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Chapter 820 - I'm Back

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Three Spirits City.

The familiar bronze door, which was still as imposing and dignified, had its walls slightly higher than before.

The training grounds that were brightly lit, were buzzing with activities, and the incessant shootings and chiding. One after another, all of the unbending faces that were covered with perspiration were all sprinting with all of their might, the deep resounding sounds produced when they fell, the least fanciful collision that ignited sparks between them.

Under the light, everything was so clear.

There was not many changes from before.

Tang Tian sighed with emotions in his mind, it felt that everything was a lifetime ago.

Tang Tian released a brilliant smile.

~It is still the same old familiar place, and the same old familiar scent.~

It sounded funny to him, and yet, it was real. His smile that was as bright as the sun, along with the heavy breathing undulations from his chest, Tang Tian bent his waist and laughed out loud towards the sky.


His laughter that resounded throughout the entire Three Spirits City caused everyone to stop what they were doing.

Tang Tian's chest was moving up and down heavily, all the bitterness, danger, desperate situations that he had experienced, and to finally witness such a scene, how could he not feel emotional? All of the young soldiers training with perspiration pouring all over the training grounds under the light, their faces filled with determination and obstination, their eyes were blazing with flames.

He saw fighting spirit, hope, he saw himself, he saw family.

His chest instantly felt as if there was a regiment of flames burning, causing his blood to boil, welcoming the light, the training grounds filled with perspiration, welcoming the majestic bronze door, he started to run.

The wind screamed in his ears, and amidst the exclamation of shocks, the young man acted as though there were no one else around him, through the training grounds, through the lights, he sprinted as fast as he could.

Only by sprinting could he unleash the excitement in his body, he did not stop, he jumped up the walls, and ran along the walls.

He was like a gale, but more like a beam of light, sweeping through the dark clouds, sweeping through the hail and storm, through the mist, through despair.

In one breath, Tang Tian reached the highest peak of the wall, the majestic Three Spirits City entered his vision, he gasped for breath, not from fatigue, but from excitement, he opened up his arms, as though he wanted to hug the entire bronze city.

After taking a deep breath, he suddenly thought about the past when he was on the peak of the mountain outside Star Wind City, where he shouted towards the sky to encourage himself like what he was currently doing.

~The young naive kid from back then, is now a king.~

~The initial heart, determination and passion of the young man, has never changed.~

The young man who had his arms opened up wide was like a kid back then again, announcing to the world.

"I'm back!"

The exclamation lasted for a few seconds as it shot through the clouds.

Winter had passed, and spring was coming.

All the guests that had just arrived in Three Spirits City felt that way. Everyone on the road had an indescribable light aura on their faces, they were instantly filled with fighting spirit, like many combusting flames, they released light and warmth.

The current Three Spirits City was like a volcano able to erupt at any moment, after slumbering for thousands of years, it had accumulated too much energy. It was as though this volcano was eager to release its voice, eager to display its power.

In the Mechanical Weapons Laboratory, everyone became excited.

"Master is finally home! Without Master here, everyone has been feeling uneasy."

"That's right, this is good, now that Master is fine, who can fight us!"

"I wonder what problems Master had encountered to disappear for so long?"

"For this, we need Big Sister to come back, then we will know!"

"Humph, those Honorable Martial Group people are in for it this time!"

"That's right, with Master's temper, they will definitely be beaten up so badly that their mothers won't even recognize them."


Everyone started to discuss amongst themselves, Tang Tian's arrival had made them lose the stress in their hearts. The Master had not establish any communications for a long time, causing the Big Sister temper to become terrible, she was like an explosive that would ignite at even the smallest spark. It was also normal, for in the entire Ursa Major Constellation history, Tang Tian had not disappeared for such a long time.

For the Master to finally return safely, it had shocked the higher ups of the Ursa Major Constellation, who at the first moment rushed to Three Spirits City.

The Ursa Major Constellation was not in a good situation, everyone were feeling pressure, and although their Master had just returned, the pressurizing atmosphere was instantly cleared, and everyone were filled with confidence towards the future.

Da da da.

The hurried sound of high heels caused everyone to tremble, ~Big Sister is back!~

Everyone around instantly scattered like birds, and returned to their work.

Sai Lei rushed in like wind, her face filled with confidence, she started to ask the moment she entered: "How many sets of [Monster] do we have?"

"Around 900 sets." Someone immediately replied.

Everyone's attention instantly got attracted, [Monster] was the mechanical spirit weapon that Screw had modified for Colin, it was extremely ugly,and its bearing was far different from the mechanical spirit weapons they had designed. [Monster]'s design was truly very different, for example its structure was simple, with leather, its defense was rather low, but the crucial thing was that it was extremely suitable for martial artists that were weak with martial spirits.

[Monster] had various originalities, but in Three Spirits City, it was actually not much in demand. It lacked the possibility to improve, and its changes in composition was far more difficult for the martial spirits to grow stronger. It could be treated as a good replenishment or substitute, but never able to form as the main force of mechanical spirit weapons.

The laboratory was filled with a group of mechanical spirit weapons maniacs, all of them had studied [Monster], and benefited from it.

But no one expected for the Big Sister to ask about it the moment she returned.

"How long do you need to make 10 thousand sets of [Monster]?"

Ssssi, everyone inhaled in cold air, ~10 thousand sets!~

"That will require us about 2 months, we have many more things on hand right now…."

"Stop everything else right now." Sai Lei said without hesitation.

The entire laboratory remained silent as they stared at Big Sister Head.

"Do you have any opinion?" Sai Lei raised her eyebrow, her eyes as sharp as sword.

"No no." Everyone awoke from their stupor.

"If all of our other projects are too be stopped, we will require about a month." The second in charge calculated.

"Too long." Sai Lei interrupted: "We only have one week of time."

"That's impossible!" The second in charge shook his head.

"Don't tell me impossible." Sai Lei suddenly turned, her face as calm as water, she said one word by one word clearly: "I want to hear how can you make it possible."

Everyone looked at each other, they finally realized that it was a suicide mission, and their hearts trembled.

"[ and Monster]n class="copyright-obfuscation"> not 's composition is simple, and it is not hard to produce it. We can gather all the other mechanical engineers to come and help out, this way, we can shorten our production time."

"That's right, there are other workshops that can help to produce it, we can temporarily employ these mechanical engineers, to act as support and help build or assemble."

"We can get Colin and the rest to help out, they are specialized in this, and will definitely help to a certain degree."

"The Southern Cross Army warehouse has all of those old mechanical spirit weapon parts that we can use, as long as we do some changes, they can directly be used, and the style is rather similar."

"We can ask Screw about it, how they managed these things back in the Southern Cross Army days."


Everyone came out with their own various plans.

Sai Lei nodded her head emotionlessly: "All of you do what you need, we are in a rush, so do it now!"

"Yes!" Everyone complied immediately.

Sai Lei's eyes flashed with a strange light aura, to construct 10 thousand sets of mechanical spirit weapons in a week, when she heard Tang Tian's request, she thought she heard wrongly. But when Tang Tian carefully explained Bing's plan, she was enlightened. Without wasting any more time, she anxiously begun to delegate the work.

~It is truly almost an impossible task.~

But she was filled with fighting spirit.

That's right, an undying fighting spirit, she wanted to do the impossible, and tell Tang Tian, regardless of what danger he faced, they would be his strongest shield.

She wanted Tang Tian to see the Three Spirits City that had grown stronger, the power that it held.

A strength that was unbeatable!


The Desolate Continent.

"This is Sacred Saint Galaxy?"

Du Ke suppressed the excitement in his heart, he had dreamt of Sacred Saint Galaxy for so many times, and when it was truly right in his face, it felt unreal. The people beside him was extremely excited.

~Back to the Sacred Saint Galaxy!~

They were finally back to the Sacred Saint Galaxy!

The dreams that countless of their ancestors had, the blood and lives they sacrificed to do so, they had finally accomplished it.

"You must all grasp the time to get used to it here." Zhong Li Bai glanced at them and reminded them: "Like how we were used to Laws, our path ahead will not be the same."

Du Ke took a deep breath, then did his best to control his excitement, and said respectfully: "We will all do our best."

The Desolate Continent was extremely barren, and as far as their eyes could reach, it was just an endless plain.

"Which direction is it to White Field Continent?" Zhong Li Bai asked.

"There." Wen Kang stammered, while pointing in one direction, his face was pale white, his expression dispirited. The past few days had been a nightmare for him, they had quickly destroyed all the willpower that he had for years. Whatever he knew, he would say, and since he was familiar with the place, he became the perfect guide.

"How much denser is the energy concentration in White Field Continent compared to this place?" Zhong Li Bai asked.

"Around five times." Wen Kang said.

Du Ke's expression became gloomier, the excitement that he had upon arriving in Sacred Saint Galaxy disappeared.

The energy in the Desolate Continent was already considered low, but he was already extremely uncomfortable in it. The endless energy made him feel as if he was immersed in water, the sense of estrangement everywhere. If even he felt this way, then the rest would feel much more weaker.

WIthout their fighting capabilities, they would not be able to have a footing in Sacred Saint Galaxy, much less catch up with Tang Tian.

He needed to find a solution, and on this point, he felt that it was his duty. He was the number one in Sin Domain, and in terms of energy, he was probably the one who had the capabilities to solve it.

Du Ke's expression softened, he was confident in himself.

Zhong Li Bai chuckled, he was reminding Du Ke as a friend. The Du siblings and their Sin Domain had just joined them for a short while, and both parties had not reached the extent of trust.

As to whether this army would be left behind or would move forward, he and Nie Qiu had discussed about it, but everyone did not care much about it. Although the Sin Domain Army was strong and they had their trump cards, the God Armor Army as well as Null Division were stronger, but the only weak one was Zhong Li Bai's Zhong Unit.

Upon thinking about that, Zhong Li Bai immediately felt depressed.

Although he knew that this weakness was temporary, but as he was a prideful person, he felt sullen.

The only thing he could do now, before Master could bring the mechanical spirit weapons over, was to continue training his trash army. What consoled him was that compared to Laws, he was much more familiar with mechanical spirit weapons.

~Brats, your days are about to get better!~

Zhong Li Bai took large strides, his face sinister.

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