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Chapter 819 - Climax

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Enemies poured into the Stone Forest Sand Continent endlessly like maniacs.

Aya no longer remembered how many times they have fought, for six whole days and nights, the battles never stopped against the enemies that poured in like tides. Her big sword was covered with holes, her delicate face covered with ash, and only her unique fiery red hair blazed with dazzle.

Finally obtaining the precious time to rest, Aya hugged her sword and gasped for breath: "How many men do we still have?"

Triangle eyes opened his mouth, but did not say anything, and open reported after a moment: "Everyone's here."

Aya froze.

Around her, all the familiar faces were filled with fatigue, not one of them were completely unharmed and intact.

~Only a few hundred left….~

Aya's eyes surfaced with grief, she remained silent for a moment, then said lightly: "I'm sorry, everybody…."

"Big Sister, don't say such words." Triangle eyes chuckled, then with some self-ridicule: "Ss Pink Skulls from Bullou Continent, which one of us aren't prepared to die? How did we live in the past? Old He, do you remember the broken blade you used, you held it for six years, and it was so broken that it could be used as a saw. At that time, upon hearing that a nouveau riche was planning to buy an army, we went for it, since we were considered ourselves as one. Everyone had the same thought, by holding onto a rich goldmine, we will become stronger."

Everyone listened quietly, their faces revealing heartfelt smiles, and could not help but think about the lives they led in the past.

"There will never be a boss like the Master. He is rich and equipped every single one of us well, if not for the bitter training that made us feel like escaping, I think I would have become a fat goat already. But upon living this lifestyle, this old one feels somewhat empty, why? Because the treatment was too good! Everyone knows for ourselves of our own standard. This old one did not have the face to tell Master that we do not deserve such treatment. After that, this old one became scared, we were trading our lives, such good treatment, our lives would no longer be ours. And finally, we all know now, Master is such a cunning man, we obediently traded our lives, heh, but I still feel willing doing so!"

Everyone laughed.

Someone spoke out from the crowd: "You've earned it Third brother, your trash life is actually worth some money!"

Triangle eyes raised his eyebrows, and said: "So why do I say that we are all willing to do so? We threw our lives into this, so our lives are what we should give! Now that we have obtained some worth for our trashy lives, everyone, tell me, is it worth it?"

"It's worth it!"

"Little Boss Tang has nothing to say about it for sure!"

"I feel that Third Brother's words are right."


"The training is so tiring that it makes us want to escape!"



Everyone discussed lively, all of them spoke without any fear, sighing calmly without any sadness.

Aya's ears moved, she took her big sword up and said coldly: "Prepare for battle!"


In the wreckage zone outside of the Ocean Guardian Stronghold.

The sharp warning sounds sounded across the entire plains.

One after another, large warships formed a straight line and rushed towards the wreckage zone.

Wei Ting Ting and the rest revealed looks of doubt, what were they trying to do? All of the immensely large warships moved extremely clumsily and in no way were they able to pass through the wreckage zone, only small scale siege boats could pass through.

Crane immediately sensed that something was amiss as an intense feeling of unease clouded his heart.

Suddenly, he thought about something, and immediately revealed a shocked look, he ordered: "Sagittarius Constellation, attack the first warship!"

The Wei Family disciples all pulled on their arrows and unleashed the volley, in the moment, rain of light arrows shot at the first warship.

But the large scale warship had extremely dense defence, the light arrows that landed on the defensive barrier only caused faint ripples. The Large scale warships moved with unstoppable momentum, and at an astonishing speed that steered towards the wreckage zone they were in.

Wei Ting Ting was the first to react, she shouted out loud: "Use the God Gold Arrow!"

The only God Gold Arrow in her hand was placed on her bow, bang, the God Gold Arrow instantly disappeared.


A furious roar that sounded like a tiger appeared on the battlefield.

The God Gold Arrow in flight suddenly lit up with dazzling splendor in the air, the energy that it flew in was all frantically absorbed by the arrow. The Arrow's body lit up with a mist like light aura that continued to swell, like an ever changing flower nebula, it continued to transform in the air unstably.

When it landed on the defensive barrier of the warship, the defensive barrier trembled intensely, like a soap bubble that could break at any moment under a gale.

Another beast like roar appeared.

Another God Gold Arrow that cut through the air arrived!

The defensive barrier of the large scale warship completely shattered.

The Third God Gold Arrow with its dazzling light mist shot into the warship that had lost its protection.


A light aura that was even brighter than the sun suddenly lit up.

Right in that moment, everyone's vision turned white. The terrifying explosion caused everybody's ears to buzz, causing them to be temporarily deaf and blind.

The shockwave released from the terrifying explosion was like a furious gush that swept in all directions. All of the extremely heavy and large wreckages from the large scale siege boats were swept away from the intense shockwave.

Only after the dazzling light aura dim down did everybody's vision gradually recover back to normal.

The warship was completely destroyed, leaving behind a gigantic regiment of flames that appeared in a close proximity of less than 1.5 km.


Countless sparks exploded out, when the bow of a warship suddenly protruded out of the flames. It was the second warship! It actually did not dodge and barged through the flames head on.

Right there and then, everyone understood what was going on, and their faces all took a huge change.

All of the large scale warships were filled with explosive attribute energy, and upon being struck, would induce a large explosion.

Gou Cheng WenDao planned to use these warships to explode a pathway through the wreckages!

~We have to stop him!~

Everyone immediately had the same thought in their head, after the few days of battle, everyone understood that if there was no wreckage zone, they would not be able to defend for long. And Gou Cheng WenDao also knew of this point, so he did not hesitate to sacrifice a few large scale warships to open up a large enough passageway through the wreckage zone!

Only then could their forces continue to advance.

The large scale warships were immensely huge and had difficulty turning, but their speed was not slow in the least bit.


The second large warship was less than a km away from the wreckage zone where it exploded.

After the first experience, everyone's reaction became better.

However, the other side was as valiant, as the warship behind rushed out from the prior warship that exploded.

The distance between each warship was calculated to a meticulous level, causing people to witness Gou Cheng WenDao's meticulous and crazy planning.

Even with everyone frantically attacking, the fourth zone struck into the wreckage zone.

The heaven astonishing explosion, with its powerful shockwave, immediately swept a large area of the wreckage zone clear.

Crane stopped his subordinates from attacking, he glanced at the warships that were rushing through the flames like moths. The large scale explosions and fireworks formed an extremely straight line, they continued to combust with rage, and then slowly extinguish.

If the wreckage belt was lost, the following battles would not be easy to fight.

As expected of Gou Cheng WenDao!

On one piece of wreckage, Crane who was dressed in black and holding his sword, stood straight with clear eyes watching the large army in front of him, and then turned and got his army to retreat.


The meeting room was filled with smoke.

The map in front of Bing had been covered with all sorts of symbols and arrowheads. His poker face remained unmoved, as if deep in thought.

Xie Yu An's new job as a recruitment ambassador was just a brief interlude, and the intense battle situation had not subsided yet. If it were to be said that at the battle at the Ocean Guardian Stronghold, Gou Cheng WenDao still had a strong self confidence and disdain towards them, then now, he was clear of his own situation.

The current Gou Cheng WenDao was like an injured wolf, not only would he not retreat, but he would become increasingly crazy. Time, Gou Cheng WenDao's continuous setback had made him lose too much time, but it also let Gou Cheng WenDao lose all of his burden.

Other than burning his own boats, he had no other choice.

The following battles would become the genuine rigorous tests, they needed to welcome Gou Cheng WenDao's fervent attacks, the attacks that ignored all costs!

To Gou Cheng WenDao, such attacks was the most suitable form for his fighting style, and it was where it could unleash his true capabilities.

To the Southern Alliance, they also had no choice but to hold on at the defensive lines, as they would occupy the advantage of territory. Someone suggested to retreat, and came up with a plan to lure the enemies deep in, but was overruled by Bing.

Morale, the continuous blood war not only stabilized the defense lines, but also stabilized the Southern Alliance's morale. The Southern Alliance's armies were no longer as weak as they were in the past, although the determination to win was out of the question, but the despair they held previously in their hearts was also gone. If they were to retreat at such a time, the morale that they fought so hard to stabilize would quickly crumble.

Now, both parties were holding onto their breath for as long as they could, whoever was the first to let go would lose.

The war, finally entered its climax.

There was no deviation away from Bing's anticipations, the continuous reports that flowed in caused others to feel shocked.

He remained silent, his poker face shrouded behind the lingering smoke, becoming vague.

He was suffocated with the familiar pain in his heart, causing him to tremble. There was nothing that could make a man more anxious than seeing his companions leave one after another. But as the Commander-in-chief, he was required to have a stable mind. So, he agreed to Wu Ma Tian's plan, which was at the current moment, the best plan.

He thought about the Captain, about Ah Xin, about Screw, about all the familiar faces that had faded through the years.

~I am still too naive~, Bing laughed in ridicule at himself, ~This little pressure has made me like this.~

~If only Crazy Tang was here right now….~

Bing suddenly had that thought.

Suddenly, a thread of indescribable undulation surfaced in his heart.

"Hey, Uncle Bing, long time no see!"

He froze.

~That was a hallucination right.~

~Seems like I have been too anxious recently, and am having hallucinations.~

~It sounds extremely weird, Crazy Tang that weirdo, as long as there is something he dislikes, he would go and stir trouble. I never thought that after not seeing him for this period of time, I would harbor some longing.~

~Enough is enough! I have been holding my hopes to win on him too much, when did I actually fall to this low?~

Bing laughed in ridicule at himself, he puffed out a smoke ring, ~I must definitely be under too much pressure, I need to take some supplements already.~

~Heh, why does a spirit general need supplements?~

"Eh, why's there no reaction? Can he not hear me? Did something happen? That old antique from Southern Cross is truly not reliable! It's over it's over, how do I remedy this…."

That familiar whining spouted out a whole load of garbage.

Bing was dumbstruck, the cigarette in his mouth dropped onto the floor, causing a bit of spark.

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