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Chapter 649 – Tang Tian’s Idea

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The ground shook, wild beasts roared angrily, the distant Green Sea of Mist started churning restlessly. An intense energy fluctuation swept like a hurricane. It caused the dust and sand on the ground to rise, the sky suddenly darkened, as though it was not day.

A fiery light exploded out inside the Green Sea of Mist, causing thick smoke to surge.

A shadow the size of mountains crawled out of the Green Sea of Mist, its features already indistinct. Black clouds loomed over their heads, while the Green Sea of Mist barely reached its waist, making it look extremely majestic. It’s imposing aura smashed the Green Sea of Mist below, as though tens of thousands of beasts had gathered and roared recklessly.

Ye Lao Er was crying, that was his great grandfather.

He had kept his body in the sea, his spirit meant to protect his future generations.

His sacrifice that year exchanged for 200 years of peace for the five families.

Another giant shadow stood up from inside the Green Sea of Mist, the giant’s hand swept at the Green Sea of Mist, causing it to churn, it was like a whale inhaling the rivers, causing the mist to coagulate and form a spear in his hands.

Yu Qing Yi’s eyes became wet, he instantly pounced forward and knelt on the ground, he started to kowtow to the giant, who was the ancestor of the Yu Family.

One after another, more giants awoke from their deep slumber and slowly stood up from the Green Sea of Mist.

All of the young disciples all knelt down, the scene before their eyes had completely shocked them. Since young, the adults have told them all that the ancestors had sacrificed, how they used their lives to protect their families, and the difficulty of obtaining their current home. To them, those were all cold records written on books that could cause people to revere, but they were all a distant past.

But at that moment, one after another, all the majestic figures had stood up from within the Green Sea of Mist, blocking at their fronts, protecting them.

All of them had featureless faces, yet they brought about an unspeakable familiarity.

Rumble rumble.

Explosions came out continuously, as fiery lights shone in the sky. In the distance, huge pirate fleets appeared.

Bodies inside the ocean, spirits protect their children.

The brave sacrifice from the cold history, appeared in front of the youngsters. They then realised all the resolution, the yearning and the grief accumulated inside those eight words.

All the Family Heads were equally shocked and changed emotions quickly.

The continuous surge of white light regiments from the fleet, that familiar spirit qi made them immediately recognise their attackers.

Honorable Martial Continent!

“The Green Sea of Mist cannot take it much longer.” Yu Xian Zhi said: “We cannot defend this place any longer.”

White lights cascaded down from the warships onto the Green Sea of Mists, which would explode instantly. The white explosions would sweep across the plains, and the toxic Green Sea of Mist would thaw like snow. The Green Sea of Mist was heavily damaged, and continued to shrink.

The giant ancestor spirits were in an intense battle against the fleet of warships.

A giant hand extended his five fingers and grabbed onto a warship. Inside his palm, the warship was like a useless plank of wood. The weapons on the warship engaged the hand frantically.

The giant roared, his lower body was quickly diminishing, the light aura in his palm was growing intensely brighter.

Crack crack crack!

The warship started to break apart.

Boom, it broke into countless pieces that flew all around.

The Honorable Martial Continent soldiers on the warship lit up with white light and struck towards the giant.

The dazzling white light blossomed at the remnants of the giant’s upper body. The giant did not feel a thing, but its body quickly diminished to its chest, and with only its arms left, it congealed with a light aura.

It roared, slamming both palms onto the Green Sea of Mist, causing the mist to surge upwards, like a mountain peak being pulled up from the ground to even taller heights, striking on another warship.


A gigantic explosion enveloped the warship. When the light aura dissipated, only half of the warship remained.

“We will hold them back, and allow the young to escape.” Li Yue Tao said without hesitating.

The battle was intense, but they knew that the Honorable Martial Continent had found a way to handle then. Currently, the battle of the giant ancestor spirits was going downhill. As time goes by, they would fall greater and greater. Because the Green Sea of Mist was the power source of the giant ancestor spirits, in which the frigates behind the warships were frantically destroying.

In truth, everyone knew that when the giant ancestor spirits were awakened would be the most dangerous time for the five families.

“Where do they go?” Zhang Ying Ru took a deep breath and said.

“Let them follow Meng Nan from now on!” Ye Feng Lie laughed: “Heh, we don’t need to discuss about this.”

“We will do that!” Wei Da agreed, he looked over to Tang Tian from a distance, Wei Hao and Wei Ting Ting who were beside him, his eyes immediately became extremely warm and gentle.

He turned his head, holding back the discomfort in his heart, he shouted with rage: “Martial artist above the age of 25, follow me out to battle!”

One after another, figures soared into the sky like moths flying into the flames.

On board the warship, Mei Chen Xiu had a steady expression. In the Honorable Martial Continent, he was a nobody. In the past few years, the Honorable Martial Continent had waged wars upon wars with other various smaller continents around, and thus there were many famed grade generals appearing. Mu Zhi Xia, Mo Xin, Qiu Xu Hua, Gou Cheng, Wen Dao, and Jia Ya, were the five most famous generals in Honorable Martial Continent.

Compared to them, Mei Chen Xiu was not as bright, Qiu Xu Hua was the same age as him, but was already in power and had impressive records.

But it was this quiet and unknown Mei Chen Xiu who found the way to breakthrough the Green Sea of Mist. Very few people knew that in the entire tactics planning for the assault on the Southern Region, although he was not the only one planning, but he was the main person. Mei Chen Xiu who was recently promoted volunteered to join in the infiltration amongst the pirates.

Mei Chen Xiu’s performance after that had been outstanding and surprising. Amongst the small groups, he was the first to completely infiltrate and control the pirates. After that, he led his pirates to plunder and loot in all locations, time and time again, he earned countless of victories, and from the lowest to the highest, all the pirates were convinced of his abilities. All the plundering seemed to be at random, but they were all chosen specially by him, so he could gather useful information and reports to send back to the Honorable Martial Continent.

The people under Lady Rou who had moved out for the mission consisted of five pirate groups, with Mei Chen Xiu in one of them.

Mei Chen Xiu did not rush to the front, he had a different mindset from the other generals. From the start, he did not think that the crucial part of the battle was whether or not they could defeat the Five Southern Island Families, but whether they could get them all at once.

He equipped and trained his fleet differently from the other generals as well, he trained the pirates to be extremely agile and fast, so they are able to come and go like the wind.

“They want to escape, chase after them.” Mei Chen Xiu said with a look of indifference.

“Master, those are pirates.” Shi Sen said.

Tang Tian had already noticed the pirates.

They had started to retreat when the pirates started to move, they made a roundabout and dodged the main battlefield, they were clearly the targets. Some of the martial artists of the five families wanted to block the pirates, but they were too agile, dodging left and shifting right, they suddenly cut through them, faking their way through the martial artists and going after Tang Tian.

The Honorable Martial Continent, those are people from the Honorable Martial Continent feigning as pirates.

Tang Tian never thought that Honorable Martial Continent who had just lost in White Sands City would actually still hold so much power and forces. After the drawn out battle, the Honorable Martial Continent gradually held the advantage. Although the Honorable Martial Continent’s warships were continuously destroyed by the giant ancestor spirits, and with their people dropping into the Green Sea of Mist and becoming spirits, but the giant ancestor spirits were also disappearing.

The light balls shot by the frigates were specially made to suppress the Green Sea of Mist, causing it to wither.

The Honorable Martial Continent’s large army was unstoppable, as they gradually and firmly pushed forward. Even if Suo Bi’s 1st Army was present, they would be unable to stop the huge army, furthermore The Five Southern Island Families did not have any armies.

The giant ancestor spirits roared in anger, expressing the end of their path.

Inside the warship, sobbings were endless, all of the youngsters had ashen faces, the boys were tearing, the girls sobbing and wailing.

Tang Tian was so annoyed by the ruckus around him he roared: “Everyone shut up!”

They all looked at Tang Tian in shock.

Tang Tian felt an immense pain in his head, initially when he thought to come, he was trying to look for help and hoped to gain some allies. But he did not expect for himself to not obtain any allies, but instead become a stay-home dad, bringing a group of wimpy brats who were still wet behind their ears to escape.

When he saw Granny Li Yue Tao’s pleading look, Tang Tian who wanted to reject did not know how to say it.

But even if they wanted to escape, it would not be easy.

The Black Arrow Warship was a small sized warship, and it was currently packed to the brim, and thus, the speed of the Black Arrow Warship had dropped tremendously. To someone trying to escape for their life, there was nothing more terrible than to have the pirates behind them to be faster than them.

Damn it!

The opponents were a fleet, but they were just a warship, thus increasing the pressure. Although the Black Arrow Warship was a silver grade warship and enough to hold its own against a few warships, but the fleet behind them had three other silver grade warships.

The Honorable Martial Continent was truly rich and imposing, exactly the same as the Honorable Martial Temple, all of the pirates were actually so powerful!

“This place doesn’t have any garrison to station in?” Tang Tian turned and asked Ling Xia.

Ling Xia’s face turned white, she shook her head : “No, The Southern Islands was a no-man’s land, other than the five families, there are no other cities.”

“At most we fight to the death!”

Ye Lao Er said dryly, he clenched his teeth, his eyes filled with blood veins.

Wei Hao also stood up, his expression turning ugly: “We fight!”

A voice filled completely with disdain broke them.

“Fight to the death? Even fighting to the death requires strength that can fight to the death, and with you all?”

Tang Tian coldly observed all of them.

“You…..” Ye Lao Er looked at Tang Tian in anger, Yu Qing Yi immediately stood in between them, and he spoke to Tang Tian: “Mister Meng, please forgive us, Ye Er’s temper is bad, he does not have any intention to offend you.”

Tang Tian waved his hand impatiently: “Alright alright. Shi Sen, how much longer till they catch up?”

“In less than half an hour.” Shi Sen gave an accurate figure, and said: “Master, this subordinate will….”

Seeing Shi Sen’s determined look, Tang Tian felt warmth, he patted Shi Sen’s shoulder: “Do not speak of such words, this half an hour is enough for us to think of something.”

Tang Tian’s eyes lit up, he suddenly glanced at the bronze bow in Wei Ting Ting’s hands, it was the gift he gave her.

Wait a minute!

Tang Tian’s mind suddenly worked like lightning, he asked: “Wei Ting Ting, how’s the power of the bow?”

Wei Ting Ting never thought that Tang Tian would actually ask such a question at such a timing, she was startled for a moment: “It is very strong!”

“How strong?” Tang Tian asked.

“It can increase my battle ability by double.” Wei Ting Ting said with little confidence: “I haven’t tested it out yet….”

Tang Tian suddenly laughed: “I thought of a way! I thought of an idea!”

“What idea?” Shi Sen was the first to react, his eyes lit up.

“That’s it.” Tang Tian pointed at the bronze bow in Wei Ting Ting’s hands.

Everyone could not help but reveal disappointment, what kind of idea was that, although a spirit object is strong, but in such a battle, it could not be of much use.

Tang Tian did not bother explaining, he only shouted: “Make way for me.”

Everyone did not understand, they retreated back a few steps, leaving an empty space.


Everyone could only retreat, the warship was already packed, but everyone still did their best to squeeze.

They did not understand what Tang Tian was doing, and only felt that his expression was extremely bizarre.

That expression of…..arrogance, recklessness, taunt, disdain, complacence, like….like….a rich tyrant!

The Silver Aquarius Cabinet in his hands lit up.

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