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Chapter 821 - Urgent Mission

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Boom boom boom, loud knocks on the door was heard.

"Come in."

Pi Pa who had buried her head in the books, her cheeks were no longer pale like before, but had the rosiness of what a young lady should have. Her body had turned for the better, but following with it came responsibility and work.

"Master." A young lady respectfully bowed and waited for Pi Pa's orders.

Three Spirits City's fervent mechanical engineers and its great warlike features were practically governed entirely by Pi Pa alone. But as her work became heavier and heavier, she had to increase the number of subordinates, with Gui Yuan being one of them.

"Bring this order out." Pi Pa said without lifting her head.

Gui Yuan was somewhat surprised: "Master, there is two more days to the new order…."

"This is an urgent order." Pi Pa replied calmly.

"This subordinate will immediately get to it!" Gui Yuan's heart trembled, she then asked: "What grade of emergency is this order?"

"The highest." Pi Pa said without hesitation, still not lifting her head up.

Gui Yuan's heart trembled, she only felt that the paper in her hands was scalding her hands like hot metal. She then quickly regained her senses and said: "This subordinate will get to it now!"

Pi Pa who was continuously writing stopped, she lifted her head, the figure of the young man surfaced in her mind.

Crazy Tang waved his hands, gesturing and talking about all of his experiences, while she listened quietly by the side.

In control of all the internal affairs of Three Spirits City, her senses and thoughts were far sharper than ordinary people. Although they had lived in peace for the period of time, but the movements in the shadows and hands in play made everyone anxious, and everyone was just forcing themselves to be calm.

The current war in Heaven's Road had spread everywhere, razing the ground in all directions.

And the strength of Temple, was unstoppable!

To subdue the Twelve Ecliptic Palaces, they had combined into an unprecedented super constellation - the Honorable Martial Constellation!

In this tremendous plan, Clan Elder An had started to take control over Temple, conquering all in Temple. Liu Ya Zhi's Saint Blood Army, Sean's Winter Army, had become his two sharpest blades. The Ambitious Clan Elder An had started to reform the Temple boldly.

In one sweep, the robust Temple, became even more overbearing.

This situation became even more apparent when Temple swallowed the Aquarius Constellation, the Taurus Constellation, and the Aries Constellation. They attacked again and again, and in the short span of a few months, the continuous large scale wars, they continued to win, showing the entire Heaven's Road the power of Temple.

But no one expected that, the overbearing Temple actually had a brilliant play under the cover of all of these annexing.

The Pisces Constellation suddenly changed sides, and announced that they were joining Temple.

Out of the Twelve Ecliptic Palaces, a third of them fell to Temple. The continuous coup d'etat made the other Twelve Ecliptic Palaces fall into greater danger, as Temple had countless insiders everywhere. Large scale cleansing and inner struggles erupted in many of the Ecliptic Palace Constellations.

And with the four palaces that fell under Temple, they announced themselves as the Honorable Martial Constellation.

The Honorable Martial Constellation that was formed by the four constellations formed an unprecedented energy concentration, reaching twice as much as the Twelve Ecliptic Palaces!

This terrifying energy concentration meant that the martial artist's training efficiency was multiple folds faster than the ordinary Ecliptic Palaces Constellations. Given enough time, they would be able to produce many gold rank martial artists, saints, and the strength of Honorable Martial Constellation would become far more terrifying.

To everyone, the gigantic pressure that had enveloped their hearts, they all felt that the hatred between Ursa Major Constellation and Temple would never be dissolved.

They watched as both sides continued to drag following the flow of time, the unprecedented danger enveloped everyone's hearts.

Only when Tang Tian returned did the pressurizing atmosphere disappear without a trace. It was as though every single person had a blind trust towards him, that Tang Tian would have a plan.

Pi Pa knew that it was not like that.

No one felt that Tang Tian would have any idea, other than knowing the plan of "Everyone, let us all go cut them up", the fool could never think of any other plan.

But when they saw his simple-minded smile, hearing his babbling nonsense, the shadow that shrouded everyone's heart would disappear without a trace.

~With this simple man that never knew fear, fighting by his side, it was in truth not too bad.~

~It is much better than making ourselves become braver.~

Pi Pa laughed, then continued to work.

~I can't fight with you, and can only use my own means to fight alongside you.~

~How can we ever let you fight alone?~

The Bronze Hall of Three Spirits City was built with the style of Southern Cross, it had 12 extremely thick bronze pillars that spanned 30m high, supporting a large dome, its boorish and succinct decorative designs made it look extremely unique.

The Bronze Hall was packed with people, everyone had pleased looks on their faces, all of them were practically mechanical engineers.

The current Three Spirits City was not easy to live in, like in the past. It was a land where mechanical engineers gathered, and the competition became extremely intense. And Three Spirits City Officials had released the principles of mechanical spirit weapons, inducing a brand new change in the mechanical techniques. The addition of martial spirits allowed endless variations to mechanical techniques, and also gave the mechanical engineers a brand new world to explore.

The various strange ideas, various different methods, various styles of mechanical spirit weapons appeared like spring bamboos after the rain.

Currently, the birth of a brand new mechanical spirit weapon did not rouse as much attention as in the past. The mechanical engineers who all plunged into the new techniques naturally became much fussier. What truly attracted them were the brand new techniques released by the Three Spirits City officials.

To mechanical spirit weapons, these techniques were not considered the latest techniques any longer, but to the independent mechanical engineers, it was sufficiently good improvements.

And, although these techniques were free, not anyone could obtain them. The Three Spirits City officials had a very strict contribution calculation method, and only by reaching a certain value in contributions could people exchange for these techniques.

This move instantly increased the number of workshops in Three Spirits City by nine times.

Ripe arts and works signified profits for any mechanical workshop. And when provided that their contributions reached a certain level, they could even listen to a grandmaster give a lecture, it was undoubtedly the dream and goal that any mechanical engineer wanted.

It was all the enticing power and lure, that was like an invisible web, that locked down all the mechanical engineers in Three Spirits City. Mechanical engineers were once looked down on, and they naturally saw the intention of Three Spirits City, but they still threw themselves into the passion without hesitation.

The one who formulated this plan was the seemingly weak Pi Pa.

Sai Lei and the rest were even more interested in researching mechanical techniques, as the current mechanical spirit weapon market was huge, it was not something that one business could supply. Three Spirits City only produced high grade mechanical spirit weapons, and the profits from the high grade market was sufficient, and where there was not a need for that much manpower. As for the mid grade and low grade market, it was pushed to the other workshops in Three Spirits City.

Using the contribution points, the other businesses could obtain new and marvelous techniques and strengthen themselves, and then use their own techniques and works, to support their existing workshops and increase their standards, reducing their costs.

In a sort of way, the mechanical engineers in Three Spirits City and Three Spirits City had formed some sort of relationship.

After hearing the new task, all the various mechanical engineers from the various workshops ran over. Three Spirits City's tasks was usually set in place, but to suddenly notify everyone of the task, it was definitely an urgent mission. Such urgent missions gave more contribution points.

"I heard that the Godlike Young Lad is back? That's great! We can celebrate tonight!"

"Good that he is back, good that he is back, we survived the past few days with so much difficulty, without Godlike Young Lad around, I can never be at peace."

"Let us celebrate tonight, at my place!"

"Haha, let us see who will get the order tonight, he will host it!"

"That's a good idea, then it's settled!"


Everyone talked leisurely in groups of three to five, more of it was about the sudden return of Godlike Young Lad. All of their lives had improved by many times compared to their past. The mechanical engineer profession was one that everyone used to look down on, but they were now hot and in demand, all of it was because of the Godlike Young Lad. Many of them had long arrived in Three Spirits CIty early on because of that, and all knew the process of Three Spirits City getting stronger.

A group of members walked in, the one in lead was Gui Yuan, and the clamor all quieted down.

A daring mechanical engineer shouted out loud: "Miss Gui Yuan, what grade mission is it this time?"

Everyone perked their ears up, the higher grade the mission, the more contributions there were.

"The highest."

Gui Yuan did her best to maintain her calm speech, but she had to know what kind of reaction would the words attract.

Everyone was stunned, and the bronze hall became silent.

In the history of Three Spirits City, there had never been a highest grade mission, everyone's eyes were immediately attracted to the mission plate in one of the martial artist's hands.

"We are purchasing the mechanical spirit weapon [Monster], there are no limits to the number, duration, one week."


Everyone was startled again, [Monster] was not some high grade mechanical spirit weapon. After Screw produced [Monster], it was never viewed heavily in the mechanical armies of Ursa Major Constellation, but everyone else loved it, like the flower that somehow grew out of the wall. It was not strange, the Ursa Major Constellation's mechanical army was hailed as the palace for mechanical martial artists, not lacking of brilliant mechanical martial artists, and such a low end mechanical spirit weapon did not have much use for those brilliant mechanical martial artists.

But to any ordinary mechanical martial artist, this simple, cheap, and adequately equipped with outstanding fighting capabilities mechanical spirit weapon was truly the best armor. Other than it being uglier, it did not have many flaws.

It was already weird for Three Spirits City to purchase [Monster], and it looked like they required many.

~Duration for one week only, no wonder it is an urgent mission.~

~But, how can such a mission be of the highest grade?

Gui Yuan observed the surroundings, and as though she did not see their skeptical faces, she said calmly: "This mission was personally handed out by Master Tang Tian."

The originally quiet hall became even more dead silent. It was the first urgent mission, and it already made them feel strange, furthermore, it was the first highest grade mission that ever appeared, and even more, it was Master Tang Tian that released the mission.

~There's something going on with this mission!~

~Master just came back, and he released such a mission?~

All the mechanical engineers were quick witted people, and immediately, someone raised a question: "Is it related to an impending war?"

Gui Yuan did not reply.

The other mechanical engineers then realized it, other than using so many [Monsters] for war, there could be no other possibility. Although everyone did not know why the Master required so many of the low grade mechanical spirit weapons, but such a large request, with such a limitation on time made everyone feel unease.


The bronze hall immediately flew into an uproar, everyone started shouting out loud.

"Someone wants to fight us?"

"They dare to make a move on us! Are they tired of living!"


Everyone's faces was filled with unease, anger, and fear.

Seeing their excited faces, Gui Yuan was moved, she bowed: "I plead everybody here!"

A short silence occurred once more, before the hall erupted into an uproar. The mechanical martial engineers who were usually calm and collected were currently extremely angered, all of their face and necks were flushed red along with their eyes.

"No problem at all! It's just [Monster] right! How many you guys need, we will get them for you!"

"Let's go! We shall start working now!"

"Damn it, we must let those bastards see our prowess!"

"Who's lacking in bronze, come and take from my warehouse, everyone, let's not delay any further!"

"The bronze spirit nucleus are not worth much, I will push them out to my workshop's entrance, whoever has run out come and take it for yourselves!"


Qian Sen stumbled out from the bronze hall, with the word 'war' in his mind. He had his own mechanical workshop, Qian Ji Mechanical Workshop. Qian Sen arrived to Three Spirits City rather early, and at that time, the price of the shops was half of what it currently was. Three Spirits City had become the sacred place for mechanical artists, and with 70% of the population being mechanical engineers. Almost all of these mechanical engineers had learned their skills from their own pasts.

His son had accidentally obtained a unique alloy formulation once. It was due to this alloy formulation that allowed Qian Ji Mechanical Workshop to earn plenty of contribution points. And Qian Ji Mechanical Workshop exchanged these contribution points for a few good research projects and techniques that allowed their standard in mechanical spirit weapons to swell, along with their sales volume.

Qian Sen expanded his shop, and recruited more mechanical engineers, reaching to a total of 20 engineers in Qian Ji Mechanical Workshop. Although it was not considered a large workshop in Three Spirits City, but it was rather well known.

He took a deep breath, the cold air suddenly made him more awake. His face revealed a flush red, his fists clenched tightly. He suddenly increased his pace and headed back to his own workshop.

Inside the workshop, a black skinned young man was focusing on cutting the bronze armor piece, he was Qian Sen's son Qian Lian. Qian Lian was extremely focused, his movements as fluid as water and was considered admirably skilled.

Qian Sen revealed a smile, Qian Lian's talent was much better than his, and Qian Ji Mechanical Workshop would definitely bloom in his son's hand.

He clapped his hands and shouted for everyone, with spoke with an unprecedented seriousness: "Everyone stop what you are doing, from today onwards, we will focus on producing [ hands Monster]pan class="copyright-obfuscation"> with !"

"Then what about these orders?" one of his mechanical engineer asked.

"Pay the penalties." Qian Sen felt that he was extremely calm.

~Everyone looked at each other, ~Is this still the stingy and tight Qian Sen?~

When everyone realized what happened, their eyes turned red, and without saying a word, they buried themselves in the work.

It was night, but the gray sky of Three Spirits City was blushing red from the molten bronze. All the workshops were burning the midnight oil, working through the night, sparks flying everywhere. Three Spirits City was extremely bright, and when the cold wind swept past the city, it would turn warm, like summer.

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