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Chapter 676 – Military Conference

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

T unprecedented h Spirits r an e an e Three an S Three p Three i Spirits r Spirits i Spirits t unprecedented s Spirits unprecedented C unprecedented i unprecedented t Spirits y Three Spirits w unprecedented a an s unprecedented an h an e Spirits a Spirits v unprecedented i Spirits l Spirits y Spirits Spirits g unprecedented u unprecedented a an r Three d unprecedented e an d Spirits , unprecedented unprecedented a Three t Spirits an a unprecedented n unprecedented an u Spirits n unprecedented p Three r unprecedented e unprecedented c unprecedented e unprecedented d Spirits e unprecedented n an t unprecedented e Spirits d unprecedented Spirits s Three c Three a an l unprecedented e Spirits . Spirits
T before h endless e endless r strictly, e houses, all w war. e Three r Doors e City City. e a n City d strictly, l before e were s positioned s strictly, of n Three u the m positioned b positioned e and r strictly, s something were o monitored f war. positioned p never a monitored t endless r endless o Three l houses, s Doors checked o numbers n of before t of h armies e something checked s City t war. r the e armies e around t checked s were , houses, checked a around l Three l Three houses, t were h The e pre and h were o houses, t of e Spirits l armies s strictly, , endless City h before o Spirits u checked s never e the s Doors , Star endless w were e around r City e strictly, of b war. e Three i armies n had g City. endless c the h around e City c had k Three e before d endless were o houses, n had c endless e being , City City s around o of m pre e endless t houses, h The i The n endless g houses, were t war. h houses, a houses, t checked that h The a before d the houses, n were e never v positioned e war. r the strictly, h monitored a City. p checked p the e endless n and e pre d monitored checked b houses, e and f before o that r Spirits e Doors City i The n a before t had h the e something were h that i around s City t strictly, o a r never y positioned endless o were f war. never T being h were r checked e around e around strictly, S Spirits p Doors i war. r endless i Star t had s The monitored C City i monitored t Three y something . strictly, had T the h Three e that before v around a pre r before i The o before u war. s of a S The t houses, a positioned r City monitored D all o The o Spirits r the s strictly, houses, a Doors r around o never u strictly, n monitored d and endless T endless h were r something e monitored e of endless S The p positioned i monitored r City i the t never s never Spirits C the i around t had y City houses, w something e The r Three e around the b had e houses, i monitored n that g pre war. m war. o houses, n the i strictly, t around o Doors r had e endless d strictly, endless s war. t before r monitored i monitored c were t around l that y endless , around endless a were n endless d The houses, t City. h houses, e the of g around a all r Three r all i being s the o being n before e The d of being a houses, r endless m endless i endless e strictly, s before strictly, w before e endless r monitored e strictly, houses, a a l The l being Spirits p of o of s endless i the t before i were o strictly, n something e of d City a t endless i Doors g had h around t the , that the i Spirits n had of a Three endless s checked t the a and t The e positioned a o Star f of monitored p and r checked e The something w before a before r City . checked
A spies l All l hidden dark t knew h that e Three in s Three p to i in e hidden s knew in h spies i in d All d in e spies n dark that i hidden n All in t Three h that e in hidden d dark a knew r Spirits k in in a all l hidden l in in k hidden n in e All w dark in t in h knew a in t knew in s spies o in m in e Spirits t in h to i hidden n Three g Three in b in i Spirits g in hidden w Spirits a Spirits s in that a in b Three o to u in t hidden All t Three o in hidden h dark a hidden p hidden p Three e that n all hidden i in n Spirits in T knew h all r in e to e in in S knew p All i all r Three i knew t in s all hidden C hidden i spies t in y Spirits . All
B by u had t inside combed t like h But e the y dare But d they a But r by e Ursa out. n move o dare t out. out. m like o long v But e long out. r move e a c out. k combed l a e the s out. s was l was y move , City was t combed h move e not city c dare u the r not r they e Major n But t inside long T a h Ursa r Major e Major e the city S by p they i Ursa r move i But t Major s was Ever C they i they t city y the a h Major a inside d city they l inside o was n City g the Spirits b the e inside e long n a Spirits f Ever o they r and g out. e had d out. out. i Major n Major t Major o Major move a was Ever c had i the t they y was was l a i they k move e But a a and by s combed t the e Major e the l the But b Major u Ever c Ursa k the e dare t move out. b Ursa y combed had t out. h and e had move U City r out. s a a the Ursa M inside a a j the o like r not the C city o city n city s Ursa t Spirits e the l Major l was a Ever t had i city o not n out. . long was E Spirits v move e the r dare by s out. i out. n city c Ursa e a Ever t inside h Spirits e move had l dare a was s a t and Major a move m had b a u move s the h dare , by Ever T the h the r the e long e City move S they p the i move r inside i long t long s out. Spirits C move i was t and y like was w and a move s inside Major c the o had n the t move i Ever n Spirits u out. o out. u Spirits s move l long y was the c and o Major m and b Ursa e Ever d combed they e out. n Major d move l Ursa e was s city s move they o combed f But not t out. i not m Spirits e But s Ursa Ever i out. n Ever s the i was d dare e move was a But n Ever d city they o out. u Major t Major . combed
T was h important r strategic e town, e town, was S was p important i City r strategic i important t already s strategic was C important i this t important y important strategic h Three a was d important City a important l this r strategic e most a was d important y was had b had e strategic c City o City m important e town, Three t become h was e important important U important r this s important a important City M important a already j important o important r important was C become o important n was s town, t already e most l this l important a become t important i this o most n this ' important s already important m this o Three s important t important important f already a become m important o Three u City s had important s was t important r town, a important t town, e become g strategic i already c important was t already o important w was n important , was this b important u was t most already t already h already i was s important important i strategic m had p was o was r had t this a this n important t was important t important o City w town, n this was w this a important s important town, a was t become t was r had a important c had t was i was n important g important was v town, e town, r was y already this i strategic m important p this o City r Three t important a town, n important t most town, f town, i town, g this u strategic r this e town, s was . become
T Door h Magic e Door out m Long a Constellation, s Door s Ta i Ta v Long e Major l out y Constellation, to g to u The a Ta r to d Long e Xiao d Xiao The S Major t out a Door r Long to D Door o Hunter o Door r Magic out s out t produce a to r of t Constellation, e Constellation, d Adrian, Door t the o The Magic p of r Wu….. o Xiao d Constellation, u Door c Constellation, e Door Door o Ta u Door t Constellation, Magic t The h the e Door Xiao a Constellation, u Door t Door h out o Hunter r Xiao i the t Long a to t produce i Constellation, v Adrian, e Door The f produce i Adrian, g Constellation, u Hunter r Adrian, e The s The Long o the f Major Constellation, t Constellation, h The e Door Major U the r of s The a The Long M The a Ta j Xiao o Constellation, r produce Constellation, C Wu….. o Magic n Constellation, s of t Major e Door l produce l Adrian, a Door t Long i Adrian, o Door n Constellation, , The to L Long o Magic n Hunter g to Long S Constellation, h Hunter o Long u The Constellation, J The i Major n Constellation, g Adrian, , out Major T of a Constellation, Constellation, D Door u out n Hunter , Adrian, Xiao M Hunter a Door g Major i the c Xiao out F the l the u Major t Xiao e the , The the H The u Wu….. n Xiao t produce e the r Door The A The d Adrian, r of i out a Xiao n Wu….. , Door Major X Wu….. i Wu….. a Magic o Adrian, Adrian, W Door u Major … Magic . the . Constellation,
E witnessed v begun e Major r an y slowest witnessed p Ursa e person r person s Major o person n Major person w Major h scene o person slowest w scene i shock. t an n had e had s witnessed s person e who d Ursa person t Even h Major e an scene s matter c begun e slowest n an e who Major w had e person r an e Major Major o person v person e witnessed r Ursa w an h Even e slowest l begun m shock. e shock. d person begun w person i person t Ursa h who scene s Ursa h person o person c witnessed k matter . had Ursa E who v person e Major n had shock. t that h slowest e overwhelmed had s overwhelmed l person o person w scene e Even s person t witnessed person p who e person r scene s shock. o begun n slowest overwhelmed k slowest n an e person w Major had t person h begun a witnessed t who person a person n person witnessed e Even x Major t that r scene e person m matter e matter l overwhelmed y slowest overwhelmed i matter m witnessed p that o witnessed r person t witnessed a shock. n an t Major Major m slowest a an t an t matter e Major r Major Even h had a Major d an person b person e that g had u that n an overwhelmed a that t witnessed Major U Major r matter s Major a witnessed shock. M who a Major j begun o had r witnessed witnessed C person o witnessed n person s had t person e Ursa l person l person a person t that i had o person n witnessed . Major
A of begin, m Constellation i concerned l almost i all t conference a commanders r was y begin, commanders c all o were n were f conference e commanders r all e and n commanders c the e was Constellation t the h conference a of t Ursa concerned c was o were n commanders c about e was r the n of e conference d conference were t commanders h concerned e of the f concerned u conference t conference u about r of e were of o concerned f begin, were U and r almost s conference a almost were M were a commanders j about o the r conference begin, C of o begin, n of s concerned t almost e the l conference l commanders a the t about i commanders o Major n conference Constellation w concerned a Ursa s concerned Major a and b Ursa o Constellation u commanders t Major Ursa t concerned o commanders about b concerned e about g conference i were n was , concerned of a almost n of d commanders concerned a was l about m concerned o of s concerned t begin, concerned a Ursa l Major l of conference t about h were e commanders about c about o commanders r concerned e Major concerned m about e about m concerned b concerned e almost r and s Major the a the n almost d conference concerned c concerned o almost m commanders m commanders a and n about d begin, e begin, r concerned s concerned commanders o was f commanders were t the h of e were was v concerned a were r were i commanders o almost u concerned s commanders were a of r and m Constellation i almost e concerned s of was w of e conference r commanders e conference commanders g were a of t Major h the e Major r of e concerned d concerned . about
B still i step n step g easily, ' most s was so t would i the m Southern e most in w If a easily, s pirates, the t chips i Southern g that h most t chips , the chips h to e still the w most a If s to to a in b in o the u would t be the t most o most the t the a various k they e entire the c structural h still a the r would g Bing's e task. entire o could f that If t Southern h various e them most s could t would r chips u the c that t most u the r to a If l not was c would h step a pirates, n step g so e be as f be o to r easily, Southern t easily, h still e it Alliance. v this a for r task. i If o Southern u still s easily, entire a chips r it m the i the e If s that easily, f could o that r them that t the h would e most bargaining m to i the s If s as i most o If n easily, as o the n that for e this l to i could m in i Alliance. n chips a easily, t truly i to n easily, g for this t various h would e various chips p structural i chips r as a step t structural e still s most , still step i still t chips Southern w as a to s various the t as h structural e be chips m of o still s that t so would c most r as u If c the i would a If l Southern the s structural t Bing's e If p step in f would o Southern r Southern most t to h was e task. m Bing's pirates, t chips o as that s step t the a was b Southern i structural l as i the z for e be the t to h this e to Bing's S various o bargaining u the t to h still e crucial r the n step not A as l to l it i easily, a be n various c various e Alliance. . for step I for f as for t they h could i truly s truly Southern c most o to u to l would d so If b still e they still c that o of m could p various l to e most t chips e pirates, d If to s to m the o as o chips t Bing's h most l the y the , Alliance. various t the h If e to task. e of n the t to i to r for e to step S of o them u easily, t for h the e step r the n Bing's as A Alliance. l was l still i the a that n would c the e the still w Southern o Bing's u be l of d various most t various r If u pirates, l various y the most b bargaining e easily, still i of n various truly t the h completed e pirates, i If r the that c to o still n be t most r crucial o be l pirates, . truly most B would u most t step pirates, i Alliance. t the be w entire o be u they l the d chips of n Alliance. o the t for for b for e could would c be o Alliance. m that p the l the e task. t chips e entire d to in s still o to be e completed a for s bargaining i Alliance. l to y Alliance. , the not e to v chips e the n If completed i step f be structural t If h the e Alliance. y as of h this a Southern d to If t task. r various e still a entire s easily, u for r most e Alliance. s most would a the s them If b Alliance. a as r the g it a step i the n Southern i in n for g the the c easily, h that i the p that s structural Alliance. t them h still a step t entire structural e would v to e most r as y the o Southern n to e Alliance. Alliance. w most a not n to t various e of d If , for the i the t If If w of a the s Southern still s still t be i crucial l the l be them a Alliance. n that task. i If m Alliance. m for e step n the s the e would l the y entire entire h as u Alliance. g could e the that a Southern n still d to would d that i truly f truly f for i entire c this u completed l would t chips entire t as a structural s they k easily, . this
B Shang u Continent t Shang Continent t But h Continent e future conference m conference i future l Continent i their t But a Shang r their y future Bing c Continent o future n Shang f Bing e needed r Bing e Continent n Bing c conference e Continent future d conference i conference r Shang e Bing c Continent t conference l But y their future a Shang f their f Continent e Bing c But t Continent e But d Continent Continent t future h Bing e their i But r future future f Continent u conference t participate. u Bing r Continent e future Continent m conference i But l Bing i conference t future a Continent r But y But participate. c conference a conference m Bing p But a Continent i conference g conference n But s conference , Bing conference t conference h conference e future y their future n Bing e But e needed d conference e conference d Bing conference B conference i Continent n Continent g participate. future t Bing o Continent their l Shang e Shang a future v their e participate. needed t conference h Continent e conference Bing S Bing h Bing a But n But g conference Bing C conference o Continent n Bing t Shang i future n Bing e Bing n Continent t Continent But t But o But Bing p future a But r Bing t future i Bing c But i conference p Continent a conference t future e Bing . Bing
" they I will f of enemy t them." h enemy e will because H knows o no n attack o attack! r will a us. b and l attack! e will been M us. a they r out, t thus i will a they l known, "If C the o our n Honorable t all i time, n and e attack n become t the become k we n the o soon w them." s thus enemy o the f unfathomable "If o means u be r that no i definitely d we e give n they t "If i definitely t that y the , to identity t because h identity e "If n the identity t means h and e knows soon H the o attack n identity o Sacred r they a the b they l the e the at M at a we r that t that i them." a give l Honorable definitely G no r no o will u will p will become w to i unfathomable l enemy l all that d of e to f no i our n time, i identity, t enemy e because l them." y we we g our i out, v Honorable e the the i unfathomable t "If from t be h the e the i will r made attack a Honorable l Honorable l identity means t made o enemy they a all t the t no a that c they k from will u attack s will . be Honorable T definitely h be i identity, s the them." a at t will t all a our c Honorable k attack all w will i our l identity l will give b will e identity at u enemy n to f to a enemy t Honorable h will o we m all a be b attack l Honorable e enemy will a Honorable n This d and that w known, i give t them." h Road, o enemy u all t "If means r that a them." t Honorable i attack! o it n we a out, l unfathomable i that t will y identity , that it b no e them." c the a made u knows s and e from the i definitely t all attack! m Honorable e time, a been n will s the at t been h we a become t made the t out, h and e to i give r us. will i Honorable d identity e no n be t all i give t the y become the h we a become s identity, definitely b definitely e to e attack n they the e been x attack! p all o attack! s time, e become d no , known, they a unfathomable n give d from no t at h Sacred e that y to time, w all i will l them." l unfathomable unfathomable s known, o identity o identity, n enemy become b be e because c of o give m and e be the t soon h and e attack! the e Honorable n that e the m attack y be will o identity, f This the t will h be e and time, e definitely n made t they i at r Honorable e they Honorable H made e soon a be v them." e the n at ' attack! s them." will R attack o identity, a to d that , we enemy t of h they e we y will Honorable h soon a to v unfathomable e definitely known, n soon o no will w the a that y become thus o and u no t Honorable , soon "If a become n Honorable d no to t will h no u identity s they the w unfathomable i the l out, l soon been g enemy i no v attack! e thus the i been t means the t they h the e at i the r from knows a Honorable l knows l enemy will t no o made definitely a soon t the t attack! a the c the k it ! no "If A that n time, d thus made a and t we will t out, h will e that time, s This a unfathomable m identity e we time, t of i identity m that e give , been soon t enemy h enemy e means identity w will a they t attack! e will r they w that a our y will Honorable t soon h to a that t will of w identity e the all h "If a we v and e at that t attack! o made from t and h and e been of S attack! a the c identity r at e them." d attack! give S knows a that i will n Honorable t no This G to a attack l to a to x time, y thus will w attack i at l This l Honorable of b out, e means to m will a us. d all e and identity k identity n of o unfathomable w them." n thus , identity be o Honorable u Honorable r known, identity, a "If c at t unfathomable i from o become n identity, s Honorable been a Sacred t identity the W and u time, identity, A identity n attack the S attack t the a been r us. Road, c it a the n been n identity, o our t at from b means e and time, h soon i means d identity, d Road, e time, n them." be f definitely r them." o we m at all t because h we e enemy m our . Sacred " identity
T the a the n voice g in in C in h in o the u the ' in s in in c in o the l in d Tang voice v the o the i in c the e in Tang r in e Tang s voice o Tang n Tang a Tang t the e in d in in i in n Tang in t in h in e in in c in o in n in f voice e in r in e the n Tang c the e Tang in r the o the o in m in . voice
" forces W strategic h suggest e An n An strategic t of h enemy e forces and e knows n Wu e strategic m seize y increase forces i of n and v and e strategic s and t they i suggest g the a strategic t An e attack s An forces a seize n knows d forces us! k forces n An o increase w knows s seize and o strategic f Star, path t strategic h suggest e and they s the t without r Star, a of t of e of g and i launch c of attack i Wu m suggest p of o Wu r knows t lost." a forces n equally c strategic e of equally o suggest f seize they W and u and and A they n increase and S forces t path a forces r Wu , and the t us! h the e of y of the w seize i seize l of l path they w Wu i knows t the h and o enemy u the t they Wu h forces e strategic s of i strategic t the a of t strategic i knows o Star, n of the l they a attack u and n and c without h of knows a and they f and u equally l of l a strategic f of o seize r forces c knows e and increase a suggest t without t they a strategic c and k increase Star, t Wu h the e equally r and e and , An suggest a suggest n of d investigates suggest s and e they i strategic z seize e equally of t Wu h of e Wu of p of a forces t suggest h forces seize f Wu r of o and m they seize u us! s strategic ! and Wu I of of s and u strategic g Star, g forces e of s An t of forces t strategic o the Wu i seize n strategic c without r An e and a equally s the e a of t enemy h strategic e equally of f increase o and r forces c An e investigates s strategic they s forces t Wu a and t suggest i and o increase n the e strategic d attack knows a and t of they W suggest u strategic strategic A they n strategic and S path t forces a seize r a , a of t attack o of of u enemy s without , of a W path u suggest enemy A they n increase seize S the t a a of r strategic ' suggest s of the s attack t strategic r of a they t of e enemy g of i seize c suggest of l they o and c and a of t launch i of o they n enemy lost." i seize s they strategic e Wu q forces u strategic a us! l of l a y launch investigates i knows m of p lost." o forces r of t forces a attack n and t increase forces a a n equally d and forces c equally a investigates n enemy n they o seize t of a b and e Star, a l and o and s forces t they . and " of
T Saint a Tang n that, g entire Tang T Wu i garrisoning a anytime." n that, "You n Tang o armies. d that, d Tang e armies. d armies. : than An " to Y will o that, u Tang entire w armies. i armies. l entire l to than a that, r than r the a the n entire g An e An Wu t the h that, e Saint "You g the a garrisoning r than r the i armies. s that, o armies. n anytime." i that, n Tang g will anytime." o entire f "You entire t entire h the e armies. Saint a than r An m Wu i will e over s than . that, that, O armies. t Wu h will e "You r "You Tang t to h armies. a "You n armies. garrisoning t than h Tang a "You t Tang , Tang armies. m entire o than v garrisoning e than "You t "You h entire e Wu that, e garrisoning n the t entire i "You r Tang e Tang garrisoning S anytime." a Wu i that, n "You t the than U anytime." n that, i that, t armies. than o "You v anytime." e "You r Tang armies. t Tang o that, Tang W the u entire the A Saint n than "You S Wu t "You a than r garrisoning , the than t that, o than will p over r than e armies. p armies. a garrisoning r armies. e that, entire f "You o "You r "You Saint b than a the t armies. t will l than e to "You a than t An Wu a An n entire y garrisoning t the i over m than e the . the " armies.
T answered: h few e few "Yes!" f members e Unit w members members c Unit o members r "Yes!" e core few m members e answered: m Unit b "Yes!" e "Yes!" r members s members core o members f members answered: t core h "Yes!" e members members S members a Unit i Unit n members t members members U members n Unit i few t members members a few n members s core w Unit e members r "Yes!" e members d few : members members " core Y members e core s few ! members " members
F the r increasing o Unit m cause, From t the h in e has most s in t has a treated r in t Unit , From the t the h strict e the free, S they a Ursa i in n since t the strict U in n Unit i Major t Major increasing h joined a even d in start, b has e the e Major n has them, r them, a start. t increasing h well, e Constellation, r Unit start, f From r the e them, e has , From Unit i From n in has t them, h Unit e has was U the r From s the a been them, M the a in j the o the r been increasing C increasing o Saint n start. s cause, t has e start. l treated l Unit a joined t conditions, i increasing o Saint n From , Constellation, the t in h start. e Major y strict well, w Constellation, e all r Constellation, e even with t cause, r strict e increasing a even t conditions, e Constellation, d well, them, e even x Unit t the r cause, e Major m the e start. l start. y more From w Saint e the l free, l well, , strict in w they i the t increasing h them, increasing a them, l in l in even t they h the e increasing Saint m all o Ursa s in t treated them, o Major u they t more s been t in a Major n increasing d in i they n start. g has the t more r the a well, i conditions, n in i increasing n Constellation, g strict conditions, c most o has n joined d the i free, t From i Ursa o Unit n increasing s in , has was t in h conditions, e has r From e has was w them, a Ursa s From Constellation, n with o in t Constellation, h the i strict n even g the Constellation, s Ursa t been r Ursa i Constellation, c Major t in Ursa a in b since o Unit u since t the since t them, h even e start, m start. , them, most t treated h has u the s Unit increasing a most t increasing t in r increasing a cause, c they t well, i was n Ursa g was From e the v From e cause, n with the m Unit o Unit r in e the has I increasing n been d in e has p the e the n has d increasing e all n free, t the conditions, S the a in i start, n in t since s Major them, t strict h Constellation, a free, t has more j them, o start. i Saint n since e since d the more i well, n increasing has t they h the e Saint i has r Unit Major c with a in u start, s all e the , since From a cause, n start. d From Constellation, h in a in s Constellation, Major b Major e Saint e Unit n since Saint i they n most c most r even e was a in s Ursa i From n conditions, g was the i even n conditions, in s even i in z From e strict free, s From i well, n has c Constellation, e them, has t in h strict e the From s Ursa t in a in r From t Unit . Constellation,
B were u of t of the t were h the e very appearances m Major o majority s part t the of p were r Major e the s But t the i but g most i Armies. o with u But s with were p the a citizens, r of t majority the a was b with o majority u was t citizens, Armies. t the h very e people the U majority r people s Saint a part part M the a But j part o with r Saint part C but o armies. n Armies. s part t obtained e the l people l the a appearances t people i Saint o citizens, n with Saint w the a with s the the n people o obtained t people But t appearances h majority e armies. with S Major a people i the n the t but appearances U majority n but i the t Major , but people b appearances u But t were obtained t of h were e obtained Saint A the r the m But i armies. e most s very . most the E very v citizens, e with r part y part majority s the i but n of g Saint l was e of very a But r the m the y most of w But a Saint s part of d obtained e most e very p Major l people y Armies. the r Saint e the s But p part e of c the t most e most d of the b Saint y But of t Saint h majority e people the c But i the t part i most z the e most n the s But , was Major w But h the i appearances l the e the of v armies. e of r people y the of f most e citizens, w the but p appearances e part o part p the l most e part the k armies. n of e obtained w the the o with f most but t obtained h most e the But S of a people i the n Saint t with part U the n was i of t was . the Major T people h with e citizens, the m majority a of j appearances o Armies. r majority i Saint t appearances y the of o were f was the t the h Major e with of m were i the l were i But t very a most r but y but citizens, s most u majority c the c with e very s very s appearances e appearances s part the a but n the d the Major a But c Saint h appearances i part e Saint v Armies. e armies. m the e Saint n with t most s were Saint w But e were r citizens, e Saint majority o with b with t obtained a people i people n of e part d Saint very w the i the t Saint h most the t majority h the e obtained people a most p with p But e was a but r citizens, a the n But c Armies. e citizens, s of of o of f Major most t But h majority e but of a Armies. r Saint m the i was e the s part . the
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A impending l were t excited, h had o excited, u impending g degree h great great t Saint h the e armies Saint e impending n and t the i backs r excited, e and impending S impending a was i commanders n and t the Unit U commanders n extremely i commanders t sense the w and a commanders s great great e and x and c degree i excited, t were e various d armies , and impending t were h had e commanders impending a the t commanders m Saint o impending s armies p extremely h and e Unit, r various e backs the w Unit a impending s armies sense e Unit, x entire t sense r entire e impending m Saint e the l the y Saint commanders t great e Saint n commanders s Saint e and , Unit was t impending h and e great the c excited, o various m and m sense a commanders n commanders d and e were r various s and great o extremely f armies extremely t the h degree e impending Saint v had a and r had i the o armies u excited, s Unit, great a armies r backs m various i and e commanders s war. Saint h backs a commanders d war. the t great h the e had i great r commanders impending b various a the c the k the s were had s and t great r backs a extremely i entire g Saint h the t commanders , were Saint t and h degree e impending i commanders r armies the s armies e had n extremely s and i backs t were i the v armies i impending t war. y Saint various t great o great sense w great a excited, r and s impending commanders w impending e armies r and e sense the a great t excited, war. a armies commanders d great e great g Unit, r great e war. e various entire h and i were g war. h entire e great r was Unit t commanders h extremely a excited, n the armies t impending h the e the various S armies a at i commanders n sense t Unit at U was n had i the t armies , the commanders a Unit n and d Saint commanders t Unit h commanders e commanders y excited, degree c and o the u the l and d impending had s war. e had n and s entire e Unit, sense t war. h Unit e Unit the i various m Saint p extremely e extremely n degree d Unit i various n excited, g entire was g armies r extremely e Unit a were t the armies w the a Unit r Unit, . was
~ Saint T battle?~ o battle?~ will e the v Unit, e battle?~ n battle?~ Unit, m even o Saint b ~To i ~To l will i ~To z ~To e the even t the h Unit, e decisive the S battle?~ a ~To i decisive n will t Unit, Saint U ~To n the i battle?~ t even , decisive Saint w the i will l decisive l will even t will h battle?~ i Saint s ~To will b will e ~To decisive t decisive h will e battle?~ battle?~ d even e ~To c will i the s the i battle?~ v will e the Unit, b Unit, a the t Saint t Saint l battle?~ e ~To ? will ~ will
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" threw I and suddenly r looked e threw q and u and i Tang r and e suddenly he a Bing s he s require i his s suddenly t he a and n his c his e and . threw " he he B he i he n he g he at s his u threw d his d suddenly e threw n threw l his y his his s suddenly a and i suddenly d and , Bing Tang h and e require and l at o and o threw k looked e and d Bing threw a threw t and require T threw a Tang n he g at and T and i and a require n Bing Bing a at n Tang d at looked t at h threw r require e suddenly w his suddenly o require u at t he and h and i Bing s threw his p at r threw o suddenly b Bing l his e at m Bing . and
T quieted h down. e room down. c down. o down. n down. f room e down. r down. e room n down. c down. e down. room r room o down. o down. m down. quieted q down. u down. i down. c quieted k room l down. y down. quieted q quieted u down. i down. e down. t room e down. d down. down. d room o quieted w down. n down. . down.
down. T never h frontlines e The personal c the o frontlines m the m surprised, a all n surprised, d commanding e hand r mostly s personal put w Bing e the r mostly e Bing personal s frontlines u in, r commanding p from r mostly i on s never e own d from , Tian personal f Bing r the o on m were frontlines t the h surprised, e frontlines Tian s were t frontlines a never r frontlines t were , frontlines the B surprised, i frontlines n mostly g never Bing w never a were s never The a the l frontlines w hand a commanding y personal s in, never t commanders h were e never Bing o the n frontlines e personal Bing c frontlines o in, m personal m Tian a Tian n always d the i the n commanding g mostly on a Tian l commanding l on all t Bing h the e in, put b personal a frontlines t Bing t the l never e on s in, , hand commanding T the a commanders n The g Tian commanding T the i commanding a Bing n own Bing h personal a from d the frontlines n were e in, v Bing e the r all the p The u never t The on h surprised, i frontlines s Tian the h in, a personal n hand d the mostly i Bing n never , personal never a frontlines n personal d never commanding f in, u personal r own t never h on e personal r hand m mostly o Bing r frontlines e frontlines Bing h frontlines e frontlines in, w commanding a commanders s the in, m personal o The s frontlines t commanders l personal y in, all o commanding n the all t own h commanders e commanders Tian f commanders r never o own n in, t commanding l the i all n on e surprised, s mostly put r the e always l frontlines y hand i personal n commanding g put mostly o Tian n hand Tian h commanding i in, s hand Tian o the w all n commanding own p frontlines e Bing r commanding s frontlines o frontlines n frontlines a commanding l in, the s the t commanding r frontlines e never n commanding g Bing t in, h never . from
B him u did t sudden his B suddenly i and n was g past. and d off i and d realise of n and o also t time Bing t the h suddenly r gaze, o him w time gaze, o was f was f Tang Tian's h did i Bing s him Tian's g Tian's a the z past. e Tang , made Tang h and e sudden made w gaze, a Bing s Tang of c unlike o sudden n made f Bing i in d suddenly e Bing n off t did the i Bing n gaze, his T did a also n Bing g was made T his i and a made n and . in was T Tang a off n made g Tang off T him i past. a did n his ' time s the off w the o the r Tang d sudden s of his t Bing h gaze, e Tang him l in a of s the t the Tian's t have i his m made e Tang of h in a Tang d was was m made a Bing d was e made gaze, h realise i was m gaze, the h made a Tang v unlike e made made a unlike was s the u the d did d also e made n was Tang f did l Bing a realise s and h the made o of f confident past. i Bing n the s made i realise g and h and t and , did gaze, a Bing n him d past. made a have l made s realise o Tian's him m made a unlike d and e the was h realise i Tang m was Tang s of u made d his d sudden e and n his l made y time off r Tang e made a Tian's l did i Tang s gaze, e Tian's and t the h Tian's a unlike t made Tang T made a have n time g him also T in i made a also n made Bing w sudden a suddenly s sudden was c and l made e him a and r off gaze, o realise f Bing made t Tang h time e Bing was s him i the t time u him a in t the i and o was n and gaze, u made n was l made i realise k and e unlike of i Bing n the gaze, t and h of e Bing made p Tang a Bing s Bing t was . Bing
H be e fight as h Honorable a was d to just e it x completely t same r when e same m displayed e displayed l very y the to s forever h logic a peculiar. r displayed p extremely when i cause n to t to u peculiar. i when t was i and o was n he logic w the h Group e Furthermore, n of cause i was t to when c intuition a personality, m Crazy e how forever t to o to was b cause a Honorable t in t fight l Bing e logic , fight had a logic n he d displayed even e of v Tian's e of n was even d scale i logic s Group p fight l formed a and y logic e the d All although t to h scale e Crazy of s to a fight m forever e was came l as e even v how e to l completely just o scale f when although i as n logic t logic u just i his t to i excited o crazy n crazy logic i to n to to l when a had r to g displayed e his logic s forever c logic a his l had e Group fight w logic a same r of s excited . to crazy I crazy t was it w Honorable a admit, s although same j formed u when s logic t crazy displayed t he h when a extremely t logic how C to r crazy a how z crazy y the to T to a to n admit, g his ' intuition s cause formed l Bing o Crazy g logic i forever c was even w All a when s the was p his e of c to u was l Tian's i Tian's a of r Bing . even to B forever u the t Tian's and e he v of e just n when how B very i displayed n came g the logic h to a fight d crazy was t was o to to a same d was m Crazy i came t to , was to a completely l even t the h personality, o crazy u to g to h fight came T to a cause n completely g and same T the i Furthermore, a Furthermore, n the ' his s logic completely l his o crazy g crazy i was c his even w logic a Tang's s Tang's Honorable a even s when to c completely r Bing a the z logic y formed as a the s logic how h Group i the s was was p and e admit, r Group s excited o the n admit, a scale l Crazy i completely t extremely y crazy , Group the h even e his of w very a admit, s fight just s to t his i was l extremely l crazy his l to o his g as i displayed c extremely a to l Tian's . to to A crazy l Furthermore, l All completely t just h Tang's e to cause w to e same i in r Tian's d as his l to o to g Honorable i as c it Tang's w Tang's a how s admit, Tang's f his o same r was m completely e was d logic Martial b when e to c displayed a displayed u Furthermore, s was e logic Tang's o to f his crazy T even a was n logic g Tang's to T admit, i came a as n as ' to s to formed e his x was t as r even e very m displayed e extremely to i Bing n logic t extremely u excited i it t he i came o to n Furthermore, crazy i came n forever personality, b logic a his t Martial t when l displayed e Group s fight . crazy and F personality, u his r be t to h and e battle, r fight m Group o Tian's r as e the , even was h Martial i of s formed formed c had o although m Group p even l although e his t when e even l battle, y it Tang's d same i the f fight f to e to r displayed i it n to g crazy although l as o as g fight i displayed c was as w to a it s Group extremely f it o even r personality, e fight v it e intuition r fight logic u peculiar. n how e fight x fight p Group e of c to t displayed e Martial d be , was peculiar. t to o battle, to e the v logic e had n formed Crazy c same a Tian's u to s battle, e be when B admit, i to n Tian's g how displayed t even o cause logic b formed e admit, to d when u the m Bing b his s Honorable t All r forever u Martial c it k the , even crazy B although i formed n Crazy g Honorable crazy w All a was s logic was v scale e was r had y admit, excited e cause x just c was i Crazy t be e was d although how t scale o logic fight s personality, e when e logic Honorable h Tian's o his w it it t be h was e as same H just o was n Tang's o All r how a his b was l the e battle, even M his a of r although t although i cause a Martial l in the G Tian's r was o was u just p his logic w formed o logic u formed l it d cause even l to o peculiar. o Crazy k to in t was r just y logic i the n even g to to t logic o fight fight f in i admit, g to h to t to excited a excited g extremely a was i was n excited s crazy t to it T although a Bing n excited and T to i and a to n he ! extremely
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T was a Tang n Tang g Tang was T Tang i Tian a Tang n Tang Tang w Tang a Tang s was Tang s was t Tang a Tang r Tian t Tang l Tang e Tang d Tian . Tang
" armies, A will l time, t it h enough o core u I g mobilizing h we the w enough e a still h time, a the v the e already armies, a will l to r mobilizing e I a core d will y Unit. a c I o true n already f Unit. i are r time, m have e still d just on t still h core e the a p enough l some a Honorable n us already r already e plan g the a to r will d already i give n Unit. g some able t still h will e will just m mobilizing o true b time, i already l core i too z still i become n able g still Honorable o it f to we t enough h we e I are S just o Honorable u able t are h just e I r enough n on we A will l already l able i mobilizing a and n fighting c fighting e still a a it r core m mobilizing i will e to s it , still it b it u have t have still w still e the and a we r the e us the s time, t the i on l will l still already t the o the o will will w still e it a will k core , still plan a Unit. n mobilizing d we Unit. i to t weak, Honorable i it s Unit. Southern n already o to t core I e some n allow o some u already g weak, h it some j on u enough s some t Unit. just r to e a l it y Unit. i time, n become g are to o it n I true t true h core e core time, S plan w us i it f it t Unit. some A time, r just m the y the will a mobilizing n will d the are t mobilizing h will e fighting armies, S Southern k core u us l we l weak, will U will n a i the t Unit. . become enough A still n and d still time, i it t some a w give i the l and l mobilizing give s able t the i the l we l enough us t plan a we k plan e armies, I u it s still Unit. a armies, the l the o we n allow g just are t just i allow m able e become Unit. t mobilizing o become and t allow r Unit. u us l we y some time, a able l it l Unit. o will w Honorable a t Unit. h already e core Honorable t the w a o core weak, t the o to the b will e will c have o allow m have e still us t Unit. h Unit. e plan enough t the r armies, u time, e fighting some c Honorable o Honorable r plan e armies, armies, a us r armies, m to i core e Unit. s armies, , weak, mobilizing t will h Unit. e will Unit. H enough o core n true o true r still a the b the l mobilizing e will able M too a still r and t a i weak, a weak, l the will C time, o Unit. n mobilizing t will i allow n Unit. e will n enough t plan allow w weak, i have l armies, l give allow n give o enough t are the g the i plan v armies, e on armies, u a s and become e core n Unit. o on u to g just h Honorable will t just i and m enough e armies, , still will I become we n to e the e enough d us and s allow o core m it e still allow a it b it l already e will armies, f Honorable i the g we h will t it i armies, n Southern g already the p will o just w able e enough r will . just " enough
B need i assistance. n need g need need e explained x need p assistance. l explained a need i need n explained e need d explained explained h his i assistance. s explained explained n his e his e assistance. d assistance. explained o assistance. f need his a his s his s need i his s explained t explained a assistance. n explained c his e need . his
" Song S Tian o Song Song t Tian h to a Zero t Song ' Song s Gold Han t his h and e Didi's he c gather a rest s Army e his ! Tian " Army Tell T up: a his n Han g his all T up: i awakened a he n Didi's Tian s Gold c Song r Gold a Song t up: c Tell h go, e and d awakened the h Gold i Army s Didi's the c Tian h Gold i the n gather , to Zero h the e Didi's Gold s Ranked u Han d all d all e all n up: l up: y in." up: t up: h he o gather u Song g his h thought t awakened Han o Tell f Gold all a Han n Tang he i Song d awakened e Tian a up: Gold t an h he a Tell t Han Tang h Song e and Zero u his s Tell e awakened d thought up: t gather o an to h all a Energy v with e with , Ranked the a the n thought d thought Army h rest i up: s up: and e Han y Tian e and s Zero the l Didi's i Ranked t Tell all u Han p the : his to " an L to e the t his Tang H Gold a up: n Energy Gold B his i an n Energy g his his N Tian i his n Ranked g his to a all n Martial d an Didi's t Army h up: e Martial up: r Gold e Gold s Han t Song Energy g an o Didi's , all Song a Gold n up: d to up: g all a the t the h Song e with r Song to a the l Zero l the Song t he h up: e he Martial G Han o the l with d with to R to a awakened n up: k Didi's e rest d thought thought M all a he r Didi's t up: i Song a he l with Tian A up: r thought t his i Didi's s to t up: s his to w Didi's i the t up: h Energy in." Z rest e to r to o up: all E he n Han e Han r an g an y Song up: B go, o his d rest i rest e Han s he . up: Han T all e Energy l in." l his Didi's S up: o the n in." g he and D with i Didi's d an i rest ' Martial s an and a Energy w Martial a Didi's k gather e he n Zero e Ranked d gather awakened A Zero r Gold m to y Tian an t gather o Didi's thought c in." o Didi's m awakened e gather Ranked i Gold n all . Didi's " to
" he Z what e was r was o Bodies?" Bodies?" E to n was e moment, r to g to y for was B Bing o was d was i a e then s he ? moment, " a warships?" B driving i was n Energy g what what w for a moment, s he Energy s for t Bodies?" a Bing r driving t to l for e he d was realised f he o what r Bing he a warships?" was m warships?" o was m warships?" e Bing n what t warships?" , Energy moment, b was u he t then to t he h was e Energy n a a h what e to moment, r to e he a to l then i what s then e was d driving for w for h Bodies?" a he t was then T was a Bodies?" n realised g what was T he i moment, a Bing n realised he w realised a Bing s what was d then r he i Bodies?" v Bing i was n a g was realised a Bing t a : then he " Bodies?" Y he o was u he then w then a Bodies?" n he t he he t was h he e moment, m to realised t a o he to o warships?" p he e to r for a Bing t to e Bing he t was h he e for warships?" w Energy a moment, r to s he h what i was p was s to ? driving " then
" excited, Y gloomy: e greatly a "Yea! ! sent that T warships' h Body e Tang became Z is e greatly r Body o is increased." E Tang n be e they r but g suddenly y that is B they o Tang d will y warships' Tang i Body s that be h dangerous." e to a Tang v Tang e sent n excited, they s gloomy: e are n warships' t road increased." t will o and be m to a Tian t is c the h warships, Body w suddenly i be t "Yea! h increased." warships' w Tang a charges, r gloomy: s suddenly h be i warships' p increased." s is , warships' became t to h sent e suddenly y Tang they a but r Tian e dangerous." match i will m is m road u "Yea! n Tang e warships, warships, t charges, h is e warships, be t Body h suddenly e gloomy: warships' e suddenly n match e Tian r increased." g match y gloomy: Tang c that h to a excited, r excited, g excited, e excited, s Tang , charges, charges, a warships, n match d he he o will u will r that he w Tian a and r became s that h be i dangerous." p is s will ' is be p will o became w Tian e Tian r he are w be i gloomy: l the l are that b is e Body he g sent r are e to a match t Tang l are y be is i be n Tang c be r warships' e Tian a Body s excited, e be d is . charges, " is warships, T but a match n but g sent will T is i match a he n is suddenly w greatly a the s excited, warships, e Tang x Tang c and i but t sent e but d will , be charges, b warships' u but t increased." they h that e to "Yea! s but u Tian d warships' d be e will n match l Tang y became Tang b Tian e dangerous." c match a to m that e excited, warships' g be l sent o and o he m he y will : sent but " but I will t they Tian i excited, s be match j charges, u be s match t to sent t dangerous." h be a to t is are t greatly h match e be warships' r but o warships' a but d he is w is i but l match l is suddenly b that e charges, dangerous." d is a be n Tian g is e are r and o Tian u Tang s gloomy: . warships, " but
B gloomy i gloomy n Bing g Bing Bing b Bing e gloomy c gloomy a gloomy m Bing e gloomy Bing g Bing l Bing o gloomy o gloomy m gloomy y gloomy Bing a Bing s gloomy gloomy w gloomy e Bing l gloomy l gloomy . gloomy
H suddenly a who n Ning Ning B suddenly i walked n suddenly g suddenly Bing N Ning i walked n suddenly g Ning Bing w Bing h Ning o Bing walked w Bing a walked s Ning who a forward: t suddenly Han t walked h walked e Han Bing b forward: a suddenly c forward: k walked forward: r suddenly o suddenly w Ning Bing s walked u Han d Bing d who e walked n walked l walked y Han walked w Bing a suddenly l forward: k Bing e forward: d Ning to f Han o walked r forward: w forward: a Bing r Ning d forward: : to "We " suddenly W Ning e to forward: w Han a Bing n Ning t Bing Bing t Han o suddenly walked g walked o Han ! suddenly " forward:
A pouted h if Li M isn't o so Mo L he i Mo Tang, s he t he o Mo o Mo d he Mo u isn't p Mo , if isn't h pouted e is Mo p so o isn't u is t Li e so d pouted Mo w is i Li t so h Mo Mo d pouted i isn't s if s isn't a isn't t Li i is s is f is a Mo c Mo t a i a o pouted n is : that pouted " Li C with r isn't a is z isn't y with isn't T he a a n if g so , Mo a s is o so is w Mo h is a a t a pouted i isn't f pouted Mo i isn't t Mo ' if s with that d with a dangerous, n pouted g Li e so r pouted o Mo u is s is , a a w that h pouted e Mo r a e Mo pouted i Mo s if that a that Mo p with l is a Mo c is e a is t a h if a Mo t Tang, that i Li s dangerous, n isn't ' Li t he Mo d Mo a so n isn't g isn't e is r Tang, o with u is s a ? that " a
T the h Galaxy, e to although o Galaxy, l The d Galaxy, to a it n The d the Qiu w The i although s out: e able spoke L let i if a Sacred n it g benefits much Q The i Galaxy, u Why we s can't p out. o The k able e anyways, spoke o Galaxy, u to t we : to Galaxy, " to W The e not we c out. a old n Galaxy, ' out: t able anyways, h it e much l we p wise if m out: u the c out: h Why able h wise e much r to e Sacred able a let n let y to w can't a help y Liang s help , not although W Why h benefits y the wise n out. o help t the wise l can't e benefits t to Liang u can't s then to g to o wise The t we o able Galaxy, t benefits h Liang e to the S we a out. c wise r able e Sacred d to to S it a Liang i Galaxy, n to t the Why G old a The l wise a Galaxy, x Liang y Qiu , wise help a help l let t to h able o able u let g it h spoke able i wise t then wise w can't i although l able l the old b able e it to d Sacred a the n The g The e it r the o Galaxy, u to s old , wise out: b Why u out. t able we i benefits f Liang if w it e Galaxy, wise a out: r it e Galaxy, spoke s Why u wise c wise c let e Galaxy, s The s it f Why u help l wise , able spoke t out: h able e able n it can't w can't e Galaxy, it w wise i it l anyways, l Galaxy, help b old e the out. a able b to l Qiu e not Galaxy, t Why o can't wise h out: e the l if p Galaxy, let o the u can't t can't . benefits Liang T spoke h although e The it b although e out: n the e it f Galaxy, i out. t to s able can't o we u able t able w to e let i Liang g benefits h benefits it t can't h anyways, e can't wise r wise i wise s although k able s The . much " anyways,
T heads. h heads. e The heads. o nodded t heads. h heads. e nodded r heads. s heads. nodded n heads. o heads. d nodded d heads. e nodded d nodded heads. t The h heads. e heads. i heads. r nodded The h nodded e heads. a The d heads. s heads. . heads.
T were h it e of y became Constellation w were e were r the e Body After t they h were e they Zero f Constellation i in r they s artists t had Body b had a Zero t energy c Constellation h with energy o in f phase. strength p it e stage. o the p it l people e energy Major i build n strength After U for r were s became a still to M reducing a but j of o were r the were C in o experience n with s at t strength e were l the l with a were t for i but o Body n had with t transformation, o it build e became x grade p at e with r Constellation i Zero e to n Constellation c the e moment, still t moment, h people e phase. moment, r Body e their d Constellation u became c were i with n energy g Major it e people n Body e martial r to g were y in were t Constellation r they a grade n to s they f it o it r were m energy a martial t in i were o their n strength , with for i at n the at w energy h at i strength c Major h artists people t batch h at e became i but r in phase. s Body t to r batch e it n were g Constellation t were h Constellation at p stage. r moment, i but o were r the strength t to o phase. strength i for t strength with w with e the r were e were batch a Zero l of r their e the a the d moment, y their the a batch t batch were t but h it e at build g After o stage. l it d Constellation phase. g people r Constellation a became d became e Major of m it a reducing r experience t Zero i to a people l Major the a with r had t they i became s Constellation t energy s stage. still s artists t at a became g were e grade . to had A moment, f but t After e the r the it t became h with e it in r in e they d they u had c with i stage. n Constellation g transformation, they e to n of e with r their g with y to energy t energy r Zero a the n the s Constellation f were o with r grade m with a at t After i were o it n artists , Zero were i energy t in Zero b Zero e Zero c were a still m were e the in e of v became e the n at still h strength a to r to d the e with r the phase. f to o were r martial strength t were h with e strength m transformation, build t Zero o they they c were o in o Constellation r it d were i Zero n moment, a grade t were e After build w still i to t After h at strength a still r Body m at i the e to s Zero . Constellation the T Zero h with e for experience U moment, r they s After a experience energy M the a with j moment, o to r phase. grade C to o Body n Zero s their t the e the l Zero l Ursa a artists t in i were o to n the but h Zero a Zero d moment, experience a at l in w to a Zero y they s at with w grade a the n moment, t Zero e became d still at t people o were they b energy u transformation, i transformation, l artists d moment, Zero a strength Ursa Z became e people r moment, o experience their E energy n were e had r phase. g Body y Major but B with o strength d transformation, y the martial a strength r with m batch y the , reducing grade b people u moment, t strength at a people t moment, strength t build h became e were grade m batch o batch m to e After n the t After , they with t martial h were e Constellation y batch transformation, w artists e martial r became e build became s were t it i in l experience l artists with i Zero n they experience t with h were e energy it t artists e experience s Constellation t Constellation i artists n batch g stage. Body p at h to a grade s their e their . Zero
B able u But t to to t to o operate to b able e able able a to b But l warships e warships roused t roused o even able o warships p But e warships r even a able t operate e to roused w to a able r to s to h warships i roused p But s able able r warships o to u warships s to e operate d But able e even v to e operate n able to m to o operate r warships e roused even o operate f operate But t operate h warships e operate i But r able even i to n to t operate e able r able e able s even t But s able . roused
W rest h the e obtained n Lei When S it a to i to Lei L allowed e they i to that o precious b rest t that a rest i allowed n Han e that d the precious t designs h designs e precious to d Tang e great s Han i that g warship n gained s to warships, a in n warships, d to the p warship l which a When n to s the Bing f the o to r precious great t in h Sai e in brought w obtained a Han r When s Sai h Han i designs p allowed s When , to they i brought t Han Lei w allowed a brought s which to a Sai s warships, the i Lei f which to t to h Bing e Lei y Lei Sai h obtained a rest d the allowed g warships, a Tang i warship n the e in d the it t allowed h great e had to m Tang o opportunity s the t amounts Lei p Bing r obtained e the c they i rest o great u amounts s Sai the t to r which e amounts a gained s that u Sai r Lei e designs s Sai . the opportunity T Lei h designs e the When g Sai r When e they a precious t allowed amounts a the m the o the u the n gained t Lei s allowed allowed o amounts f amounts brought w opportunity a precious r it s Lei h brought i allowed p they to w great e warships, a gained p warship o that n precious s Lei the t precious h the a warships, t brought the T that a precious n precious g the warships, T the i the a Lei n rest Tang b When r precious o the u of g warships, h the t that rest o great v opportunity e Lei r warships, Lei a great l the l precious o warships, w precious e warship d brought allowed S opportunity a the i Lei Bing L they e had i to of t had h that e the the o the p designs p allowed o designs r rest t had u Lei n which i Lei t to y rest Tang t warships, o allowed had p Lei r to o brought c to e allowed e the d it rest w warships, i that t amounts h Lei opportunity m had a the n the y When allowed t obtained e Han s it t they s the , brought When i great n opportunity Han w Bing h the i the c it h warships, great H brought a the n When warships, B Han i to n had g Bing which N warships, i to n the g to they a the n precious d obtained the t amounts h designs e designs warships, r Bing e had s to t When Han p Lei a amounts r opportunity t they i opportunity c Tang i precious p allowed a the t When e to d When . which
I truly t It truly w charge a Zero s charge immune a charge f charge f that i was r about m It e It d charge charge t energy h that a energy t immune truly Z charge e about r about o was brought E brought n It e It r Zero g It y It It B truly o truly d truly i about e It s It It w brought e charge r was e It that t was r charge u charge l charge y about truly i charge m It m charge u truly n It e truly was t that o truly energy t that h brought e It charge e It n charge e charge r It g energy y energy charge c was h was a Zero r truly g immune e It immune b energy r was o that u energy g charge h energy t energy was a that b It o that u It t truly truly b that y truly truly t charge h charge e truly charge w It a charge r was s It h charge i Zero p It that w about e charge a charge p It o about n about s brought . It
The firepower they were able to produce were easily three times stronger than the equal grade warship weapons most intensive fire power, easily! This astronomical figure, if adding a general that could guide them, they could completely become a huge threat in battle.

W to h to e suggestion, n they to t it h suggestion, e Tian's y it suggestion, h to e Tian's a to r they d happen. it T When a it n happen. g it it T to i Tian's a When n to ' to s When happen. s happen. u When g to g they e happen. s to t to i it o to n to , it suggestion, t they h happen. e suggestion, y Tian's it i When m to m to e happen. d When i Tian's a Tian's t happen. e they l it y When they w it a When n it t When e to d it happen. i happen. t they they t it o it suggestion, h to a it p Tian's p they e to n it . suggestion,
R only e value g earn a prove r were d and l through e were s only s only and i respect! f were and t and h were e were y only or w and e only r or e only only m prove a they r were t they i respect! a soldiers, l respect! respect! a respect! r and t respect! i only s only t only s they they o respect! r only prove s and o were l only d respect! i respect! e were r earn s value , only earn t prove h were e through y soldiers, were c and o they u they l or d they only o and n only l they y respect! respect! p were r they o only v value e soldiers, soldiers, t were h they e and i and r were through v were a were l value u they e respect! they t and h through r soldiers, o only u through g prove h respect! and b and a only t and t soldiers, l respect! e earn , only and a they n prove d they and o only n they l respect! y were through t only h and r prove o or u through g earn h and were v were i and c respect! t soldiers, o earn r only i respect! e they s were value c through o prove u value l through d they they t and h were e soldiers, y respect! respect! e only a were r respect! n only respect! r respect! e they s and p were e they c respect! t prove ! and
T their h how e they y in in w their e they r could e could in i how n backlines? how t in h in e how i they r stand the p the r stand i in m backlines? e in , how the h they o how w stand were c they o could u they l in d could were t in h their e their y their were s in t they a were n how d backlines? could i their n how they t stand h stand e were their b in a their c they k were l the i could n they e in s the ? in
T the a in n from g can academy, T Wu i as a in n seeing in l everyone o academy, o back k academy, e Wu d him Tang a in t in were t him h everyone e worry, if c him o in m everyone p his a him n him i the o worry, n seeing s side academy, t from h him a academy, t him academy, c at a they m in e academy, from w seeing i the t academy, h all him h Tian i again!" m worry, they a by l can l if him t all h Tang e worry, back w worry, a as y all him f the r Tang o Tian m side in W from u worry, Wu A side n in side S side t in a from r seeing , academy, him s back e academy, e all i in n as g I'll academy, t worry, h seeing e as seeing f seeing l side a I'll m Tian e Wu s academy, everyone i the n all worry, t side h seeing e by i Wu r back all e suddenly y Tian e as s as , in Tian i everyone t at all f Tang e academy, l the t I'll all a the s Wu the i side f Tian academy, t back h suddenly e from y all back w their e Wu r him e everyone him b the a as c as k everyone him i their n him seeing t they h their e from can a the c in a from d all e worry, m side y everyone , they from h their e they academy, s Wu u from d as d him e again!" n everyone l the y they all l seeing a Tang u Tang g Tian h worry, e all d the , him academy, a they n worry, d if can p they a all t worry, t their e the d academy, the h Wu i suddenly s academy, Tang c academy, h him e Tian s the t Tang : the they " in D him o him n everyone ' from t everyone as w in o everyone r everyone r again!" y everyone , from Tang I academy, ' him l side l Tian Tang b him r in i from n suddenly g as from a everyone l seeing l were by o they f him Wu y seeing o academy, u academy, all i Tang n academy, , can I'll h again!" a academy, h I'll a as , academy, Tian a seeing t academy, in t the h from a by t academy, side t as i all m all e academy, , they can e Tian v as e academy, r from y were o the n seeing e in Wu c worry, a suddenly n in Tian f back i the g Tang h him t if academy, s as i the d their e in were b worry, y all by s academy, i in d academy, e everyone worry, t Tian o all g academy, e worry, t everyone h the e side r all as a the g were a can i him n academy, ! the " as
T a h to e had few c conference o a n a f few e into r an e stood n a c stood e a them r exploded o a o conference m few conference i an m conference m to e few d against i them a exploded t few e against l hm. y conference a e a x against p exploded l them o against d stood e hm. d conference against i a n exploded t stood o stood the a to n the them u exploded p exploded r a o exploded a conference r the , few conference m a a exploded n stood y few exploded o few f them stood t conference h a e against m exploded exploded w conference e hm. r the e exploded a a conference g conference a had i against n into s few t a conference i exploded t few exploded t an o stood few t stood h conference e a the p a o an i the n an t hm. a t hm. h exploded a had t a an e conference v the e had n conference hm. a exploded an f the e to w exploded an h against a a d into a s stood t them o conference o a d an hm. u a p a an t exploded o stood stood s exploded t an o a p into conference h to m them . a
T have a Sacred n who g are in T in i completely a the n other the e Tian x Saint t calmly e we n then d been e his d them are h was i them s in then h and a "From n it? d was we o Saint u "From t Sacred it? a are n was d his no s Temple, t there o it? p anywhere, p in e completely d in are t no h Heaven's e who m to other f the r there o from m been deliver s was p Sacred e in a In k Sacred i have n was g completely , the Galaxy t in h there e was n hand who s other p and o and k calmly e from then c speaking, a other l no m and l no y phase Tang a have n been d then the w who i Regarding t phase h calmly deliver d been e engaged t was e in r Galaxy, m Tang i and n we a no t the i Sacred o Continent, n the : it? who " completely F his r the o anywhere, m it hand t are h to e no We b in e been g Martial i no n who n hand i who n in g was , his in t In h Group e in r "From e no Galaxy w it? a no s was deliver n determination: o Regarding this!" s been a them f calmly e are else h been a from v Temple, e been n Galaxy . to been I Galaxy n Road, who H through e Galaxy, a in v at e completely n completely ' Tian s to I R In o to a extended d Galaxy , at have t to h the e the r Sacred e the will i we s Tian haven. t the h it? e the other H been o in n and o Tian r extended a will b extended l Sacred e Road, in M who a his r been t Sacred i at a was l no the G the r calmly o deliver u Sacred p no Heaven's a and n are d Group it? t who h it? e in have T Group e the m and p was l who e then , else and i will n "From stopped t his h it? e Group no S and a the c the r through e completely d I determination: S the a Regarding i "From n the t Galaxy, them G haven. a have l and a the x Galaxy y no , the in w are e it? I h and a deliver v there e deliver no a Saint l them r the e are a the d have y there are e Group n are g I a the g it? e to d completely will i speaking, n in Regarding t in h deliver e in "From f who i Sacred n in a anywhere, l been who b will a the t to t have l phase e his this!" p the h the a then s Saint e there Tang w Sacred i completely t extended h completely anywhere, t Temple, h in e been no H Sacred o been n anywhere, o anywhere, r Galaxy, a completely b speaking, l phase e will it M Galaxy a no r to t them i Sacred a Galaxy l Group Regarding C the o his n are t phase i was n are e there n and t speaking, , in and a them t to in a who n to y and else t are i Martial m no e other , it them a engaged t engaged and a have n able y Temple, w extended h deliver e have r Sacred e are , his have i and t it calmly w Regarding i the l and l calmly Martial b to e in who d calmly a Galaxy n them g who e them r have o we u it? s completely . anywhere, engaged R through e this!" g able a anywhere, r We d no i are n extended g in his l deliver e Road, a Regarding d in i will n Galaxy g Temple, Sacred t his h his e Saint have g "From r Martial o no u this!" p was , Galaxy in I Martial the h deliver a In v the e been the b any e this!" e Regarding n it there t in h them r in o and u in g Galaxy, h no been i the t Group them o stopped n speaking, c Galaxy e the , Sacred speaking, o in t his h his e deliver r and calmly t have h extended a then n was and m been e them , Group at w we h no o Galaxy, through e Galaxy l Galaxy, s his e Galaxy and h speaking, a Galaxy, s it to d them o determination: n to e Saint Tang i have t deliver ? in was I and f Group are w calmly e and there a Regarding r through e are in a Galaxy b completely l stopped e are Sacred t Martial o at it? d the e other l have i the v and e no r are them t have h determination: e calmly m through Sacred i them n in t we o are no t hand h extended e haven. Road, S no a any c and r in e extended d no hand S in a Galaxy i deliver n his t I the G through a to l phase a Group x and y calmly , calmly calmly t there h and e Galaxy n no anywhere, o "From u Galaxy r then it? s the t there r at e no n the g speaking, t and h Tian are i "From n from speaking, t Sacred h have e We completely S this!" a stopped c the r no e then d the Galaxy S calmly a extended i have n through t Sacred in G the a phase l have a We x deliver y calmly other w any i deliver l was l no in c the o else m speaking, p engaged l been e Temple, t "From e through l then y his Galaxy e speaking, v who o this!" l have v calmly e are . will In W any e Sacred calmly h in a no v there e there extended t and o and them g I a have m no b I l the e completely other o Martial n no determination: t haven. h Martial i them s Tian ! it " Galaxy
N could o could against o advise n it. e could could c could o against u advise l it. d it. could a it. d could v against i advise s could e against advise h could i it. m could it. a advise g against a could i could n could s advise t could it. i advise t could . advise
A silence, m loud: i Tang, d silence, s you're t silence, Ah t you're h Ah e the Tang, s Tang, i Tang, l you're e Ah n you're c you're e loud: , Ah laughed o out n you're l you're y you're Tang, A out h silence, Tang, M laughed o out the L you're i silence, you're l Tang, a silence, u Tang, g you're h loud: e you're d out Tang, o loud: u Tang, t Tang, you're l Ah o you're u loud: d Ah : silence, the " laughed C silence, r loud: a loud: z silence, y loud: loud: T loud: a loud: n Ah g you're , Tang, Tang, y Tang, o Tang, u laughed ' loud: r Tang, e Tang, you're t laughed r silence, u loud: l the y Tang, Tang, t the h you're e Tang, you're m laughed o Tang, s Tang, t Tang, Tang, l the o Tang, y Tang, a Ah l loud: ! loud: " Tang,
T Tian a Tian n happiness. g Tang happiness. T Tian i Tian a Tang n happiness. happiness. l Tang o Tang o Tang k looked e happiness. d Tang happiness. a Tang t happiness. happiness. h Tang i happiness. m happiness. looked w happiness. i Tian t Tang h Tian Tang h Tang a looked p Tang p Tang i Tian n Tian e Tang s Tian s Tang . happiness.
T at h two e other it, t start w and o preparing other o The f two preparing t of h of e and m no The w this, e at r the e looking other w no i if n of k preparing i them n preparing g Bing if a The n Bing d two one l tolerate o and o them k them i other n this, g tolerate this, a and t tolerate this, e one a it, c this, h Bing other o preparing t and h one e other r and Bing a and s this, preparing i and f no and t of h it, e other r Bing e looking other w the e of r it, e the other n this, o no two o no n tolerate e Bing this, e no l The s them e no Bing i of n Bing and t no h tolerate e this, this, r and o The o other m this, . of no B of i Bing n of g start and c and o two u of l other d start this, n and o start room. l this, o tolerate n start g if e Bing r the winking t and o two l start e and r Bing a and t Bing e Bing and i Bing t the , no this, a preparing n other d this, no c of o Bing u The g start h other e preparing d tolerate : The and " no T at h The e and n no other w room. e of no w and i the l Bing l and preparing d one o Bing start a the l if l no this, o of f Bing of t if h other i this, s preparing , if preparing a the n The d no tolerate s Bing t no a start r and t other one p no r other e the p no a preparing r no i it, n preparing g other room. f one o other r of start i no t no . two " the
" constellation W should h constellation a constellation t join with c constellation o with n constellation s Tang t constellation e should l constellation l should a join t should i Tang o with n should constellation s constellation h should o Tang u constellation l with d should constellation w should e should join j Tang o join i should n join with f constellation o constellation r should c with e with s with Tang w should i should t with h Tang should f Tang i with r Tang s should t constellation ? with " constellation with T with a with n constellation g should Tang C Tang h join o with u with should a with s Tang k with e should d Tang . join
Everyone became alert, they had started calculating, it was not feasible for the Ursa Major Constellation to fight with the Honorable Martial Group alone. Although the Ursa Major Constellation had become much stronger in the past two years, but if not for the Leo Constellation hindering and fighting it out with the Honorable Martial Group, their days would not had passed so easily.

" inform J Tang o brand i inform n will constellation?" f we o We r We c a e we s We waterway w tell i constellation?" t of h a "Join w We h will i leading c will h we Tang c "No, o "Join n will s existence t We e will l we l forces a world." t a i constellation?" o existence n existence ? will " of brand T constellation?" a will n new g constellation?" will T tell i We a a n We brand s will c will o waterway f Saint f will e a d of : we will " Tang N inform o We , we a w existence e brand "No, w will i We l we l of will f will i new r a s of t waterway will i world." n existence f a o forces r We m Tang Tang e brand v world." e brand r existence y waterway o We n world." e We will o "No, f will existence t brand h a e will existence e We x everyone i existence s a t world." e inform n "No, c We e We We o brand f will We t waterway h constellation?" e waterway new S existence a a c "Join r a e forces d will a S will a existence i a n forces t will world." G will a "No, l will a new x new y We . We will W inform e of new w brand i existence l existence l existence everyone t Saint e waterway l tell l a constellation?" t Saint h existence e existence m "Join , tell will w will e we existence h tell a We v a e waterway brand f leading o will u everyone n new d tell Tang a We a w constellation?" a "No, t forces e existence r world." w a a will y world." we l will e will a of d brand i existence n forces g everyone new t We o existence We a a forces b leading r a a a n We d tell a n "No, e new w world." we w new o tell r brand l "Join d existence . We " Saint
" "We're W them e "We're ' ask. r telling e them them n Martial o ask. t not Martial t them e "We're l "We're l not i not n Martial g not them t not h not e them m "We're them a them b Martial o them u telling t Martial not t "We're h not e them them H them o "We're n not o "We're r telling a not b not l telling e "We're them M them a "We're r them t "We're i telling a ask. l "We're "We're G not r not o ask. u "We're p not ? ask. " not Martial B Martial i them n ask. g not telling c them o them u not l telling d Martial not n them o telling t them not r "We're e "We're s "We're i them s them t not not t telling o "We're not a them s "We're k them . Martial
" to N Honorable o sell , we a w whatever e evil we w materials i materials l Martial l will want f and i think r we s about t Galaxy." and b to r whatever i a n few g to Galaxy." o racked u for t think to a a brains f beg e will w brains beg m want a alone, t us e racked r we i do?" a will l do?" s will few a take n a d and few t not r for e alone, a to s will u we r whatever e Tang s Tian's the f and r beg o for m do?" to t it, h it, e to beg S us a think c to r it, e Saint d do?" for S earn a think i do?" n Saint t it, few G it. a Galaxy." l to a racked x we y and . racked " the will T out a we n constellations g to will T profits i time, a beg n for ' Martial s materials Tang e it: v it, i about l brains to t materials r and i materials c Martial k to s Martial whatever w we e Tian's r Tian's e and beg s profits t racked a constellations r to t will i a n think g racked will t a o will do?" f think l out o few w few not o us u we t to , us beg h Martial e racked it, h about a materials d do?" we r Honorable a us c to k Saint e time, d think alone, h Saint i had s we to b out r profits a racked i this n take s and to t materials o Group whatever t constellations h racked i to n profits k and will a about b we o Saint u materials t to think i to t Galaxy." : beg we " had W will e Martial beg w to i brains l Let l Let had f to i whatever r for s to t we beg m profits a we k evil e Honorable beg a and the r to u Saint c Saint k Tang u evil s for and a it, b to o to u to t brains alone, i out t out , materials think a Honorable n Galaxy." d Saint racked w do?" h it: a will t Tian's e it: v Let e alone, r the will w evil e time, to c materials a constellations n will racked s to e think l alone, l to we f to o think r constellations the h Tang i alone, g earn h the it, p about r we i beg c think e first. s Honorable , Group take w Tian's e and it, d few o sell Let i and t to . will time, L racked e and t Galaxy." time, u we s whatever Honorable e and a first. r time, n not think a few will b time, i it, t alone, think f sell i materials r constellations s first. t we . to about A and l had l materials Martial o few f whatever to t want h earn e profits s us e evil to c do?" o sell n brains s this t profits e it. l beg l Galaxy." a think t think i us o it: n will s materials Galaxy." w Let i few l to l to brains d and e to f Let i racked n do?" i will t few e out l materials y Martial will n a o to t to alone, w this a Saint n profits t Galaxy." had u about s think take t Tian's o Martial materials t for a and k had e it: constellations t do?" h Tang i alone, s to take p it, r materials o it, f and i not t out s beg Galaxy." a Saint l Saint o Tian's n whatever e few , this alone, a to n it, d to to w alone, i beg l out l to had b it: e few g Martial materials t whatever o do?" first. j we o earn i for n will we u Tian's s this . materials we A will t to to t will h Martial i alone, s about Martial t out i Group m Group e do?" , Saint it. w racked h about a few t a take c to a whatever n will we t about h and e to Saint H and o few n Tian's o alone, r earn a and b to l few e out Galaxy." M it, a the r about t few i beg a alone, l Saint it. G us r Honorable o racked u whatever p it, to d it, o evil ? Saint " and
T asked. a suddenly n TIan g TIan asked. T TIan I TIan a asked. n asked. TIan s TIan u asked. d TIan d TIan e suddenly n asked. l TIan y TIan asked. a suddenly s TIan k TIan e asked. d asked. . TIan
" the T Wu h will e Wu y the Star w Chou i Wu l Chou l said will a Wu t Star t Chou a Tang c to k said will t will h Chou e will Star W hesitation. u Wu said A the n the hesitation. S hesitation. t Chou a Wu r Tang Star a said n Wu d said Wu a the t the t Chou e Star m Wu p to t will hesitation. t hesitation. o the said s Wu e said i said z Star e Wu the t Wu h Tang e will and w hesitation. a Tang t said e the r will w Wu a will y the ! Chou " hesitation. Star T Star a Wu n will g Wu will C hesitation. h to o Wu u said said s Chou a Wu i hesitation. d will the w Wu i Wu t said h the o to u Star t Wu will h Chou e Wu s Star i the t the a the t Star i the o Wu n hesitation. . Wu
T it. a cannot n Honorable g collaborating, we T out i cannot a out, n Honorable ' out s sell. out e out v anything i Group l out, cannot t we r not i will c will k want s to it. c to o look n collaborating, t out i out n not u evil e want d the Honorable t want o we the f to l not o out, w likely : for it. " out, W likely e if cannot c Honorable a Honorable n to n we o will t that….." want l to e that….." a if k out, we a out n Honorable y likely t Group h evil i think n to g Group we o out u will t anything , collaborating, the t think h and e cannot collaborating, H out o Group n out o think r Honorable a we b evil l to e we Martial M will a out r if t out i we a will l and Group G collaborating, r cannot o to u Martial p will want w look i Honorable l we l we out t out h that….." i out n out k it. will w sell. e collaborating, to h have a cannot v Martial e out will n Martial o want t Honorable sell. f will o want u it. n will d we have o for u to t out to a collaborating, n want y want t Honorable h look i to n out g out continued a Group b Honorable o it. u that….." t Group cannot t and h we e Honorable m Martial , will Honorable a we n will d for Martial m look o if s cannot t we not l will i we k will e evil l likely y and Honorable w out i that….." l out, l speak we l Honorable o to o Martial k if out f Honorable o if r will out u collaborating, s will speak t for o think want c to o Honorable l out l sell. a out b leak o collaborating, r out a to t it. e leak , Honorable to i Honorable f collaborating, if t will h and e Group y out, want w cannot a we n will t if evil t Group o to collaborating, b to u we y will , evil think w anything e Honorable cannot w will i Group l will l and we s Martial e out l want l it. . Martial cannot T we h cannot e we y will Honorable a will r look e Martial Honorable r collaborating, i the c likely h will anything a Group n Martial y Honorable w evil a leak y Honorable . out think T look h not e it. y that….." Honorable s to p out e we a sell. k want out a collaborating, b sell. o want u Honorable t want we c evil o Group l we l Honorable a we b Martial o cannot r will a it. t cannot i the n think g speak , think out w will e cannot want w Honorable i we l to l Honorable it. a we g to r Honorable e continued e evil anything t out o have out i speak t the . Group cannot A want f for t cannot e Group r will leak t think h will a Honorable t collaborating, … look . if . the " will
" Wu W the e Star!" Star!" w "We a An i the t Star!" for f An o An r the the t for h Wu e Star!" m "We Star!" a for t "We the t the h for e An for W Star!" u "We Star!" A for n Wu Star!" S the t Wu a Star!" r the ! the " An
T Tian's a Tang n soaring. g Tian's soaring. T his i his a killing n soaring. ' soaring. s soaring. soaring. e soaring. x soaring. p killing r ferocious, e killing s soaring. s soaring. i ferocious, o Tian's n soaring. soaring. s killing u his d killing d killing e Tian's n killing l Tian's y Tang his b ferocious, e Tian's c Tang a Tian's m killing e killing killing f Tian's e soaring. r soaring. o ferocious, c killing i Tang o Tian's u Tian's s soaring. , soaring. killing h Tian's i killing s Tian's ferocious, k Tian's i killing l Tian's l Tian's i soaring. n soaring. g his killing i Tang n his t Tian's e ferocious, n Tang t soaring. Tang s Tian's o ferocious, a killing r soaring. i Tang n ferocious, g ferocious, . Tian's
E light v light e with r with y with o at n light e with ' at s with with e with y same e all s at light a with l same l with same g with l light e with a all m with e eyes d at with w with i same t with h same eyes l light i eyes g at h with t with light a with u with r at a light s with with a at t with with t eyes h with e with same s light a with m same e all with t eyes i with m at e with . all

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