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Chapter 780 - The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

"Boss, we caught up!"

Ah Leng's voice was filled with excitement, and upon hearing him, the generals around Shi Sen immediately revealed looks of joy.

"Follow them, but be careful, don't make them cautious."

Shi Sen remained calm, he was not one to celebrate early. He had fought for many years, but it was his first time meeting such crafty opponents.

Mei Chen Xiu, this gentle and woman-like name, was a name that made even Bing feel vexed. With the infiltration of the Honorable Martial Continent, Bing immediately stopped and retreated to the defense lines and ignored Mei Chen Xiu.

But Shi Sen did not give up.

If it was just Mei Chen Xiu alone, there would not be a need for so much effort, but behind Mei Chen Xiu was a terrifying woman, Lady Rou. Lady Rou possessed sharp political senses, and excelled in plotting and planning.

If the two existed separately, it would not be worrying.

Mei Chen Xiu fought with random armies, the backbone of his subordinates were all Honorable Martial Continent pirate commanders, but they were unable to change the qualities of the pirates. No matter how outstanding the pirates were, they were still pirates. Lady Rou moved around in various influences, with her money and power, she formed many forms of communications.

If the two of them were to collaborate, it was enough to cause fear in others.

The Honorable Martial Continent's attack has caused various powerhouses in the Southern Region to panic, which was perfect for Lady Rou to gain additional ground. As for Mei Chen Xiu and his army of pirates, if he were to find a footing, it was undoubtedly a fatal venomous sting lodged in their backs.

Bing needed to consider for the big picture, compared to the big picture, Mei Chen Xiu and Lady Rou were not as directly dangerous and pressurizing as the three armies from the Honorable Martial Continent.

Shi Sen had his own considerations.

The Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts had been replenished with fresh blood, their overall fighting ability had not improved but instead fell, and thus he required time to grind them and make them a whole. Mei Chen Xiu's White Pirates were undoubtedly the best grindstone for them.

The other reason was their way of fighting. The Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts' forte was in long distance ambush and flexibility, raiding in long range behind enemy lines, but what was extremely vital for the Southern Alliance in the initial phase of the war, was a strong defensive line footing.

Bing agreed to his request.

Shi Sen led the Underworld Demonic Mounts and chased after the White Pirates.

The other party's craftiness caused Shi Sen to become extremely careful, he knew he only had one chance, and if he were to fail, then the enemy would be even more difficult to catch the second round. Furthermore, he had a limited time for this mission, once the frontlines were in danger, he had to lead the Demonic Mounts back to reinforce the frontlines.

Shi Sen was like an experienced hunter, patient and cautious as he stalked the White Pirates.

Mei Chen Xiu never thought that there would actually be people chasing behind him.

In the previous bout of hide n seek, the other party was helpless against him, making him extremely excited. Lady Rou did not reveal anything to him, so when he learned that the Honorable Martial Continent's armies were invading the Southern Region, he was shocked, but he very quickly sensed that it was an absolutely good opportunity!

Truly, he sensed that the pressure on him had disappeared.

The great armies were pressuring the Southern Alliance, causing them to give up on him.

He tested them by attacking a few cities, and did not find any traces of warships. He did not expect that Shi Sen did not take any warships, but brought the Demonic Mounts and traversed the Sea of Energy by foot, pursuing him closely and unwilling to let go.

Following the reports regarding the frontlines, Mei Chen Xiu became even more relaxed. The Southern Alliance's first defense line had been breached, although it revealed Xie Yu An as an outstanding military general, but the entire Southern Alliance was not performing well.

The breach of the first defense lines meant that the Southern Alliance's pressure had increased.

He was able to imagine the immense pressure on them.

~A god sent opportunity!~

Mei Chen Xiu became extremely eager and excited, the attention of the Southern Alliance had been taken away by the front lines, and their empty behind was like an unprotected beauty, which was so attractive and alluring.

Destruction, he only needed to cause great destruction.

Destroying the Southern Alliance's supply lines and their workshops would cause the Southern Alliance to bleed heavily. Although he did not think that the Southern Alliance was able to stop the Honorable Martial Continent's great armies from advancing, but his actions would greatly hasten the Honorable Martial Continent's plan to subdue the Southern Region.

That was what they were for.

He did not make his move impulsively, after a few bouts of probing and attracting panic, he would lead his troops and disappear amongst the crowd. The more anxious the frontlines were, the more desiring the backlines would be, which was not only eyed by him alone, there were many in the same line as him who were preparing to attack.

To pirates, chaos was the best, and only by disturbing the water would one be able to touch the fish. Whether or not the Southern Region was sieged did not matter to them. The greedy pirates only wanted to profit from it.

As time passed, the pirates' activities quickly became more rampant.

Amidst the chaos and panic, Mei Chen Xiu's White Pirates infiltrated in like sharks ready to ambush from within the deep sea.

He was gradually closing in on his target, the Steel Mountain Continent.

The Steel Mountain Continent was not a big continent, but very few people knew that this seemingly ordinary continent was actually where the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, the leading weapons trade in Southern Region had its base camp in.

The Honorable Martial Continent had long infiltrated the Southern Region, and after knowing Mei Chen Xiu's activities, the Honorable Martial Continent intelligence immediately supplied him with an important target list. Inside this target list was what Mei Chen Xiu had long desired, and he finally chose Steel Mountain Continent.

Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce was the Southern Alliance's most important member, and as a weapons trader, the majority of the weapons supplied to the Southern Alliance was from them.

Mei Chen Xiu was calm, even with the smooth advancement, he did not think that the battle would end quickly. It was a battle to conquer, and to the Southern Region who had no way of retreat, they would definitely fight to the death.

Since ancient times, battles seeking to conquer would always receive the strongest retaliation by the locals.

If they could destroy the source of the Southern Alliance's weapons, especially their base, it would undoubtedly be fatal. This attack would not be obvious in the short run, but once the battle was drawn out, they would not have sufficient equipment to resupply, and this would gradually influence the war situation, which would last a long time.

The construction of any weapons base could not be completed in a short time.

That was where one would truly bleed.

Leaving aside strategic importance, the Steel Mountain Continent had a weak defence, which was the most vital part for Mei Chen Xiu's plan. The Steel Mountain Continent only had one army in defence, and it was the army belonging to the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce. In the Honorable Martial Continent's reports, this Steel Mountain Army was described as a group of rich traders in luxurious equipment.

~It is also time to replenish myself.~

Just by thinking of the piles of weapons made Mei CHen Xiu drool. His White Pirates were comprised of the Honorable Martial Continent elites, but their equipment was sloppy. Of course, to any pirates, their current equipment was satisfactory, but to the ambitious Mei Chen Xiu, it would never be enough.

He was not here to watch a show.

He was hoping that the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce's weapons would truly be able to equip them well.

In his vision, the distant Estuary stronghold started to get closer, they were advancing quickly, but the stronghold did not give out any warnings, as though the other party did not even notice them.

Mei Chen Xiu knew that they were doing an infiltration mission, but seeing the estuary get closer and closer, he could not stop his heart from beating quickly. He had to control his own breathing, the fleet was quietly advancing, the dark Sea of Energy was extremely calm, and only the distant light aura that emitted a faint yellow light shot in through the warship's windows.

~This should probably be my most important battle.~

Something rarely seen happened, his palms were perspiring.

~If it was Qiu Xu Hua, encountering this situation, he won't be anxious right.~

Upon thinking of that, his anxiousness dropped by half, and his breathing calmed down. He got closer and closer to the estuary, but the stronghold did not have any movements at all, causing his mood to be strangely calm.

"Go closer."

He spoke gently, as though he was afraid of awakening the dormant stronghold, but this whisper of a command, was extremely clear to his fleet. The pirates became restless, the stronghold was already 1km away, which was a distance sufficiently close for them to attack.

The elites of the Honorable Martial Continent were growling, the restlessness became more as they got closer.




Mei Chen Xiu seemed to be able to see the sleeping figure behind the window of the stronghold, he could not help but smile, this smile had no warmth, but was as cold as a blade.

"Full force attack!"

Countless thick light auras condensed like a rain of light regiments, surging out from the pirate fleet.

With such close proximity, the estuary stronghold was instantly decimated.

An even more dazzling light aura lit up from inside the stronghold, the sturdy walls instantly shattering like paper, the pieces that were ripped apart flew in all directions, the scene was so bright it looked like they were devoured by flames.

Even the pirates were stunned, the explosion swept across the fleet like a tornado.

It was as if an invisible hand had pushed the entire fleet back by 60m.

When the pirates regained their balance, they watched blankly at the terrifying flames from the stronghold, and after that short silence, screams of joy came out.

The current Steel Mountain Continent was like a half naked beauty who was simply too alluring. Their only obstruction was the Steel Mountain Army.

Mei Chen Xiu was high in spirits, indescribable feelings surged in his chest, even if it were a group of elites standing in front of him, he had the confidence of winning.

~This battle will definitely shake the Southern Alliance.~

~Fame General Mei Chen Xiu's preliminary battle, this phrase is truly exciting.~

"Land on the Steel Mountain Continent."

All of the warships quickly surged into the Estuary.

When the last pirate ship entered Steel Mountain Continent, the Sea of Energy became silent once more, and only the remnants of the stronghold at the estuary remained burning.

Nearby the stronghold, the unstable energy were quickly ignited, and in the blink of the eye, it transformed into a sea of flames.

The sea of flames burned brightly, distorting the Sea of Energy.

In the distance, figures appeared from the darkness as they surfaced up silently.

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