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Chapter 782 - Swoop Down! Underworld Continent Demonic Mounts!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Underworld Continent Demonic Mounts, it was a name that had long fallen.

Their past glory had declined over the years, but Shi Sen was still extremely calm. With more Underworld Continent youths taking the initiative to join the Demonic Mounts and go through the cruel tests, this allowed the Underworld Continent Demonic Mounts to enter everyone's eyes once again.

People who had some slight knowledge would be able to see that the Sacred Saint Galaxy had reached a crucial point.

The intrusion of the Honorable Martial Continent was destined to break the stable situation between the four large regions. War was no longer fixed to the small continent battles, but the big heads were all moving, and the cruelty and brutality of the war far exceeded what anyone could imagine.

The Sacred Saint Galaxy brought with it darkness and chaos.

Maybe the Honorable Martial Continent could unify the entire world, but the bigger probability was that ever since the Sacred Saint Galaxy started the ignition, all the heroes from all over would not stop until the expedition was put to pieces.

The most prominent proof was that bandits were springing up from everywhere.

No one felt safe, and all of the powerhouses were doing the same thing, preparing for war. Even those that did not have any heart to conquer others, with an army in their hands, it would allow them to have a more peaceful sleep.

The Underworld Continent was a land that supplied traditional soldiers, and naturally their trend developed according to the situation. A current ordinary Underworld Continent Soldier had a yearly salary far exceeding 300 thousand cloud coins. This current price was something that was never seen before.

The price to recruit a Demonic Mount was even more exorbitant, because the free Underworld Continent Demonic Mounts in the market had all disappeared.

Over 90% of the Demonic Mounts were in Shi Sen's control.

As the man to personally pull the Underworld Continent Demonic Mounts' name out of the mud, Shi Sen's prestige had long soared in the Demonic Mounts.

Shi Sen himself understood, that the people who all went through the Demonic Mounts test were all geniuses, and naturally were arrogant. There was no one who clearly knew more about what the Demonic Mounts truly wanted, because he wanted it as well.

When he spoke to the ambitious youths calmly saying that the Underworld Continent Demonic Mounts would become the number one mounts,

all the young riders had suspicions towards him, but when they saw the Shi Sen's units' equipment, all of their eyes turned red.

In terms of wealth and overbearingness, the Shang Continent was definitely unable to enter the top 50 in Sacred Saint Galaxy, but in terms of armies, very few people could compete with them. The Underworld Continent was an extremely barren and cold place, since when have they seen high grade objects like spirit objects? Master Shi Sen said, that as long as they joined them, each person would receive one. One spirit object per person? Everyone thought that they had heard wrongly.

They brought along their metal wings and black armor, called the Black Feather Armor, which had the insignia of Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, something that only the highest grade equipment would have. Master Bing then further into details, stating that each armor's price outside would be a maximum of 80 million cloud coins.

Lodged onto the back were Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, which were not sold outside, it was said that each spear cost 100 million. One, two…..five spears!

The blades were cheaper, 60 million cloud coins per blade, which was in the highest grade Black Feather series of Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce.

Each person wielded 8 weird bronze boxes on their waists.

They were armed to the teeth!

All of the youths who were previously suspecting Shi Sen of boasting without proof, upon seeing the imposing equipment, were all convinced by him.

Gold would forever be much more convincing than boastful words.

All of the youths rushed up and happily took their equipment, clumsily equipping them on. When Shi Sen calmly said that they were about the begin training, no one cared much about it. In the Underworld Continent, only the strongest warriors had the qualifications to be hailed as Demonic Mounts. All of these young Demonic Mounts went through the toughest and harshest of tests to obtain the title.

But very quickly, they realized the bitterness they had to face.

All kinds of training made them complain without stopping. But the most brutal training was the dragging in the Sea of Energy.

All of the young Demonic Mounts were all brilliant and courageous people. Who have not walked inside the Sea of Energy before?

Shi Shen brought them from one continent to another without any indication of stopping. One of the hardships was they only found that out through experience, if not for them being naturally arrogant, they would have given up a long time ago. The youths all clenched their jaws and followed Shi Sen, defending against the corrosion of the Sea of Energy, it was extremely difficult to move.

Continent after continent without any intention of stopping, they never entered any city. If they were lacking in something, they would attack pirates, they would either fight or walk.

Until one day, when Shi Sen said that the dragging training was over, when they realised in shock that they had already arrived at the borders of the Honorable Martial Continent.

They did not dare believe their own eyes, but when they regained their senses they understood what accomplishment they had achieved.

There had never been anyone who had travelled so far by walking!

Just when they were crying with tears of joy, Shi Sen gave the order to return to the Shang Continent. Just when they were filled with anticipation to the idea of having a boat sending them back, Shi Sen destroyed their hopes mercilessly.

They had to walk back.

Up till now, Shi Sen could still remember the stunned looks on their faces, to the point that they were about to cry.

The training that exceeded all torture also made them improve greatly. The continuous grinding and sharpening gradually removed the naivety on their faces, and what replaced it was experience and stability.

Shi Sen felt immensely proud, it was a brand new Underworld Continent Demonic Mounts.

The majority of the soldiers in the past troops had returned to the Underworld Continent to serve as military instructors. They had many internal injuries, and along with their age, their fighting capabilities had already stagnated without any space to grow.

They were destined to lay down and serve to help the next generation.

The young Demonic Mounts in front of him were still in their growing stage, and had a much broader space to grow. He carefully led this group of eagle chicks, ensuring that they did not go down the wrong path, and idle away.

The Shang Continent's atmosphere was a thousand times better than how it was when they just started out, because their boss that they could rely on and give their lives for, and regardless if it was Master Bing or Master Tang Chou, they were the most outstanding commanders he had ever met, and there was nothing that was in a mess.

The new Underworld Continent Demonic Mounts became the sharpest blade.

~Our achievement, must shock the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy.~

That was Shi Sen's ambition.

~A genuine and important battle.~

Shi Sen was at peace with himself, his expression was calm, the scenery by his sides swept past extremely quickly, and he looked as though he was skating forward silently on ice.

The young Demonic Mounts behind him moved as silent as him.

They were like a group of specters moving in quietly.

Ah Leng was one of the older generation that stayed because of the insufficient numbers, he was still considered young and had outstanding talent, and was the most outstanding man compared to his peers. His current strength was only a step away from a Gold Rank martial artist.

Hand in hand with Ah Leng was Huo Qing, he was a young and brilliant lad, greatly recognized by Shi Sen. He did not disappoint Shi Sen's hopes for him, and continued to train and push himself harder than the rest, and took great interest in formations.

Shi Sen reckoned that Huo Qing had the potential to become a real general.

Of course, that was looking into the future, as the current batch of Demonic Mounts were reluctant to leave him.

Shi Sen held onto the Evening Snow Ocean's blade hilt, his state of mind was extremely calm, the sky full of fire and dense smoke did not cause any fluctuation in his mind. The loss in the Steel Mountain Army would definitely affect the front lines, but this influence would only be in the short term, and would not magnify.

This loss, in exchange for wiping out Mei Chen Xiu's opportunity was worth it.

~Regardless of what happens today, we cannot let the pirates survive and leave.~

His gaze landed on the pirate fleet in the sky that had tightly surrounded a warship. When they were initially moving in at full force, the single warship's troops at the front were not afraid of Mei Chen Xiu. When the situation stabilized and the warship reorganized, they had obviously become cautious of him.

~Truly a powerful man.~

Even Shi Sen had to give his respect towards mei Chen Xiu. If he had met Mei Chen Xiu in the past, he would had definitely turned his head and ran. But currently, not only did it not make him feel fear, but instead incited his determination.

Without saying a word, he begun to increase his speed.

Without making any sound, the Demonic Mounts behind also started to increase speed.

The pirates did not notice that a group of specters had appeared behind them, their gaze were fixated and attracted to the Steel Mountain Army's equipments. The last thin layer was already broken and were in a disarray, and it was almost time to reap their harvest. Their excitement was so immense that it caused them to tremble, the instinct to slaughter and massacre had ignited every inch of their muscles and their blood.

Shi Sen who kept on increasing speed remained expressionless as he got closer to the enemy fleet.

They did not even have their energy barriers activated.

Shi Sen squinted his eyes, his face that was covered with experience and a steel like cold, while increasing his grip on Evening Snow Ocean.

At a distance of 500km, the Underworld Continent Demonic Mounts borrowed the over of the smoke and gradually started to climb. They were like a regiment of black flowing clouds, quietly increasing their altitude.

They welcomed the rain, passed through the dense layer of clouds, and arrived above the clouds.

The sunlight shone on their bodies from the sun behind them, the pirate fleet beneath the clouds were shrouded by the dense layer of clouds, as explosions continued to occur.

This regiment of black clouds that continued to rise formed a beautiful arc in the sky, and begun to swoop down, the black feather armors' wings started to tremble intensely, releasing a trembling buzzing sound.

The light buzzing sound sounded out together, arising from the sea of clouds, the air that they swept past would have fine ripples that reflected the sun.

The sea of clouds became bigger in their eyes, the young Demonic Mounts started to breathe faster, as there was nothing as exhilarating as diving down.

Shi Sen remained extremely calm, he welcomed the fast sweeping wind, but appeared to be strolling leisurely, he gradually unsheathed the Evening Snow Ocean, revealing its crystal jade blade body that reflected in the sunlight, making it look extremely beautiful.

The blades were unsheathed.

Different light auras lit up from their bodies. Some light aurs flowed along the blade bodies, some connected with each other, some were like flames flowing around each individual's bodies, all of them were different.

They activated their star treasures, and it suddenly felt as if there was an invisible hand approaching down from the heavens.


They were like a black seabird, plunging into the white clouds.


They were like burning flatiron that formed a large hole in the dense sea of clouds, and the pirate fleet appeared in their vision.

Borrowing the power of the dive, they continued to increase their speed!


Their formation revealed many rays of dazzling fire tongues, they were like gigantic boulders of flames, whistling downwards.

Shi Sen's eyes revealed a smear of red, the armor on his body suddenly lit up with a dazzling gold light, and he slashed Evening Snow Ocean downwards.


The five hundred Underworld Demonic Mounts roared: "Kill!"

In the mix of flames and rain, their roars being the thunder, the Underworld Continent Demonic Mounts smashed into the densely packed fleet.

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