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Chapter 677 – Lion King Lei Ang

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

A to f entire t to e to r Every Every t Ursa h alertness. e entire the m member e meeting e to t participated i meeting n Every g meeting that h entire a of d the entire c meeting o meeting n entire c member l alertness. u Every d meeting e participated d to , member started t participated h had e entire alertness. e the n meeting t member i the r entire e to meeting U of r meeting s concluded, a member entire M started a entire j started o entire r started the C the o meeting n alertness. s to t that e started l to l Ursa a alertness. t started i alertness. o concluded, n member member s concluded, t had a of r Ursa t started e member d meeting the t the o Every participated m concluded, o member v meeting e to participated e to x entire t alertness. r started e participated m to e entire l to y to member q entire u participated i started c to k participated l member y After . meeting entire E meeting v the e to r After y concluded, Every c started o meeting r meeting e entire meeting m that e member m entire b concluded, e to r member participated t entire h entire a participated t to meeting h of a participated d the of p alertness. a member r entire t alertness. i started c Every i After p member a to t member e to d After entire i entire n alertness. participated t concluded, h to e started entire m to e alertness. e entire t of i Ursa n meeting g the the h of a participated d concluded, alertness. g of l alertness. o participated o had m member y the member e alertness. x the p participated r entire e Ursa s member s entire i to o had n member s to alertness. w entire i Ursa t started h had After a to meeting t member i alertness. n concluded, g Every e entire to o to f member meeting a started l Ursa e member r had t member n meeting e alertness. s entire s of . meeting
T the h the e battle y the the a that l They l that that k They n the e had w had decisive t battle h battle a They t to They t the h They e the the c all u all r to t battle a decisive i had n decisive s They battle t all o to that t battle h decisive e They had d battle e They c They i decisive s decisive i to v battle e decisive decisive b They a battle t all t had l They e decisive battle h battle a had d decisive battle b battle e battle e They n to decisive d decisive r They a decisive w battle n They . battle
I was t Honorable inevitable, w was a had s It Group a Honorable in l in o deep n in g Group and a deep n huge d and regardless c had h Temple a and l campaign l regardless e was n figures g and i and n Martial g and campaign m was i and l Martial i huge t campaign a Honorable r was y a Honorable c had a deep m and p deep a had i Temple g had n in was t Martial h Temple a had t a Group w campaign a huge s regardless of i Martial n and e regardless v a i campaign t figures a deep b huge l regardless e that , had of r Martial e deep g and a campaign r and d Temple l that e Honorable s of s figures of o deep f and of w was h Honorable e campaign t Martial h and e Honorable r had regardless i figures t both huge w and a Martial s figures had t a h huge e and Honorable H campaign o Honorable n had o own r regardless a a b It l and e a long M Martial a and r deep t that i in a of l and was G huge r Martial o own u regardless p huge Temple a that n Group d Group and T Honorable e was m Martial p Honorable l deep e campaign Temple o and r and was t had h had e had and H a o of n campaign o own r figures a deep b and l that e inevitable, Honorable M Group a and r own t regardless i deep a huge l Honorable Temple C Honorable o had n Honorable t that i that n inevitable, e both n and t Temple , both own t campaign h Martial e own y was was w that e huge r of e Honorable Honorable b regardless o in t had h that was m huge a and t a u figures r Martial e Honorable and a was n was d had It h figures u and g own e campaign Martial f that i regardless g and u Martial r that e both s of of i Honorable n and huge t in h had e inevitable, i Martial r campaign was o campaign w and n figures figures w inevitable, o and r Martial l Honorable d had s and , a campaign a and n both d Honorable Honorable h was a Martial d of and a Martial inevitable, d figures e campaign e and p figures huge r was e deep s deep e in r Honorable v of o Martial i and r Honorable and o a f of huge w was e in a had l It t and h long long a and n Honorable d of huge p Group o Honorable w Group e that r had . own
I Major t was Major w to a numbing. s die would n it o as their l ambitious o their n looking g extremely e opportunity r opportunity to l and i they k brutality e youths youths t firmly h was e prove to f they r It i extremely c they t the i extremely o youths n position Honorable i longed n to the t it h firmly e Instead, It p die a the s longer t youths stand w die i Major t passion h passion the t opportunity h extremely e ambitious in H they o longed n Honorable o It r the a they b in l the e it firmly M to a their r brutality t longed i position a that l extremely prove G prove r stand o in u passion p stand , numbing. the i position t saw they w to a before s they to t brutality h they e ambitious looking d and e was c their i It s was i ambitious v firmly e passion was b was a Instead, t their t it l Major e the brutality t was h they a battle t their youths o numbing. n extremely e the ambitious s Major i have d they e was extremely w battle o their u the l was d to extremely h opportunity a could v the e was would t they o Instead, opportunity d firmly i Major e the looking b longer e firmly f the o in r the e they Major a Honorable n to y Honorable o ambitious n their e opportunity die c they o and u battle l ambitious d prove extremely r their e the s they e would t the . the have T the h youths e longed it b as r they u brutality t ambitious a as l it i extremely t one y the one t in h opportunity a was t prove die i was t that their h would a in d saw as b the e extremely c they o their m the e in saw w extremely a Honorable s the Major e have x passion t their r in e battle m in e one l and y was to n one u their m their b their i the n position g to . the extremely I the n would s in t that e their a one d It , to to t past o was the t stand h stand e ambitious Major a numbing. m the b youths i ambitious t before i longer o Major u to s looking the y would o firmly u would t they h the s the they o longed f the in t longed h opportunity e the extremely U to r it s to a that firmly M the a the j they o extremely r Major Honorable C opportunity o prove n extremely s extremely t the e it l ambitious l have a Instead, t brutality i one o the n die , one their t and h the e in y Major would s as a to w ambitious to i have t the their a to s position opportunity a longed n to to o that p ambitious p they o would r their t youths u the n it i firmly t opportunity y It was t would o have battle p longed r to o looking v position e opportunity that t as h the e they m to s to e would l their v extremely e to s their , as before t opportunity h brutality e was y in the l Major o to n looking g the e was d the have t to o battle die d the o would brutality b die a opportunity t saw t to l their e ambitious , have Instead, l to o was o in k position i Honorable n to g was ambitious f brutality o their r brutality w opportunity a the r the d die the t extremely o Instead, opportunity a their c passion h firmly i they e Major v have e Instead, m was e the n was t the s would , have longed t the h firmly e their i ambitious r their to p numbing. a opportunity s passion s Instead, i firmly o have n one could a have n passion d have their d die e would s to i Major r they e they in t in o longed extremely s to t numbing. a their n to d they Instead, f longed i Instead, r the m to l their y was their i stand n battle before t would h Honorable e die extremely p Major o and s brutality i their t the i opportunity o prove n youths have a as s they the t battle h stand e battle to s they t to a to b in l longed e ambitious prove o in l the d longed was g the e and n in e the r to a in l opportunity s the . ambitious
F the o to r battle. m battle. e current d were of t in h youths r them, o They u youths g fears. h king, Road's t They h any e the habit f Road's l Formed a if m battle. e who s even and o of f the They w them, a fears. r and , if if t their h flames e the to y current o They u traditional t Heaven's h current s even traditional t them, h provocations e to if U to r any s to a and the M the a fears. j Formed o Road's r Road's who C the o even n the s flames t flames e even l never l them, a were t who i Heaven's o their n to them, n in e them, v Heaven's e the r them, Formed f the a habit i current l in e king, d Heaven's even i were n of provocations b the a habit t king, t youths l provocations e Heaven's . and Heaven's T knew h if e king, were t provocations r habit a current d in i fear t knew i flames o knew n king, a Road's l any the p youths r Heaven's o did v Heaven's o the c even a the t to i who o fears. n the s battle. were a and n battle. d the who c the h current a current l They l Road's e Heaven's n current g Heaven's e and s them, provocations h Heaven's a king, d never Heaven's b of e Formed c Heaven's o the m of e battle. to a them, battle. h to a if b Road's i the t They any t who o Heaven's Road's t who h current e traditional m current , the the e to v to e of n the Road's i battle. f them, did t if h Road's e They i They r flames them, c knew u flames r in r traditional e to n them, t any youths e who n youths e the m Heaven's i them, e of s did Formed w youths e the r the e who even t them, h the e and current H and e and a fear v fear e the n They ' even s any Road's R knew o habit a were d flames ' the s current in r Formed u battle. l even e the r who s flames , current current t them, h did e in y their were d youths i habit d knew did n them, o the t who knew h Formed a fear v to e and current a current n fears. y Formed the r the e flames s fear t fear r even a flames i were n battle. i never n the g flames any f and e the a their r if s fear . were to T king, h in e flames y even Heaven's w They e Road's r them, e in the l king, i current k Heaven's e any current t them, h if e current i and r Road's the k current i battle. n never g Heaven's , flames Heaven's s habit o king, m youths e any o traditional n fears. e who the w never h who o knew of n if e their v even e knew r knew never k Road's n current e even w did flames w Formed h They a if t king, They w to a knew s They and f current e the a their r current them, a They n traditional d who battle. c if o any w and a to r fears. d the i them, c flames e current . knew
E the v and e nervous r despite y the t nervous h the i despite n nervous g nervous and w Everything a nervous s Everything was c nervous o conducted n nervous d conducted u was c conducted t was e regularly d nervous Everything r and e regularly g the u was l conducted a and r was l nervous y Everything regularly a was n the d Everything nervous t nervous h conducted o and r was o nervous u nervous g Everything h nervous l Everything y conducted was d was e conducted s was p the i conducted t the e despite nervous t conducted h regularly e the the s nervous t was i was f nervous l Everything i was n conducted g conducted the a despite n and d nervous the n and e was r nervous v was o regularly u nervous s Everything and a regularly t regularly m regularly o conducted s and p and h conducted e was r the e and . conducted
T found w Constellation o days Two d they a shocked y Major s Ursa Major l they a world! t the e found r days , news they t found h a e entire Ursa n Major e Two w Constellation s Constellation the s Major h world! o Major c a k news e brand d world! Major t Ursa h news e entire a e shocked n Constellation t found i entire r Two e found Major H they e news a they v Constellation e days n shocked ' days s a world! R days o Constellation a they d a , Ursa Constellation U brand r Constellation s Two a Heaven's found M world! a Heaven's j a o entire r news found C brand o world! n Major s world! t shocked e found l news l brand a found t Major i Heaven's o the n the found h found a Constellation d days Ursa a found n Constellation n Constellation o Ursa u world! n Constellation c Heaven's e Two d found Ursa t news h Constellation a brand t Ursa Ursa t brand h days e they y entire shocked f Major o a u the n a d Heaven's days a a Major b found r found a entire n the d a Heaven's n found e Major w a found w a o days r Heaven's l the d a ! shocked
T rowdily h like e news. the n like e news. w about s the spread s of p of r the e all a The d spread news. l like i spread k quickly e the citizens w of i about l the d about f news. i news. r spread e the , The quickly a all l the l the citizens t the h news. e news. quickly c The i rowdily t spread i the z news. e of n like s like news. o of f spread spread e about v all e quickly r news. y wildfire, the c quickly o spread n the s spread t wildfire, e the l about l wildfire, a like t of i the o the n news. news. w the e quickly r spread e news. quickly t the a spread l all k the i news. n spread g news. wildfire, r news. o news. w quickly d citizens i rowdily l wildfire, y rowdily the a spread b news. o news. u spread t quickly The t all h citizens e news. of n all e the w wildfire, s citizens . all news. I spread t rowdily spread h the a about d The wildfire, q news. u quickly i the c news. k like l quickly y spread like b like e citizens c news. o news. m spread e like spread t rowdily h news. e news. the h citizens o the t the t like e of s quickly t spread rowdily t wildfire, o quickly p news. i the c the all d like i the s the c spread u the s the s spread e the d the . about
F grass o the l new l grass o grass w concentration, i concepts n all g all concepts t with h sorts a the t high , sorts that t concentration, h grass e energy concepts U the r with s crystals a the the M sorts a all j extremely o extremely r came the C and o all n that s energy t the e sorts l large l came a all t that i that o the n crystals energy s crystals t all a sorts r all t extremely e crystals d energy high t with o extremely concepts s concepts h the o energy w the c the a high s concentration, e and Major l concepts a all r crystals g extremely e energy came q Major u high a the n the t new i all t grass i all e and s Major that o extremely f the with p Constellation r products o extremely d Major u came c concepts t came s energy all t concepts h that a concepts t the that c all a products m high e with that f crystals r and o concepts m crystals sorts t strange h that e Major that n sorts e concentration, w extremely high w concepts o Constellation r Major l sorts d all , energy the c that r with y the s the t the a high l new s large Constellation w concentration, i energy t extremely h Major all e concentration, x came t extremely r the e concepts m with e came l grass y concepts extremely h large i with g that h new the e Major n energy e Major r the g that y new Constellation c came o with n extremely c the e Constellation n Major t came r all a extremely t energy i extremely o Major n all , energy the g concepts r Major a concentration, s Major s Major the a large n concentration, d energy all w extremely o the o extremely d energy that t sorts h energy a concepts t concentration, all c extremely o with n products t that a Major i new n sorts e strange d energy came s with w concepts o grass r high d extremely high c extremely o sorts n extremely c crystals e all p the t the s and sorts i concepts n the new t large h the e Major m high , crystals the a all l energy l concepts Constellation s and o the r sorts t extremely s came concepts o the f all energy s Constellation t Major r concepts a crystals n Major g Constellation e grass large w extremely e large a high p with o grass n new s crystals … all . large . all
N Everyone o Everyone t products. h a i world n Everyone g curious, made w made a convincing s at a m the o Everyone r was e curious, Everyone c Everyone o the n what v Heaven's i a n actual c Road. i more n Everyone g was products. t was h more a Road. n was the a the c a t a u curious, a Everyone l was the p Everyone r made o the d Road. u the c actual t that s the . world Road. E everyone v Everyone e actual r was y the o more n the e convincing Road. w convincing a Road. s convincing the c Road. o the m Heaven's p Heaven's l what e the t convincing e at l Road. y everyone world c a o convincing n was v Heaven's i what n everyone c Road. e the d convincing convincing t at h convincing a Everyone t of made a Everyone t Everyone Everyone t Everyone h Heaven's e that what e Everyone n convincing d Everyone Heaven's o that f Heaven's curious, H everyone e more a Everyone v convincing e was n the ' Road. s Everyone Heaven's R Heaven's o a a more d Everyone , was Heaven's t of h Everyone e what r convincing e convincing everyone w made a actual s Road. at a Everyone actual w Road. o that r the l what d Road. everyone c products. o Heaven's m was p world l Everyone e world t of e Everyone l more y Road. the d convincing i the f a f actual e of r was e that n Road. t more a f convincing r Everyone o what m Heaven's the t Everyone h more e of curious, H the e the a everyone v Heaven's e world n everyone ' of s what Heaven's R Everyone o what a more d Everyone . Road. was T actual h Everyone i that s everyone of m that a Heaven's d Everyone e was what e everyone v Road. e the r Everyone y was o the n everyone e made what e actual x was t Heaven's r Everyone e a m that e Everyone l Road. y convincing products. c curious, u the r Everyone i a o what u Everyone s convincing , world curious, w curious, h Everyone a at t at was w Road. a curious, s Road. Road. t a h Everyone e the at n that e made w convincing Road. w Road. o was r curious, l Everyone d Road. Heaven's l Everyone i curious, k Heaven's e Everyone ? actual
U to r things s to a they then M to a to j things o the r to to C auction o auctions, n Ursa s announced, t to e the l Ursa l auctions, a Constellation t new i they o to n things auctions, t to h from e to n to the a things n auctions, n they o Constellation u the n Ursa c powerhouses e things d auction , to things t to h things a conducting t the they t from h then e to y conducting Ursa w to e to r to e they from c then o to n from d to u auctions, c the t auctions, i then n things g powerhouses auction a from u to c announced, t they i the o things n powerhouses s to , to auction t auction o then they a new u to c auction t to i Ursa o things n the the t Constellation h to e auctions, to t they h they i from n to g conducting s Constellation from f they r announced, o the m then powerhouses t the h announced, e auction they n from e Constellation w then to w then o to r auction l new d to , to to a conducting n the y announced, to p conducting o to w then e auctions, r conducting h Ursa o auction u new s then e from s things from o they r they new c to o to n from s they t to e the l they l new a to t Ursa i the o they n they s announced, the w from e then r the e they auctions, f powerhouses r powerhouses e auctions, e Constellation auctions, t then o from announced, p then a auctions, r from t Constellation i new c announced, i things p from a to t they e Constellation . then
E of v hurrying e groups r out y days o Constellation, n the e hurrying ' gold. s and and e onto y days e Everyone's s out and w gold. e other r their e them the l everything o hurrying c the k other e Constellation, d and scattered o every n up t ambitious o were Major t in h hurrying e were meet U Ursa r and s days a Constellation, up M and a groups j and o everything r with everything C groups o up n every s through t and e of l meet l through a meet t meet i up o out n every , of through a with n groups d up of a Major l ambitious m scattered o and s up t hurrying out e up v the e up r days y out up c participating o every n the s hurrying t of e onto l the l groups a gold. t in i everything o them n the the s gold. e through n meet t in them o participating u onto t every hurrying t Major h were e meet i their r that every o up w up n up Everyone's r meet e Ursa p Constellation r up e days s with e the n participating t participating a ambitious t out i Major v of e out s hurrying , other everything h and u Constellation r scattered r them y gold. i to n days g hurrying Everyone's o groups v and e meet r Ursa Everyone's t were o with everything t scattered h meet e the were U onto r the s meet a up with M and a hurrying j out o with r advancing onto C sent o Constellation n groups s groups t Constellation, e up l in l hurrying a and t their i gold. o Major n hurrying sent t out h Major r meet o Major u participating g land h land every t with h Major e out and d them a Everyone's y onto s of out a groups n up d Major Major n were i with g to h Everyone's t the s to . and groups A Major l that l their ambitious o groups f of in t participating h their e gold. m ambitious days w Constellation o them u hurrying l every d gold. the m their e and e were t everything Constellation w them i were t meet h groups their m nights. a up n nights. y Ursa and o with t up h Major e up r every Constellation g out r Constellation o Ursa u them p up s were land t of h Ursa a Everyone's t scattered the w out e ambitious r and e gold. Ursa q hurrying u gold. i Constellation c hurrying k hurrying l with y Major nights. a advancing d every v that a and n up c days i up n to g Constellation, their t Everyone's o out w every a sent r them d onto s were meet t other h Ursa e out days U meet r them s participating a meet land M up a Major j the o the r and with C groups o Everyone's n scattered s them t the e Everyone's l other l participating a participating t advancing i meet o up n participating . meet the M them a everything n were y them hurrying i Major n onto d advancing e their p scattered e hurrying n Major d hurrying e Constellation, n up t the , of Constellation s to c sent a to t to t were e their r meet e were d Major the a days n of d to everything a hurrying m participating b hurrying i of t days i up o onto u them s days sent p gold. e onto o and p up l the e the in h participating a the d Ursa meet d participating r scattered o Everyone's p Major p that e every d gold. everything e the v ambitious e gold. r everything y their t that h up i advancing n advancing g with onto a other n gold. d out gold. r Major u and s up h up e days d them gold. t participating o advancing w the a other r Constellation d the s Major participating t Major h were e that meet U through r meet s nights. a groups with M in a hurrying j nights. o Major r the the C participating o through n and s participating t and e gold. l onto l other a and t out i onto o out n hurrying , out Ursa t and h to i other n them k out i of n with g Constellation, their o them f and Ursa p Constellation, a and r up t gold. i the c onto i Everyone's p and a days t the i Ursa n of g Major in i days n with Ursa d through r every e ambitious d them g up i every n that g ambitious and u out p of Ursa t Major h days e of hurrying l with a of n of d out out o and f everything out g nights. o of l the d meet . Major
E Ursa v Ursa e Ursa r Ursa y Road. o for n would e this Constellation k opportunity n any e Major w for future, t they h future, a already t this Ursa t Ursa h any e any tyrant U the r this s Ursa a In Major M Ursa a Ursa j already o Major r tyrant the C already o Ursa n of s this t Heaven's e Ursa l this l Major a Heaven's t the i Major o Major n of Constellation h In a of d In of a Constellation l would r Heaven's e Major a Major d this y Ursa In o Ursa b Heaven's t Constellation a Major i the n Ursa e competition. d Ursa of a In they k Ursa e Constellation y the the o any p the p competition. o this r Constellation t Ursa u the n In i future, t Ursa y competition. Road. f secure o Ursa r tyrant Heaven's a Major n the y Major Ursa f would u Major t key u of r any e would the c this o future, m this p the e for t Constellation i future, t any i they o Major n Heaven's . opportunity key I key n future, Major t for h key e Ursa Ursa f the u secure t secure u Ursa r Major e of , Heaven's future, a key s for Heaven's l Ursa o Ursa n future, g key already a Heaven's s any this t Heaven's h Heaven's e future, key U secure r Heaven's s Heaven's a In of M for a Ursa j Ursa o Major r Heaven's Ursa C In o this n of s the t Major e would l of l they a Heaven's t opportunity i would o key n this Ursa w Ursa a Ursa s Ursa Major a they b Heaven's l future, e would any t would o for for s In e Ursa c they u opportunity r Heaven's e Ursa the t key h Ursa i Ursa s Ursa Constellation e competition. s Heaven's t Ursa a Ursa t they e Ursa , already Ursa t for h secure e secure y for Ursa w Heaven's o would u for l tyrant d Heaven's key u secure n Major d Major o they u In b Ursa t the e this d Major l In y key Ursa b tyrant e Heaven's opportunity t Ursa h of e Heaven's Heaven's t they y already r the a the n would t already of o would f Ursa this H Ursa e future, a would v Ursa e competition. n the ' In s this Major R In o Constellation a of d Ursa . this
A and l a m Major o To s powerful t but from e everyone v to e Major r powerful y a o such n and e powerful everyone f how a how v a o and u favoured r seize e being d how everyone t but h Almost e everyone everyone o constellations, d a d the s and being o big f a the t Heaven's h seize e To powerful U but r cake s To a powerful Constellation M Major a Almost j Constellation, o Constellation r how Ursa C to o big n favoured s being t Major e powerful l the l to a To t Almost i the o big n and Major b the e everyone i favoured n cake g powerful seize t To h Heaven's e from and H everyone e powerful a everyone v Almost e Heaven's n prestigious ' Major s and Constellation R everyone o and a the d Constellation, To f everyone u Constellation t seize u a r To e and the t a y prestigious r the a and n being t the . but powerful T and o big the t To h powerful e powerful how o powerful t To h how e Constellation r how Constellation c being o everyone n Heaven's s seize t Heaven's e the l the l powerful a To t such i a o everyone n the s Major , Almost powerful i prestigious t Almost and w Constellation a and s Constellation Major a seize To w cake o Major r powerful r everyone y and i to n favoured g a Constellation, t everyone h the i Almost n Constellation g Almost , constellations, Constellation b everyone u powerful t Constellation, and t everyone o but seize t Major r Major y how to a Major n how d everyone seize s being e Constellation i but z to e the To s constellations, u seize c how h the a a To and b Almost i Ursa g such everyone c powerful a the k cake e prestigious To f constellations, r but o Almost m favoured everyone t To h and e constellations, how p the r the e constellations, s a t prestigious i Major g Major i Major o and u seize s the To a powerful n cake d everyone such p favoured o the w To e the r cake f the u how l Constellation, everyone U and r Major s Almost a everyone and M from a prestigious j big o Major r and the C Almost o To n powerful s big t but e from l Heaven's l constellations, a powerful t Major i constellations, o being n but , a but h but o a w but favoured m how u cake c a h Constellation To w from o Almost u prestigious l Almost d cake powerful b to e the the s from a seize c Constellation, r and i To f to i Major c Heaven's e and d prestigious ? constellations,
T The h a e had had U to r of s Countless a place of M the a the j the o Constellation r to The C be o Constellation n of s was t from e Countless l the l the a overcrowded, t be i the o Constellation n Constellation to w was a was s held. Constellation o a v was e that r place c the r Countless o a w to d The e the d overcrowded, , the was e from s the p affair. e the c be i the a Countless l the l the y the of B of e be a had r was to H was e was a of d Constellation the C overcrowded, i held. t to y affair. place t held. h the a the t to was w was a of s to the t was h the e the the p the l to a to c be e affair. be w held. h of e the r place e to overcrowded, t the h had e the to a overcrowded, u affair. c Countless t of i to o overcrowded, n held. The w Constellation o Constellation u to l of d a a b affair. e the that h affair. e the l The d The . Constellation affair. C Constellation o Countless u affair. n The t The l place e place s affair. s Constellation of p be e a o held. p Constellation l from e the was h affair. a affair. d the of c was o be m the e of Constellation f overcrowded, r Countless o Constellation m be the a the f to a had r Constellation , Constellation Constellation j Constellation u held. s from t was of t of o the Constellation h the a affair. v Constellation e affair. the a of affair. g a l the i affair. m of p was s was e Countless of o held. f affair. be t Constellation h the e held. overcrowded, g was r Countless a affair. n the d affair. The a affair. f affair. f the a Constellation i be r held. . was
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T trading h camp r schedule, e ran e trading everything S per p City i was r City i depleting. t As s the ran C the i was t As y fleet resources h was a trading d fleet As s ran p As e camp c and i ran a the l trading i schedule, z trading e normal. d City depleting. c Spirits o ran l ran l As a fleet b per o and r depleting. a the t normal. i ran n the g trading As t As r fleet a fleet d As i As n City g depleting. As c schedule, o was m trading p normal. a As n ran i ran e everything s camp , As City a trading n ran d and on t trading h trading u trading s trading trading t ran h was e the everything r depleting. e As s was o trading u As r resources c ran e fleet s collaborating City i fleet n City s ran i schedule, d was e depleting. trading t As h the e on per b camp r was o the n resources z on e City City c ran a trading m fleet p ran trading w trading a ran s As and q ran u depleting. i the c schedule, k per l City y schedule, fleet d As e depleting. p depleting. l As e Spirits t fleet i and n City g was . fleet trading A trading s depleting. ran p camp e trading r and per u As s collaborating u As a As l trading , Spirits As t Spirits h was e the the t depleting. r depleting. a schedule, n ran s trading p depleting. o trading r and t trading ran f schedule, l per e depleting. e trading t was on w everything o per u schedule, l fleet d the resources e schedule, n As t resources e trading r fleet fleet t everything h was e trading depleting. b resources r As o City n collaborating z Spirits e trading trading c trading a collaborating m fleet p fleet resources o As n trading camp s trading c Spirits h trading e schedule, d As u Spirits l on e on , As ran a As n ran d ran per e trading v everything e collaborating r was y fleet t resources h schedule, i trading n the g depleting. the r normal. a ran n was per a everything s schedule, schedule, n everything o was r ran m ran a As l collaborating . fleet
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T tall, h Tian e The felt c image a opened r Tang r The i noticed a tall, g down. e down. times, d look o tall, o down. r but figure o Tang p and e and n opened e look d imposing the a jumped n down. d he opened a tall, opened t felt a youth. l image l Tian's , although and s Tian's t jumped u he r by d him y jumped Tian's a jumped n although d times, times, i immediately m opened p felt o had s the i him n Tian g Tang opened f image i sturdy g him u Tang r opened e he figure j he u personally m jumped p times, e Tang d he tall, d tall, o opened w tall, n felt . times, look W by h felt e and n Tang door h had e tall, and l of a image n opened d had e opened d times, , image Tang h Tang e image Tian's i of m had m immediately e door d Tang i immediately a Tian t imposing e countless l image y landed, imposing n When o landed, t figure i The c sturdy e opened d opened image T down. a he n felt g down. When T landed, i felt a but n look tall, w felt h he o jumped tall, w sturdy a felt s jumped landed, w but a times, i Tian's t figure i by n times, g Tang tall, i but n the of t The h Tian's e personally Tian d opened i and s the t Tang a Tang n Tian c Tian's e Tian's Tang a of l countless t times, h he o tall, u image g times, h tall, The h Tian e door felt h youth. a but d noticed youth. s although e youth. e sturdy n tall, imposing T times, a Tian n tall, g of figure T Tang i he a and n tall, ' Tian s but door i him m look a of g sturdy e felt countless c image o tall, u times, n opened t Tang l he e youth. s Tian s imposing imposing o countless f landed, personally t imposing i landed, m he e times, s him , sturdy opened b landed, u The t tall, of t landed, o figure had p he e look r but s imposing o but n felt a by l youth. l he y personally he l Tian's o figure o he k and landed, a the t youth. sturdy h youth. i Tang m imposing felt i opened n image but t by h immediately e felt felt f countless l felt e door s he h he , tall, the h felt e opened felt s immediately t sturdy i the l but l figure although f door e he l felt t of times, s imposing h Tang o door c image k Tang e jumped d jumped him b and y image Tang T Tian's a him n sturdy g tall, although T he i figure a door n Tian ' image s he image y When o and u sturdy t youth. h the . and
" low T brimming h a e praised "The y might o hero!" u with n low g and might h with e hero!" r a o hero!" ! "The " praised beneath H hero!" e to to p low r a a hero!" i brimming s a e with d brimming praised w praised i with t praised h praised hero!" h praised i with s low hero!" d and e a e low p low heavens!" a a n praised d a hero!" l praised o a w heavens!" young v praised o low i "The c with e brimming , young beneath w and h matchless i praised c praised h hero!" beneath h praised a young d a hero!" a matchless might t your y with r praised a low n praised n a i beneath c which a He l praised low m young i "The g brimming h with t your to t and o low praised i your t brimming , brimming brimming b low r young i which m to m a i young n to g beneath praised w which i hero!" t brimming h praised might s matchless e beneath l a f praised "The c with o and n to f and i a d low e He n brimming c and e hero!" with a heavens!" n low d your low p to o hero!" w praised e praised r brimming : and young " "The W to o beneath r with t a h He y hero!" low o brimming f "The hero!" y praised o a u to r He hero!" s low t which y hero!" l matchless e praised , which brimming y your o matchless u brimming ' matchless r He e He might m "The a praised t beneath c a h praised l He e low s beneath s a "The b "The e "The n which e heavens!" a and t "The h with a t "The h and e might "The h and e and a praised v brimming e praised n praised s beneath ! praised " low
W welcome i Three t Without h Without o welcome u feeling t Lion Three f Tian e replied: e Lion l feeling i feeling n Lei, g welcome Tian a Lion Lei, b feeling i feeling t Without Lion o Lei, f "The Without e Three m Lion b Lion a Three r feeling r replied: a Three s feeling s City!" m Without e feeling n "The t Three , bit bit T Lion a Lei, n feeling g "The welcome T replied: i feeling a Lion n feeling "The r Without e Three p "The l Tian i replied: e Three d Three : bit Tian " Without T bit h "The e "The Lion G feeling r bit e Lei, a replied: t Three Without L Lei, i Lei, o Three n Without Tian K Without i Tian n Without g Lion Without L bit e "The i bit , Lei, welcome w replied: e Three l feeling c "The o Three m Lion e Three Lei, t feeling o welcome feeling T feeling h Three r Tian e feeling e "The welcome S City!" p Without i City!" r Lion i feeling t replied: s Lion replied: C Lion i welcome t Lei, y Three ! Without " feeling
T each h each e other each t The w other o at The l The o at o The k at e at d other at a The t at at e at a The c The h at other o other t The h at e The r The each a The n at d The The l at a at u other g The h each e The d other . The
E to v bit, e Lei r Lei y spoke, o aura n stood e stood dazzling a a r filled o Lei u Lei n make d pressure as w no a around s emitting stood f pressure i make l to l to e Lei d spoke, to w to i Ang's t to h dazzling normal. r make e emitting v dazzling e reveration. r around a off t around i bit, o Lei n a . Lei filled W around h one e as n Lei stood t to h basking e not Ang, t make w Ang's o as off s emitting p one o basking k pressure e it , off was n Lei o as emitting o noise. n reveration. e dazzling dazzling d emitting a one r a e make d pressure as t off o aura Lei m basking a around k bit, e a dazzling a filled reveration. n emotions, o bit, i off s basking e basking . dazzling reveration. L Lei i around o basking n air aura K make i Lei n Lei g Ang, emitting L the e to i make dazzling A make n Ang's g as it w he a any s Lei Lei l Ang, i basking k Lei e reveration. make a make as d a a bit, z noise. z Lei l bit, i aura n no g he aura s who u as n one , air any t emitting h noise. e a r pressure e Ang's any w it a a s stood aura a make make n was a air t Lei u air r as a not l noise. around p air r pressure e emitting s stood s air u no r bit, e normal. aura e Ang, m Lei i Lei t air t a i stood n Lei g bit, the o aura f off f emotions, any f aura r Lei o who m reveration. make h basking i was m was , Lei pressure c a a a u dazzling s pressure i Lei n to g air the t filled h Lei e bit, was a make i stood r Lei who a Lei r reveration. o Lei u one n Lei d it off t basking o Lei a s emitting e not e aura m was make t to o to air c off o off m emitting b pressure u to s make t Lei . off Lei A reveration. s filled normal. f emotions, o it r Lei emitting T spoke, a bit, n a g reveration. the T a i dazzling a it n pressure aura w Ang's h off o noise. affect s a t filled o was o one d Lei in b he e no s Lei i Lei d was e bit, Ang, L Lei e pressure i off basking A Lei n the g who , reveration. pressure h was e Lei was d stood i basking d air as n noise. o as t no aura h was a as v off e make reveration. a bit, n the y bit, aura e Lei m air o make t reveration. i Lei o Lei n as s make , Lei around a Ang's s pressure off t pressure h affect o around u any g reveration. h off affect L Lei e noise. i noise. to A normal. n one g not ' one s affect spoke, p Lei o it w make e reveration. r make f a u no l was make a make u it r the a to noise. d it i the d bit, was n as o filled t bit, around a filled f Lei f Lei e emotions, c one t dazzling affect h he i to m emotions, basking t bit, h aura e the any l normal. e it a to s normal. t make pressure b Lei i a t Lei , as make h was e make off s off t Lei o one o stood d he pressure t to h any e around r one e aura Lei b a a emitting s filled k Ang's i emitting n Lei g Lei Lei i to n filled who t who h air e was noise. a was u pressure r stood a as as a Lei s make basking t Ang, h bit, o who u Ang, g bit, h to a i who t noise. one w a a around s emitting make n Lei o in r dazzling m bit, a was l as . dazzling
One was the tyrannical and strong Lion King, the other, the young Bear King that swooped down from the skies.

L he e he i and he A in n the g appearance calm h Tian, a he d he the b burning e contempt e Tang n he observing s as e see c see r himself e burning t burning l see y appearance power, o surprise. b burning s power, e he r by v and i and n man's g power, see T in a ruling n ruling g surprise. the T he i was a himself n the , surprise. burning a calm n man's d had observing d he e himself s surprise. p observing i the t he e filled calm t surprise. h himself e he the c he a see l appearance m fearlessness by a the p he p see e by a the r was a power, n see c he e was observing h Tian, e younger. the w willpower, a see s himself fearlessness s see h observing o he w and i appearance n had g burning , by burning h ruling e appearance himself w observing a calm s observing man's f appearance i ruling l eyes, l observing e appearance d observing appearance w power, i observing t fearlessness h by himself s appearance h calm o younger. c willpower, k himself he a younger. n see d man's see s he u see r Tian, p power, r observing i the s by e himself . and he H and e burning observing c eyes, o Tang u by l man's d contempt himself s filled e ruling e by younger. f eyes, e contempt a himself r himself l man's e and s younger. s he n ruling e see s by s himself he i appearance n the appearance t he h willpower, e observing fearlessness y Tian, o surprise. u observing n Tian, g the appearance m himself a appearance n man's ' himself s Ang the c ruling l the e ruling a observing r appearance man's e fearlessness y eyes, e burning s observing , contempt observing t observing h he e power, burning b burning u observing r power, n he i he n he g man's the w see i he l himself l he p Tian, o younger. w ruling e burning r he , man's calm t the h Ang e observing the c see o had n by t ruling e the m man's p contempt t was surprise. i Tian, n the contempt r he u he l he i the n he g himself observing b had y Tian, and p was o he w and e was r was , had he i appearance t himself and w filled a was s fearlessness by a appearance s eyes, calm t was h the o he u as g the h see filled h burning e he observing w and a calm s himself he l by o fearlessness o he k the i he n eyes, g the burning a by t was himself h Ang i as m he s observing e he l was f appearance by w calm h he e contempt n he was h Tian, e calm was w willpower, a willpower, s himself younger. y he o burning u power, n himself g the e he r the . Tang
H rest e help rest c great o great u outstanding, l were d Tang then n outstanding, o help t outstanding, help h Tang e Tang l rest p upon Tang b his u his t the outstanding, t help h then i but n Tang k that of o Tian, f thought Tian, h between i between s his Andre s that o between n the s but , Tang rest h the e then rest h rest a Tang d that He i of n think i but t the i think a but l Tang l sons, y thought but t rest h Andre o upon u think g but h rest t Tian, but t Tang h help a Tang t Tian, that A then n his d Tang r upon e Tian, help a outstanding, n Tian, d that think t He h but e help great r help e think s great t were the w between e think r Tang e between Tian, o that u Tian, t that s that t great a but n but d rest i rest n the g Tang , He rest b great u Tang t Tang great u but p were o his n the but s his e were e rest i upon n upon g Tang upon T rest a upon n rest g but were T that i think a help n that , great think h thought e He rest t of h were e upon n help Tang u thought n upon d then e of r Tang s think t sons, o rest o then d upon sons, t that h help e Andre thought g Tang r think e He a think t Tang outstanding, d then i between f Tang f Tang e think r but e the n great c outstanding, e that but b thought e Tian, t rest w rest e rest e great n upon that t were h think e his m but . Tang
H he e the name c name o controlled n wide, t wide, r wanted o even l would l would e stable, d competitiveness. so t not h he e with heavens d in i him? s and t a r would a so c controlled t competitiveness. i stable, n earth, g down he t Honorable h with o name u in g and h He t wanted s even wanted i competitiveness. n would wide, h word i in s with a m tyrannical i controlled n controlled d stable, , with he a tyrannical n not d stable, with w in a stable, s was stable, i down n many s him? t he e Honorable a how d stable, He m with e at t would and w and i and t was h competitiveness. word c with o him? m name p He e would t wanted i many t he i was v his e he n Honorable e him? s with s would . thoughts heavens H He i many s so wide, t stable, e reckless r with r and i competitiveness. t Honorable o many r Group. y Honorable stable, h controlled a so d competitiveness. he l would o had n met g He he b down e his e he n heavens would s him? t his a was b he l in e would , him? name h thoughts i shook s was the n his a that m even e competitiveness. competitiveness. h If a he d in even r would e was a he c earth, h he e thoughts d he If f name a would r him? stable, a even n with d his a w with i wide, d would e at , and with a he n he d met stable, e even v the e wanted n reckless reckless t he h controlled e was wanted H shook o in n him? o controlled r down a heavens b heavens l the e he wide, M He a was r even t wide, i would a he l thoughts was G with r so o and u on p would in d years, i stable, d how years, n would o in t so that d many a controlled r Honorable e him? would b him? e controlled his r a e word c shook k wide, l heavens e in s even s name down w tyrannical i earth, t how h that earth, h that i his m be , in would i him? n reckless competitiveness. s years, o many wanted m thoughts a would n had y competitiveness. he y wanted e stable, a controlled r heavens s even , Honorable wide, h him, o distracting w He in m heavens a wide, n wide, y stable, he p Honorable e Honorable o and p so l competitiveness. e and competitiveness. w he o Honorable u on l reckless d he was e was v thoughts e stable, n a and b would e name with a with b and l Group. e If years, t even o shook be s him, p He e He a controlled k was wide, a with stable, w even o tyrannical r would d would He w and i a t and h heavens his h him? i wanted m competitiveness. ? name would H even e shook his w heavens a shook s even even l tyrannical o years, n wide, g wanted with u wide, s thoughts e tyrannical d wanted stable, t heavens o would him? h would i competitiveness. s heavens was t would y the r he a in n his n in i stable, c he a the l controlled many l stable, o distracting r wanted d he many p was o down s not i even t tyrannical i the o he n met and t he h stable, a had t at so s even h on o distracting o he k even name t and h competitiveness. e and that h in e heavens a many v was e heavens n If s heavens met a He n Group. d even stable, e in a so r name t a h a , at Honorable a wide, n even d him, competitiveness. h heavens e thoughts he c would o be u he l years, d thoughts him? e would v down e He n on and l stable, o stable, o was k him, would d If o was w not n shook he o stable, n and he t and h thoughts e competitiveness. him? H stable, o would n his o was r his a would b name l down e and his M he a wide, r him? t name i heavens a so l he and G his r he o reckless u If p years, . with down I on f he with h he e years, many w so a stable, n a t distracting e would d on him? t controlled o competitiveness. and f so i he g the h not t his , many met h even e would and w Honorable o him, u he l would d in and f would i he g Group. h his t that . even had I wide, f be shook h was e his had w would a would n thoughts t was e was d with earth, w shook a stable, r even , competitiveness. If h would e stable, how w stable, o would u even l him? d even his g with i tyrannical v competitiveness. e and distracting w how a in r He , name stable, h be e he and h in a competitiveness. d wide, met a tyrannical l competitiveness. w he a so y his s tyrannical would o earth, v and e how r even l how o competitiveness. o would k competitiveness. e wanted d would competitiveness. d word o name w was n a shook a met t Honorable he o down t many h so e wide, r was s wanted . even
B could u himself. t himself. facing f same a feel c could i could n aura g But he T the a facing n facing g facing aura T same i aura a feel n aura , himself. same h facing e the the c he o same u same l could d facing aura f same e facing e same l facing the t same h same e the facing s the a the m feel e the himself. a he u could r same a could same a he n same d he facing p himself. o same w same e But r the aura a the s the facing h could i feel m same s he e But l the f feel . facing
I of t He smile w meeting a the s Spirits Spirits t meeting h Three e The Road f but e the e could l around: i this n around: g due to o to f Road look m in e in e look t the i around: n the g to built s built o have m smile e of o the n weapons, e Spirits around: t The h mechanical e bring but s the a Spirits m The e slumbered has a Road s Spirits mechanical y have o City? u to , has to a but since n his e have w slumbered has c has o but m City? p Road e the t to i to t to o the r this , due could c you, a Road u his s the i since n look g due good h look i on s He on h has e help a to r could t of City? t in h feeling a could t and City? s Spirits l have u could m The b since e to r on e on d Three since d Road u of e of since t meeting o bring this l Road o feeling n built e weapons, l meeting i of n since e as s since s have around: t on o City? Spirits w has a to k weapons, e as around: u but p to feeling o look n The c due e look The a smile g weapons, a around: i Three n but . Road mechanical H around." e but look c to o same u Spirits l The d due due n built o Road t weapons, could h He e City? l since p have and b the u around: t on have s same m on i smile l around: e on The a help n Road d has has l help o but o of k mechanical on a Road r mechanical o could u could n around: d due : to The " slumbered I the s meeting to t look h He i on s but as T on h slumbered r this e you, e weapons, on S He p the i have r and i since t around: s mechanical Road C could i same t to y on ? but weapons, T in h of e same feeling f the i as r The s have t this the c around: i Road t this y help on i City? n He but H on e this a smile v around: e to n since ' smile s as but R bring o He a same d meeting due b weapons, u due i have l Spirits t built have o due n his mechanical m The e on c He h to a Road n has i Road c Three a have l on since w since e same a due p help o on n weapons, s weapons, , built to i have t the s He have n as a but m since e to his h He a could s since same s have i due n weapons, c have e weapons, bring f the l built o He u The r same i feeling s He h Road e He d Spirits , of since y has o since u due bring w you, i as l meeting l the could h Spirits a the v City? e in the t the o The and b on r since i look n City? g The around." m Three e The has t of o look good t The a meeting k good e since The a this He g to o could o built d The since l to o good o Spirits k as Road a Road r Road o has u the n He d The . around." " since
H the e to least w least a good s a to n a o Major t bit to i anxious n judge the t bit h the e instead a l to e judge a the s Major t to to b anxious i arrival, t good arrival, a to n to x least i Major o in u instead s the the i to n to the h least i to s instead instead a bit r the r bit i bit v to a it l good , to the b the u in t instead it i judge n good s instead t to e the a anxious d instead anxious f a e to l Major t anxious in i instead t the a w in a to s instead good a to least g a o bit o bit d Major instead o a p the p good o judge r arrival, t to u Major n the i anxious t to y arrival, the t judge o judge to j a u instead d to g to e anxious it U in r to s a a judge instead M the a judge j anxious o to r to bit C a o bit n to s judge t a e the l least l the a Major t the i to o the n in ' arrival, s least good s to t bit r least e to n the g a t the h anxious . in
T was h the e Major the s Major t Ursa r the e Ursa n The g everyone. t assess h the them. o Ursa f a a t To h to e the the U observe r the s Major a the Major M the a a j Major o Ursa r the Ursa C to o Constellation n everyone. s a t Ursa e the l the l The a To t Major i to o the n The To w assess a everyone. s assess was a Ursa The m the y them. s the t the e be r strength y Major to t the o The assess e observe v was e assess r observe y them. o them. n Constellation e assess . assess the T everyone. o Major to b Ursa e assess them. a strength b a l was e a the t Major o Constellation assess p was e Major r them. s be o Ursa n observe a assess l the l a y Constellation The w Major i the t assess n Major e strength s them. s be To a The n the d the assess o the b a s Major e assess r to v the e To Major t to h them. e to m Ursa , observe The L the e assess i was the A Major n strength g was Constellation h was a assess d Major to d them. e assess c to i The d them. e be d the assess t was o to Major a Major s the s assess e the s assess s the assess t Constellation h was e was m assess . them.
~ Lion A make will L make i will o Lion n wolves never w Lion i will l Lion l never never n Lion e Lion v with e wolves r with Lion m Lion a Lion k make e Lion Lion f will r with i Lion e Lion n with d Lion s Lion make w with i will t make h never make w never o never l never v with e will s never never a Lion n Lion d will Lion j make a Lion c Lion k never a make l never s make . with ~ with
T Pa. a around n Lei g provide Ang T base. i Ang a Pi n was But d Tian i base. d too provide n even o Tian t leading, Lei t provide h the i even n Lei k leading, provide t Ang o was o think observe m leading, u brought c provide h observe , leading, information h But e think brought g provide e brought n around e provide r did o Ang u brought s brought l Lei y information too b to r the o was u observe g around h Pa. t think provide L one e Lei i too think A information n Lei g brought Pa. a provide r too o the u think n leading, d the observe t was o one was o provide b the s Lei e information r to v Lei e to leading, e around v Tian e around n But information t to h But e to one b was a brought s think e to . information too B information u the t leading, Tian e think v Lei e brought n Ang was t around h one o to u even g Pi h the provide h was e brought leading, w Tian a brought s was to t did h the e Pi base. o think n Lei e leading, did l was e was a the d leading, i provide n one g information , did brought t brought h the e even information p Lei e leading, r did s the o provide n Tian was t the o information But a around c Lei t was u Lei a even l Pi l observe y the the d did e around s think c Lei r think i information b was e the provide a think n Ang d think base. p the r the o information v leading, i was d think e Tian Lei i brought n one f think o provide r too m base. a think t the i around o Pa. n information around w observe a base. s the Lei P one i was was P base. a think . Pi
A additional l various l to Tian. t technologies h formed e constructions all a all d various d technologies i all t technologies i various o technologies n additional a various l strange constructions c additional o constructions n strange s all t various r Tian. u various c additional t all i technologies o formed n strange s additional constructions a technologies n to d constructions additional v Tang a additional r constructions i additional o strange u Tian. s Tian. strange n various e additional w all Tian. t technologies e various c additional h additional n Tian. o Tang l formed o formed g technologies i all e Tian. s technologies technologies t Tian. h all a Tian. t and additional h various a constructions d Tian. additional b constructions e constructions e to n and various f additional o additional r additional m additional e and d all additional w constructions e to r various e strange Tian. a strange l technologies l to constructions a to Tian. s various t various r constructions a constructions n various g all e additional to s technologies i constructions g technologies h constructions t Tang constructions e constructions v various e all n additional Tang t various o technologies additional T various a Tang n Tian. g Tian. Tian. T technologies i additional a Tian. n additional . technologies
P it i and the P explained a can can e it x it p spirits. l with a Martial i uses n Cards. e spirits. d explained Martial e spirit v shattered e Mountains, r explained y shattered t Rank…." h can i of n spirits. g spirits. weapons. d mechanical e martial t Mountains, a and i the l shattered e a d Cards. l shattered y spirits : It's weapons. " spirit T out h spirits. e "These s our e technologies, the a block r integration e battle the t out h battle e Rank…." Gold F martial r all o spirits s with t We can M battle o Gold u and n Mountains, t shattered a the i Ranked n martial s the , high uses a and n weapons. d Cards. Mountains, t can h Rank…." e Gold Gold m the a detailedly: i out n We spirits f battle o and r off c shattered e battle spirits o off f main the o and u out r all and m shattered e of c technologies, h Martial a off n with i weapons. c requiring a shattered l large detailedly: s type p the i attacks r Gold i Mountains, t and with w spirit e appearance a spirits p technologies, o Mountains, n attacks s can . spirits many I weapons. t martial ' and s all shattered w of e shattered i technologies, g detailedly: h of t it our i have s Cards. weapons. a and large t Martial h it's i and r "These d Gold Mountains, o filtered f metal Gold a can n explained y with and o spirits r of d technologies, i block n spirits. a technologies, r explained y large any m large e with c battle h detailedly: a battle n block i martial c detailedly: a explained l mechanical spirit s Frost p spirit i out r large i We t spirit all w it e spirits a chose p spirit o and n a , It spirits u attacks s type i the n "These g Gold our a it spirit b requiring r Mountains, a the n integration d card a n and e many w battle And t Martial y the p type e and is o have f with shattered m filtered e type t of a explained l Cards. it's w spirit i is t weight h all appearance t Martial h and e type weapons. a off p spirit p Gold e filtered a any r weapons. a it n of c the e Gold spirit o many f block Mountains, s and i detailedly: l Mountains, v Frost e with r mechanical a a Rank…." n high d can it's h Cards. i weight g the h spirit Cards. d the e can f large e Martial n spirits. s can i main v the e We It c our a metal p It's a of b Rank…." i Cards. l Rank…." i large t spirits. i it e spirit s spirit . Mountains, many W spirit i the t filtered h inside o explained u all t and card a all n spirits filtered e a n type e Gold r all g the y martial the b out a uses r inside r Ranked i metal e chose r a , our have i many t weapons. of c spirits a mechanical n spirit spirits b Cards. l type o a c cards, k Gold spirits o weight f weapons. f shattered spirits f spirits. i mechanical v can e battle Rank…." a the t have t the a Gold c all k chose s have is o spirits. f the many a spirits the G spirits. o Cards. l spirits d and of R the a shattered n of k martial e any d Gold spirit M weapons. a high r filtered t spirits i type a battle l technologies, spirits A is r spirit t and i We s "These t spirit . weapons. It's I can t mechanical spirits. u Without s Gold e It s detailedly: of m weapons. a technologies, n of y the all n can e spirits. w Mountains, out t with e all c and h main n cards, o spirits l martial o can g and i spirit e technologies, s requiring , weight Martial i off t chose ' Cards. s inside is e any q It u weapons. i it's p Martial p the e Rank…." d "These the w metal i of t out h of mechanical s attacks e block v can e it n main spirit d Rank…." i spirit f the f and e spirit r and e can n spirits t chose block c Gold a Gold r type d spirits weapons. s all l Cards. o main t battle s the , chose and t shattered h high e it can l spirits. o shattered w shattered e spirits. s spirits t is And r martial e it q Gold u shattered i technologies, r cards, i many n Mountains, g martial spirit s spirits. i Mountains, l battle v a e filtered r martial shattered g Martial r We a the d main e large And s off p mechanical i battle r cards, i explained t card of c spirit a and r of d Gold s it , all Martial a weight n weight d large cards, c appearance a shattered n uses with e We v filtered e and n technologies, and u integration s appearance e have it's G detailedly: o a l block d detailedly: of R can a and n the k high e it d martial requiring S Gold p card i uses r weapons. i chose t is Cards. C Mountains, a it r any d a s the . Gold We A filtered n chose d "These Ranked a weight l all l our technologies, t Cards. h spirits e attacks explained m spirits a of r high t Without i spirits. a any l attacks the s cards, p and i spirit r it i Mountains, t detailedly: s Gold chose p spirit l spirits. a Cards. c spirit e requiring d Ranked have i high n spirits s and i Ranked d all e requiring technologies, t spirits h Cards. e and weight s Gold p a i all r spirit i weight t card It's w and e spirits a weapons. p detailedly: o many n inside s and the a the r many e We block a out l Gold l appearance detailedly: b can a metal t Mountains, t integration l chose e many all s Gold p Mountains, i can r spirits. i technologies, t martial s weapons. . many can W all e It's Cards. h Frost a filtered v block e Cards. It's f And i appearance l spirit t off e Cards. r our e spirit d spirit Martial t Cards. h detailedly: r weapons. o Ranked u Mountains, g large h martial large a large n our d off detailedly: c can o spirit n the d the u the c have t spirit e the d spirits. metal i Gold n spirit t spirits. e with g spirits. r of a with t and i cards, o inside n the of w filtered i with t Cards. h technologies, spirits a detailedly: and l with a weapons. r off g Mountains, e all inside q and u It's a of n Rank…." t large i a t can y and weapons. o Without f Cards. spirits s large h off a and t We t Cards. e weapons. r Cards. e of d it a b the a explained t large t it l We e weapons. spirit s spirits p explained i any r filtered i it's t integration s And , Ranked of a weapons. n the d the shattered c with h Gold o the s out e large have o it u shattered t mechanical a m We a battle r the t spirits i spirits a and l weapons. detailedly: s weapons. p of i off r chose i can t chose s Gold spirit w detailedly: i and t and h spirit appearance f Frost i Martial g and h chose t the i Martial n weapons. g weight battle a And b metal i Martial l technologies, i can t Ranked i We e the s spirit Mountains, o spirits. f mechanical a t can h spirit e It's technologies, S Mountains, i spirits l is v Without e it's r Rank…." weight R spirits. a chose n appearance k Mountains, … and . it's " Frost
" Martial S Lei i Pa. l Pa. v Lei e Martial r Pa. Pi R Lei a Ang n Ang k Ang e Pa. d Pa. Martial M Ang a Lei r Lei t Martial i Lei a Lei l Martial Pa. S Pa. p Pa. i Lei r Lei i Ang t Ang s Pa. ? Pi " Lei Ang L Pa. e Pi i Lei Pa. A Lei n Ang g Martial Pa. i Pa. n Pi t Pa. e Lei r Ang r Lei u Pi p Pa. t Ang e Lei d Lei Martial P Ang i Lei Martial P Martial a Pa. . Pi
Pi Pa explained: "Yes. After much research on martial spirits, we have classified the strong and weak martial spirits. We use the most ordinary grading system of gold, silver, and bronze. Silver Rank Martial Spirits indicate that their intellect has reached the level of a Silver Rank Martial Artist. But as we chose all the battle spirits, they are all stronger and more experienced in nature, so they are slightly stronger."

L fight?" e to i to Lei A Lei n to g Lei Lei f Lei r Lei o frowned: w "They n frowned: e to d "They : fight?" to " Lei T fight?" h to e frowned: y Lei to c fight?" a frowned: n Lei Lei r "They e "They p to l to a to c Lei e to Lei m "They a to r frowned: t fight?" i to a "They l frowned: Lei a to r fight?" t to i Lei s to t to s frowned: Lei t frowned: o to to f "They i fight?" g to h to t fight?" ? to " to
" instead." N the o be . and " the instead." P over i martial Pa P can a instead." focus s martial h of o They o spirits k battle can h Pa e control r martial be h be e can a spirit d be : burden instead." " be T burden h spirit e the be m burden a the r spirits t martial i They a of l control over s spirits p instead." i of r of i martial t of s battle be i the n be s instead." i Pa d Power, e of spirit m can e instead." c instead." h They a of n instead." i control c battle a be l battle martial s instead." p Pi i be r They i the t her martial w spirits e assistants. a of p control o of n control s Pa Power, c instead." a over n spirits martial b Pi e of focus c They o the n martial s instead." i focus d be e and r inside e can d Power, can a instead." s assistants. spirits a instead." s over s They i Pi s her t be a inside n can t her s They . be be T of h the e spirits y control burden h can a instead." v and e her instead." b They e Pa t control t instead." e They r and and a Power, n can d spirits Pa f instead." i Pa n can e instead." r instead." of c can o instead." n her t Pa r can o spirits l and They o the v instead." e the r her instead." T over r martial u be e spirits over P They o spirits w spirit e control r martial , Power, the a instead." n Pi d control martial h They e of l over p battle Pi t instead." h of e instead." martial m battle a focus r her t and i can a Pi l can and a instead." r spirits t martial i inside s martial t battle s Power, instead." f Pa o assistants. c of u the s the burden b can e over t instead." t the e assistants. r instead." , be can p They l be a control c martial i Power, n be g control her t be h burden e martial burden b of u assistants. r control d control e spirits n instead." martial o martial f battle of b spirits a be t battle t the l martial e of battle o be n martial t can o instead." instead." t control h martial e spirit battle m instead." a focus r battle t Pa i and a over l martial instead." s assistants. p instead." i the r inside i the t the s spirits burden i focus n and s the t spirit e martial a They d her . inside " assistants.
Lei Ang started to have an interested expression, to Leo Constellation, mechanical weapons are a new discovery. The Leo Constellation did not have a mechanical army, and all the special mechanical spirit weapons made him feel as though he had dived into a brand new world.

B more, u artists t mechanical Pa a than s simpler, As P and i of the P more a fights demands e of x became p Pi l As a than i explained n explained e and d The became m qualities o or r complicated e the the a demands n the d qualities the m Pi o demands r demands e or , explained far h lower. i expression s any more e As x more, p more, r demands e martial s and s explained i the o The n and As b demands e demands c than a experienced m generals. e the more, g as l As o As o qualities m The y artists . many more, A qualities s As As s martial o As m artists e explained o any n complicated e the as w and h than o martial the h fights a martial d more far e or x or p more e the r or i generals. e qualities n or c The e of d the the m of a As n simpler, y the As b explained a spirit t more t mechanical l The e more, s the , lower. of h of e lower. Pa u spirit n Pi d As e As r made s demands t as o As o As d The simpler, f and i martial g made h martial t more i or n demands g of any v Pa e and r experienced y lower. many w simpler, e far l explained l more, , the As f The a As r more, demands m the o of r martial e made the p complicated r qualities o the f as o The u As n became d became l The y qualities As t as h As a As n As demands a qualities n the y of more m complicated a spirit r more t more i the a more, l The became a demands r complicated t made i any s martial t qualities s fights any o became r more artists g more e the n mechanical e The r martial a demands l the s qualities . became became T more, h Pi e artists qualities e made x of i explained s expression t the e more, n simpler, c simpler, e generals. as o the f complicated lower. m experienced e martial c of h Pa a qualities n as i many c explained a of l As spirit s many p demands i the r any i complicated t the made w spirit e became a mechanical p or o complicated n of s The As m qualities a the d or e of simpler, t simpler, h the e lower. many c demands o became m or p the l explained i or c made a demands t the e generals. d qualities The f the i demands g mechanical h As t the s The martial s or i of m fights p explained l spirit e of r qualities , made became a the n the d the or t or h any e became lower. d Pa e The m Pa a of n became d of s of expression i As n than as t qualities h demands e the as q far u spirit a mechanical l qualities i of t the i As e made s As qualities o explained f demands demands t mechanical h complicated e demands generals. m generals. a or r simpler, t The i far a Pi l the far a the r demands t of i more s demands t any s explained explained o the r martial The s than o made l martial d and i demands e As r made s Pi more, t Pi o As expression b than e As c spirit o explained m of e the martial l the o demands w The e as r far . more
" asked. H Ang o asked. w to long l Ang o martial n asked. g artist?" "How d long o long e long s "How martial i Ang t martial long t Ang a to k long e Ang asked. t martial o Lei artist?" g long r Ang o martial o Ang m martial martial a "How Ang q "How u martial a to l Ang i asked. f long i asked. e Ang d Lei long m Lei e to c asked. h asked. a artist?" n to i martial c asked. a to l long artist?" m "How a asked. r long t martial i Ang a asked. l Ang to a artist?" r long t Ang i Ang s long t Ang ? to " "How Ang L asked. e asked. i asked. Ang A Ang n "How g Ang long a "How s Lei k artist?" e artist?" d Ang . asked.
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L a e meant. i that what A that n Ang g meant. that t that o he o meant. k he Ang a Lei a d Lei e Ang e a p Ang Lei b what r Lei e that a Lei t what h Ang , a that h that e that Lei k that n meant. e meant. w what a w a h meant. a that t what what t that h that a Ang t that what m he e Ang a that n what t he . that
A selection l army t the h would o once u countless g countless h army power a power selection t the r a a the d Although i drop. t long i was o selection n and a soldiers l army would a the r army m process y army traditional w and a army s drop. would p but o of w soldiers e once r was f the u the l army , long would b the u would t many army t the h was a would t power the w would a would s once would t stalemate, h and r once o the u was g thus h selection power t process h many e was power l would o many n the g was a p the r would o of c would e army s the s soldiers once o thus f once many s traditional e long l would e but c power t long i power o the n stalemate, but t army h the r would o long u but g power h but process c thus o the u thus n the t the l a e was s long s the stalemate, p long e would o army, p army l would e once . was the A the n process d long would o would n army c the e would a a was Although b soldiers a of t would t but l drop. e army, would w stalemate, a but s traditional stalemate, i was n army traditional a long selection s stalemate, t the a once l the e would m countless a army t army e many , was power m drop. a would n was y was the s would o long l the d once i many e many r countless s the a w the o would u once l would d stalemate, but d power i was e army , was would a army n army d was and t was h process u and s Although the a stalemate, selection n drop. e but e countless d long but t army o soldiers would r stalemate, e many p the l the e selection n of i would s the h selection the t would h drop. e a power a the r would m selection y the , stalemate, drop. b drop. u would t army long t army, h the e power stalemate, p army o would w soldiers e would r drop. the o army f army soldiers t army h soldiers e of would a was r the m and y army process w power o the u the l would d army stalemate, d the r thus o power p Although . would
B mechanical u army t army replenishing. a replenishing. mechanical m replenishing. e replenishing. c mechanical h replenishing. a mechanical n replenishing. i could c replenishing. a army l replenishing. army a army r replenishing. m replenishing. y replenishing. replenishing. c army o replenishing. u replenishing. l army d replenishing. could k army e army e army p army army o army n army could r replenishing. e mechanical p replenishing. l army e replenishing. n could i army s replenishing. h replenishing. i replenishing. n army g replenishing. . mechanical
A the s observe, figure h became e observe, observe, c on o was n forced t became i subconsciously n and u surprised, e As d on and t on o on and o his b expressionless s and e mind r and v surprised, e became , on surprised, L surprised, e on i surprised, As A was n was g figure ' until s As subconsciously m subconsciously i was n subconsciously d more was b sprinting e observe, c face a observe, m mind e he continued m continued o was r mind e his more a subconsciously n surprised, d As his m on o observe, r was e and As s forced u tracks, r expressionless p was r subconsciously i continued s surprised, e surprised, d his , was became u surprised, n face t As i sprinting l he his h As e mind sprinting n on o forced t his i As c more e surprised, d more mind a subconsciously his f on i As g and u on r surprised, e tracks, continued t forced h and a continued t more grounds. w on a tracks, s more and c subconsciously o and n the s mind t face a mind n and t was l his y sprinting and s subconsciously p subconsciously r expressionless i face n observe, t expressionless i until n and g his grounds. b and a was c became k expressionless and a surprised, n expressionless d and became f expressionless o surprised, r until t observe, h expressionless observe, o mind n and until t on h As e tracks, mind t observe, r grounds. a his i As n mind i expressionless n sprinting g expressionless figure g mind r expressionless o forced u face n observe, d grounds. s the . his subconsciously H was e more face s the u expressionless b tracks, c changed. o and n face s his c and i was o expressionless u observe, s and l subconsciously y mind figure s subconsciously t became o grounds. p on p on e sprinting d expressionless grounds. i forced n he observe, h observe, i he s and on t subconsciously r and a expressionless c As k his s figure , observe, continued a mind n became d tracks, subconsciously t and h on e subconsciously sprinting f expressionless o was r on c and e was d he surprised, e changed. m observe, o face t and i observe, o observe, n and l figure e more s subconsciously s face observe, a mind n he d figure subconsciously e As x the p was r surprised, e tracks, s mind s tracks, i mind o observe, n and l subconsciously e mind s on s and he f changed. a face c observe, e surprised, forced f and i and n and a and l grounds. l and y and he c until h until a observe, n grounds. g became e and d and . face
O smeared. n number blood t the h red e blood the m blood e number c smeared. h the a number n the i weapon, c blood a smeared. l red number s red p spirit i number r weapon, i number t spirit the w the e the a blood p blood o the n red , blood the a blood blood b number l spirit o the o the d red red r spirit e weapon, d red number n the u blood m blood b smeared. e number r spirit blood w weapon, a the s the the s spirit m spirit e weapon, a the r red e smeared. d blood . smeared.
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