical weapons, that was definitely not something any organization could do.

To the Honorable Martial Continent, the Gold Continent was definitely very foreign. The Gold Continent was situated in the east and the Honorable Martial Continent was to the west, with a distance of approximately hundred thousand li. As for the White Field Continent, which was even further west in the Honorable Martial Continent, it was a place too far from the Gold Continent.

Their understanding towards the Gold Continent stopped at knowing the Gold Continent was the largest continent in the Eastern Region, and the overlord there.

The only thing that made them feel interested was the Spirit Puppets of Gold Continent. The Spirit Puppet was a tradition of the Gold Continent, and with over ten thousand years of history, it was an entirely different system. It was said that the martial techniques that the Gold Continent martial artists trained in were completely different from the Honorable Martial Continent's, as they required a long time in order to gain control of the spirit puppets.

~If Master comes from the Gold Continent…..~

When that thought came out, he did not know what to do. Franks did not care about the hostile relationship with the Honorable Martial Continent, as he did not have many positive feelings towards the Honorable Martial Continent either.

To the outside world, the Honorable Martial Continent was unified and powerful. From the top down, everyone was a whole as a strict organization. But the Honorable Martial Continent's unification of the Western Regions' various continents was done extremely quickly, in just a few hundred years. Compared to a long history of over ten thousand years, the Honorable Martial Continent was just a new ruler. As for the various continent's royal families and aristocratic families, they were all thrown into the Sin Domain. But all the various continents still had a bad reaction towards the unification. It was just that the Honorable Martial Continent adopted high pressure policies towards the continents that made them unable to do anything but hold the rage in their hearts.

There was no doubt to the Honorable Martial Continent's strength, but against the intangible history and culture, it was still helpless in some aspects.

Franks was one of the most typical cases, their homeland was conquered, they were powerless to resist, and lost their faith. They did not dare rebel against Honorable Martial Continent, but the anger and hatred in their hearts could never be resolved. The Honorable Martial Continent also understood this point, that was why Honorable Martial Continent's benefits were always given to people like the Western Traders, who were under them, and not the Mace Fields Tradings.

To Franks, the family's interest would always be prioritized higher than the Honorable Martial Continent. If they had to leave Honorable Martial Continent and go to the Gold Continent to allow their family to expand, why not?

Behind the Master was an immense force that was definitely powerful and huge, and most likely was one of the tyrannical aristocratic families of the Gold Continent. Franks also believed that the Master's strength was just the tip of the iceberg.

Franks became even more excited.

Previously, he had decided to defect to Tang Tian was because of Tang Tian and the God Armor Army's might. If the Mace Fields Tradings had a top grade army to protect them, it would be extremely beneficial. And for this top grade army to have another huge organization behind them, its power being 10 to 100 times of them, that was something that far surpassed his imagination.

It was a completely different level.

It was a different future for them.

Franks became extremely energetic.

The Warship Cemetery was very isolated, thus the Mace Fields Trading's fleet quickly left. The God Armor Army no longer travelled outside, but entered the boats and trained.

The benefits they had obtained from the battle far exceeded their time of training, especially since the God Armor Army already had profound foundations, and only needed to adapt.

Tang Tian and the rest listened to Franks talk with interest.

"The Honorable Martial Continent has more than 10 warship cemeteries, and most of them are situated in the Western Region, where there are eight of them. Since it is desolate and the land is vast and the population sparse, they easily found any land and built the cemetery. When many warships are decommissioned, they will directly fly to the warship cemetery, and after removing some valuable things, they will be thrown into cemetery."

"That's such a waste, to throw the big boats away." Tang Tian said emotionally.

He did not forget about the bitterness he had to live through in the past, where he had to throw his face just for a few thousand dollars. The tyrant Tang used to be poor as well, and knew how tough it was, and he could never bear wasting such resources!

What he could not bear even more was that Tyrant Tang could not afford to waste such things!

Tang Tian would never be able to throw such things away, it was not like him to do such a thing.

~Just wait for me, just wait for me there~, the young man muttered furiously in his heart.

"All of these warships have basically made full use of their lifespan, and are not worth much, and scraping them also requires a lot of cost. It is different from the past now, the materials for warships that go through sorting cannot be reused, and naturally are unable to obtain any value. Weapons would be heavily damaged, and adding with the advancement in techniques, no one would want them. Such weapons are to preserve their lives, and naturally buying a good one is more worthwhile." Franks explained.

Everyone else nodded their heads, Franks was right. Everyone were fanatics to battle, as long as it concerned their lives, they would never be stingy on such weapons.

When Franks was young, he had travelled the world and gained experience for himself, he was eloquent and had all sorts of interesting items, and thus their journey was not tedious and boring at all.

Two days later, they finally arrived at the warship cemetery that Franks was talking about.

Tang Tian and the rest were shocked by what they saw.

Pile after pile of wrecked warships resembled mountains, they were packed closely together, expanding out over 10 li, with their same gray color, there were no other colors in the place. It was a gray cemetery, the home of the warships. There were all different sized warships with traces of battle and damage, and many of them had rotten and were extremely dilapidated. Spiderwebs could be seen all around, with the occasional wild beasts appearing.

How many warships were there? Nobody knew.

Facing the gray world in front of them, it made everyone deeply feel the strength of the Honorable Martial Continent for the first time!

Only after a long while did every regained their senses, but all of them had respect written over their faces. The dilapidated warships were piled up like bones, every single warship was badly damaged, some clearly gone through the flames of war.

They were like old veterans quietly sleeping.

Their past valiant bearing could no longer be seen under the sunlight, the howls of the wind no longer brought forth the bone chilling roars that made their enemies squirm.

The years had taken away their companions, and also made them age, they slept in here quietly, slowly passing away.

Regardless of their standpoint, in front of these slumbering "veterans", everyone was extremely serious and respectful.

Tang Tian did not have his usual laughing face, he was stern and serious, as he stared at the gray cemetery. The hundreds of warships, made him think of Bing and the Southern Cross Army. He thought of himself, of Ursa Major Constellation, and of the Southern Alliance.

They have never yielded, and fought side by side, defending their dreams.

They walked the paths of their ancestors, into the blazing flames of battle and blades, amongst the roars of the warships, they fought side by side.

With the flow of time, they would get old as well, they would have to leave as well, at that time, would humans still remember them now?

Tang Tian suddenly laughed, regaining the clarity in his eyes.

~Even if their names will go down in history, even if they did not succeed in any great undertaking, but everyone is fighting alongside each other, and us being by each other's side is the proof of it. All of our emotions are true, and our dreams in our hearts, will follow everyone for the rest of our lives.~

~To live one life is enough, what does an eternity have to do with me?~

Tang Tian took a deep breath, he suddenly bowed down towards the countless of old warships.

The God Armor Army people behind him all bowed in unison.

Melissa was shocked by their actions, and subconsciously blurted out: "Aren't you guys bandits? Aren't you guys enemies with them?"

"Yes." Tang Tian said without looking back: "Is it wrong to respect our enemies?"

Melissa was speechless.

Sima Xiao fell into deep thought, he looked at Tang Tian deeply, and finally had some understanding on why Tang Tian was able to create one after another of miracles.

Franks eyes revealed a look of admiration, and said: "Master's bearing is out of the ordinary, how can bandits ever have such bearing?"

Tang Tian turned and stared at the old man for a long time.

Franks sensed that the Master had caught whiff of his underlying meaning.

"Are you looking down on bandits?" Tang Tian looked unkindly at the old man, although he had been a bandit for a short time, but he still had to protect the profession's dignity.

Franks was startled.

Seeing that, Sima Xiao could no longer tolerate it and laughed out loud.

Franks knew that the Honorable Martial's Roar was parked in the cemetery they were in, but unsure of its actual location. The group of them started searching the entire cemetery, and after looking for an hour, they finally found their goal.

A gigantic ship skeleton the size of a mountain laid there quietly.

It was right in the center of the cemetery, and was unlike the other casually placed warships. All around it, in a 200m radius, was empty space.

Even in the cemetery, it still remained like a proud king, preserving its overbearingness. It was as if all the warships in the cemetery were protecting its side.

The legend of the past, once the ruler of the skies, the Honorable Martial's Roar.

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