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Chapter 781 - The Battle in the Steel Mountain Continent

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Xu Hong Lin was extremely worried.

The Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce had joined the Southern Alliance, and was able to share the profits from the Pontoon Bridge, giving it a bright future. The black gold was an extremely vital and strategic resource, it made Xu Ji Worldwide commerce a tiger with wings. Although the Bai Family was able to take a portion of it, but ultimately they were not specialized weapons traders. This point could be clearly seen on the weapons list, with close to 70% of the weapons of Southern Alliance given to Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce to manufacture. All of the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce's workers worked overtime with the full load operations.

But this vibrant workplace was extremely frail under the dark clouds of war.

Xu Hong Lin was extremely clear of the family matters, although the Steel Mountain Army was well equipped, their strength was not considered strong. The Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce rarely needed to mobilize the army, and even if there were troubles, they never needed to rely on the Steel Mountain Army. Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce had many allies, and many famous armies frequently traded with them. When they required an army, they had a large array to select from.

As long as the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce was willing to provide rewards, then the various larger armies were willing to give their service. To the robust and rich Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, money was never the problem. In contrast, the Steel Mountain Army that had many Xu Family disciples, as long as many injuries were to occur, countless of the clan elders, managers etc would run over to give trouble.

Even the Patriarch of Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce did not want to come into contact with such people.

The Steel Mountain Army became more and more lazy, even their regular daily training lessened to the point that there were even instances where the military machines and weaponry were stolen and sold. With regards to these matters, Xu Hong Lin could only close on eye.

The Steel Mountain Army was already rotten to the core.

After another two more months, his term would come to an end, and he was already thinking of ending it early. He had been called and talked to by the Patriarch and Clan Elders many times recently, and what they wanted was that he could direct and restart the Steel Mountain Army.

Xu Hong Lin knew why.

The invasion of the Honorable Martial Continent had made the entire Southern Region chaotic, and everyone was in danger. All the armies that partnered with them were currently busy themselves, how could they take care of the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce? The situation in the Southern Region was quickly turning from bad to worse. Countless pirates were emerging in rapid succession from god knows where, and they were appearing everywhere. Consecutive convoys were plundered from, shocking the entire Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce. Then, they were shocked to realize that even with money, they could not purchase an army, and immediately flew into a panic, that was when they remembered their own Steel Mountain Army.

Xu Hong Lin secretly shook his head, ~If we had known earlier, there wouldn't be a need for all of this?~

~It's too late.~

The current Steel Mountain Army that had long been neglected, completely had no fighting ability.

But the Patriarch continued to encourage them, Xu Hong Lin knew that the situation was dire, and was trying to think of ways to remedy the situation. All of the young masters in the Steel Mountain Army could not be counted on, and he might as well recruit another batch of people to serve as the Steel Mountain Army to be prepared for battle.

He continued to train them daily, but in such a short time frame, only the heavens would know how much use that would be. Although Xu Hong Lin was serious in his work, but he knew it in his heart, that all of his work was to give him a bit of consolation.

Ultimately, he was still a Xu Family Disciple, thus Xu Hong Lin gave it his all.

It was just that he was worried that the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce would be targeted. Their pitiful fighting strength and their desirable wealth would attract countless of prying eyes.

The only thing that made him feel at ease was the defense of the Steel Mountain Continent. The Steel Mountain Continent was Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce's headquarters, and they did not spare anything for the construction of the various defensive strongholds.

Suddenly, the loud warning alarm broke the Steel Mountain Continent's tranquility.

Xu Hong Lin's face underwent a huge change, he suddenly felt that his mouth had turned bitter, the thing that he was most worried about had happened!

The soldiers were all stunned and startled, and only awoke from their daydreams a few seconds later, the barracks became a burning hive, all the soldiers were running aimlessly like flies, causing the entire place to be extremely chaotic.

A group of small black dots in the distant sky could be seen quickly approaching them.

It was raining.

Xu Hong Lin raised his head up, the raindrops falling from the sky hit on his face, it was cold and refreshing.

Bang bang bang!

Fire regiments surged out one after another, many workshops started to explode into pieces. The crowd that had lost control screamed and ran all around, looking like ants running around after their nest had been trampled from a bird's eye view.

~Destruction, we only need destruction.~

~Destroy as much as we like.~

The pirates were currently in a state of euphoria, there was nothing else as exciting as the scene before their eyes. The entire Steel Mountain Continent was screaming under their feet, the immense wealth right in front of them to hug. Countless people were dying in the time it took them to think about it.

They killed crazily, screaming out loud as they opened fire, the thick fiery light pillars and balls of light plunged into the ground.


A blue light shot out from one of the spires and struck the starboard of Mei Chen Xiu's warship, causing the ship to sway.

Even more light auras shot out from the ground.

The long stronghold entered Mei Chen Xiu's vision.

Mei Chen Xiu judged from the rate of fire from below, the stronghold was lacking in manpower, and their training was rather limited.

Mei Chen Xiu had a calm expression: "Every ship listen, you are to move in at full speed and prepare to fire together."

The pirates that had lost control were slapped by the Honorable Martial elites a few times before waking up. All of the warships stopped their attacks, and pulled back to form a formation, and followed Mei Chen Xiu's warship and rushed in.

Mei Chen Xiu shook his head, ~In the end, they are still just pirates.~

If it was an Honorable Martial Continent fleet, they would have stopped attacking at the same time that he gave the orders.

The pirates moved in at full speed, causing the commander garrisoned in the stronghold to panic, as he shouted with all of his might: "Attack! Full force attack!"

Bang bang bang!

One light beam after another lit up and landed on one of the pirate ships, causing it to explode into flames and black smoke, but the other pirate ships did not attack.

When the fleet was just 300m away, the commander inside the stronghold revealed a look of despair.

Inside the warship, Mei Chen Xiu's clear order boomed out: "Fire!"

All of the pirate ships roared at the same time as countless of light auras immediately fell onto the stronghold.


A gigantic large regiment devoured the stronghold.

The intense assault resulted in a shock wave that swept in all directions, and inside the 600m scope around the stronghold, all the buildings were razed to the ground.

Everyone in the Steel Mountain Continent was stunned by the scene, by the time they regained consciousness, all the fighting spirit in their hearts crumbled. The soldiers inside the other various strongholds all started to spill out like the tide and ran frantically in every direction.

By the side of Mei Chen Xiu stood an extremely ordinary man, he was a Honorable Martial Continent spy that had infiltrated the Steel Mountain Continent. Mei Chen Xiu was able to smoothly bypass the stronghold at the estuary and enter, due to him. He had no name and was simply called Rust (Tie Xie).

Rust praised out loud:" General Mei's judgement is truly awe-inspiring."

Not everyone would have the courage to bring their fleet close to a stronghold to attack close range. The Steel Mountain Continent had many strongholds, and if they were to destroy stronghold after stronghold, ignoring the fact that it would take time and effort, but it would defeat the fighting spirit of the citizens.

They were just a group of pirates and if they could not resolve their enemies in a short period of time, they would fall into a more dangerous position. Once the Steel Mountain Continent organizes and resists them, it would be their turn to be trapped and be unable to escape.

Mei Chen Xiu's volley of fire not only destroyed the stronghold, but destroyed the enemy's will to fight.

Mei Chen Xiu was indifferent to Rust's praise, his gaze landed on an incoming group of people.

They were extremely agile and dodged the attacks from the warships.

"Steel Mountain Army?" Mei Chen Xiu was surprised.

"To be precise, it is a replacement Steel Mountain Army." Rust looked at them and laughed: "The real Steel Mountain Army had long ran off with wet pants. Xu Hong Lin knew that those young masters are not reliable, thus recruited a new batch of people with the plan to replace the army. By the looks of their figures, I think half of them had already ran away."

~So it was like that.~

Mei Chen Xiu was enlightened, but he did not hesitate as he spoke coldly: "Prepare the warships to land and fight."

Looking at the incoming group of people, Mei Chen Xiu's eyes flashed with a cold glint, ~the group of people that overestimate themselves are the last resistance in Steel Mountain Continent.~

~Once we trample over them, nothing can stop us.~

Figures jumped down from the pirate ships, the pirates released weird screams and howls as they jumped down from the sky.

The pirates were not well versed in tactics like that of elite armies. Mei Chen Xiu could only prepare training that was relative and useful for them, to allow them to be stronger than ordinary pirates.

~But to handle this situation, it is more than enough.~

The pirates quickly formed into small groups, and like a sharp dagger, they plunged into the Steel Mountain Army's weak spots, bringing forth a rain of blood.

Watching from his warship as the two parties collided, Mei Chen Xiu looked as though he was admiring the spectacular scene.

~The taste of victory is so enchanting.~

500 Underworld Continent Demonic Mounts stood upright, the establishment of the Southern Alliance had led Shi Sen's name to soar in Underworld Continent. The declined Demonic Mounts once again entered the eyes of the people, and like a rotten log, the Underworld Continent once again ignited with hope. More and more Underworld Continent youths joined in the test to be Demonic Mounts, and their numbers started to increase once again.

But Shi Sen did not expand the size of the Underworld Continent Demonic Mounts, but instead took a step forward and compressed them.

From the many Underworld Continent Demonic Mounts, he chose 500 men who were true elites. All of them were Silver Saints, and had endured the most brutal tests and were extremely powerful. Out of them, any one would definitely be able to hold the position as captain in any other armies.

But under Shi Sen, they were ordinary soldiers.

Shi Sen was able to observe Mei Chen Xiu from afar without alerting the enemy because they did not sit in warships. Travelling in the Sea of Energy by foot had already become a unique way of training for the Shang Continent.

Shi Sen was one of those who kept to such a training method.

No one knew that he had once brought the 500 Underworld Continent Demonic Mounts and avoided all the cities, ship routes, sentries, and reached the borders of the Honorable Martial Continent.

The rain falling grew heavier, the flames that soared to the sky in the distance would occasionally explode and cause the ground to shake.

Shi Sen did not say a word, holding onto Evening Snow Ocean's white blade hilt, he advanced forward quickly.

The 500 Underworld Continent Demonic Mounts behind him moved in the exact same way as him, with their blades in hand, their movements were silent.

They moved at the same speed, at the same strides, their entire formation looked as though it was cut out by a blade, even their breathing were in unison.

The 500 men had formed a giant slaughtering ghost that moved ahead silently.

Their speed was not considered fast, and amidst their silent somber, they gradually pushed open the curtains of rain.

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