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Chapter 648 – Lady Rou's Plans

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

"They entered the Southern Islands?"

The gentle and soft voice was pleasing to the ears, but the people present were all standing straight up, their expression stern and serious, no one dared to be lax, as though they were inflexible soldiers. Only the monotonous black robes with red skull imprints on their backs showed their identities as pirates.

Lady Rou sat on the black soft chair, her jade and slender arms propped her chin up, with a shallow yet intoxicating smile.

The scout reported: "Yes, Ling Xia served as the guide, She has a good relation with Wei Ting Ting of the Southern Islands. Meng Nan gave them a few items, and not long after, the Five Family Heads welcomed him and brought him in."

Lady Rou 'oh', her eyes twinkling: "To be able to let the five family heads come out and welcome him, what could the items be?"

"We did not dare to approach them in case we alerted them, the distance was too far, so this subordinate was unable to see clearly." The scout lowered his head, his heart trembling.

"You've done well." Lady Rou said warmly.

Expecting a punishment, the scout heaved a sigh of relief, the lady's temper was much better than Master Xu.

"Are there any news of Master Xu?" Lady Rou suddenly asked, Master Xu was the tall individual, when she left White Sands, she did not travel with him.

Out of the people that were standing extremely straight up, one person spoke up: "We have just received news that the pirate group that Master Xu was in was annihilated."

Lady Rou revealed a look of grief, and sighed: "I never thought that Master Xu would actually fall to circumstances, Heaven is truly jealous of heroic geniuses. But his efforts will not go to waste, I will report to the superiors, and ask for the First Class Martyr to be bestowed to him."

Everyone's mind jolted, First Class Martyr was the highest award given to generals who have sacrificed themselves, more importantly, his family would obtain the greatest amount of care. They were all officers and soldiers of the Honorable Martial Continent, secretly concealed as pirates, and were involved in all the shady businesses in the shadows, but the Honorable Martial Continent would never admit their existence.

After their sacrifices, their families would be taken care of, so they did not have any worries.

Lady Rou stood up and looked at them with a stern face, and said solemnly: "Everyone, rest easy, the higher ups will never forget everybody's sacrifice and work. Everything that we have done is for the Sacred Saint Galaxy. The fights in the Sacred Saint Galaxy have gone on for too long, with so many heroes existing side by side, the wars will continue. How many innocent people will die in battle, how many families will go up in flames, the blood has flowed on for too long, all of this needs to stop! Only with a powerful ruler, only by the light of the Honorable Martial Continent which shall spread across every corner of Sacred Saint Galaxy, can the world truly obtain peace, and can everyone live in peace and harmony!"

All of the officers and soldiers present revealed fanatical looks, they were the Honorable Martial Continent people to the bone, and were utmost loyal to them.

At the moment, Lady Rou's image grew even more powerful in their eyes, their faith and conviction becoming stronger.

~That's right, only we can save the world! Only the Honorable Martial Continent can ensure peace in the world!~

"Only by baptising the world with blood and fire can we reconstruct for peace! Burn my will, burn my body, with the blood and fire as the sword, pierce through the dark clouds and see the light! For the light can illuminate the world!"

Lady Rou's expression became worked up, on normal days, she was warm and gentle, but now her voice was resounding and sonorous.

"For the light!"

All of the officers and soldiers roared, all of their faces showing fanaticism.

"Look forward to victory, gentlemen!" Lady Rou's face was filled with worship, without any trace of arrogance.

"For victory!" All of the men shouted.

A fleet concealed in the shadows moved quietly, looking extremely sinister.

When the last general left the room, Lady Rou sat back in her chair, her face revealing a tinge of fatigue.

"Madam, we will definitely win!" The servant beside her waved her fists excitedly.

Lady Rou pulled her lips but did not say a word, she had done what she needed to do, and the rest was up to fate. She did not understand battle formations and was unable to personally lead and command, and could only rouse the soldiers and gain morale.

"Master Xu is too useless, if not, why would Lady Rou need to clean up after him." The servant mumbled, her face filled with disdain.

Lady Rou felt helpless, she did not expect that her teammate could not be placed in an important position. She had thought of He Ying's defeat, and thus plotted for him the plan of using pirates to enter the continent. Who knew that Master Xu would leave behind a hidden danger, Lei Er Fu had sent clues to Suo Bi after he died, and at the most crucial time, the Pirate Alliance was broken by Suo Bi. The pirates had formed an alliance to grow in strength, but who knew that Lian Bo Jun would turn against them.

The situation completely changed.

If he was still alive, she would naturally hold him responsible. But who knew that he would have died, consider him lucky. For the sake of appeasing the hearts of the soldiers, Lady Rou had to help him apply for a consolation compensation.

"Don't talk bad about a dead person." Lady Rou said indifferently.

The servant bit her tongue, she kept quiet, seeing that Lady Rou was tired, she immediately ran over and gently massaged her shoulders.

Lady Rou closed her eyes and pondered.

The Honorable Martial Continent had two goals in the White Sands Continent.

The first goal was to control the White Sands, and allow it to become the location from where the Honorable Martial Continent would enter the Southern Region. If it could not be controlled, then they would destroy it, allow the White Sands to plunge into chaos, and then use the chaos to spread to the entire Southern Region, and then involve all the continents in the Southern Region in a civil war, exhausting their strength.

The second goal was to destroy the Five Southern Island Families.

If the first goal failed, then the only probable thing that could succeed was the second goal.

Master Xu's soldiers had lost their lives, and she knew that the situation was hard to turn around, so she placed her eyes on the Southern Islands. The White Sands Continent still had many complications, Suo Bi's army had placed their attention on rounding up the remaining pirates.

No one would place their attention on the Southern Islands, so it was her chance.

Lady Rou was a key participant in intelligence, and quietly organised the soldiers who had infiltrated the pirates to gather at the Southern Islands, she wanted to take the chance before Suo Bi and the rest could react to take down the Southern Island Families. Although she did not have much time, but she continued to arrange them well and proper. Although the pirates were utterly defeated, but the few that had managed to infiltrate, did not lose much.

All of these pirates had specially picked elites from the Honorable Martial Continent as their backbone, thus their strength far surpassed that of ordinary pirates. Seeing that the situation was going against their favour, they quickly chose to preserve their lives.

When Lady Rou saw the large army that she had summoned, she was inwardly joyous.

Lady Rou, who managed hide herself heard that Meng Nan also wanted to go to the Southern Islands and brought very few people. She knew that it was her chance! ~If Meng Nan entered the Southern Islands, doesn't that mean I can get rid of all of them?~

Meng Nan was the thorn in Lady Rou's flesh, if not for him suddenly appearing, their first goal would had succeeded! Meng Nan's background was still a mystery, he was powerful and overbearing, with overwhelming wealth and did things recklessly. She had just planned her next move, but Meng Nan had coincidentally joined in, isn't that a heaven sent opportunity?

Although they had lost out previously when tussling with Meng Nan, Lady Rou still felt confident in the upcoming battle.

The Five Southern Island Families were hard to capture, not because of their strength, but because they had operated the Green Sea of Mist for so long that it was currently extremely toxic with an abundance of wild beasts and poisonous insects. But the strongest part about them was that, for the past 200 years, the five families five strongest martial artists, in their fullest capacity had interlinked their laws.

Five different laws interlinked was able to produce many variations.

For so many years, the Honorable Martial Group had tussled with the Green Sea of Mist many times. But after so much sacrifice, they were unable to find any way to break through the Green Sea of Mist, and thus it had become the number one most important subject of Honorable Martial Continent.

It wasn't until recently, that they finally had a breakthrough.

For the past few days, Tang Tian lived very happily, not hiding anything or concealing anything, he spoke about everything he knew once. After that, the five family heads went into closed door discussions and did not come out for a few days.

Tang Tian could not be bothered, he had already told them everything, and he left them the choice to decide by themselves.

It was just that ever since he had casually gifted Wei Ting Ting a bronze Star Treasure from Sagittarius Constellation, Tang Tian became popular.

"Brother Meng! Come, drink! I obtained this spring water from a very far away place, it is very sweet!"

Looking at the bulky and big statured man's glistening eyes, and a face of currying favor, Tang Tian was helpless: "Old Wei, I am not thirsty at all."

"Not thirsty? Then are you hungry? Are you hungry? I can roast good deer, that is also good!" Wei Hao said flatteringly.

Wei Hao was Wei Ting Ting's elder brother, ever since he heard that Wei Ting Ting had obtained a spirit object from Tang Tian, he would come by every day to fawn impatiently.

Tang Tian could no longer tolerate his fawning, he had never heard of Sagittarius Constellation being extremely thick skinned, ~How can this guy have such thick skin.~ Tang Tian could no longer tolerate it gave Wei Hao a bronze Star Treasure: "Do not find me tomorrow!"

"I definitely will not!" Wei Hai grabbed the bronze Star Treasure and ran away.

Wei Ting Ting's spirit object had caught everyone's eyes, but they did not understand the situation. But Wei Hao had managed to grab one, so all the young disciples were immediately jealous, ~We cannot let the Wei Family get all the benefits!~

~That is a spirit object!~

Tang Tian enjoyed the carefree life he had been living the past few days, it was good and he was able to have a sense of freedom.

"Meng Nan, I dare you to come fight with me!" The sensitive Ye Lao Er decided to change his methods, how could he tolerate it any longer? ~You can flatter Meng Nan, does your father know about it?"

Ye Lao Er stood outside Tang Tian's house and shouted for an hour, he had a lot of energy, and just with his clamor, he could cause the tiles on the ground to tremble.

Tang Tian who could not win against the annoyance threw out a bronze star treasure: "Get lost!"

Ye Lao Er was elated, he hugged the treasure and left.

He had just left when the four sisters of the Li Family ran over carrying all sorts of steaming hot dim sum, and went into Tang Tian's room. Not long after, the four sisters came out each with a spirit object, laughing happily as they left.

The dim sum was so delicious that Tang Tian almost swallowed his own tongue.

Since bronze star treasures are not worth much, he could give them one each.

The other disciples were all envious, and also thought of their own methods. Ye Lao Er's method was no longer doable, Ye Lao Er was rather interesting, after obtaining his spirit object, he started to guard the entrance like a Door God, helping Tang Tian block the other people. Ye Lao Er was powerful too, and very few people could fight against him.

The four Li sisters were good with their dim sum, that was a unique method for themselves.

Yu Qing Yi came over to Tang Tian's door, ignoring Ye Lao Er's furious gaze, he spoke up: "Noble guest, you have severe internal injuries, this subordinate is an expert in medicine, and could try to help you."

An Aries Constellation Bronze Star Treasure flew out.

Yu Qing Yi ran over to Shi Sen, Shi Sen then understood that the person Qing Yi was speaking to was him. Shi Sen was impressed, their old bodies truly had internal injuries, and because they did not have the treatment in the past, they left it alone, but who knew that Yu Qing Yi could see it.

~But, boss is also too easily duped….~

Shi Sen felt that the exchange was too extravagant, but to be able to treat his internal injuries, he was rather happy.

Out of the five families, only the Zhang family was left. Zhang Nan Yan walked up confidently: "This lowly one has some business…."

Before he could finish his words, a rumble caused everyone's face to change.

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