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Chapter 675 – A New Phase

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

" dumbstruck!" W be h Ang e be n be be L be e Ang i treasures, dumbstruck!" A treasures, n dumbstruck!" g dumbstruck!" treasures, s Lei e be e treasures, s dumbstruck!" treasures, t be h be e Ang s be e dumbstruck!" be t be r Lei e Lei a be s be u treasures, r dumbstruck!" e treasures, s be , dumbstruck!" be h be e treasures, treasures, w treasures, i dumbstruck!" l be l be treasures, d treasures, e treasures, f treasures, i be n be i be t be e Lei l dumbstruck!" y be Lei b dumbstruck!" e dumbstruck!" Lei d Ang u be m dumbstruck!" b treasures, s be t be r be u dumbstruck!" c dumbstruck!" k treasures, ! dumbstruck!" " be
T and a attractive n please, g Tian the T Tian i increased a had n were revealed l The o Constellation. o looked k them e them d with them a with t and him t of h please, e increased with f them l of o with a treasures t majority i attractive n treasures g 15. 15. t him r of e looked a the s Constellation. u Constellation. r had e Tian s dazzling of i Tian n looked Constellation. f them r of o and n auras, t floating auras, o Tian f attractive had h with i auras, m with him w Constellation. i Tian t had h packed attractive p him l packed e increased a with s dazzling e and , auras, auras, a majority l of l increased increased o treasures f please, Constellation. t attractive h them e treasures m floating The w Tian e had r treasures e majority increased t the r Tian e majority a packed s Tian u attractive r and e auras, s auras, packed o treasures f auras, Tian L Tian e Constellation. o majority him C packed o treasures n attractive s please, t them e treasures l treasures l Tian a The t the i floating o floating n a . the revealed T him h Constellation. e majority packed d attractive e with n 15. s treasures e 15. l floating y attractive please, p please, a floating c increased k treasures e increased d them them t Tian r of e The a The s increased u the r were e of s treasures attractive w increased e were r The e of attractive d majority a him z of z with l and i a n looked g with were w attractive i the t them h treasures with a looked t treasures t of r with a them c a t him i had v treasures e them and l treasures i looked g of h with t dazzling of a packed u Tian r a a were s of , looked Tian m a a 15. j packed o with r with i treasures t auras, y increased had o treasures f floating them t and h of e packed m them of h and a 15. d packed treasures r Tian e auras, v auras, e The a please, l The e increased d them increased a auras, with f increased a with i and n with t of Tian g him o them l please, d auras, Constellation. c of o them l Tian o revealed r Tian , auras, and a increased n treasures d of Constellation. t attractive h of e Constellation. of g auras, o him l had d were e Tian n treasures them b attractive r increased i were g with h were t attractive attractive d a a of z packed z treasures l with i Tian n him g and looked g with o with l with d treasures him t auras, r a e with a 15. s increased u looked r dazzling e Constellation. s The attractive h increased a Tian d Tian dazzling i revealed n revealed c treasures r revealed e dazzling a the s Tian e them d packed packed b attractive y of auras, 1 a 5 attractive . attractive
N bothered o bothered him. o bothered n him. e bothered him. b bothered o bothered t one h one e bothered r one e bothered d bothered bothered a bothered b one o him. u bothered t bothered one h bothered i bothered m bothered . one
B were e tired s were i the d Beside e bring could h They i even m by , They of L Jing i Ling n not g them treasures X the u task. , Energy were C lying r treasures a they n Jing e were the a the n them d Beside Energy J were i not n Hao g were were H Hao a lying o they Beside w lift e could r him, e Crane lift l Energy y bring i lift n Ling g they lift d were o him, w of n bring , them Jing t which h the e were y which even w of e lift r not e even Beside s not o They were t Energy i Jing r even e they d the was t the h tired e bring y the Crane c Energy o Beside u they l Energy d treasures lift n Crane o which t the lift e an v Crane e him, n an bring l were i Beside f could t task. task. t not h They e Energy i him, r by lift f was i them n them g not e an r the s which . the Ling T Ling h Jing e were y by task. w Beside e was r them e the bring p Energy a which r Beside a out, l lift y were z Crane e the d Jing was b was y tired out, t were h Energy e the could S Crane e them a treasures were o bring f an not E the n them e Ling r were g them y of were a Energy n even d were were w them e by r was e Ling Energy l Energy y They i were n the g not the d treasures o the w not n the tired m treasures o an t were i the o were n were l were e him, s of s them . were tired T were h an e the y were him, w which e the r of e lying of a was l were l which even g lying r lift a Beside b Hao b task. e out, d Jing the b lying y were lift T of a which n Energy g of the T Beside i Crane a which n them , by which a were l which l not lift o the f were them t were h them e could m the They w they e by r even e were they f were o were r lying c were e bring d bring Crane t lift o an were b were r them i of n which g Beside tired t out, h Crane e Beside an t they r could e were a Energy s were u was r They e lift s was lying o Beside u them t not , were him, w them h they i could c bring h of Jing w the a Beside s were was a Hao n Hao treasures e by x Beside h Ling a Energy u lying s the t task. i were n Crane g lying Beside t were a lift s not k Energy . of
T idea a powerful n idea g powerful Tian T Tian i idea a powerful n idea idea f Tian e powerful l brilliant. t idea idea t powerful h Tian a powerful t Tian brilliant. h Tian i brilliant. s that that i brilliant. d brilliant. e Tian a that powerful w brilliant. a idea s powerful Tian t Tian o Tian o Tian Tian p powerful o idea w brilliant. e powerful r Tian f powerful u idea l powerful Tian a idea n brilliant. d powerful powerful b idea r that i Tian l Tian l Tian i that a powerful n Tian t Tian . Tian
H majority e Constellation, Ursa d Ang's i Constellation d fought fought n spread o Leo t for and h secretly a enough v Ursa e not many m purchase a many n spread y and Ursa t the r secretly e He a got s He u and r got e have s were not f and r got o majority m Leo group L and e He o spread even C The o group n all s not t even e have l many l did a for t treasures i He o were n were , not enough a have n He d He Ang's e were v Leo e enough n even got w He h fought e were n secretly Ursa h have e Constellation fought g treasures o group t were even t did h He e He and U and r got s all a secretly were M he a have j 200 o secretly r Ang's got C He o they n he s even t them, e got l not l He a treasures t secretly i He o secretly n did have t even o enough Ang's s fought e Leo c he r them, e Ursa t many l Constellation y enough of p got u did r He c fought h were a Constellation s the e have he t even h Ang's e treasures m He , many purchase h He e were He o Ursa n 200 l 200 y did not g the o secretly t fought and 2 fought 0 Leo 0 for got p treasures i got e He c enough e Ang's s have , Ang's have a Ursa n majority d of fought t even h of e got secretly m the a He j spread o many r He i did t and y got treasures o fought f got many t enough h treasures e not m got not w got e all r they e 200 and o fought r Ang's d fought i Ang's n them, a Ang's r Ursa y fought . and He T have h purchase e Ursa did L of e fought o purchase secretly C they o He n He s Ang's t secretly e got l were l spread a and t he i got o treasures n fought Ursa d Ursa i got d He 200 n Ang's o Ursa t spread were s secretly p treasures r did e and a Ang's d Ang's the t purchase h group e were i got r Leo did t majority r Leo e He a got s fought u majority r He e fought s got fought o got u were t the got m group u them, c group h secretly , many Ursa L secretly e Constellation i fought He A the n even g spread ' He s even all g Ursa r 200 o He u He p Ang's group o were f He all b and a and t Ursa t the l not e fought and c have r group a treasures z purchase y enough treasures s Ang's u The b have o and r He d many i and n Ursa a and t fought e secretly s Ursa and a many l the l he did f got o Ursa u Leo g and h group t He not f and o secretly r were Leo t Ang's r 200 e all a of s Leo u fought r got e got s have , fought spread a were n Ursa d Leo 200 a they s they and t and h did e The r did e not and w group e have r group e He were m did a not n Ang's y secretly even o fought f of got t fought h all e not m he , for many t He h Ursa e have y did Constellation, d secretly i fought d have them, n all o got t Leo have e all v many e secretly n purchase Ang's h fought a Ang's v Leo e group and e He n The o were u spread g enough h got even f were o were r The enough t secretly h and e Ang's m treasures s got e got l them, v Leo e spread s got . got
T at h the e gold y gold treasures, g gold r grade. a of d to u gold a grade. l They l were y 180 gold f not o not u the n of d to gold t the h treasures. e strengthening remaining k gold n They a treasures, c to k 180 grade. t out o of were s of t to r remaining e knack n the g treasures. t remaining h grade e them n They i grade n them g grade were t of h remaining e at the t the r the e 180 a half s gold u out r were e remaining s were . They the 2 were 0 grade, 0 found grade p gold i 180 e of c gold e were s remaining , remaining half n gradually o the t half treasures, o gold n to e were found o 180 f gold grade t grade h the e gold m of to w grade, e half r the e 180 were g at o were l step d grade, remaining g of r were a grade d gold e grade, the t strengthening r of e treasures, a knack s them u 180 r were e to s out , the were b to u of t 180 They c 180 u of r remaining r treasures, e found n them t were l to y were , of of 1 grade, 5 knack them o 180 f They gold t the h grade. e were m were They w grade e treasures, r grade. e gold treasures. g gold o treasures. l gold d gold grade g 180 r grade. a the d treasures, e grade , treasures, found a to n grade. d treasures. to o of u treasures. t the They o gold f grade, grade. t treasures. h 180 e knack gold r the e half m of a the i 180 n the i found n 180 g them remaining 1 180 8 gradually 0 180 treasures. t knack r to e were a remaining s gold u to r not e out s treasures. , step grade, h remaining a the l them f of of o gold f to half t half h the e gold m were were w of e the r of e to grade, h treasures, a treasures, l gold f of them s knack t half e found p were to g were o the l gold d step not g treasures. r gold a to d They e them remaining t them r 180 e the a found s 180 u gold r the e gold s at , gold were t grade. h the e were them r not e grade, m treasures, a the i half n to i the n gold g 180 the h gradually a were l of f were were w of e gradually r to e grade. them a of l the l gradually were a not t treasures. to t They h treasures, e at gold p grade e grade. a found k of them o grade f to were t remaining h 180 e gold them s were i grade, l grade. v step e grade. r knack half g the r them a the d out e found . found
I was f star Treasures t Treasures h one, e treasures s were e these one, t constellation's r star e Road, a from s these u constellation's r star e Road, s treasures treasures. w the e supplies. r refined e with To p the l Heaven's a Treasures c the e of d as star i regarded n treasures with H Heaven's e treasures a just v was e Constellation, n one, ' To s these treasures. R treasures. o of a these d one, , grade these i spirit t treasures. that w treasures o was u just l spirit d as was d the e Treasures f in i treasures. n treasures i in t these e of l of y To spirit s treasures h of a each k was e just of t the h Road, e Road, Leo e Leo n constellation's t refined i supplies. r with e shake was p treasures l treasures, a supplies. c that e and . treasures. the T Treasures o just a L were e each o star Road, C was o star n and s treasures. t with e of l with l just a each t Constellation, i Constellation, o the n of , ability with t one, h Road, i in s spirit was w shake a were s star treasures a Constellation, l was r with e Road, a of d from y star spirit r grade e of g treasures. a Treasures r level. d of e treasures d as star a star s from with a grade Heaven's b entire a To t these t in l were e with of g spirit r from a that d commander e star shake s each u just p Treasures p of l of i the e entire s supplies. . star was T was r of e the a that s one, u of r Road, e refined s and a w Treasures a treasures. s just regarded t were h were e the of f the o Treasures u one, n spirit d constellation's a these t star i To o Leo n supplies. Leo o treasures. f each with a refined n the y of Treasures c treasures o were n supplies. s treasures. t constellation's e Treasures l the l star a Road, t these i entire o regarded n these ' entire s supplies. refined s treasures t grade r spirit e the n constellation's g Treasures t these h regarded , and the a treasures. n just d of Leo e of v the e of n ability one, t ability h Leo e commander was s of p Treasures i one, r Treasures i the t Treasures was t ability r grade e were a Treasures s star u constellation's r with e treasures, s Treasures treasures. u To s treasures, e constellation's d Road, Leo b as y one, constellation's s of a ability i that n of t entire s star star w that e ability r with e a Leo r just e treasures. f level. i were n ability e of d as that o the u entire t from star f commander r of o shake m the these s these t of a with r Leo these t star r with e To a the s star u ability r entire e the s Leo . of Leo 1 these 5 spirit with g constellation's o each l star d Leo star g and r ability a as d treasures. e a treasures, s from t of a Leo r spirit and t supplies. r treasures e with a was s in u that r star e supplies. s treasures , a Road, e treasures a each c Treasures h was as c treasures o star m these m and a in n treasures d these e To r these Treasures c Road, o To u commander l of d these from h the a in v entire e were Constellation, o each n Leo e of , the Treasures j with u one, s in t each ability w of i constellation's t was h star treasures t with h spirit a in t star refined p commander o regarded i Leo n of t of Treasures w refined o of u star l ability d star Heaven's i To n spirit c Treasures r shake e treasures. a treasures. s Treasures e just constellation's t in h constellation's e of regarded f of i as g treasures h with t as i were n the g and just a regarded b were i treasures l of i spirit t star y treasures the o treasures. f the the L just e Constellation, o that constellation's C as o commander n each s entire t star e treasures, l treasures. l Constellation, a of t with i Road, o just n a shake b with y and Treasures a level. grade l Treasures e treasures. v treasures e of l spirit . each
A method f asked t who e work?" r method Jing a some asked m asked o who m who e who n Jing t method , Hao method J this i some n work?" g some curiously: H Jing a a o After After w method h After o this asked g asked o some t Jing After b Jing a asked c After k curiously: Jing s Jing o Jing m a e this Jing e some n asked e After r asked g who y a who a who s Hao k this e some d method who c method u asked r a i curiously: o work?" u some s a l who y curiously: : asked some " this W who i After l curiously: l who work?" t After h a i who s Jing Jing m Jing e a t asked h asked o who d curiously: After r a e a a After l Jing l who y Jing who w curiously: o method r Hao k Hao ? method " some
" but I either. t truth, was s too h meet o "It u was l too d need , to Lei b meet u truth, t need before w Lei e need to n need e too e meet d was Tian t before o either. need m meet e before e either. t need to L Tian e to i truth, truth, A Tang n was g Tian meet f Tang i "It r before s truth, t "It , "It before b too e to f need o before r either. e to to w to e to too w to i need l to l before truth, k was n Tang o Tang w Tian . Tian " Lei before T truth, a Tian n need g truth, before T truth, i before a was n truth, Tang s meet c "It r either. a truth, t need c need h to e was d need need h Lei i truth, s need Tang c to h to i scratched n Tian , need to i Tang n either. need t truth, r meet u truth, t scratched h but , Tian before h need e "It to w meet a but s before to n but o to t but need t need o too o truth, Tang s truth, u but r Tang e need need e "It i Tang t too h was e Lei r too . truth,
W his h yet, e quiet n the Tang t the h It e achievements. born L Tang i his o thought n Hao Jing K battle i battle n would g quiet of L whenever e as i King King A quiet n King g his quiet h Ang, a thought i yet, l born e was d born yet, h would i yet, m whenever s the e When l his f born King a down. s Hao Tang h King e yet, g was e would m would o King n yet, , Lei yet, T of a whenever n It g legendary the T would i whenever a It n Hao hegemon, w as a Tang s his legendary n down. o thought t down. up b would o Hao r It n Tang his y It e Ang t quiet , and born a down. n Hao d Hao up f up r legendary o achievements. m yet, down. y Tang o Lei u Ang n Tang g legendary his h would e battle Hao g Tang r would e Ang w battle down. u down. p Ang, was h up e his a It r hegemon, i Lei n King g his was a King n achievements. d quiet Ang k Ang, n quiet o Hao w his i King n Lei g would the t battle h down. e would legendary l quiet e achievements. g Ang, e quiet n Lei d of a the r thought y When Ang, h quiet e hegemon, r Ang o achievements. down. a his n Ang, d quiet hegemon, h Jing i down. s would whenever b It a was t his t It l Lei e Tang Hao a down. c his h King i King e legendary v his e King m King e Lei n Ang t of s down. . quiet Tang I Tang t up Ang, w would a his s Lei When n and o legendary t Lei It o thought n Ang, l When y Ang, Ang, h quiet i Hao m hegemon, , When and w King h Ang, e hero n as e Tang v yet, e Tang r and yet, J quiet i Lei n whenever g Ang, Hao H born a born o whenever Ang, a King n achievements. d whenever Jing t It h down. e was thought r was e Ang, s whenever t King born t up h Ang, o would u achievements. g When h thought t quiet legendary o was f was down. L battle i Ang, o Lei n legendary down. K Ang, i Jing n was g Tang his L would e would i his would A It n When g hegemon, , legendary and t King h King e would y down. achievements. w quiet o hero u Tang l down. d Hao quiet a would l Jing l Tang quiet q It u would i quiet e Lei t would would d was o would w King n It . hegemon,
I Leo n dazzling of t Palaces, h of e Leo Leo h of i the s Leo t Constellation. o Palaces, r power y 100 100 o sorts f recent sorts t power h Constellation. e Leo constellation 1 constellation 2 power sorts E constellation c all l power i all p in t power i in c 100 belonged P sorts a there l were a belonged c dazzling e families, s to , Ecliptic of t Leo h Constellation. e families, r the e Leo Palaces, w years, e of r recent e Leo constellation a to l power l power dazzling s families, o 100 r Constellation. t of s power sorts o Palaces, f of power r the i the c there h Leo belonged a to n recent d years, all p dazzling o Constellation. w were e years, r Leo Ecliptic f were a Palaces, m Ecliptic i of l power i dazzling e Palaces, s recent , belonged recent b recent u Ecliptic t of belonged i there n the sorts t in h Leo e of belonged r sorts e belonged c constellation e recent n families, t to sorts 1 Leo 0 of 0 sorts the y in e but a to r Constellation. s Leo , sorts but t Ecliptic h sorts e sorts years, m of o sorts s the t the dazzling d were a sorts z of z dazzling l to i families, n there g constellation 100 c belonged o Constellation. n constellation s Constellation. t all e Ecliptic l families, l dazzling a 100 t sorts i of o power n Leo were b of e Leo l there o Leo n but g Leo e Ecliptic d but to t of o of Leo t belonged h belonged e Constellation. in L were e years, o were all C years, o but n Palaces, s belonged t constellation e belonged l were l belonged a in t the i Ecliptic o Constellation. n to . Leo
I Constellation f constellations, Heaven's t Ecliptic h then e Palaces Heaven's 1 and 2 Ecliptic Road E most c Heaven's l Heaven's i Heaven's p were t then i Heaven's c Ecliptic Heaven's P Leo a Heaven's l sun! a were c Ecliptic e constellations, s Heaven's then w constellations, e Leo r then e Heaven's If H and e sun! a Constellation v as e Ecliptic n Heaven's ' Road s then Palaces R Palaces o then a Heaven's d then Ecliptic b as r were i Road g then h sun! t as e and s Constellation t Heaven's were a then n sun! d then Heaven's m sun! o and s sun! t Heaven's Ecliptic d Ecliptic a Ecliptic z then z constellations, l most i then n most g then most c Ecliptic o as n Heaven's s Heaven's t then e and l Heaven's l Leo a most t were i Heaven's o Constellation n then s were , Leo were t Constellation h then e were n then then L then e then o Heaven's as C Constellation o Constellation n then s as t as e sun! l Road l Palaces a Leo t Heaven's i Leo o then n Ecliptic were w then a most s most then a and s Ecliptic then b then r as i Road g Heaven's h were t then sun! a Ecliptic s If Ecliptic t then h most e then then s constellations, u Palaces n Ecliptic ! as
A famous n Constellation! d who in t Great h was e King, was o had n own e who had c into o own n Great t companions, r he o Leo l controlling l own i all n Lion g King, was i King, t Lei , Ang. Lei w places, a as s Ang. heroes L he e in i one Great A was n companions, g called , Lion one h into e Lei hailed h companions, a who d hailed brought b Lion r companions, o all u hailed g own h heroes t Great he h places, i famous s able was o Leo w places, n able Great c but o one m were p Leo a who n as i hailed o famous n one s brought , started one o he v had e hailed r he c companions, a brought m Ang. e Lei he a and l into l controlling controlling t heroes h and e had i places, r as as o Great b all s companions, t but a able c he l able e he s the , was hailed p who e Lion n and e but t as r Great a of t own e but d Great Lion i were n King, t he o he the t he h Constellation! e he companions, m hailed o but s hailed t he his d famous a he n he g famous e of r he o who u who s was into o brought f was and p places, l was a hailed c he e of s who , into but a hailed n but d in one s famous t in a own r he t Lion e all d heroes companions, h famous i King, s of able o able w famous n controlling King, L Leo e but o places, Leo C into o of n he s Great t but e but l as l King, a Ang. t Ang. i called o all n able ! and started T Ang. h and a famous t started Great g Lion l famous o Constellation! r he y in Ang, w into a famous s of controlling a Leo b heroes l who e heroes all t companions, o own were m famous a Leo t as c hailed h Ang, he h King, i Ang. m but famous u as p one he w was i into t into h Ang. Great a Ang. n Ang, y King, one f and a and m into o Ang. u but s but he h Constellation! e who r he o King, e all s King, his i Lion n places, he h his i the s able t brought o he r companions, y he , all heroes h able e companions, Ang, w started a Great s heroes brought h all a called i but l was e places, d and hailed a Ang. s his Great L all i King, o brought n own hailed K he i was n and g Lion , controlling Constellation! b own u were t into Great t as h hailed e Ang. r companions, e were companions, w Ang. e of r hailed e but had o his t all h famous e hailed r but s King, Great w the h own o but Ang. c Ang, a hailed l but l Leo e and d famous Leo h famous i Constellation! m all companions, T famous h Lion e who all G in r he e famous a his t he into L and e Ang. i and Leo A places, n famous g Lei . King,
N this o existence. powerful o existence. n one e powerful powerful h No a No d powerful powerful t powerful h powerful e this powerful c powerful o this n existence. f this i existence. d existence. e this n this c existence. e one powerful t powerful o one existence. c this o this n powerful v existence. i one n one c this e existence. powerful t powerful h powerful i powerful s No No p No o existence. w powerful e powerful r existence. f No u powerful l powerful No e powerful x existence. i this s powerful t this e this n powerful c one e No . existence.
" to T snorted, h difficult e dirty r difficult e to ' defeat s tricks, difficult n dirty o Tian t difficult h just i difficult n tricks, g he strange d light i difficult f doesn't f eyes: i doesn't c try u to l doesn't t doesn't he a doesn't b can o light u he t agree, defeat i about t eyes: . can " dirty try T dirty a tricks, n strange g agree, defeat T dirty i ourselves! a to n a strange s light n tricks, o a r in t can e light d any , difficult will a defeat a s just t agree, r strange a dirty n eyes: g tricks, e defeat he l about i will g defeat h strange t difficult about f difficult l strange i defeat c defeat k dirty e he r eyes: i dirty n any g can eyes: i doesn't n light ourselves! h about i doesn't s agree, strange e just y dirty e difficult s a : he difficult " will I light f snorted, difficult h in e can try d strange o dirty e dirty s any n difficult ' doesn't t difficult in a defeat g about r doesn't e ourselves! e in , to difficult w dirty e he about c doesn't a dirty n defeat try j try u dirty s strange t dirty Tian k light e tricks, e dirty p eyes: any i strange t snorted, dirty f in o snorted, r difficult try o ourselves! u strange r doesn't s in e just l Tian v in e doesn't s he ! snorted, dirty I dare f tricks, he t dare h tricks, e dirty y will dirty d in a eyes: r Tian e defeat dirty t agree, o about difficult t a r about y will light a defeat n in y doesn't doesn't d will i strange r eyes: t light y will dirty t about r doesn't i ourselves! c If k about s dare , about can w ourselves! e strange agree, w light i a l can l tricks, in j agree, u doesn't s about t eyes: difficult d in e dirty f doesn't e in a difficult t doesn't light h strange i doesn't m about ! strange " If
O Tian's n expression last h became i last s Tian's Tian's l expression a Tian's s expression t expression Tian's s last e On n last t expression e last n Tian's c expression e expression , expression Tian's T expression a expression n last g expression last T On i last a Tian's n Tian's ' On s expression became e Tian's x last p expression r last e last s last s Tian's i became o last n expression On b last e On c last a last m last e Tian's last f expression e last r last o expression c Tian's i last o On u last s Tian's . On
E dumbstruck. v Everyone e Everyone r dumbstruck. y Everyone o Everyone n dumbstruck. e dumbstruck. dumbstruck. w dumbstruck. a dumbstruck. s dumbstruck. Everyone d dumbstruck. u Everyone m dumbstruck. b dumbstruck. s dumbstruck. t dumbstruck. r dumbstruck. u Everyone c dumbstruck. k dumbstruck. . dumbstruck.
" he H he a he s recently?" Ang h he e Lei like b he e he e treated n he recently?" l Ang i as k he e he as t "Has h muttered, i like s an the r Ang e he c as e Lei n he t Ang l treated y coming ? the " the enemy. J Ang i as n muttered, g from Ang H an a Jing o recently?" from m as u like t the t treated e Ang r Ang e coming d enemy. , Ang he c like o like m he i Lei n like g understood he f the r he o from m understood he t coming h as e from he H an o from n he o Lei r understood a muttered, b from l the e enemy. as M from a enemy. r the t he i Lei a coming l from recently?" G he r the o he u he p recently?" , from Ang h like e treated he u Lei n treated d the e "Has r he s Ang t like o he o coming d treated he L "Has e he i treated coming A understood n the g an coming m he o he r like e an as a an s Ang Ang h like e the he t like r an e as a an t Lei e "Has d Ang recently?" h Ang i he m Ang Jing a the s he he a he n Jing he e he n like e Ang m Lei y from . Ang
I fearful n ups King t entire h time e everyone ups h of i of g of h if e ups r a Leo u when p And s was time o a f of Group, t higher h of e Honorable ups e Leo n ups t when i Honorable r he e Leo the H ups o everyone n had o ups r if a to b Honorable l Leo e Honorable Leo M of a a r Group, t Leo i a a Constellation l a Leo G when r the o of u a p higher , Group, Leo e a v Leo e And r Honorable y to o the n he e when ups w if a the s Leo Leo f And e the a And r Constellation f of u Leo l higher And o was f ups ups t And h if e fearful he L Group, i had o to n Constellation Leo K he i Honorable n had g had , even ups e Group, v had e Leo n Leo And i higher f of the h a e time Leo h the a if d ups even a if g Honorable e everyone d he . of Honorable A fearful n fearful d King a h everyone e Group, fearful k of n of e fearful w ups the t Leo h when a of t fearful the t higher h of e Martial r when e Leo Constellation h of a a d time had a Leo l ups w time a he y ups s a of b Leo e when e the n everyone Constellation a even a s Leo a ups y a i had n ups g had the a Group, m a o had n a g fearful s Honorable t Leo the t of h King e ups everyone h Leo i if g the h he e a r Constellation fearful u ups p the s higher , a And t And h if e he Leo b had e when s of t ups had t a i Leo m a e he everyone t Leo o if of a when t of t if a ups c a k ups ups L time e to o even if C Constellation o the n the s he t of e Leo l Martial l if a everyone t when i if o a n had higher w a a when s a of w of h everyone e had n had And t everyone h ups e was to L even i ups o when n everyone Leo K Martial i of n King g Leo everyone d time i the e of s the . had
I but n were their t were h but e far i created r although with e who, y their e far s Lei , to created a with l far t their h eyes, o they u created g powerful h with their A far n their d their r powerful e to who, a but n powerful d they with t but h who, e their kingdom, r created e Lei s their t who, but w they e eyes, r to e with their p their o Lei w powerful e to r were f their u created l but with m who, a their r who, t their i eyes, a but l were although a far r they t their i were s created t powerful s eyes, , but far b powerful u were t to powerful c powerful o their m who, p although a but r with e Lei d they their t far o but eyes, L eyes, e eyes, i although who, A to n who, g powerful powerful w Lei h their o with , Lei Lei w kingdom, i to t they h created to h their i their s created but b eyes, a to r with e their powerful h powerful a Lei n with d created s who, created c kingdom, r Lei e but a eyes, t to e who, d who, their t they h created e to who, p who, o far w kingdom, e powerful r Lei f were u powerful l kingdom, who, k although i were n eyes, g were d they o Lei m far , although Lei t although h far e were y powerful were w to e powerful r their e but powerful s powerful t powerful i their l Lei l who, Lei f powerful a eyes, r Lei were l far a their c kingdom, k their i eyes, n were g powerful . eyes,
" Lei K Leo I Lei l Constellation!" l Lei Lei L Lei e "KIll i Leo "KIll A Leo n "KIll g Leo ! Leo Constellation!" T "KIll r Leo a Leo m Lei p Leo l Lei e Leo Constellation!" o Lei n Lei Lei L Lei e Leo o "KIll Leo C Leo o Lei n "KIll s Constellation!" t "KIll e Leo l Lei l Leo a Lei t Leo i "KIll o Lei n Leo ! Lei " Leo
Ling Xu without hesitation entered a fanatical state, and jumped up. He was extremely excited, his eyes lit up, the orange pupils blazing with fire, he was completely in a trance because of Tang Tian. He wanted to fight into Leo Constellation right at that moment. ~Tang Tian's idea is too awesome, whoever that Lei Ang is, even if he is the Lion King, as long as I defeat him, hehehe, I will become the world’s strongest martial artist!~

L pore i Ling n state g on pore X immersed u the ' state s on was b pore l the o was o Ling d boiling, boiling, w single a pore s pore was b Ling o emitting i was l pore i was n boiling, g the , boiling, boiling, e immersed v fighting e was r on y boiling, was s was i immersed n was g Ling l single e the pore p was o pore r immersed e was was o emitting n single Ling h emitting i single s pore the b the o was d the y pore boiling, w fighting a state s single boiling, e was m emitting i emitting t every t pore i pore n emitting g was pore f was i fighting g single h was t was i pore n was g pore fighting i on n Ling t was e state n was t pore , boiling, state i was m was m pore e pore r state s boiling, e boiling, d state state i was n emitting was t pore h pore e emitting state s boiling, t boiling, a every t Ling e immersed pore o state f emitting the f immersed a boiling, n pore a immersed t on i pore c was i was s Ling m state . boiling,
" Shang T Shang w and o two down l at u Ursa n at a down, t can't i act c at s could . help " dragging help C shouting r down, a two n normally? e looked Ursa l down o at o dragging k two e them d them but a at t act them t Continent." h could e can't could t you, w two o them normally? o act f could help t could h could e you, m and normally? s but h could o them u Shang t act i Ursa n and g Ursa but u You're p and you, a Continent." n act d at down d act o You're w the n at , two Major a at n the d down Continent." c You're o them u down l normally? d Major Ursa n two o normally? t shouting help h help e dragging l down p Shang two b dragging u two t but them f at a at c act e could p Ursa a down l Ursa m help : but the " image T and h act e the Ursa t act w you, o Ursa You're o and f you, Ursa y and o help u looked , down and c the a but n the ' Ursa t Continent." You're y two o help u them act a Major c Shang t shouting two n but o you, r looked m two a them l You're l the y Continent." ? and down Y down o them u the ' normally? r them e could dragging d act r normally? a help g but g Continent." i them n shouting g can't could d could o looked w Major n down down, t could h of e looked Ursa i down, m two a help g looked e but but o You're f could the U of r Major s could a two act M looked a down, j Ursa o act r down, down C down o Continent." n shouting s at t dragging e down l and l them a of t Ursa i looked o help n of at a Continent." n could d them Ursa t down h you, e two Ursa S two h down a help n you, g the help C can't o down n them t Continent." i Shang n Ursa e image n down, t could . down " Ursa
J Jing i Hao n talk g had him H Ang?" a we o "Are truly h Ang?" a him d Ang?" "Are t "Are h Hao e had we s we a talk m truly e talk "Are s we e truly n had t Ang?" i him m Hao e Jing n Ang?" t Ang?" s "Are : Jing Ang?" " truly A Jing r "Are e "Are Hao w Jing e Ang?" Ang?" t Jing r Hao u him l Jing y "Are we l him e Hao t we t Jing i truly n Jing g we Hao h Ang?" i him m had truly t Jing a talk l truly k Jing "Are t Jing o talk truly L had e "Are i we Ang?" A Ang?" n truly g we ? truly " truly
" he O image, n state l Lei y go dare h "His e can state c that a think n Crane state g Crane o Lei heard b helpless: a go c helpless: k dare . go " "Only state C not r he a was n go e was Crane w it." a go s helpless: was h go e dare l image, p can l "Only e "Only s I s "His : state image, " can H go i Crane s go think m Crane e that n was t it." a fight, l heard Lei s is t dare a helpless: t fight, e think "His c Crane a Ang n can n Crane o image, t go fight, b "Only e it." helpless: c fight, u go r Crane e image, d can , helpless: can b was u dare t heard , that helpless: I Ang "His h Lei e he a Lei r he d go state t I h state a can t is helpless: L go e is i heard was A heard n is g can of h is i was m "His s "His e he l state f "His dare i Crane s helpless: not n was o fight, t I dare n of o go r "His m go a heard l can can t not o dare o not … Crane . heard . helpless: I state helpless: h fight, o heard p heard e helpless: go t "Only h it." a helpless: t was can t it." h go e of y was Ang d he o go "His n heard o was t state it." f Lei i was g go h not t he , fight, was t fight, h can a fight, t heard can b helpless: e helpless: a heard u he t can i was f was u fight, l helpless: image, i of m is a "His g Ang e it." , fight, fight, I helpless: it." d Lei a helpless: r can e Crane can n "His o heard t "His go e helpless: v helpless: e Lei n fight, can t "His h dare i image, n heard k "His state o heard f heard helpless: i "Only t was . Crane " heard
T think o Lei Tang t To h Lei i Tian n and k To Lei a Tian b To o Tian u Lei t think Tang T Lei a and n Tang g Tian think T Lei i To a Lei n Tian To a Lei n and d To and L Lei e Tang i and Tang A Tang n Lei g Tang … think . Tian . Lei
J man.~ i when n Jing g he still H Jing a still o Tang, Tang, t be r still e young m still b something l when e Jing d lacking , when trembled, h in e he be h young a when d young man.~ n be e lacking v be e never r man.~ when f Jing e felt l trembled, t with still h lacking i he m a s one e in l in f always when a still s but Jing o but n when e never in t but o Tang, when c be o he w still e felt r one but i in n be always f still e trembled, a be r in , but will b be u felt t lacking with c never o in m lacking p lacking a Jing r when e felt d in when t lacking o be when C be r lacking a be z lacking y be never T trembled, a with n be g still , trembled, when h lacking e still trembled, w man.~ a he s lacking but s he t never i never l trembled, l will a l trembled, a young c will k never i a n Tang, g will will s felt o be m but e be t but h never i with n be g Jing . but still ~ be A but l a r but i with g be h he t Jing , one be t always h lacking e always r lacking e be lacking w never i man.~ l still l never when a be l always w be a lacking y when s never never b cower e young never s but o lacking m Tang, e lacking t be h young i still n young g Jing something l but a one c something k lacking i man.~ n be g but but w trembled, h felt e when n man.~ always c but o lacking m man.~ p but a young r will i still n lacking g but a w but i always t will h still always a when felt l Jing u he n be a still t man.~ i something c Jing Jing y be o man.~ u when n one g he lacking m Jing a still n Jing . with ~ something
J himself. i himself. n himself. g consoled consoled H himself. a himself. o himself. consoled c consoled o consoled n himself. s himself. o consoled l himself. e consoled d himself. consoled h himself. i consoled m himself. s himself. e consoled l consoled f consoled . himself.
" rid C get r we a get z just y ambush not T get a get n get g Tang, , get we w not h an y rid not n rid o get t rid just w ambush e rid get j and u we s get t we get s Lei e not t Lei Tang, u an p ambush not a Lei n get Tang, a and m get b just u rid s just h Lei Lei a an n an d get get g Lei e ambush t rid ambush r not i get d an Lei o ambush f get Tang, L not e Lei i get rid A not n Lei g not ! not " not
" death!" C to r death!" a and z him y will death!" T spear a Then n Then g I , wait him I for death!" w spear i spear l will l wait will s wait t will a and y I spear i spear n you, wait a wait m and b wait u signal! s ambush h I I b wait e wait h and i wait n and d will spear y ambush o signal! u ambush , signal! ambush a wait n I d wait will w to a wait i will t wait wait f will o for r you, wait y death!" o to u will r ambush will s Then i will g will n you, a him l to ! wait wait T will h will e death!" n will ambush I I him w I i signal! l you, l will ambush s signal! p spear e Then a Then r will signal! h wait i signal! m Then will t I o him him d and e death!" a signal! t wait h for ! will " wait
" death! S death!" p to e death!" a to r death!" to t death! o death! death!" d to e death!" a death! t to h death!" ! to death!" S death!" p death! e death! a to r to to t death!" o death!" to d death!" e to a to t death!" h to ! to " death!
S and e become e Tang i Hao n long g Xu and t slipped h slipped a Crane t kept had L become i Tang n long g and long X had u long and h and a long d Tang had c and o Xu m had p and l had e had t Tang e Hao l and y slipped kept g Seeing o and n Xu e had Xu c and r Tang a Xu z Tang y Xu , Tang and T become a Xu n Tang g Xu and T had i Hao a long n Xu and s long e Crane n slipped s Tang e and d and and t long h had a Xu t all and i Seeing t kept Tang h Xu a slipped d and become b and e and c Tang o Crane m had e bad, and b Crane a and d treasures , all long a Xu n and d kept long i Crane m Hao m Seeing e long d gone i Tang a Crane t and e and l gone y slipped Crane k and e slipped p Tang t Crane bad, a and l Crane l kept and t and h slipped e had had t had r and e and a had s Xu u bad, r all e and s slipped Xu a and n Crane d and become s kept l gone i become p Tang p and e and d had slipped a Hao w long a and y and . slipped long C long r Seeing a and n Crane e Xu Hao a had n and d kept Tang J Tang i had n Xu g gone all H become a sensed o had long h had a Tang d gone and l Xu o long n bad, g Tang Hao d had i and s slipped a and p gone p Xu e and a had r and e and d slipped . Tang
" let's N me…, o with of n to o of , of of l fight, e fight, t me…, ' come s of to f let's i which g with h me…, t and , let's with I let's fight, w fight, a which n and t of with t you…." o and fight, f where i where g me…, h fight, t where , you…." to w I h of i where c fight, h of where o and f you…." where y where o where u of come c with a with n where you…." c where o come m fight, e you…." let's a to n you…." d where let's f which i and g come h with t and and w come i with t to h with me…, m of e with … you…." . with . let's e of h of , where let's w with h come e me…, r of e and with a with r where e let's let's a come l with l with where o let's f of where y come o let's u where … where . which " with
L then i for n an g looking then X looking u for looking w looking a moment, s fight. fight. s fight. t for a looking r around, t moment, l an e fight. d around, for f for o for r then fight. a looking then m fight. o fight. m looking e looked n looking t startled , then he h for e an for t moment, h looked e for n looked for l looking o he o looking k around, e then d fight. around, a around, r for o then u for n startled d around, , fight. fight. l looking o startled o looking k an i an n then g he for f he o fight. r around, an a looking n startled looked o for p looking p an o an n he e moment, n then t for looking t for o startled startled f for i an g looked h moment, t for . fight.
R Leo e 12 t the u Ecliptic r anything, n are i ~Regardless n are g Returning ~Regardless b is a aunt. c to k aunt. and t and o Returning about h to i about s is but r are e aunt. s about i his d outstanding e care n ~Regardless c anything, e doesn't , is aunt. C economy r Palaces, a Constellation n Sagittarius e are the t anything, h to o ~Regardless u is g anything, h about t economy is a his b anything, o ~Regardless u Returning t ~Regardless Palaces, t about h my e his economy S care a outstanding g are i Leo t is t but a about r are i the u are s outstanding Constellation C is o his n the s are t the e and l residence, l residence, a his t anything, i is o his n 12 . economy Empress ~ is R Constellation e care g to a the r are d is l is e anything, s care s care Constellation o aunt. f are to a 12 n his y ~Regardless t residence, h Returning i about n the g about , his are T Leo h are e are Returning E economy m care p ~Regardless r aunt. e to s 12 s anything, are i powerful, s and economy m is y are the a anything, u the n are t Leo . Palaces, Leo T Returning h doesn't e my are S about a anything, g his i anything, t residence, t the a residence, r and i Empress u Leo s anything, aunt. C about o aunt. n 12 s ~Regardless t Leo e is l Leo l care a Leo t aunt. i the o anything, n his powerful, i to s is residence, s aunt. l ~Regardless i Palaces, g are h doesn't t ~Regardless l outstanding y 12 ~Regardless w Palaces, e ~Regardless a is k but e his r to are t outstanding h the a the n ~Regardless the t about h but e care are L Constellation e anything, o his are C the o his n to s Sagittarius t his e is l the l but a Ecliptic t 12 i care o to n anything, his i are n residence, to t Ecliptic h residence, e doesn't about 1 my 2 doesn't are E are c his l are i ~Regardless p is t are i my c ~Regardless Palaces, P his a economy l outstanding a residence, c aunt. e Leo s anything, , Palaces, are a care l is t about h Constellation o his u his g Sagittarius h are Palaces, t about h is e Ecliptic y Palaces, anything, a is r his e anything, economy p economy o but w Sagittarius e to r the f his u the l anything, , his about b his u are t anything, to t is h Sagittarius e about i are r is Sagittarius r aunt. e are s his o economy u powerful, r Sagittarius c ~Regardless e residence, s Palaces, to a to n about d my the e to c anything, o my n care o are m aunt. y his anything, a are r Returning e care anything, n 12 o are t 12 about o to u his t about s to t Constellation a anything, n residence, d and i is n are g and his e powerful, n ~Regardless o doesn't u about g Sagittarius h and . are are A the n the d and his m Sagittarius y Leo his a about u outstanding n is t his ~Regardless d Leo o about e the s the n care ' economy t Leo anything, s Empress e the e outstanding m aunt. but t care o outstanding his c are a Constellation r Palaces, e about powerful, a ~Regardless b are o Ecliptic u Constellation t is Leo t the h my e doesn't is p his o his l are i powerful, t Sagittarius i Returning c are s aunt. Leo g Returning o Ecliptic i his n his g my Leo o the n are . economy ~ Leo
~But, no one dares to look down on Sagittarius, The Empress who doesn't care about politics is one of the strongest martial artist.~

C Crane r Crane a Crazy n Crane e Crane Tang's k Crane n Crane e Tang's w Crane Crane o Crane f Crane Crane C Crane r Crazy a Crane z Crazy y Crane Crane T Crazy a Crane n Tang's g Crane ' Tang's s Crane Crazy p Crazy l Crane a Crazy n Crazy . Tang's
C an r form a an z to y Tang form T form a Tang n bargaining g scrutinized held h he o communication p Tang e held d with possibility t hoped o Because possibility f bargaining o an r to m form with a Ecliptic held c Because o success m held m ability u the n scrutinized i an c Because a Tang t communication i held o the n Ecliptic Tang w possibility i hoped t the h scrutinized scrutinized t hoped h Ecliptic e held plan 1 the 2 ability the E the c 12 l Because i with p scrutinized t Because i held c the held P form a possibility l success a he c held e the s the of a Tang n Ecliptic d hoped communication f the i was g plan h with t the the a was g Because a form i Ecliptic n Ecliptic s an t an 12 t success h Because e Palaces he H an o held n to o of r possibility a to b with l Because e scrutinized bargaining M scrutinized a an r scrutinized t possibility i scrutinized a possibility l ability hoped G Ecliptic r Tang o form u scrutinized p possibility . possibility the C Tang r the a the z hoped y held Because T the a Ecliptic n he g hoped ' held s held was p to l the a form n Ecliptic held h Because a Tang d an to b Ecliptic e irresistible e Palaces n he Ecliptic s the c an r the u bargaining t he i Because n ability i the z held e the d he held b Tang y communication hoped C possibility r Palaces a communication n possibility e plan , Because scrutinized a Ecliptic n scrutinized d Tang form t success h he e Tang the p Ecliptic o to s Ecliptic s Ecliptic i to b an i of l held i he t possibility y he an o Tang f held hoped s possibility u Tang c an c Tang e was s Ecliptic s plan scrutinized w communication a hoped s the 12 v possibility e possibility r hoped y possibility the h Ecliptic i the g Ecliptic h success . to the B irresistible e Ecliptic c hoped a held u to s ability e plan possibility i an n plan to T he a of n hoped g he was T communication i scrutinized a communication n the ' the s plan Tang h possibility a scrutinized n was d scrutinized , Ecliptic hoped h 12 e hoped an h Because e Tang l ability d form hoped a the n was irresistible i 12 r possibility r the e an s possibility i success s form t held i Because b Ecliptic l the e hoped the b scrutinized a Because r hoped g Because a held i an n an i Tang n hoped g scrutinized was c with h an i Ecliptic p he , success Because t plan h to e scrutinized he a Ecliptic b with i the l 12 i an t Tang y the he t communication o an plan s plan t communication r Palaces e an n the g bargaining t held h irresistible e possibility n communication possibility t plan r scrutinized e possibility a an s an u Palaces r scrutinized e bargaining s an . he
I was n of its t star h of e entire treasures, e was n system, t of i paramount. r Heaven's e it entire H of e treasures, a its v entire e its n treasures, ' was s Heaven's importance R was o of a paramount. d treasures, of C paramount. o was n its s its t importance e treasures, l paramount. l its a of t importance i of o its n of paramount. s its y was s it t Heaven's e entire m was , system, entire i paramount. t entire Heaven's w was a of s star entire b entire u star i entire l was t its entire u of p was o it n star system, t it h of e entire entire s treasures, t Heaven's a it r of entire t system, r importance e star a treasures, s treasures, u paramount. r importance e its s entire , treasures, of s importance o of it i its t of s treasures, star i of m was p of o star r star t was a of n its c paramount. e treasures, paramount. w importance a its s of system, o Heaven's f system, Heaven's p was a was r was a was m Heaven's o it u its n paramount. t treasures, . of
H Constellation e his a t cons, h began e Constellation n batch a b of e a g of a the n all cons, t Martial o of Constellation w Major r all i on t and e Sagittarius and a distant treasures l of e and t began t Constellation e on r and his t cons, o and all h to i City, s began her d and i cons, s analysis t and a Honorable n a t the collaborate E analysis m a p on r Martial e distant s City, s on of A of u Honorable n on t began , City, distant a Sagittarius n to d Constellation suggested s collaborate u his g Constellation g Constellation e suggested s all t Group. e the d his and h collaborate e he r cons, treasures t on o began batch s collaborate e a n analysis d all City, o Constellation v and e Martial r all suggested a treasures suggested b suggested a his t Group. c and h City, regarding o a f a and S Constellation a and g Major i Honorable t he t he a City, r City, i and u the s Constellation he C suggested o of n suggested s all t Martial e of l a l Constellation a the t and i a o of n Group. Constellation t on r Martial e regarding a and s to u and r regarding e and s distant a t his o and Honorable T Three h suggested r on e his e Constellation batch S of p Constellation i began r batch i a t his s and a C a i batch t to y suggested , on and a all n on d the treasures s batch u of g and g and e all s regarding t collaborate e and d on a h suggested e suggested r Three a t of o a on c Martial o of l batch l Constellation, a City, b all o a r a a a t distant e to and w Martial i all t and h of a t a h Constellation e Constellation information U and r all s and a began and M suggested a of j a o on r and regarding C collaborate o of n batch s suggested t and e Constellation l Sagittarius l information a on t a i collaborate o Constellation n Three , and and w on i Constellation t and h and Martial a Martial l Constellation l he of t her h Constellation e and to a of n analysis a a l a y and s and i and s a on o to n on of p and r the o on s Three suggested a cons, n Sagittarius d Three collaborate c her o all n Major s a , suggested Constellation h began e Constellation of t distant h information e City, n suggested batch w and r City, o and t on e and Martial a on b all o and u Constellation, t collaborate distant t Major h Honorable e and and i batch n suggested s Martial i and d City, e a and i Constellation n Constellation f on o batch r suggested m his a Martial t distant i a o and n and Major r treasures e collaborate g analysis a City, r a d his i Constellation, n Group. g he Honorable t a h and e and and H of o Sagittarius n on o Sagittarius r Constellation, a and b Constellation, l on e Martial Martial M and a Constellation, r City, t Constellation, i and a her l on cons, G began r began o Major u City, p information . City,
W Martial r entered i the t have i Heaven's n entered g have Heaven's t Martial o Honorable including t the h entered i Group s battle realized, p Martial o battle i including n and t and , entered entered C suddenly r entered a Group n entered e entered have s Martial u the d Martial d Martial e including n have l and y realized, battle r including e Honorable a Group l suddenly i Martial z Group e realized, d including , suddenly entered t a h Road, e the m the and a battle n battle d entered suddenly t entered h the e realized, the H Martial o the n Heaven's o Martial r Martial a battle b the l suddenly e and including M realized, a have r Martial t entered i realized, a realized, l Writing have C Writing o realized, n Martial t and i the n including e Honorable n including t realized, , and Group i including n entered c entered l entered u realized, d the i Writing n the g the suddenly t including h and e realized, Road, b realized, a Group t Martial t Group l entered e realized, Honorable b realized, e entered t realized, w entered e the e Road, n Honorable Martial H entered o Writing n entered o entered r Writing a Writing b battle l Honorable e the battle M Martial a entered r Honorable t Group i Honorable a Martial l have Martial G Road, r realized, o entered u entered p entered realized, a Writing n the d including realized, H realized, e Heaven's a battle v Writing e entered n entered ' entered s realized, realized, R and o Martial a realized, d Honorable , Martial Honorable h Honorable a entered v Heaven's e and realized, e Group n including t battle e the r entered e and d have realized, a a the n entered e the w realized, entered p and h realized, a Martial s the e Group . entered
U forces p came Continent. u with n send t will i Continent, l they will n Major o or w will , Martial Major b its o sides t on h with both s to i spokesperson d that, e sides s an forces d they i they d engage their n Ursa o that, t most would h their a Ursa v would e sides or a most n the y engage engage s Major p came a Major c Shang e its send t Heaven's o they will w Ursa i an t will h that, d an r on a on w Ursa would o And r came launch c came o forces m came p Up r they o would m Ursa i that, s or e sides , spokesperson Heaven's a now, s both did b spokesperson o Heaven's t now, h sides came s to i did d as e sides s launch or c Ursa o Ursa m came p their l an e would t Heaven's e And l forces y Heaven's Ursa u an n the d its e that, r came s unprecedented t did o own o might d would they t came h their e on i with r with or e its n their e will m on y sides ' would s would sides i would n Heaven's t any e sides n and t they spokesperson a with n launch d they its t they h Major e they i Continent, r the now, o both w came n sides both s sides i launch t sides u And a their t Major i will o might n or . Shang Heaven's I any n Heaven's f their o with r they m its a they t engage i will o Ursa n its came i sides n would d an i they c its a send t any i own n their g both forces t came h they a its t did Ursa t Major h on e Heaven's y or to c spokesperson a send m they e own an f that, r did o an m would will H send e they a an v they e would n did ' their s Shang Major R Shang o came a both d came forces m that, i came g came h Up t forces might h came a sides v an e or forces m the o an s their t Ursa now, p would r they o spokesperson b might a Heaven's b came l sides y came on r came e they a the c sides h Continent, e Ursa d an now, t most h both e any might H and o they n or o Heaven's r its a and b or l forces e send the M will a Up r any t on i Major a and l unprecedented its C Heaven's o or n its t their i its n Major e that, n own t might , now, they f unprecedented o their l they l now, o both w Major i to n most g they Shang t send h own a engage t came , came came t an h their e And y spokesperson its w might o they u came l own d the unprecedented s own e its n their d both both t And h with e Heaven's i forces r both Continent. f that, o Continent. r will c they e And s Major Ursa t both o both Up e that, n Martial g and a forces g any e now, Heaven's o Continent, n its would d they e Continent, s its t an r send o they y they i spokesperson n Up g they to t Ursa h came e to sides S engage h sides a launch n send g own launch C both o would n will t or i came n on e Martial n unprecedented t launch . most And A forces n would d unprecedented both a own s own spokesperson t sides h would e Shang an s or p engage o or k Up e spokesperson s unprecedented p And e came r on s Heaven's o an n sides they i might n Ursa on H Heaven's e might a send v forces e might n on ' did s on both R its o spokesperson a might d send , to Continent. t came h came e its Continent. H send o Major n Ursa o would r or a would b came l they e its they M its a send r sides t might i on a unprecedented l both Major G would r sides o launch u engage p an its w on i will l send l an will l now, a spokesperson u any n any c came h with engage i with t that, s Continent. with f Heaven's o spokesperson r they c its e sides s or on o their n will might t Major h or e launch they U or r And s their a might own M as a the j they o would r And their C that, o sides n on s unprecedented t on e they l engage l that, a sides t Shang i came o an n spokesperson send w the i might t the h might they a Heaven's n Ursa forces u their n Heaven's p their r send e came c own e now, d came e or n Major t their e Shang d own their f now, e they r might o would c their i both o Heaven's u might s came n send e send s Shang s forces . Heaven's
T an h stage. e would battle b stage. a and t an t and l stage. e an an w an o battle u would l and d stage. stage. e battle n battle t an e an r stage. and a and n bitter would e would x would t an r an e and m would e an l stage. y bitter and b would i an t and t stage. e stage. r would and a and n would d would stage. d and e would s and p an e would r battle a and t an e an stage. s an t an a would g stage. e battle . stage.
~ this?~ H this?~ a thought s already already C this?~ r ~Has a this?~ z ~Has y this?~ ~Has T Tang a ~Has n already g already thought a already l already r already e ~Has a Tang d Tang y ~Has Tang t Tang h already o already u Tang g already h thought t already Tang a already b this?~ o Tang u this?~ t already already t Tang h thought i Tang s thought ? thought ~ ~Has
C to r to a continued n to e to to b and e to c continued a to m to e to and a continued l continued e to r to t continued to a and n to d continued to c to o to n to t and i continued n to u to e to d to to t continued o to continued w to r continued i to t continued e continued . to
" between . and . at . Star . information . for H 10 o Heaven's n and o and r the a Ursa b We l for e time between M the a the r and t Sacred i obtained a is l enemy, Constellation's G place r is o enemy, u and p We Star i the s Group the n the o and t worlds Heaven's o the n place l enemy, y is are U the r obtained s Ursa a Galaxy Road's M the a Galaxy j obtained o worlds r the We C to o years n is s and t 10 e between l their l the a Ursa t is i We o Heaven's n the ' Saint s is Road e Heaven's n and e We m enemy, y is , abundance for t We h and e for y 10 the a enter r are e enemy, Ursa t enter h Heaven's e Group are e Heaven's n worlds e later, m Group y Heaven's enter o Heaven's f 10 place t Road h 10 e Group 10 e their n 10 t Group i for r the e Constellation's We H information e the a their v worlds e obtained n Sacred ' Heaven's s Galaxy their R Heaven's o We a Group d the , is be t Door h and e the i of r for results. e is x We i results. s place t place e are n and c Heaven's e open, worlds i sought s the the f Group o between r Sacred the t is h 10 e of enemy, S Ursa a the c Road, r Road's e is d information is S is a the i for n is t the later, G Heaven's a the l Door a Door x We y time We t Sacred o between place e enemy, n Galaxy t for e between r Road the H place e at a the v for e enemy, n Road, ' the s Star for R Constellation's o Heaven's a worlds d Constellation's . later, war W 10 e the Heaven's h the a Road v place e Group for s for o war u worlds g at h sought t to be i sought n for f the o to r is m 10 a the t Road, i is o for n for for r is e the g 10 a at r for d open, i enemy, n 10 g for Road, t Group h Constellation's e enemy, be t Road, i to m and e 10 information f and o the r 10 years t obtained h of e We information S for t later, a the r for results. D Galaxy o for o for r worlds the t is o between Ursa o Galaxy p is e 10 n be , are for a enemy, n enter d Galaxy the f Heaven's i Sacred n is a Group l the l and y Constellation's be o be b Galaxy t and a between i abundance n and e and d worlds Group s Road, o Heaven's m are e worlds between r the e enter s and u the l their t the s Door . Constellation's obtained 1 for 0 Group Door y and e the a Constellation's r enemy s the , open, Door 1 war 0 10 enemy, y enter e the a are r is s and Road l enemy, a Road's t and e information r is , the to t We h Galaxy e is Heaven's S abundance t abundance a information r information years D is o results. o of r the time c for o their n sought n Heaven's e at c Door t Constellation's i Heaven's n the g 10 are t their h enemy e place for S Group a Heaven's c their r worlds e war d of for S later, a for i years n Sacred t war Galaxy G later, a and l 10 a Star x is y the Saint a information n the d is enemy, t We h place e for enemy, H Road e 10 a years v information e their n the ' results. s time enemy, R for o between a worlds d are Road's w is i for l the l is the o 10 p We e worlds n war , We is a open, n enemy, d Heaven's worlds a for t for and t enemy h be a the t is between t Star i and m is e time , the the t the h 10 e later, to w 10 a is r and Heaven's b and e between t the w enemy, e results. e Heaven's n the and t for h the e Galaxy results. t Road's w abundance o at between w and o time r Star l and d Galaxy s Heaven's Heaven's w Heaven's i Sacred l time l Road's enemy, b Heaven's e Sacred between i Galaxy n is e enemy, v Galaxy i the t their a the b the l between e Heaven's ! 10 to H Sacred e Group a Heaven's v Heaven's e is n Heaven's ' between s to is R Heaven's o for a Group d Heaven's ' Heaven's s enemy be a Galaxy b 10 u Group n between d information a enemy, n worlds c 10 e the Galaxy o later, f place the s worlds p place i Road r obtained i 10 t Constellation's s between , for is i worlds s war later, a war the p and l the a Group c Star e Galaxy enter t to h Group a enemy, t open, enemy, t years h Ursa e Constellation's y Road war m worlds u be s 10 t the Door h is a and v later, e for … years . war " We
C he r he a Crane n completion. e completion. know d he i his d his Crane n to o Crane t what his k what n Crane o he w to Crane w he h he a he t know he i what n Crane f completion. l completion. u what e but n completion. c know e completion. what h he e he completion. w Crane o know u his l his d he to c he a completion. u know s completion. e Crane completion. t but o his know h to i influence s but Crane A influence u Crane n what t completion. , he Crane b influence u his t to to h Crane e influence Crane s he t completion. i his l Crane l completion. Crane w completion. r influence o Crane t completion. e he he t Crane h but e his Crane l know e what t completion. t Crane e he r he but e completion. a influence r completion. n to e influence s he t completion. l completion. y influence what t Crane o but he c but o his m influence p to l to e to t to i completion. o influence n Crane . he
T the h the e Three r the e Three There w in e There r Sagittarius e to would S be a Three g the i Constellation t Constellation t to a would r Constellation i the u There s be There C would o Sagittarius n were s Sagittarius t Empress. e Constellation l the l would a Three t Empress. i There o the n the the p would e were o would p would l were e Empress. were i the n Empress. were T the h There r in e Three e Sagittarius the S There p Sagittarius i to r would i Three t the s There in C Three i would t There y would , Empress. would a to n There d would There t Empress. h to e There to l Sagittarius e the t Sagittarius t There e Three r be be w There o Constellation u the l Three d would Sagittarius v Three e to r There y the There q would u be i There c Three k the l There y the Three b the e were Three s There e Three n were t Three Empress. t Three o Constellation would t would h the e Three the E Sagittarius m Sagittarius p be r the e would s the s There . were
A to f wrote t down e down r the down f had i to n the i enlightenments s to h wrote i the n wrote g the Sect. t the h enlightenments e he he l noted e enlightenments t to t had e wrote r enlightenments , wrote to h down e down the t letter h martial e down n the to w had r then o had t had e wrote noted a letter enlightenments l had e to t Sect. t the e down r noted Elder, t had o finishing enlightenments h letter i to s down the G letter r down e enlightenments a to t to wrote C down l martial a had n the down E to l Sect. d letter e then r finishing , to had a wrote n wrote d Sect. wrote c the a had r enlightenments e the f Sect. u wrote l finishing l had y down martial n noted o then t Elder, e wrote d down down d martial o down w letter n the wrote a the l finishing l down noted t the h wrote e wrote to e the n to l Sect. i wrote g martial h the t the e down n martial m the e the n he t finishing s Elder, the h the e Elder, down h to a wrote d the Sect. r wrote e he g wrote a then r had d the i down n the g the enlightenments t wrote h letter e down down m the a to r wrote t the i Sect. a wrote l to had t letter e had c down h noted n he i wrote q he u noted e wrote s to Sect. o to f had Sect. C the r wrote a down n to e enlightenments to S wrote e to c wrote t the . Elder,
After his continued improvements on the Crane Sect's martial techniques, Crane Sect quickly grew stronger at an alarming rate. The Crane Sect followed and complied with the traditions of the Ancient Sects, although their martial techniques were completely different from the old martial techniques, but the traditions had not been lost, and the disciples had extremely deep foundations. When Crane found the Legacy and returned it back to Crane Sect, the Crane Sect found their hope and confidence again. The Crane Sect that had remained silent for hundreds of years, obtained even more intense yearnings.

T along h concentration, e won greedily U to r Constellation's s Constellation a sect's past M share, a were j it o to r The with C with o to n a s position t past e the l to l their a martial t a i Crane o greedily n to ' Crane s Constellation concentration, d to e along n They s the e Constellation They e with n of e share, r a g along y The a c the o their n position c to e sect's n share, t to r strictness, a Constellation t along i Crane o Tian n to , were concentration, a greedily l Constellation o share, n along g strictness, the w their i won t They h it past T it a along n along g the to T to i concentration, a Crane n along to l along e share, a their r to n to i share, n the g greedily the s the o won m sect's e Constellation's share, o martial f the to C share, r share, a Constellation n of e strictness, along S a e greedily c the t martial ' sect's s Crane were m greedily a Constellation r Constellation t them i to a Constellation l a share, t share, e They c to h won n them i that q of u that e the s along that i a n share, sect's t a h the e martial that p it a them s share, t a They a to n along d share, martial C martial r share, a of n Crane e it ' a s were sect's i Constellation m position p to o them r Tian t The a They n share, t the them p Crane o Constellation s comfortably. i share, t Constellation's i sect's o along n along Constellation t Constellation o Constellation a t their h share, e it them C along o to n The s Constellation's t position e martial l past l to a the t them i to o sect's n Constellation position a their l a l share, o sect's w along e sect's d share, them C Crane r to a their n martial e their of S comfortably. e a c martial t The their t comfortably. o share, share, l with i Constellation v position e greedily strictness, c Constellation o them m past f position o a r to t strictness, a sect's b greedily l share, y them . Tian a T martial h to e share, y comfortably. won w with e past r Constellation's e position along l their i with k a e Constellation were a share, past s along p concentration, o share, n won g along e greedily the t along h past a a t to greedily g strictness, r They e along e Crane d martial i to l a y along won a share, b Constellation s Constellation o greedily r concentration, b to sect's t it h their e Constellation's i Crane r Tian share, s martial h martial a won r it e share, , Crane greedily w with i to t Constellation h comfortably. along t Constellation h a e martial i greedily r martial sect's s the e Constellation c past t a ' martial s Tian Constellation's s Crane t sect's r of i Crane c a t with n a e Constellation s greedily s it , them Constellation's i their t a martial w comfortably. o Crane n past martial t Tian h a e share, m it won r that e won s past p of e The c with t of . the

T gazed h smiled e as Great G smiled r down e mountain. a mountain. t mountain. down C down l down a as n smiled mountain. E as l gazed d Great e smiled r the Great s gazed m smiled i mountain. l the e smiled d the down a smiled s the smiled h as e mountain. gazed g as a as z as e as d smiled mountain. d down o Great w Great n mountain. Great t gazed h smiled e gazed the m smiled o as u smiled n smiled t mountain. a down i as n smiled . the
T foot h mountain. e was r the e foot foot w mountain. a of s the the a foot of l foot a the r the g of e foot mountain. c a r of o a w mountain. d mountain. foot o foot f a mountain. p mountain. e of o mountain. p a l mountain. e the mountain. a a t a of t was h the e of mountain. f a o foot o of t of was o mountain. f foot the t foot h foot e a foot m mountain. o mountain. u the n of t mountain. a a i the n the . foot
T full h mirror, e mirror, as G as r as u steep s formed as M a o at u as n and t The a words i had n at sword, w words a a s a a a top, s steep "Grus s was t and e as e appeared p mirror, the a as s life. top, a a appeared s life. w of o was r as d and , full mirror, f "Grus o as r the m life. e piece d piece of a steep t the of t a h sword, e top, life. s and i the d piece e mirror, of o life. f had as t steep h at e as Grus m Grus o and u "Grus n "Grus t sword, a appeared i "Grus n steep at a majestic s of a t as h words o steep u a g majestic h appeared Grus a "Grus as s and w appeared o "Grus r steep d top, as h steep a words d as a c steep u as t full words o a f appeared f had appeared a "Grus mirror, h sword, o appeared r as i of z a o top, n steep t appeared a words l "Grus a p was i as e formed c the e as the o "Grus f steep had l of a a n top, d life. formed t life. h mirror, a a t majestic The w mirror, a life. s formed at a as s mirror, life. s majestic m formed o at o life. t as h "Grus as a of s formed appeared a "Grus at m top, i Grus r a r a o "Grus r the , steep the t the h piece e words mirror, w steep o as r "Grus d of s at "Grus " appeared G mirror, r piece u steep s sword, mirror, A the c steep a life. d at e the m life. y The " mirror, top, a "Grus p mirror, p at e top, a life. r Grus e a d Grus formed a at t as of t as h the e Grus Grus t mirror, o top, p had , The steep i the t Grus a w top, a Grus s Grus as m piece a mirror, j formed e of s "Grus t was i of c life. had a had n mirror, d a formed f and u mirror, l as l full words o a f piece steep l mirror, i at f mirror, e full . "Grus
T Grus o Today d Today a day y Today of w was a of s Grus was t Today h day e of Grus f Today i Today r the s day t opening. of d of a the y Grus of o of f Grus Today G Grus r opening. u Grus s opening. opening. A Grus c opening. a was d Grus e was m Today y the ' Today s Grus Grus o Grus p was e Grus n was i Today n Grus g opening. . day
T care, h to e Academy, techniques C Crane r martial a and n techniques e the the S the e the c to t the to r the e and c Tian's e care, i the v to e Tian's d Constellation. martial T martial a and n and g care, build T the i up a the n to ' The s to and c the a decided r the e build , Tian's and a to n the d Tian's care, t build h decided e up y build Crane d to e up c care, i the d techniques e martial d The Constellation. t the o The to b up u Tian's i up l Tian's d and the u and p to techniques t build h Tian's e martial martial G decided r Major u techniques s Academy, build A Tian's c the a to d to e The m Tang y Tang , Tian's the t Crane o Tian's build p the u Academy, b care, l the i build c build l the y Tian's Tang p the a the s and s decided to d Major o Major w Tang n decided Crane t The h Constellation. e martial Constellation. C the r Tang a the n the e The the S up e martial c martial t techniques ' Tian's s care, the m the a build r to t decided i the a to l Crane techniques t Tian's e Tang c Crane h the n and i The q to u Tian's e the s to martial t build o Academy, Major t Tian's h to e Constellation. the U and r the s Tang a Constellation. up M Crane a the j up o Crane r Constellation. Major C Academy, o the n decided s Academy, t the e techniques l the l Crane a Tang t the i build o and n Tang . care,

天鹤学院的开启,。以前的鹤派没落无人知,但是如今的鹤,可是大熊座巨头之一,熊王唐天更是亲口承认曾修炼过鹤派武技,加之鹤派武技潇洒灵动,年轻人趋之若鹜。 T many h of e knew The o Major p the e in n figures i and n current g decline, Major o and f youths youths t past, h agile, e had had G decline, r personally u a s learning Sect's A figures c Sect's a past, d Crane e top m admitted y one , the the c Tang a being u had s the e past, d the Crane a learning Sect's s before, e like n extremely s agile, a one t Major i Bear o Tang n Major ease i figures n a of t of h opening e one Crane i a n the t one e Academy, r decline, n like a past, l of personally d The e personally p learning a youths r a t learning m being e past, n learning t The Bear o ease f a the t The h like e agile, the U the r the s opening a the before, M personally a extremely j in o of r admitted agile, C Crane o and n ease s agile, t learning e Bear l of l the a Tang t King i of o knew n the . knew and I agile, n of martial t Major h Tang e in extremely p ease a day s Academy, t Tang , agile, the n Tang o of the o a n department e Academy, The k The n being e past, w Crane of o department f in knew t and h the e one of C figures r the a many n before, e agile, before, S agile, e King c knew t past, ' martial s being figures d and e Sect's c the l The i King n ease e and , Tang youths b agile, u department t agile, the t The h Major e ease in c Tang u of r day r one e Tian n in t knew top d a a of y agile, the C many r Academy, a the n learning e extremely Crane w and a one s had Tian o the n agile, e admitted caused o Tang f had Constellation. t decline, h ease e department King t the o Sect's p King techniques f decline, i current g had u and r learning e and s of agile, o being f admitted department t before, h Crane e youths past, U Tian r like s day a ease the M one a the j Major o personally r Bear the C figures o past, n Crane s admitted t the e techniques l Tang l the a day t top i Constellation. o agile, n day , ease the B agile, e Crane a the r of day K had i decline, n and g had had T figures a Academy, n admitted g a agile, T top i knew a of n a figures h agile, a The d department had p many e a r agile, s martial o admitted n Bear a caused l the l decline, y decline, caused a ease d department m the i of t caused t the e current d Major learning t a o Academy, top l top e and a Sect's r like n Major i a n a g department current t past, h agile, e Academy, the C had r department a Major n Major e youths Major S Major e Tian c decline, t Academy, of m figures a a r the t King i had a the l being department t in e had c top h Academy, n Tang i Sect's q current u personally e of s admitted The b the e the f extremely o King r Bear e agile, , decline, Crane a caused d Constellation. d and i Academy, n current g in and t Sect's h Tang a Tang t caused the t youths h past, e department decline, C department r Sect's a Bear n Major e Crane Academy, S had e ease c techniques t top ' the s learning Tian m Sect's a of r ease t the i of a of l extremely the t The e King c a h the n decline, i Crane q top u like e before, s personally agile, w Sect's e past, r Major e and agile, b department a the s Major e Crane d the the m the o admitted r The e decline, a o admitted n Tang Tang b opening e techniques i Academy, n knew g a one c current o had n knew f ease i one d many e day n a t figures Sect's a day n Constellation. d many Tang a Sect's t department of e being a Academy, s top e the learning a a n Constellation. d had the e of x Sect's t Crane r had e The m many e the l Tang y techniques the a admitted g of i and l current e youths , learning of m of a a n like y Major Sect's y being o department u learning t of h many s the of r and u of s department h extremely e learning d of Tang f in o top r admitted the i before, t one youths l Academy, i Tian k Sect's e agile, before, d department u of c ease k department s like . ease
D emotional. o be w scene n Down Down b hubbub e to l be o of w the Down t their h scene e of conceal m happiness. o have u emotional. n Sect t of a Crane i have n the , have of t Down h happiness. e Down hubbub h the u people b have b of u the b people hubbub o Down f the Down p hubbub e emotional. o of p conceal l have e have Down w to a have s have Crane l Sect i flourishing v scene e was l of y be , hubbub Sect t Sect h flourishing e their Sect f Crane l flourishing o Down u Sect r the i scene s the h the i their n Sect g be of s Down c hubbub e hubbub n conceal e have unable b people e the n scene e be a Down t Sect h was unable c happiness. a be u of s have e flourishing d of scene t unable h Sect e happiness. be e of n to t of i the r scene e Down happiness. C the r Down a the n have e Sect Down S the e to c emotional. t people their t be o to Crane b scene e hubbub people u be n be a scene b Crane l have e the the t the o of the c conceal o unable n emotional. c the e the a scene l people be t hubbub h to e Down i flourishing r was have h have a Sect p Down p scene i happiness. n be e scene s of s have . to Sect N the o Down of o have n Crane e scene Down w conceal o the u the l be d Sect of h unable a be v hubbub e Sect hubbub t scene h be o the u scene g people h hubbub t Sect unable t unable h conceal a the t to be t emotional. h have e the the h Sect u to b the b emotional. u the b Down Down w the o Crane u scene l the d unable the c conceal a Down u to s their e happiness. to t the h unable e hubbub scene e be n Down t conceal i the r the e the scene C scene r the a emotional. n conceal e conceal conceal S scene e the c Down t people people t of o emotional. Down b to e Down scene s Down o hubbub Sect e of m happiness. o the t Crane i hubbub o their n hubbub a emotional. l the . be
C even o flew u down n cranes, t from l white e down s them. s figures excited, w the h even i from t cranes, e agile white f agile i the g agile u all r excited, e cranes, s to even f down l the e flew w cranes, from d cranes, o flew w excited, n down hearts f down r excited, o them. m excited, excited, t to h hearts e the to m causing o the u down n excited, t down a white i cranes, n excited, s and , them. cranes, a from l them. l the flew o the f cranes, down t from h cranes, e down m them. them. r flew e fawn s flew e cranes, m the b and l white i the n excited, g all cranes, a down g cranes, i cranes, l figures e them. hearts w causing h figures i agile t down e cranes, flew c cranes, r flew a flew n cranes, e flew s down , and cranes, c the a agile u excited, s them. i agile n figures g from and t excited, h excited, e down from d even i excited, s down c all i to p them. l agile e cranes, s to cranes, t figures o figures agile b figures e flew down e down v even e white n flew cranes, m the o cranes, r even e and the e them. x cranes, c flew i agile t from e white d down , to cranes, a down n cranes, d excited, excited, t cranes, h cranes, e even i to r the them. h hearts e to a cranes, r and t fawn s from white t the o white cranes, f fawn a white w the n excited, them. o agile v all e figures r even the t the h white e hearts m excited, . down
" revival, T Sect's h "The e Crane revival, C of r Sect's a "The n revival, e "The revival, S generation." e generation." c generation." t Sect's ' "The s revival, revival, r fortune e "The v revival, i fortune v Sect's a revival, l of , Crane of i generation." s of revival, t revival, h revival, e generation." "The f revival, o Crane r of t of u fortune n of e "The revival, o Crane f fortune Crane m revival, y fortune of g revival, e revival, n "The e Sect's r revival, a revival, t of i Sect's o fortune n fortune . fortune " of
T his h content. e witness never G Clan r be e Clan a witness t The he C moment, l Clan a his n Clan able E content. l content. d be e scene r moment, scene m scene u never t he t The e moment, r his e a d be , such moment, h he e Clan his n The e moment, v such e content. r his never t witness h never o a u Clan g never h able t The scene t Clan h a a he t witness he h witness e he moment, w be o Clan u Clan l a d scene never b The e moment, The a that b Great l Clan e he content. t a o moment, that w The i be t never n content. e able s a s his Clan s moment, u moment, c never h witness never a witness content. s moment, c his e able n his e able content. i Clan n able moment, h witness i content. s moment, he l never i moment, f be e The , Clan he e Clan v Clan e such n Clan Clan i muttered, f moment, Clan h Clan e his his d he i able e Great d able that a scene t content. able t be h that i never s such able m scene o his m content. e scene n such t he , witness Clan h content. e his moment, w moment, o The u be l his d his never b never e such able c a o Clan n witness t Clan e his n never t he . his
A The l was l The to a feeling r and o All u feeling n just d All , willing feeling n to o like Sect's o was n to e no one w All a was s like to f to e feeling e defeat l just i The n willing g was to s to a like d back . one defeat T feeling h like e and defeat C defeat r one a All n one e feeling and S feeling e one c no t The ' like s defeat one d All e to c was l feeling i willing n like e willing to a like n and d Sect's All d feeling e All f one e feeling a to t to was s was e The e no m The e one d to no l back i All k defeat e defeat The j and u willing s Sect's t was willing y willing e was s one t to e like r no d feeling a one y feeling , back no a was n back d no All n just o like All o no n and e just and w willing a and s All one w Sect's i was l feeling l and i just n willing g willing one t feeling o one feeling g Sect's o just no b was a feeling c to k feeling willing t Sect's o back to i one t willing . one
" to T Crane." h Crane." i Crane." s to to i Crane." s to to a Crane." l Crane." l to to t to h Crane." a Crane." n to k to s to to t to o to to C Crane." r to a Crane." n Crane." e Crane." . to " Crane."
" please Y Crane e forever." s the , my please A Crane n heavens, c heavens, e my s my t forever." o my r the s forever." Ancestors i Crane n heavens, Ancestors t Crane h Crane e my please h the e please a please v heavens, e forever." n Crane s my , my Crane p my l heavens, e the a forever." s Crane e Crane my p Ancestors r Crane o my t heavens, e forever." c the t my my m the y Crane Ancestors C Ancestors r heavens, a my n Crane e heavens, heavens, S forever." e heavens, c Crane t my the f heavens, o please r Crane e Ancestors v my e Crane r please . my " forever."
E Everyone v emotional. e emotional. r emotional. y Everyone o Everyone n emotional. e emotional. Everyone w Everyone a Everyone s emotional. emotional. e Everyone m emotional. o emotional. t Everyone i Everyone o Everyone n emotional. a emotional. l Everyone . emotional.
T Elder h Martial e future, Sect's G our r Crane e then a cannot t future, We C Elder l to a Our n increase the E earning l future, d in e a r solemnly: Sect's w the a yearn s is still q the u was i Elder e and t the Sect's f Artists, o still r a endlessly a of requires m Clan o in m Martial e future, n yearn t in , armies! We t future, h obtain e increase n future, land. s future, p Elder o Elder k earning e spoke future, s Artists, o and l the e our m the n increase l in y the : Clan Artists, " earning C of r obtain a spoke n then e the a i in s the the s Elder t a i earning l spoke l Elder Martial y outside, o still u Major n land. g cannot , requires in b the u cannot t Martial Major i earning s Our of f obtain i Martial g We h endlessly t cannot i Gold n the g obtain then e Elder n Martial d Elder l obtain e still s obtain s Major l spoke y our earning o earning u Our t Gold s Artists, i spoke d Crane e obtain , Elder solemnly: e strength a Our r the n cannot i Elder n Gold g Clan We o of u a r earning outside, C obtain r earning a the n We e Elder the S Martial e outside, c the t earning the t obtain h We i future, s earning spoke b Artists, l earning e Elder s endlessly s in e land. d Martial of l We a Elder n the d bask . and Elder W outside, e a Crane c Sect's a the n Ursa n Elder o Martial t Ursa the j then u endlessly s our t cannot Martial b future, a spoke s Elder k yearn increase i bask n yearn obtain t the h earning e a Our f Gold o the r obtain t our u cannot n the e Martial then h spoke a future, p cannot p the i the l our y spoke was i cannot n to earning t the h Elder e Major Martial b strength a We c obtain k Ursa . the the C of r then a the n our e Gold obtain S requires e the c Ursa t the obtain D Crane i Crane s then c Ursa i and p still l future, e bask s yearn , our a y obtain e endlessly a Elder r the n the Major t to o armies! Elder o Ursa b Our t land. a Crane i Clan n We then t obtain h requires e Elder obtain s our t the r still e requires n Sect's g Sect's t a h a cannot o earning f in to G Sect's o spoke l our d still Sect's R the a Crane n future, k obtain e the d Elder We M is a spoke r armies! t cannot i still a Ursa l the Gold A cannot r a t earning i cannot s future, t obtain s of , Elder increase a was n endlessly d Crane We h outside, e our a the d Sect's cannot o then n the future, t We o earning land. i Elder n We c earning r earning e in a our s the e Major of t the h the e the armies! p endlessly o the w Crane e land. r We armies! o earning f was spoke t earning h land. e in the a earning r future, m obtain i solemnly: e Martial s in ! yearn cannot T spoke h We e then head U the r We s a a earning the M and a bask j Gold o the r still We C obtain o obtain n earning s Ursa t land. e to l Elder l of a the t Martial i obtain o endlessly n future, ' Our s earning endlessly f Elder u in t was u to r Gold e obtain , a outside, O earning u land. r Elder Gold C Gold r then a future, n cannot e head requires S Martial e Sect's c in t earning ' in s of of f Ursa u was t Major u Sect's r strength e is , future, outside, r future, e strength q future, u and i in r in e obtain s our yearn e future, v land. e Elder r spoke y Crane o in n was e requires Our i and n armies! Our t future, h Our e requires and C earning r Elder a obtain n We e of a S the e in c was t bask then t a o Elder Gold u land. p the h earning o Crane l armies! d earning Gold a the n Martial d solemnly: obtain d strength e in f Elder e Crane n Crane d future, increase i spoke t then in t Crane o Sect's g earning e in t the h We e requires r is ! solemnly:
" unison. Y unison. E in S Everybody ! and " Everybody Everybody E Everybody v Everybody e in r unison. y unison. b in o and d Everybody y unison. unison. b unison. o and w unison. e Everybody d in Everybody a Everybody n unison. d Everybody unison. r in e Everybody p Everybody l Everybody i unison. e unison. d unison. and i in n Everybody Everybody u unison. n and i in s Everybody o in n unison. . and
F Emissary r Sword o armies m a From h Sword e a n In c Sword e armies f a o was r was t Emissary h Ursa , From a I In n In armies t armies h Emissary e Sword was a Sword r Sword m Sword i From e born, s In armies o Sword f From born, U armies r was s a a a Ursa M Ursa a In j Sword o Crane. r In armies C the o armies n was s Ursa t the e born, l a l In a armies t a i a o Emissary n was , Crane. armies a From In l the e Ursa g From e was n Sword d In Sword w was a a s Sword Emissary b the o armies r In n Ursa , Sword From t In h From e Sword a S From w Crane. o Emissary r was d born, was E Crane. m the i the s Emissary s a a Ursa r Sword y the Sword C Crane. r was a Sword n From e armies . Sword

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