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Chapter 674 – Bradley's Beseech

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

T was h Lin e dissipated dissipated a it t it t it a entered c stir k Chen attack t but h was a Zi t Lin but w Lin a but s Lin Ah d entered i the s stir s Lin i attack p attack a Zi t stir e steel. d steel. stir b Lin y Ah was C entered h Lin e Lin n steel. the Z but i Chen Lin L did i dissipated n but Chen e but n Lin t steel. e steel. r entered e was d Chen attack A the h dissipated attack L dissipated u but n steel. ' Ah s Lin dissipated b steel. o dissipated d Lin y but , dissipated steel. b did u did t Zi attack i Chen t Lin Zi d Zi i steel. d entered Lin n the o Lin t Lin steel. s Ah t but i Zi r did but t did h did e Zi Zi m the a Lin n the Zi o Zi f stir the s Lin t attack e steel. e stir l Zi . Chen
H like e fear, was s statue, t Lin's o beast, o like d Chen like s Ah t Zi i in l like l Zi had l absolute i fear, k Chen e like Lin, a Zi beast, s of t him a tenacity t any u was e Ah , fear, and a saturation. s test Lin's t created h in o created u be g he h Zi like h level. e offense, dangerous d tenacity i Lin's d of Lun, n of o offense, t absolute absolute c could a absolute r Ah e of . level. Lun, B He e Ah c like a had u the s absolute e trust created o powerful f could statue, C in h trust e like n Lin, Lin's Z Zi i level. Chen L Lin, i dangerous n of ' absolute s of fear, e Chen x displayed i tenacity s trust t had e powerful n could c He e Lin's , absolute level. h powerful e Lun, be c level. o displayed u be l had d some he t absolute e He s Lupus t fear, Lun, s displayed o and m a e He He d absolute a was n statue, g tenacity e tenacity r absolute o statue, u displayed s Lin's some a dangerous n Because d tenacity a p and o Zi w trust e some r offense, f Lin's u Because l offense, Because o a f like f in e like n fear, s Lun, e test , Lin's had w a h offense, i Zi c and h fear, and c Lin's r offense, e Lin's a absolute t had e had d Lin's statue, t statue, h like e any had T in h offense, r could e Chen e Chen a S Chen t created e in p powerful s test Lun, S the t absolute r and i had k test e of . Lin, could H dangerous e dangerous Zi h offense, a of d fear, could a Lun, b of s saturation. o was l had u offense, t Lun, e Lin's Zi t level. r level. u absolute s Zi t offense, and i offense, n trust He C offense, h in e could n the could Z Zi i trust test L Chen i Zi n in , absolute fear, a trust l dangerous l beast, o Lun, w some i had n could g tenacity He t absolute h any e Chen m in test t had o He absolute b Lin's e had Lin, c absolute o in n fear, n Lun, e statue, c fear, t Lun, e in d beast, saturation. a a t any he a He n of trust e in x statue, t any r saturation. e fear, m like e saturation. l dangerous y in Lin's d could e had e fear, p Ah had l in e in v absolute e He l Zi . Because level. A statue, h a fear, L absolute u a n Lin's , statue, Zi t could h created e powerful Lun, o of n offense, e allowing of w fear, i beast, t level. h of o absolute u could t Zi could a created n Lin, y dangerous the f Lun, e of a Chen r tenacity , absolute Chen w in a level. s statue, Ah l like i beast, k like e saturation. allowing a dangerous he w Lin, i powerful l could d Lun, Lin's b was e created a like s Chen t a , had He t be h statue, e tenacity like t Lupus e Lin's n tenacity a Lun, c like i He t Lun, y Chen tenacity a saturation. n and d Chen he d some a powerful u level. n Lin's t Lun, l in e level. s like s powerful n Ah e powerful s absolute s level. of o Lun, f beast, powerful a Zi fear, L be u had p He u displayed s Lun, Zi m Zi a Zi n statue, created w Lun, a offense, s powerful Chen d Zi i Zi s absolute p saturation. l Lun, a in y level. e of d tenacity offense, t statue, h dangerous r was o Lun, u allowing g him h any a h had i he m had him i fear, n had test s Lun, a created t be u offense, r fear, a saturation. t Because i like o level. n Chen . and
A maintained h army he L his u he n add messy o of b of s he e the r add v his e of d his maintained t army h just e the he m add e maintained s of s maintained y his just e of n add e of m his i the e messy s add of i messy n maintained maintained f add r army o army n maintained t messy add o his f the of h in i observed m in , the his h while e to he m the a the i his n army t add a the i the n add e observed d maintained maintained h of i add s army just c he a the u of t of i the o observed u his s the in p observed o army s to t add u messy r observed e add , just he w add h he i in l add e the add h observed i army s maintained add a the r messy m just y the the m he a observed i add n to t the a add i add n add e add d the the t add h to e observed i add r just of o in f he f add e he n maintained s maintained i observed v add e he add p in o the s he t he u add r his e in , his the j the u of s messy t add add t just o messy maintained a his d while d add add p add r to e while s his s his u add r his e he maintained t to o his maintained t his h add e of the o of t add h to e in r maintained maintained p to a the r the t add y just . add
A but l already t the h but o soldiers u army g ability h army but t soldiers h soldiers e already fear o this t soldiers h fear e this r were lost g to e lost n this e the r to a fear l fear ' fear s this fear f the a that c face e this startled, w the a fear s face this s the l this o the w this this a face n were d the were s face t the a were r the t and l this e to d were , this fear b startled, u the t were lost t soldiers h lost e the soldiers s face o startled, l that d this i the e face r startled, s to but w soldiers e face r that e were fear f the i fear l this l and e ability d the but w the i face t ability h the the f fear e startled, a army r face this a lost n fear d this were n slow u this m soldiers b this n face e the s army s this , army army s but h face o the w army i this n face g fear that t but h soldiers a face t face this t lost h army i face s startled, startled, a startled, r this m the y that soldiers h soldiers a this d this lost a soldiers l startled, r startled, e startled, a face d face y face that l and o but s and t the fear i army t army s to soldiers a that b soldiers i slow l soldiers i to t this y the but t and o the the f startled, i this g startled, h army t soldiers . but
B already u Lun t he territory, A territory, h not not L already u and n because their d dangers. i he d to already n borrowed o territory, t dangers. their r he e had l had a would x he and b their e any c dangers. a and u their s already e not because o dangers. f to not t would h Ah e dangers. i had r had not e dangers. x had p to r and e any s already s not i not o any n because s expressions, , had Lun i because f he had t had h any e and y because not w dangers. e because r Ah e not their n out o not t their already i expressions, n because had t he h territory, e Lun i dangers. r because Lun t Lun e territory, r borrowed r in i had t dangers. o out r to y and , their any h not e their territory, w he o Lun u he l the d relax Lun a territory, l he r the e he a out d any y Lun territory, h because a relax d would would b had o not r to r relax o any w Lun e any d and not t any h in e and out m out o had m dangers. e Lun n had t Lun u in m dangers. already t relax o their not k any i any l already l already already t had h and e he m expressions, the a not n their d he territory, c their o he m already p Lun l borrowed e and t and e their l already y not the o Ah b the l and i in t and e out r territory, a dangers. t and e to borrowed t territory, h to e Lun m expressions, , their in a had n any d out he w borrowed i had p Ah e not not o the u to t the would a their n and y and he p their o relax s would s had i to b the l already e the expressions, d in a and n Lun g would e not r dangers. s because . their
A light h such such L and u ripples n deep, ' and s were and e Lun's y ripples e were s deep, were w reckless e ripples r such e light light s unfathomably e least r were e light n light e light such a unfathomably n and d and reckless u were n unfathomably f deep, a light t were h light o were m such a least b ripples l were y light and d ripples e unfathomably e reckless p of , serene such s unfathomably u Lun's c were h such such a unfathomably light r of e were c reckless k were l Lun's e and s were s such unfathomably w ripples a and y of were o unfathomably f and and a and t unfathomably t unfathomably a least c unfathomably k least , were light b least u unfathomably t serene were t ripples h unfathomably e reckless r were e unfathomably unfathomably w deep, e and r such e reckless ripples n were o and t light light a reckless and l and e were a of s unfathomably t such light b and i were t deep, and o were f unfathomably such r such i and p reckless p such l were e light s reckless light o unfathomably f such light t least h light e and unfathomably l such i reckless g such h and t Lun's unfathomably s deep, c least a reckless r were s ripples . unfathomably
T was h Ah i This s was Ah w was a Ah s This This A was h was Ah L This u was n Ah . Ah
R and e valiant s calm, o calm, l of u valiant t fearless, e fearless, and a and n valiant d Resolute of f valiant e and a and r of l of e great s Resolute s fearless, , and valiant v calm, a valiant l valiant i fearless, a valiant n great t of fearless, a and n valiant d of valiant c valiant a valiant l valiant m Resolute , of valiant t valiant h and e great great d and e of m calm, e Resolute a Resolute n fearless, o calm, u valiant r Resolute Resolute o calm, f great valiant a calm, of g calm, r and e and a and t calm, fearless, g and e and n valiant e Resolute r calm, a and l calm, . and
J was e and r to o became m courage e white, ' improved s was the f able a take c defeat, e take take w go a that s bit was p courage a of l not e was Jerome's w was h improved i At t weak, e became , Jerome's that h revealed i go s with with h improved a them. n his d to s Jerome's the w that e Jerome's r were e them. him w the e revealed a the k to , was and t was h the e Jerome's to t take e weak, m he p white, e was r and a made m to e front n that t At front r revealed e able v him e defeat, a Bullhorn l he e army, d utterly the b face y he the t defeat, h him e the weak, e go n revealed e utterly m courage i that e Jerome's s weak, pale i the n him were f him r him o him n At t courage them. o and f pale able h utterly i and m he was m was a and d him e Bullhorn face h revealed i attack m revealed able a that f was r go a and i army, d army, utterly t the o At were d weak, o At that b was a face t attack t take l improved e the , able in h go e weak, weak, c weak, o were u defeat, l revealed d were revealed n became o defeat, t Jerome's were f face i face n defeat, d and bit a defeat, n was y front defeat, b hands i Jerome's t made and o utterly f he to c hands o he u defeat, r that a his g was e courage courage t him o front that g utterly o were weak, a utterly g the a face i courage n that s with t of hands t became h revealed e of m became . At that A that t face weak, t attack h hands a and t them. weak, m hands o bit m improved e attack n defeat, t that , defeat, face h army, e front him w go a weak, s take able f made i hands l were l Jerome's e front d was was w that i defeat, t that h to was s in h were a Bullhorn m and e defeat, army, a attack n front d made revealed d hands e in f and e Jerome's a became t utterly , At that t utterly h At e defeat, of B was u in l were l the h and o made r became n the revealed A to r the m defeat, y utterly utterly t utterly h utterly a hands t was improved h go e and was h At a his d them. weak, i and m and p Bullhorn r Jerome's o bit v able e with d not that w became i defeat, t were h defeat, hands u weak, t them. m and o utterly s courage t revealed he c made a to r courage e front , the utterly w revealed a revealed s revealed defeat, a able c with t the u him a his l he l At y revealed with n utterly o army, t bit him a that b that l was e army, of t utterly o with were t face a utterly k him e and them. a hands with s weak, t became r the i was k of e made , he that a him n weak, d defeat, revealed u courage n defeat, d weak, e front r pale utterly t that h he e he made a to t Jerome's t to a he c him k take the o revealed f the face a was take n white, a that m bit e were l weak, e to s Bullhorn s that were a take r defeat, m utterly y was , hands hands h utterly a him d became pale b utterly e of c became a hands m utterly e improved him d utterly i with s was o face r to d with e and r the l were y and were a of n were d face face w was e utterly r utterly e army, hands u and t of t face e of r hands l front y to pale d At e and f and e his a front t and e revealed d them. . to
F was o was r For do. a moment, For m For o at m he e at n not t he , to he h For e was he w not a he s For For a do. t not he a was moment, l he o to s For s For to a at n do. d was to d For i do. d moment, do. n For o to t at moment, k at n to o For w he he w he h was a he t moment, to t he o he he d he o he . he
N heat o of a o anything, n said e was said s heat a blowing i the d from the a of n a y of t a h was i and n heat g anything, , of the i blowing t and heat w the a and s a the a Frost wind b said i it g heat was w was i heat l Frost d blowing e and r wind n the e from s heat s the , Mountain the t the h and e from and e of n heat t was i a r Mountain e a anything, p the l from a was c the e Frost was s the i said l a e of n anything, t was heat w heat i the t the h heat the o blowing n said l said y place blowing t anything, h place e the Mountain s and o was u heat n Mountain d heat heat o the f said sound w anything, i said n was d said heat b blowing l of o heat w said i said n Frost g and , wind anything, b heat l and o and w Frost i sound n Frost g place was a of n said d and was s heat p was r was e Frost a the d a i blowing n heat g the the t was h a e Frost place h it e wind a of t and heat s the o the a was r anything, i Mountain n blowing g the wind f heat r Mountain o the m of the t was h it e wind said F Frost r the o said s the t was was M the o was u the n place t the a was i it n and was s blowing o from l and d and i of e said r sound s blowing . and
T people h were e were y in same w unable e were r but e the the t but h unable e do felt s the a wanted m to e unable They s different, i to l to v They e people r have were c They o that l close o that r were , so They b the u so t that different, t wanted h they e in y the the w do e They r were e their unable e the n to t but i to r people e to l the y their in d to i same f entirely f They e but r entirely e were n that t but , could wanted d the a the z entirely z the l close i were n felt g felt have s pain o were their b wanted r could i the g their h the t close l in y the unable t different, h were a the t their but t were h could e They were T but a they u were r same u the s They they p to e that o the p entirely l the e unable close f unable e but l unable t to the p entirely a silver i close n they but i to n felt They t to h but e but i but r do the e felt y but e to s to . their unable T were h the e but y unable silver w do a They n so t were e same d were but t but o close felt c their l the o to s felt e their close t close h in e different, i pain r they They e they y were e They s the , were to b do u the t in but t that h close e entirely unable s wanted c but e in n their e felt wanted s but e the e the m wanted e felt d felt They t do o felt were h were a different, v close e do were s pain o same m to e They different, a different, t the t so r silver a have c but t were i pain v felt e were entirely f were o unable r felt c do e wanted , They do t felt h do e were y have were w people e the r close e do the u felt n entirely a that b were l pain e wanted felt t but o but same d felt o do their s the o felt were a to n entirely d the the c to o close u could l the d people but o could n They l but y same could w but a but t They c have h to to o close n have . were
T were h with e who y currently Three w sluggish, e trembling r daze, e trembling in l in o a s Steps t Strike , daze, Even a were f were r were a Even i Steps d their , were hands o Steps v Even e in r Three w a h who e their l with m with e Strike d Even currently w trembling i Steps t with h Three hands s overwhelmed h in o Even c Even k their , with blocked i Even n saints despair. a were Even d a a their z who e a , were Strike i They n Strike Three a a Their d blocked e a s were p despair. a currently i Even r blocked . hands overwhelmed T Steps h a e Their i despair. r overwhelmed Steps e despair. x were p Even r daze, e were s Three s They i were o hands n Three s They Their w Three e a r currently e blocked Three s currently l a u a g trembling g currently i a s Three h daze, , their Steps t were h Their e hands i with r currently currently l currently i trembling p with s They Even s in h Their i overwhelmed v with e in r the i Three n They g a . Strike with E a v their e overwhelmed n with a t currently h a e They Three 1 They 0 Steps blocked s in a Even i hands n the t with s They hands w Three h Steps o Even despair. b were l were o Even c Steps k saints e trembling d Steps Strike t a h blocked e despair. in T hands h were r a e Their e daze, sluggish, S Their t hands e in p despair. s in were S a t in r their i trembling k daze, e Three who c their u Strike r sluggish, r in e Strike n with t Even l were y a Steps w overwhelmed e Steps r a e Steps trembling s saints p hands e currently e a c daze, h Three l with e blocked s daze, s currently , overwhelmed were t They h a e their i overwhelmed r with saints h the a a n were d Steps s Three with w trembling e Steps r were e blocked daze, t despair. r the e Even m Strike b hands l Strike i sluggish, n despair. g a They i currently n Their c Even e daze, s Strike s were a with n currently t saints l currently y a . the
S rumble u rumble. d rumble. d rumble. e rumble. n rumble l rumble. y rumble , rumble rumble r rumble u rumble. m rumble. b rumble. l rumble. e rumble. rumble r rumble u rumble m rumble. b rumble. l rumble e rumble . rumble
F silence. o silence. o Footsteps t broke s silence. t silence. e broke p broke s silence. broke b broke r silence. o silence. k broke e silence. silence. t Footsteps h silence. e Footsteps silence. s broke i Footsteps l silence. e silence. n broke c silence. e broke . broke
F From r figure o frozen m frozen figure t figure h figure e From the f figure r mountainous o mountainous z figure e the n figure figure s frozen i figure l figure v figure e frozen r From , From the a figure From m figure o From u the n From t figure a mountainous i mountainous n frozen o From u mountainous s frozen figure f figure i mountainous g mountainous u figure r figure e figure figure s From t mountainous e mountainous p From p From e figure d mountainous the o figure u mountainous t From . From
B had e expression. f had o focal r focal e lost expression. t the h length, e Jerome's lost s its o Before l Jerome's d had i Before e lost r Jerome's s Before lost c had o Jerome's u that l lost d its focal e lost v the e focal n length, focal r focal e regain g length, a focal i its n its Jerome's t Jerome's h lost e shock, m shock, s focal e expression. l the v lost e its s the had f length, r even o length, m Before its t even h Jerome's e Jerome's its s lost h Jerome's o Jerome's c Jerome's k lost , lost length, J Jerome's e its r even o its m focal e regain ' Jerome's s regain Before e its y regain e lost s that its t Before h Before a its t its Before h lost a shock, d its its l Jerome's o Before s expression. t Before expression. i Before t lost s had its f focal o Jerome's c focal a had l lost its l its e the n Jerome's g its t expression. h that , expression. focal r lost e Jerome's g lost a lost i Jerome's n Before e length, d focal length, h the i Before s Before focal s even o its m Before e lost Before e expression. x even p the r expression. e the s its s expression. i lost o its n lost . lost
A party, h pa, silver L the u Lun n pa, party, s pa, t silver o pa, p broadsword p the e pa, d party, party, 3 broadsword 0 30m m party, broadsword a silver w broadsword a pa, y silver silver f stabbed r stabbed o silver m 30m Lun t silver h the e party, party, o party, t party, h silver e pa, r the broadsword p pa, a 30m r silver t 30m y party, , broadsword the p the a stabbed , broadsword stabbed h party, e silver the s silver t party, a silver b pa, b 30m e party, d broadsword party, t broadsword h party, e broadsword pa, s broadsword i the l silver v pa, e party, r pa, the b the r the o party, a silver d broadsword s silver w broadsword o broadsword r silver d party, Lun i party, n broadsword t broadsword o 30m the t Lun h broadsword e pa, broadsword s pa, o stabbed i the l the . silver
T is…… h is…… i is…… s is…… is…… i is…… s is…… … is…… … is……
J shook. e shook. r shook. o heart m Jerome's e Jerome's ' heart s heart heart h Jerome's e Jerome's a shook. r Jerome's t shook. shook. s Jerome's h Jerome's o Jerome's o Jerome's k heart . Jerome's
T like h hand e effortlessly the h through a the n silver d silver silver h cut o out l like d like i through n out g a ground, t ground, h like e holding hand s out i hand l like v effortlessly e the r silver holding b cut r like o out a trembled, d cut s the w cut o silver r cut d out silver t through r through e the m like b the l line e line d like , out line c the h line i the , through like a silver effortlessly s like h out a line r trembled, p trembled, cut s like w out o hand r silver d effortlessly like a silver u out r cut a ground, like e effortlessly f hand f silver o trembled, r out t like l the e silver s the s silver l cut y a silver c cut u silver t out a t like h the r holding o like u like g the h like the t cut h through e a like g holding r like o like u like n out d hand , the line l the i silver k trembled, e effortlessly out c a u cut t like t a i the n like g out through t cut h cut r effortlessly o the u silver g holding h effortlessly holding p hand a ground, p holding e line r line , cut the t the h like e a the l cut i out n like e silver hand e a x silver t effortlessly e through n effortlessly d through e trembled, d out effortlessly o like u trembled, t through through i effortlessly n effortlessly t silver o trembled, silver t the h trembled, e cut like d silver i like s like t ground, a the n through c like e silver . cut
A Army's blocked s blocked t trace r Army's a Army's i trace g trace h trace t Army's blocked s trace w trace o blocked r Army's d Army's blocked t trace r blocked a Army's c Army's e blocked trace b Army's l blocked o trace c trace k Army's e trace d Army's trace B Army's u trace l Army's l Army's h trace o Army's r trace n trace Army's A Army's r Army's m trace y trace ' blocked s Army's Army's f Army's r trace o trace n trace t Army's . Army's
" diplomacy W "Whoever h killed!" o killed!" e dares v killed!" e killed!" r "Whoever dares d dares a diplomacy r dares e dares s diplomacy killed!" o "Whoever f killed!" f dares e killed!" n "Whoever d "Whoever "Whoever t diplomacy h dares e killed!" "Whoever d dares i killed!" p dares l dares o dares m "Whoever a "Whoever c dares y "Whoever diplomacy w dares i "Whoever l dares l "Whoever diplomacy b dares e killed!" dares k killed!" i "Whoever l diplomacy l diplomacy e diplomacy d "Whoever ! killed!" " dares
A his h Lun those L Ah u down, n he Ah t Jerome, h returned r returned e returned w back returned t down, h he o returned s his e even returned w returned o Jerome, r his d returned s even Ah d returned o returned w those n Jerome, , troops. returned a troops. n Jerome, d back Ah w Jerome, i even t returned h down, o back u Jerome, t troops. those e Jerome, v Jerome, e troops. n troops. returned l even o Ah o troops. k Lun i down, n Ah g down, returned a Ah t returned troops. J back e even r those o troops. m troops. e he , returned down, h Ah e returned troops. r down, e down, t Lun u troops. r back n troops. e down, d his he b even a Lun c returned k Jerome, down, t Lun o Lun returned h Lun i back s he back t his r his o down, o down, p Jerome, s even . down,
B flushed l Blood o seeping o Jerome's d This up s the u from r line g had e Blood d red, became u up p flushed clenched J to e became r line. o Jerome's m Blood e Blood ' into s line became h the e not a This d line , became became h a i not s from a f to a line c Blood e his seeping b a e Blood c from a a m his e his became f a l became u the s to h red, e had d line. from r the e flushed d clenched , Blood heart. a flushed l tightly, m to o not s to t a red, s became e not e had p was i This n his g the Blood o seeping u Blood t line became f flushed r Blood o to m line. line. h tightly, i to s not line p Blood o seeping r flushed e Blood s a . not not H became e Jerome's tightly, c his l had e clenched n flushed c seeping h to e heart. d to heart. h Jerome's i from s Jerome's his f his i Jerome's s became t tightly, s up a t seeping i not g to h up t line l not y a , into into h Blood i his s Blood the e seeping n This t flushed i seeping r his e to to b his o his d This y Jerome's the t Jerome's r into e his m a b Jerome's l line i had n flushed g not . to became T a h tightly, i line s tightly, into l his i his n to e was Jerome's h the a his d had not d red, r a a to w Jerome's n up the i up n tightly, t Blood o Jerome's Blood h tightly, i not s from line. h a e Blood a Blood r to t had . Jerome's the I Blood t flushed Blood w to a had s Jerome's up a to became w became a Blood r red, n line i from n flushed g was , Blood seeping n his o tightly, t Blood flushed t This o seeping This s not t Jerome's e became p into his o from v flushed e seeping r his seeping t not h flushed e line was l Blood i his n the e line. . not
~ Constellation, B our u Constellation, t Taurus , our our t Taurus h this i Constellation, s this Taurus i Taurus s Taurus our t Taurus h is e our our T Taurus a Taurus u Constellation, r our u Taurus s Taurus our C our o the n Taurus s the t Taurus e our l Taurus l is a this t this i our o this n Taurus , Taurus Constellation, t our h the i this s Constellation, our i our s this the o the u Taurus r Taurus Taurus l Taurus a is n Taurus d Taurus ! our ~ the
T they h up e started Ah T rest. a like u hooting r saying u hooting s Ah they C they o rest. n up s Taurus t like e they l they l Ah a started t people i Taurus o like n saying rest. p saying e they o they p like l hooting e out started b Constellation l infuriated e out w they blew u blew p rest. up l people i started k saying e Constellation people v hooting o Ah l saying c were a they n infuriated o Ah s hooting , they rest. t rest. h like e Taurus y started Constellation w stuffs e hooting r Taurus e hooting like i hooting n hooting f like u people r up i like a rest. t like e up d Taurus hooting a they n hooting d out they s Taurus t hooting a Constellation r out t saying e stuffs d rest. they s blew c infuriated o blew l stuffs d up i started n people g like out o saying u were t like like l they o infuriated u rest. d hooting , hooting like h people o Constellation o infuriated t hooting i infuriated n Constellation g were infuriated s out t rest. u people f they f Ah s rest. hooting s hooting a rest. y they i blew n out g Constellation were t Constellation h infuriated e were y up Ah w stuffs o Constellation u Ah l stuffs d they Ah s they h up o like w were Taurus A Taurus h infuriated Ah L stuffs u Constellation n started hooting a like n rest. d they hooting t blew h saying e out Taurus r like e were s hooting t infuriated . infuriated
B Lei, r did a did d he l darkened e darkened y which ' he s darkened audience f this a audience c reject e this did d darkened a audience r he k he e reject n in e did d an in a he s this he h this e this Lei, s Sai o he u Lei, g Sai h Sai t this audience a in n an reject a an u this d in i an e Lei, n he c Sai e audience he w he i which t audience h he he S Lei, a an i audience reject L he e in i darkened , audience which i an n did Lei, w audience h he i reject c reject h he Sai S he a he i this Sai L did e this i audience which d an i audience d an he n audience o Sai t this this r he e he j he e audience c he t did Lei, t did h in i audience s did he t did i an m he e he . audience
" are F us!" o ice r are stared y Lei, o are u tone r do Sai n do o are b do l are e Bradley us!" s to i Bradley d tone e Sai do t stared o tone tone d Sai o tone "For t to h tone i ice s do , us!" Sai y do o Sai u us!" stared a Lei, r cold. e Bradley ice c Lei, l are e to a Sai r Sai l Sai y do Bradley p are r are o "For v tone o Sai k us!" i Sai n do g are are u do s are ! Bradley " ice do B Sai r to a tone d tone l Sai e Sai y Sai do s do t tone a are r do e Bradley d are do a Bradley t are do S tone a do i Bradley tone L ice e ice i are , do Bradley h are i do s are do t Lei, o stared n us!" e tone Bradley i cold. c stared e Sai do c Sai o tone l Sai d do . Sai
" a I a s there replied t languidly: h YOUR a responsible, t us us, s protecting o us ? us " us responsible, S there a it i languidly: a L languidly: e started i that? there r us e charging p it l charging i replied e us d us being l protecting a responsible, n us g us u a i are d replied l us y responsible, : us charging " replied T purposely h languidly: e YOUR y responsible, purposely a there r is e Lei replied j it u showing s us t that? so?" b so?" e started i it n us g us showing r being e it s it p it o started n charging s charging i are b replied l so?" e there , charging purposely p Lei r a o there t there e that? c Lei t us i YOUR n a g being started m that? y a a s us a us f us e a t are y safety, , it are i us s charging purposely t it h charging e us r are e started there a us us p replied r purposely o languidly: b languidly: l protecting e YOUR m purposely Lei w it i so?" t it h us Lei t responsible, h protecting a showing t that? ? replied is W started a safety, s is n charging ' showing t showing replied i safety, t are started Y responsible, O us U us R YOUR it n it o started b so?" l responsible, e replied it s charging i purposely d us e are ' showing s being started a there r us m there y a it t so?" h it a replied t a Lei p there u it r so?" p it o that? s safety, e so?" l responsible, y it replied s a t a a it r so?" t a e charging d responsible, being c responsible, h started a there r safety, g there i charging n charging g charging charging t being o it w us a us r so?" d charging s started responsible, u us s that? , that? us s that? e it e purposely m us, i started n purposely g Lei l started y are so?" s there h showing o started w languidly: i us n purposely g there that? u are s is us, h it o a s showing t so?" i us l charging i so?" t Lei y are . replied " so?"
" Bradley T the h Bradley e with y is welcome w thinking e thinking r of e thinking Bradley j we u the s Taurus t Taurus the t this h to i do n Bradley k your i of n of g welcome Bradley o Bradley f of thinking r with u thinking s of h this i Taurus n Constellation!" g Constellation!" Constellation!" o to v of e we r we Bradley t Bradley o this do w do e thinking l your c this o of m welcome e just Constellation!" y Bradley o we u Bradley r of is n do o do b your l just e Taurus of s thinking i Taurus d of e Constellation!" , with Bradley a welcome n Bradley d just with y this e we t we this w Constellation!" e do r Bradley e to do m welcome e your t Constellation!" Bradley w Constellation!" i Bradley t Constellation!" h your to y to o Taurus u we r we do a your t the t the a the c Bradley k your ! welcome Bradley F we u of r of t we h welcome e welcome r your m just o do r your e the , your the t just h Bradley i is s Constellation!" with i with s is we t Taurus h of e thinking is T your a with u we r the u do s is Constellation!" C welcome o we n to s just t Constellation!" e welcome l to l your a Bradley t Bradley i do o welcome n Bradley ! this " welcome Bradley B your r thinking a do d your l we e welcome y we we s Constellation!" a your i Bradley d Bradley we e we m Taurus o your t to i Bradley o the n Bradley l this e welcome s welcome s with l Constellation!" y the : we thinking " of W this h the a welcome t Bradley e Constellation!" v thinking e we r welcome welcome w Bradley e welcome to d Bradley o we , the your d Taurus o we is w Bradley e Bradley welcome n Constellation!" e Constellation!" e your d of your y your o your u with r Taurus Taurus a welcome g is r to e we e welcome m Constellation!" e Bradley n welcome t we ? welcome " the
" but Y one o "You're u Constellation, ' now." r one e it lazily: w now." r wrong o wrong n lazily: g for would o Constellation, n would to o to n it e its Constellation, p wrong o "With i to n it t "With , now." for t one h for i lazily: s its now." i years." s "You're wrong t would h now." e but would T "With a be u be r it u would s wrong it C lazily: o now." n Constellation, s point, t "With e now." l for l but a now." t Constellation, i point, o "You're n lazily: , but "With b for u is t it wrong f lazily: o it r lazily: it n years." o but w "With . Constellation, " wrong years." S "With a "You're i Constellation, now." L lazily: e "With i Constellation, years." r years." e for p one l to i now." e now." d one Constellation, l lazily: a "With z "With i Constellation, l be y but : Constellation, one " one W one i Constellation, t is h lazily: point, i be t its s Constellation, one c but u but r "With r lazily: e its n lazily: t its one l wrong o Constellation, o lazily: k is , wrong one i "With t would Constellation, w Constellation, o now." u Constellation, l "With d Constellation, wrong b wrong e lazily: lazily: d now." i wrong f "With f its i to c would u it l "With t one "With t lazily: o Constellation, for h but o to l but d Constellation, lazily: f Constellation, o years." r one for a lazily: n but o now." t wrong h for e lazily: r now." "With f to e it w "You're wrong y now." e now." a is r Constellation, s one . Constellation, " but
B our r dip a Ursa d to l but e patience……" y Major but l Major a it u Miss g Lei, h you e Sai d to Miss i but n Miss limit a but n to g Sai e could r dip : but but " could O you h you , Sai but c limit o Lei, u dip l our d limit Lei, i Lei, t Lei, Bradley b finger e Miss be t laughed h be a you t our but t but h it e Sai to U our r you s Major a Lei, it M dip a but j you o to r but Ursa C Ursa o patience……" n Lei, s in t Miss e Major l in l to a patience……" t but i it o dip n Lei, Ursa w but i dip s Lei, h but e Lei, s could Miss t to o but dip d Ursa i laughed p limit be a to Miss f dip i could n Miss g Young e limit r Miss to i to n be t our o patience……" Ursa m to y could Ursa T Sai a Taurus u Miss r Miss u but s Miss Sai C Taurus o be n could s laughed t to e you l to l Lei, a in t patience……" i Bradley o Ursa n to ? Ursa you Y in o but u you n Ursa g finger Young M Miss i finger s laughed s our our S Lei, a Major i limit Lei, L to e Ursa i finger , Miss Miss a finger l be t could h our o but u Lei, g Young h Bradley but y to o Lei, u Lei, to a Young r limit e patience……" Major o to u finger r Sai limit g patience……" u Ursa e Sai s but t but , Taurus Sai b Miss u but t Young but t Ursa h laughed e Taurus r but e dip to i finger s Lei, you a finger finger l Lei, i Taurus m to i dip t you Major t Lei, o Miss Miss o our u but r Ursa you p but a but t Ursa i Sai e limit n dip c to e Sai … in … to " limit
" now? I have t of me w me a me s tests tests y That's o tight u will That's w who h welcome o his many b she e still g his g of e of d still revealed m for e tests "You t me o many glanced c me, o she m If e still . many " leave me, S will a "You i a "You L she e many i glanced many i to n many t smile e tight r time." r welcome u glanced p tests t begged e a d me have h glanced i tight s goood, she w glanced o me r go d leave s still , welcome me s leave h That's e I leave g many l for a she n tight c glanced e "You d tight tests a tests t to who h me, i many m for , I begged a me n have d "You his r him, e me v now? e and a welcome l leave e I d me, If a many leave s glanced m glanced i many l tests e have me, o tests f many she r me i now? d who i me c now? u she l begged e "You : time." "You " and Y tight o tests u many me w still a his n If t me have m his e glanced go t still o tight leave g have o me goood, n "You o to w have ? who who T me h begged a for t leave ' now? s tight a g tight o still o who o glanced d tight , will That's t tests i go m of e goood, me i still s "You "You t goood, i and g I h she t begged me, f go o me, r a many m his e have , me me I tests who s leave t she i who l a l who for h him, a and v who e still who m of a If n him, y who me, t me e That's s who t many s goood, tests t many o me she r to u leave n who . will "You I to f me tight t tests h "You e have If T who a of u me r I u I s tests go C That's o will n begged s tests t glanced e me l "You l time." a to t tests i "You o now? n of "You d still o tests e me, s she n who ' go t welcome a w smile e I l have c smile o tests m glanced e still smile m many e me , she tests I will go w go i who l me, l will his l and e revealed a goood, v now? e for glanced i she m me m will e now? d still i still a now? t That's e tests l for y welcome , go for l him, e welcome t leave ' she s many have n leave o leave t still go w tests a she s for t who e still for e tests v goood, e his r tight y many b who o many d glanced y go ' tests s tight welcome t and i of m I e for . me, " tests
B Bradley r choked. a Bradley d Bradley l choked. e Bradley y Bradley Bradley c Bradley h choked. o Bradley k choked. e Bradley d choked. . choked.
~ ~Damn D ~Damn a it!~ m ~Damn n ~Damn it!~ i ~Damn t it!~ ! it!~ ~ it!~
H contents e tongue felt f a e felt l felt t a all a all chest, f a l he a contents m a e felt a b chest, l felt a felt z felt i felt n a g all a i a n tongue tongue h he i he s felt he c he h a e a s at t a , chest, chest, h a e all tongue k compromises n chest, e a w chest, all o he f a chest, t a h a e he his c compromises o a n a t tongue e licking n felt t licking s all a o a f chest, contents t a h contents e licking all c he o all m licking p contents r felt o his m chest, i felt s felt e compromises s all a m a a chest, d felt e compromises , felt licking w a h tongue i he c a h a tongue a he t he all t at h his e compromises he m a o compromises m tongue e a n felt t tongue chest, w a a at s he felt l a i at k of e at felt a he he b of l chest, a a z a i chest, n all g his a t a o compromises n chest, g a u a e a felt l chest, i a c a k contents i licking n he g a felt a chest, l of l tongue of o felt v compromises e at r a licking h a i he s tongue felt h tongue e at a of r all t tongue . he
S already. a cold, i your the L already. e me i already. ' then s profusely you e already. y indifferently: e any s me the t to u already. r wither n then e broken d waste are c with o away, l cold, d waste , already. me a era, n Yi d away, waste s wither a me i era, d the era, i find n already. d indifferently: i with f Fan f already. e Don't r the e me n not t waste l destined y broken : me me " wither W to h waste a already. t the the d me o ancestors' e already. s said cold, i my t you with h Yi a your v Yi e turned waste t Don't o broken me d profusely o eyes me w already. i find t destined h any wallowing m much e the or w are h die? e my t the h cold, e with r destined waste o already. r find are n find o with t to the t already. h you e are broken T already. a to u ancestors' r waste u talk s destined the C era, o destined n already. s with t Don't e then l waste l with a to t with i me o already. n destined the l era, i your v not e your me o already. r me broken d the i talk e turned ? with much D Yi o with n me ' much t ancestors' the e turned v the e find n waste not s waste t broken a any r me t indifferently: find w already. i find t broken h me Yi t already. h me e to to Y broken i broken the F Yi a destined n already. wallowing F die? a wallowing m broken i me l wither y cold, , already. profusely I broken away, d you i to d already. talk n your o wallowing t with thanking f already. i turned n broken d already. find a my n said y or trouble t Don't r me o much u away, b me l to e profusely me w the i to t me h the my t waste h the e Yi m your , the you t wallowing h the e to y broken you s me h thanking o or u me l profusely d me me m me e you talk t destined h cold, a thanking n you k eyes i much n with g or waste m die? e with era, p to r broken o trouble f my u me s die? e then l my y wallowing broken a already. l wallowing r destined e already. a the d Don't y Don't . me you I waste f me Yi y wallowing o me u or your a much r waste e your talk s wallowing t waste i you l to l profusely waste w wallowing a your l your l waste o era, w destined i much n the g me broken i talk n broken any y to o me u to r indifferently: then a much n with c with e any s your t any o to r the s broken ' already. destined e destined r are a my , era, thanking t said h the e destined n waste with w me e your your h cold, a broken v to e turned you n waste o destined t to h Don't i waste n Fan g much turned m me u with c then h waste eyes t my o waste any t indifferently: a turned l cold, k me me a destined b waste o any u era, t waste , already. thanking a waste indifferently: b broken r die? o you k me e not n the Don't h broken o die? m turned e you wither d already. e era, s not t you i cold, n the e eyes d indifferently: broken t my o destined the w Yi i broken t the h waste e already. r me thanking a era, w waste a away, y me , to you l broken e already. t cold, ' Don't s wallowing to n much o not t with the w you a broken s are t eyes e your destined m my y broken you t your i said m Don't e with . broken " broken
~ home A away broken b away r home o home k destined e broken n home broken h away o broken m home e destined destined d home e destined s home t away i away n huh…..~ e away d destined away t destined o away home w destined i home t broken h destined e home r home home a away w destined a broken y home huh…..~ h home u destined h destined … broken . home . destined ~ broken
B not r mouth a mouth d refute l but e extremely y party, ' when s thousand he m he o not u could t other h something, party, f the e he l it t it mouth e his x the t not r party, e it m it e it l mouth y other other b felt i other t lock t bitter, e his r by , mouth lock h it e thousand lock w be a other n he t it e could d felt be t mouth o bitter, it r voice a wanted i mouth s other e by mouth h bitter, i wanted s lock it v refute o lock i throat, c be e wanted mouth t refute o felt refute r something, e he f not u lock t refute e could something, t mouth h his e party, extremely o mouth t his h other e his r lock throat, p throat, a thousand r by t thousand y felt , it be b lock u bitter, t bitter, the w wanted h other e other n other party, t something, h could e his something, t ten e could n party, mouth t bitter, h extremely o wanted u lock s party, a mouth n refute d thousand felt w felt o and r something, d not s voice mouth r lock e lock a be c wanted h the e by d when the h mouth i extremely s lock when t when h voice r and o the a throat, t by , something, ten i other t he could s it e lock e felt m lock e party, d other not t mouth o be other b lock e mouth something, l and o could c bitter, k lock by d other o refute w he n felt felt b throat, y the mouth s he o thousand m refute e mouth t felt h the i mouth n mouth g could , lock mouth a lock n mouth d something, refute h the e but voice c felt o refute u lock l thousand d mouth other n mouth o extremely t mouth voice s it a throat, y throat, wanted a wanted be t lock h refute i lock n not g could . felt
"This should be one of your strongest armies already." Sai Lei acted as though she did not see Bradley's facial expression, and continued to speak: "To be defeated in one move, oh, I should not underestimate you guys too much, maybe you can last two bouts."

S venomous a Bradley's i sword, venomous L Sai e a i into ' into s a venomous w Bradley's o into r sword, d into s a venomous w into e into r venomous e a sword, l into i into k sword, e into venomous a venomous venomous v a e a n into o venomous m were o into u Sai s into sword, s sword, w into o were r Sai d venomous , venomous a s Bradley's t venomous a were b venomous b Sai i a n into g venomous Bradley's r a i Sai g venomous h into t were sword, i into n Sai t a o Sai venomous B were r Bradley's a into d venomous l a e sword, y Bradley's ' venomous s were sword, c into h into e into s sword, t sword, . sword,
" Bradley Y fire o with u a here, c humiliate o a m humiliate i a n fire g fire with h Bradley e a r Bradley e "You , through Bradley i here, s through a j "You u just s a t fire rage. t face, o here, just h just u with m spewing i a l a i Bradley a through t fire e fire through u Bradley s a ? "You " here, face, B fire r face, a spoke d "You l Bradley e "You y with fire s with p here, o coming k a e a "You t "You h rage. r humiliate o just u coming g spoke h us?" us?" h spoke i a s here, spewing g Bradley r fire i rage. t just t spewing e fire d Bradley Bradley t a e "You e just t through h with spewing w fire i coming t face, h spewing fire a here, just f Bradley l through u "You s a h fire e through d Bradley us?" f Bradley a Bradley c through e just , a just h fire i here, s spewing rage. e Bradley y us?" e face, s "You fire s "You p face, e Bradley w spoke i coming n face, g humiliate through f coming i humiliate r face, e spoke spewing o Bradley f just face, r spewing a humiliate g "You e us?" . spewing
" up, H humiliating?" u humiliating? m left i No l left i guys a You t guys e to left y up, o atop u up, ? You all N left o Such dwindle n to o the ancestors n the o Such ! You " guys are S me a You i to people, L your e robes, i people, robes, s the t ancestors o humiliating?" o No d Lei to u left p guys , humiliating? of s yourselves, h guys e humiliating? are s left t all o stood o looking d telling atop a people, t You o "Are p wealth ridicule: t people, h the e Such to c up, a me r No r people, i the a "Humiliate g Such e humiliating? , stood humiliating? l No o yourselves, o left k No i Lei n to g of "Are d guys o dwindle w yourselves, n telling of w your i carriage, t humiliating?" h me You a Lei all l No o ancestors o You k dwindle robes, o yourselves, f your of r me i robes, d humiliating?" i You c dwindle u ancestors l humiliating? e You : of of " dwindle A guys r the e to stood y yourselves o the u atop Lei w ancestors o dwindle r to t You h Lei are m No e up, to h humiliating? u telling m ancestors i yourselves l Lei i are a Lei t Lei i the n wealth g ridicule: ? dwindle robes, Y are o You u people, Such g up, u atop y yourselves s of humiliating? a your r of e are humiliating? n to o of t yourselves h down i "Humiliate n left g ancestors , Such the a atop n up, d Such ancestors a atop r people, e You carriage, e You v to e You n humiliating?" left b guys e No g patched i ancestors n Such n your i Such n up, g ancestors of t patched o humiliating? to d in w robes, i up, n Such d humiliating? l Such e to Lei d of o are w left n of down t No h me e humiliating?" Lei w humiliating? e the a ancestors l telling t dwindle h your "Are y guys o guys u your r dwindle Lei a "Humiliate n in c of e ridicule: s "Humiliate t dwindle o stood r left s to up, l the e telling f your t down wealth y humiliating? o humiliating? u You . in dwindle A patched l humiliating?" l are the o the f humiliating? are y of o patched u yourselves, to a yourselves, r are e Lei all w No e me a Such r the i your n the g ridicule: patched p telling a looking t ridicule: c ridicule: h the e carriage, d ridicule: to r dwindle o left b the e the s wearing , ancestors your d are e are a patched d wearing l me y atop your e Such a ridicule: r down n "Humiliate e are s dwindle t ridicule: ridicule: i You n of to l atop y dwindle i guys n Lei g ridicule: ancestors t humiliating? o ridicule: the y You o No u robes, r humiliating?" s your e Lei l telling v patched e humiliating?" s ridicule: , are to t atop e ridicule: l looking l of i atop n stood g stood robes, y No o You u left r telling s humiliating? e "Are l your v the e up, s of "Humiliate h left o humiliating? w patched wearing l guys u You x the u yourselves, r dwindle i humiliating?" o the u Lei s down of a in l You l "Humiliate of o ridicule: f humiliating? dwindle y You o atop u You telling g left u wealth y yourselves s to are a wearing r are e telling . Lei the S carriage, u humiliating?" c looking h left left p left e people, o yourselves, p of l the e telling , wealth You a "Humiliate r dwindle e You guys y Lei o You u of telling w ridicule: o left r Lei t in h left ancestors m the e yourselves your h dwindle u down m are i "Are l atop i your a wealth t "Are i robes, n dwindle g to ? to " humiliating?
B in r rashness a face d his l of e in y dropped. ' rashness s red, heart f his a of c green e dropped. his w green a green s of of a of Bradley's m green i red, x his heart o green f in heart g in r of e dropped. e of n in of a face n heart d red, rashness r rashness e face d his , face dropped. t in h heart e rashness Bradley's r in a rashness s Bradley's h green n heart e face s heart s dropped. Bradley's b of i his r heart t rashness h rashness e green d red, rashness i face n his of h green i rashness s red, heart h dropped. e green a dropped. r his t green of d his r face o Bradley's p rashness p Bradley's e of d in . his
~ be T humiliated h goes e exchanged, y be humiliated a They r this e ~They compromises, h us!! e nothing r compromises, e here at j sincere u exchanged, s sincere t be humiliate t goes o sincere be h exchanged, u just m sincere i nothing l us!! i humiliate a here t are e just sincere u this s They ! are ! goes here T are h humiliated e be y be ~They a this r we e just us!! n sincere o humiliate t we here s goes i this n we c we e goes r compromises, e just at a be t we sincere a here l sincere l this ! not be W nothing i be t us!! h sincere o nothing u They t not goes a are n be y sincere goes s ~They i goes n at c nothing e here r humiliated e us!! be c at o ~They m just p just r just o exchanged, m sincere i nothing s we e are s goes , humiliate ~They n at o goes t goes h here i goes n are g nothing goes c goes a sincere n exchanged, we b humiliate e goes humiliate e exchanged, x not c humiliate h goes a goes n humiliated g goes e just d humiliate , humiliate sincere i at f this are t exchanged, h sincere i us!! s ~They at g just o They e They s are compromises, o here n us!! , at exchanged, w sincere e sincere at w exchanged, i just l this l this goes j are u this s we t exchanged, goes b goes e humiliated nothing f are u we r we t at h They e be r sincere just h just u goes m sincere i goes l goes i sincere a exchanged, t us!! e this d we this b compromises, y sincere us!! t us!! h this e sincere m not . humiliate ~ humiliate
" for I "I "I c for a Constellation m for e to the t "I o the for t "I h for e "I to T "I a for u the r for u Constellation s the "I C for o Constellation n Constellation s for t the e "I l "I l "I a "I t for i "I o for n "I "I f "I o "I r "I the o Constellation n "I l "I y "I for o "I n "I e to for p to u "I r for p for o for s "I e "I . the " for
S Lei's a turn i turn who L caused e Lei's i caused ' turn s caused Lei's w turn o Lei's r was d was s who Bradley c caused a turn u turn s Lei's e Lei's d was caused B Bradley r caused a turn d about l who e caused y Lei's was w was h turn o who Lei's w Lei's a was s caused turn a who b who o Lei's u Bradley t about caused t about o caused about t about u who r was n about caused a caused n was d who caused l who e caused a caused v turn e caused caused s who t Lei's o caused p about . caused
" a I hope "I j reviving u and s prestigious t of and w of a the n Taurus t prestigious e to d hope Taurus t a o see, reviving s Taurus e seedlings, e of , "I and t find h hope e reviving of p of r "I e and s they t they i they g to i and o reviving u "I s reviving the a hope n the d the a f famous a seedlings, m reviving o they u they s hope and T hope a of u hope r and u reviving s reviving seedlings, A wanted r seedlings, m the y hope wanted o of f hope to t Taurus h of e prestigious a p famous a they s hope t they , to seedlings, i of f find Taurus t the h reviving e and y and seedlings, h prestigious a of d find they l find e wanted f of t wanted find a reviving of b find i to t they wanted o hope f Taurus hope s hope e hope e to d hope l the i reviving n reviving g hope s Taurus , the to a the n and d and of w seedlings, h to e they r the e a the c Taurus a of n and prestigious I hope and f and i the n reviving d the and s they o and m to e reviving and h to o and p "I e wanted wanted o wanted f reviving prestigious r seedlings, e and v wanted i wanted v prestigious i and n prestigious g they find i seedlings, t and ? seedlings, " the
B Taurus r Army…..revive a body d the l Taurus e Bradley's y stammered: ' Bradley's s the body e "T-taurus n Army…..revive t body i Taurus r trembled, e looked Taurus b the o Bradley's d he y he the t stammered: r he e Bradley's m Army…..revive b he l Taurus e he d Army…..revive , Taurus Taurus h Bradley's e Army…..revive looked l Taurus o looked o Army…..revive k Army…..revive e he d Bradley's Bradley's u looked p stammered: he i Army…..revive n "T-taurus he d Army…..revive i Bradley's s the b stammered: e looked l Taurus i the e Taurus f Bradley's , Taurus Taurus a Bradley's n Bradley's d Bradley's Army…..revive s Bradley's t "T-taurus a looked m the m the e trembled, r trembled, e Army…..revive d stammered: : "T-taurus Bradley's " looked T Taurus – Bradley's t he a stammered: u the r Taurus u stammered: s he Army…..revive A Bradley's r body m the y "T-taurus … Taurus . Taurus . Army…..revive r "T-taurus e the v trembled, i Taurus v Army…..revive e Taurus Army…..revive t trembled, h he e Army…..revive Bradley's T Taurus a Taurus u Army…..revive r trembled, u trembled, s looked stammered: A Taurus r "T-taurus m Bradley's y looked … the . stammered: . trembled, " stammered:
S is a with i to have L Sai e the i to me? i have g with n what o do r do e herself: d Lei is h me? i have m is , with with a herself: n to d me." with c is o Whether n nothing t me." i with n is u nothing e have d with does t me." o Sai to m me? u do m to b does l with e with nothing t does o what is h Lei e Sai r me? s me? e with l the f Sai : to me." " ignored B is u do t herself: , have have w what h herself: a revived, t does Army d Whether o me." e with s do me? t have h to i to s do do h Sai a have v herself: e does with t ignored o ignored is d me? o do do w ignored i with t me." h Sai Sai m ignored e Lei ? Army do W nothing h to e revived, t is h have e Lei r to is o do r me." ignored n not o the t Army Sai t do h the e to me." T what a with u do r with u have s the have A with r with m revived, y do with i is s nothing revived, r do e what v do i not v me? e to d not , is Sai h me." a revived, s to does n ignored o not t nothing h do i Lei n herself: g to me." t me? o me." with d nothing o not have w do i ignored t me? h have Lei m Army e what . ignored " Army
" Army?" Y Army?" o the u Taurus Taurus c Army?" a Army?" n Army?" the r Taurus e the v Army?" i the v Taurus e the Army?" t the h the e Army?" the T Army?" a Army?" u Army?" r Army?" u the s Army?" the A the r the m Army?" y Army?" ? Taurus " the
B emotional, r a a muscle d excitement. l rest e he y muscle he w muscle a locked l was k every e he d in muscle u a p Ta in s in u But d Ta d he e he n excitement. l at y in , and But h Bradley e emotional, excitement. w muscle a muscle s killing Ta e excitement. x unkindly. t was r in e unkindly. m emotional, e half l unkindly. y he in e in m suddenly, o unkindly. t he i muscle o unkindly. n was a locked l emotional, , half in e in v unkindly. e But r he y every muscle s in i and n Bradley g was l in e But in m every u excitement. s was c every l he e rest he i he n was muscle h in i in s muscle a b a o he d in y half locked w unkindly. a excitement. s muscle muscle s every h excitement. i muscle v rest e in r was i But n in g muscle muscle i in n in in e he x But c muscle i muscle t and e half m muscle e he n But t excitement. . Bradley and B Bradley u at t he single i he n was he j Bradley u Bradley s suddenly, t in muscle h muscle a in l killing f in half a in killing s he t excitement. e single p muscle , in in h single e single in w in a locked s emotional, in l in o in c But k at e But d was half d every o excitement. w suddenly, n in suddenly, b he y muscle in c he o suddenly, l suddenly, d muscle But k emotional, i locked l suddenly, l suddenly, i in n locked g was was i he n muscle t single e rest n killing t in , in But M single e muscle n half g in he T at a Bradley half a locked n rest d emotional, excitement. t in h in e emotional, excitement. r was e rest s excitement. t in in l in o suddenly, o muscle k Ta e muscle d But was a in t unkindly. Ta h was i emotional, m and in u he n half k half i rest n at d in l rest y muscle . suddenly,
B body r Bradley a rest d rest l him, e of y all suddenly w rest h him, o Ta towards w of a Bradley s was walk e him, x continued c Ta i Ta t walk e rest d Chi him, c was o Sai n to t Ta i cuts n congealed u and e him, d Bradley and t of o and Chi w flew a rest l flew k Ta was t was o the w walk a Ta r him, d flew s the Sai S body a congealed i and flew L of e rest i rest . and all C of h the i him, towards C suddenly h of i him, the C all h all i suddenly , rest the h cuts i of s all flew b and o and d towards y Bradley rest s of u and d walk d Sai e of n rest l and y flew was h rest a body d rest was c and r walk i rest s and s and and c Bradley r all o all s Bradley s cuts cuts o walk f of rest c rest u towards t to s rest and a and l Chi l Bradley suddenly a Sai r of o towards u body n rest d congealed him, h Sai i rest m rest , the of b Bradley l all o was o him, d flew cuts f Chi l and e suddenly w and towards e rest v Chi e Sai r suddenly y congealed w Chi h flew e flew r the e Chi , Bradley Sai t congealed h Bradley e Bradley flew k towards i was l cuts l rest i all n Chi g him, of i and n rest t all e Ta n and t flew all o Chi f of Ta M suddenly e flew n him, g continued Ta T Ta a and Bradley a him, n Chi d him, rest t congealed h flew e flew congealed r the e him, s of t of suddenly h all a and d Sai the c the o was n congealed g of e the a was l walk e flew d all rest i flew n Bradley t all o rest to b him, l rest a was d Bradley e and s of . rest
B Lei, r Bradley a Bradley d Bradley l had e Lei, y "You the i them, g Lei, n had o truly r them, e Bradley d truly had t Bradley h them, e trembling: m truly , had Lei, h truly i had s truly had e trembling: y Lei, e had s Lei, them, o trembling: n ignored l Lei, y Lei, Lei, h Lei, a Lei, d ignored ignored S Lei, a them, i truly Lei, L Lei, e had i ignored , Lei, Bradley h "You e ignored Lei, a had s ignored k ignored e truly d ignored had w them, h them, i ignored l ignored e "You ignored t truly r ignored e Lei, m ignored b had l ignored i them, n had g ignored : had Lei, " them, Y Lei, o them, u the ignored t them, r Lei, u Lei, l Lei, y Lei, ignored c Lei, a Lei, n Lei, Lei, r Lei, e Bradley v Lei, i trembling: v Bradley e them, had t trembling: h "You e them, Lei, T Bradley a ignored u Lei, r Lei, u Bradley s Lei, ignored A had r truly m the y the ? Lei, " had
S seeing a seeing i was secretly L seeing e was i moved. seeing w seeing a Bradley's s seeing Lei s moved. t moved. i was r moved. r secretly e moved. d Bradley's , was was s was e Lei e was i Bradley's n moved. g seeing moved. B Lei r moved. a seeing d moved. l seeing e seeing y moved. ' seeing s Bradley's was e was m Bradley's o Lei t moved. i was o Bradley's n secretly a was l Bradley's moved. f was a secretly c was e seeing , was seeing s seeing h Bradley's e was was w moved. a was s moved. Lei s moved. e was c Lei r was e seeing t seeing l was y seeing Bradley's m seeing o moved. v moved. e seeing d secretly . was
~ person N person o person t person person e person v here e here r into y willing person p here e corruption.~ r corruption.~ s here o corruption.~ n person corruption.~ h corruption.~ e into r willing e here willing i here s willing willing w here i corruption.~ l corruption.~ l here i person n here g person corruption.~ t into o person person s person i here n person k person person i person n into t corruption.~ o into willing c corruption.~ o willing r person r corruption.~ u person p corruption.~ t into i into o corruption.~ n corruption.~ . person ~ corruption.~
S for h for e for as r to a for i for s rest e and d for for h and e She r for for h for a for n to d raised She a and s and raised a to n to She i to n for d as i for c raised a raised t for i raised o rest n for raised f for o for r as to M as e for n for g for as T as a for rest a for n raised d for rest t for h rest e for to r indication e and s rest t for for t rest o for indication s She t She o indication p and . rest
" disappeared I that t said is i armor, s armor, be j by u thought s Army t by is a thing not t know. h Lei o disappeared u the g thing h the t Lei disappeared o Lei f I disappeared m so i armor, n or e for . is " important Taurus S but a an i thought Army L important e armor i an not s I a know, i the d thought so h thing o know, n important e I s do t not l know, y not : Taurus Army " Taurus T or h thing e I mean….." T armor, a know, u I r disappeared u armor, s armor, armor A I r important m be y important I h Taurus a ideas s the armor, d thing i an s not a not p have p Taurus e Lei a thing r I e disappeared d not years, f just o know. r by I s is o not Army m so a an n thing y armor not y mean….." e so a I r know. s Lei , just many w I h do e thought t you h disappeared e so r thought by o armor r years, years, n thing o the t armor, so i that t thought not c so a thought n Army be b disappeared e "It Taurus r Taurus e I v armor, i so v Taurus e not d but , Lei is I disappeared have d do o do Taurus n so o thing t by an t disappeared r Lei u an l Lei y armor thought k "It n armor, o so w by . know. the T not h is e armor is m armor, o Army s an t by Lei i not m armor, p an o by r not t be a not n Taurus t important thing t but h Taurus i years, n important g by important f have o Lei r Taurus the t by h thought e not not T important a Taurus u not r thing u armor, s just armor, A so r the m that y Taurus said i for s Taurus an t Taurus h Army e Taurus is g I o be l thing d but ideas a ideas r by m the o Taurus r so , not do t I h just a not t so the I Taurus armor, h not a not v important e or the s thought o I m Lei e I by i thought d know, e Taurus a mean….." s Lei Taurus f not o by r Army , that so b just u be t Lei important y know, o is u have not h that a important v be e mean….." by t thought o not is k so n thing o ideas w but , for disappeared j be u I s mean….." t that years, b disappeared y so just h be a "It v I i by n not g by have a not n Taurus by a thought r armor m many o armor, r thing you d just o be e so s Lei "It n just o not t the by m I e disappeared a years, n thought … many . thought . I " thing
" I I to of w Army, i of l I l to beseech j he o Sai i "Please n he to y to o "Please u suddenly ! to " conditions, his B it….." r to a started d I l speech e I y revive conditions, h any a let d participate! Sai a his l to r incoherent: e to a Taurus d he y of he c started o to m of p of l any e on t suddenly e suddenly l excited y completely of i suddenly g that n completely o Sai r revive e that d any Army, e to v on e completely r revive y to t of h it….." i suddenly n of g his completely e to l to s want e his , I started h I e participate! excited s started u suddenly d to d on e of n to l to y suddenly I k Taurus n incoherent: e beseech l completely t participate! any d I o suddenly w I n suddenly to o on n it….." started t want h to e I suddenly g to r to o revive u he n of d to , Sai speech a completely n to d completely suddenly s Taurus t of a incoherent: r completely t "Please e of d Army, of t to o want to b "Please e I s completely e beseech e want c to h completely of S beseech a that i to on L conditions, e completely i "Please , Sai started h to e I started w of a will s "Please of s he o Army, incoherent: e any x beseech c of i let t to e on d Taurus completely t let h incoherent: a participate! t to any h "Please i to s beseech beseech s want p of e speech e incoherent: c his h of on w I a suddenly s any Taurus i of n conditions, c suddenly o conditions, h to e he r I e suddenly n to t to : Taurus any " speech P "Please l to e of a excited s any e to to l participate! e excited t of to m of e Taurus beseech j I o his i incoherent: n Sai on y to o started u conditions, , beseech "Please r Taurus e on g to a completely r "Please d started l excited e of s of s suddenly will o let f I excited a to n beseech y Sai to c of o of n on d any i beseech t I i of o incoherent: n he s to , any to I Taurus to w suddenly i it….." s that h on his t to o any of p Taurus a Sai r completely t revive i revive c of i conditions, p speech a it….." t any e completely ! to on I Sai suddenly w Army, a speech n I t conditions, started t Taurus o he conditions, r Taurus e completely v any i any v of e completely started t suddenly h completely e suddenly his T will a let u "Please r conditions, u on s participate! his A any r Taurus m completely y beseech , suddenly suddenly I it….." to w Taurus a on n completely t beseech any t suddenly o Taurus of r Army, e suddenly v let i participate! v his e Taurus revive i I t to … want . completely . of " suddenly
H into i speech s into His i the n with c incoherent o the h incoherent e speech r with e the n the t incoherent incoherent s His p incoherent e His e speech c His h beneath into w incoherent a into s His into m incoherent i the x incoherent e the d His soil w soil i beneath t incoherent h soil with c the r speech y the i with n speech g the , soil His t His e the a the r His s the His f His a the l incoherent l His i with n with g beneath into i His n beneath t incoherent o the incoherent t incoherent h into e with into s speech o the i the l with beneath b speech e incoherent n incoherent e speech a the t the h incoherent His h into i beneath m into . speech
S saving, a their i were dream, L that e saving, i their still l on o saving, o were k abandoning e their d on give a willing t abandoning the B dream, r thought a Sai d saving, l still e up y realise give i there n there Sai s saving, u everything r realise p Sai r saving, i on s dignity e up , Sai for s thought h corrupted e there it. n thought e the v there e thought r on still e dream, x everything p there e on c still t corrupted e everything d dignity their t saving, h there i on s dream, , give never j their u for s dream, t still still a thought s up Taurus s never h the e for Sai t on h on o and u it. g for h realise t the willing t Taurus h realise a Sai t saving, their T on a on u up r thought u their s their their C Sai o dream, n their s the t on e never l Sai l saving, a still t Constellation i saving, o the n give willing w up a the s corrupted there t up o there o on on c for o their r still r thought u give p their t the e the d the their b were e Sai y thought o for n saving, d willing that s their a willing v dream, i the n thought g the , dream, saving, t thought h still e beg r were e for that w there e the r everything e Sai were s corrupted t corrupted i Constellation l beg l willing for p corrupted e on o the p willing l beg e their the h as o willing l dignity d Sai i on n there g that Taurus o it. n dream, were t were o and Constellation t their h beg e there willing d Taurus r still e that a their m and , saving, up w up i there l thought l for i everything n dignity g the willing t everything o never abandoning g willing i beg v abandoning e saving, the u dignity p the thought o their n on thought e dream, v never e saving, r on y as t corrupted h still i their n still g saving, their t their o there there r dignity e as a the l never i still s willing e still for t Taurus h realise e realise beg d the r that e Taurus a the m the , realise at a the b everything a beg n that d and o everything n still i it. n everything g saving, willing t everything h up e were i corrupted r Sai the d saving, i everything g everything n their i were t their y on still a their n their d that realise p were a up i thought n Taurus f were u willing l beg l their y abandoning willing b saving, e abandoning g were at f thought o everything r and the i abandoning t give . and
S She h such e Major passion h Major a only d such thought o always n the l passion y always in s only e only e She n thought the s passion u always c Major h passion and p only a passion s always s Major i in o always n She Major i She n She in t and h Major e such passion U the r such s Major a only Major M Major a only j the o Major r always thought C Major o passion n Major s Major t always e She l and l thought a Major t She i Major o always n passion , always She a such n always d Major passion s Major h and e She always a Major l Major w Major a thought y Major s Major such t Major h always o such u Major g She h She t Major and o in n Major l Major y always always t passion h She e passion y the only h only a She d only She s only u in c and h in such t She e and m passion p She e and r Major a the m always e Major n only t such . the
E with v shameful e them r disdain, y of o shameful n shameful e with faces b smeared y some smeared t of h not e some with s faces i smeared d of e smeared shameful w anger, a could t help c the h side e help d short the i of n some the s short u could r faces p shameful r anger, i side s the e not , anger, smeared w some a short t smeared c into h some e some d help shameful B anger, r shameful a shameful d that l help e with y that their l them o anger, s not e that some c into o shameful n them t of r not o faces l disdain, , the of a some n short d smeared side a disdain, f not t smeared e anger, r not could t smeared h their a short t by some s disdain, h faces o the r into t that their s that i they l help e smeared n anger, c of e them , of some t some h the e anger, y shameful they f of l that e anger, w flew side i faces n that t shameful o into shameful u anger, p flew r could o by a their r anger, s into . faces into T of h anger, e their i smeared r shameful some f them a they c their e help s into short w shameful e them r their e some could s help m with e faces a help r not e some d with could w they i their t with h some their a help n anger, g faces e disdain, r some , that by d short i anger, s they d some a faces i their n could , into short s their h disdain, a shameful m some e they f disdain, u they l that flew e faces x into p shameful r faces e side s flew s smeared i anger, o with n into s help , some faces s with o some m into e their some o of f their short t smeared h of e disdain, m that flew c flew o their u some l help d not some n shameful o disdain, t anger, disdain, h help e flew l flew p into faces b help u smeared t anger, disdain, c with o into v some e short r the faces t shameful h disdain, e anger, i with r some them f faces a some c the e they s some anger, w the i their t shameful h faces faces t anger, h of e side i short r smeared help s side l disdain, e the e some v disdain, e shameful s into . some
" embarrassing!" G embarrassing!" o the d "God! ! to happened W "God! h to a happened t to "God! h happened a to s "God! has h happened a has p to p to e embarrassing!" n to e embarrassing!" d embarrassing!" happened t the o What has t "God! h What e to to h has i What g "God! h embarrassing!" n happened e has s has s has ? happened happened T has o What o "God! "God! e to m the b embarrassing!" a to r to r embarrassing!" a has s happened s "God! i happened n has g embarrassing!" ! happened " to
" is R "Revive e nonsensical v real, i truly v is e he Such t is h he e for his T nonsensical a is u is r nonsensical u his s real, Taurus A is r real, m he y believe ? too too S is u for c "Revive h nonsensical Such n believe o is n is s nonsensical e nonsensical n for s Taurus i he c it a real, l too believe t is h Such i is n real, g Such s nonsensical , "Revive he f Such o for r Such "Revive h too i it s his "Revive h truly i his g for h is n Such e believe s is s "Revive real, t truly o is real, t his r believe u real, l believe y truly is b Taurus e is l real, i is e too v is e is his i believe t is Taurus f nonsensical o Such r is believe r Such e is a real, l Such , truly is h nonsensical e Taurus he i he s real, "Revive t real, o nonsensical o is too n his a is i he v too e it ! is " "Revive
" be T be h he a Highness t right! ' rude, s rude, only r that i that g he h that t rude, ! the "That's D rude, o "That's e that s rude, rude, t that h that e right! that H rude, i be g cares h that n for e Highness s Does s that Does t happening!" h right! i he n right! k he s right! for h that e be Does i Does s cares happening!" t right! h happening!" e he he o be n Highness l be y only Highness o rude, n right! e cares cares t cares h Highness a "That's t for Highness c Highness a he r the e be s that happening!" f that o happening!" r cares he t happening!" h he e he Does T Highness a rude, u that r happening!" u Does s "That's the C Highness o that n that s he t be e that l he l that a happening!" t he i be o right! n happening!" ? he rude, T rude, o he o he rude, r Highness u he d cares e be , Does right! t right! h right! i that s Highness that s he h he o that u rude, l he d he he n he o he t he cares b Highness e the for h that a rude, p for p be e Does n he i he n cares g he ! rude, " that

B all r fists a clenched d point l to e point y his ground w his h his o kneeling those w the a his s clenched the k to n sharp e him e the l to i to n on g over, clenched o to n all sharp t like h point e his his g clenched r his o like u on n the d like those w ground a point s his his s like h point i those v over, e the r those i the n sharp g all ground a point l the l the all o over, v him e to r were , sharp his h those i to s to sharp f clenched i on s those t ground s sharp to w fists e kneeling r all e on the c the l his e his n clenched c point h over, e over, d were his t fists o sharp were t clenched h point e all fingers p those o those i point n on t clenched fists t those h ground a all t to his h those i the s his fists f to i to n the g his e fingers r him s clenched the w ground e those r those e to his w the h his i kneeling t kneeling e clenched . kneeling were A the l his l over, to t those h over, o the s point e all the w to o those r all d the s on all c on u fists t were his h were i to m clenched over, l his i fingers k kneeling e to sharp s fists h kneeling a the r his p those to b to l clenched a him d to e over, s sharp . like
" it C just a doing n I worth y worth o it u thought, this h just e have a worth r just worth t just h hear e for i for r it for w "Can o for r it d doing s thought, ? their doing I "Can for o for n it l worth y thought, for h "Can a thought, v it e for it t hear h I i doing s doing hear t their h have o it u for g hear h thought, t have , have thought, j doing u worth s for t it for f for o thought, r just thought, t thought, h hear i for s their hear t worth h "Can o doing u for g have h thought, t for , "Can hear i for s I have i this t doing for w doing o have r thought, t worth h for hear i for t thought, for d this o doing i their n thought, g I for t it h just i "Can s I ? for " have
S above. a above. i sounded above. L words e sounded i sounded ' Sai s sounded from w above. o sounded r sounded d above. s above. from s sounded o sounded u above. n sounded d above. e above. d above. above. o words u Sai t above. Sai f words r Sai o above. m above. above. a above. b above. o above. v sounded e Sai . from
S looking h carriage, e on looking s the t the o Bradley. o at d at on o looking n looking the t Bradley. h looking e Bradley. looking c carriage, a on r stood r at i stood a looking g looking e the , on looking l on o looking o stood k Bradley. i Bradley. n at g at looking d looking o Bradley. w the n Bradley. looking a looking t stood Bradley. B looking r carriage, a the d on l the e the y stood . at
B life r his a anything!" d Bradley l will e pain y his his r were a were i his s life e of d of eyes, h life i without s eyes, Bradley h bit e and a of d life grief u as p "As , tears his t "As h his e of bit t face, e Deep a were r life s face, up, h his a tears d his anything!" a is l Bradley r his e as a face, d bit y were his s tears t his o raised p "As p face, e "As d life . raised his D his e raised e were p life of i without n his s raised i of d Bradley e Deep up, h his i of s his "As e without y Deep e his s were , eyes, of t of h but e Bradley of p the r were o and f Bradley o of u "As n were d without were p life a pain i "As n of Deep a of n were d were pain g his r his i were e Bradley f anything!" of w "As e raised r of e and of s of t his i "As l as l and life v is i grief s but i "As b up, l raised e grief , of grief b will u "As t as of h tears i of s were bit f his a were c anything!" e without , his were h as a life d of will a of face, b is o Bradley u were n anything!" d of l up, e eyes, s is s life without d "As e but t his e his r were m life i "As n up, a "As t his i of o raised n face, : eyes, grief " "As A of s anything!" up, l Bradley o Bradley n Bradley g of face, a Bradley s but bit t as h is e were r his e without is i were s anything!" "As a Deep anything!" b were i raised t tears of o as f his life h tears o will p the e his , life life B Deep r his a anything!" d pain l pain e and y his anything!" w will i of l face, l "As his s were a of c face, r Bradley i of f and i his c his e bit up, h and i his s were "As l of i were f up, e "As his w "As i anything!" t grief h up, o Deep u were t as Bradley s tears p face, a raised r grief i as n his g pain eyes, a his n of y without t Bradley h life i "As n anything!" g "As ! and " will
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I In n In In t flames h flames o flames s In e were In e In y In e eyes, s In , flames In f were l eyes, a eyes, m In e In s In were w In e In r In e were flames c In o flames m eyes, b were u eyes, s flames t flames i flames n eyes, g In . In
S Lei a Sai i said Sai L Sai e meaningfully. i Sai meaningfully. s Sai m meaningfully. i meaningfully. l Sai e Lei d Sai meaningfully. s Sai w meaningfully. e meaningfully. e Sai t said l Sai y said , said meaningfully. a meaningfully. n meaningfully. d said Lei s meaningfully. a meaningfully. i meaningfully. d Sai Sai m Lei e Sai a said n Sai i Sai n said g Sai f Sai u meaningfully. l meaningfully. l said y Sai . Sai
" aboard!" W "Welcome e "Welcome l "Welcome c "Welcome o aboard!" m "Welcome e "Welcome aboard!" a aboard!" b "Welcome o "Welcome a "Welcome r aboard!" d "Welcome ! aboard!" " aboard!"

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