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Chapter 647

Chapter 647 – The Five Family Heads

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“What do you all say?” The one who spoke was an elderly man with a beard. He was Zhang Ying Ru, Family Head of the Zhangs. In his hand was a silver vase, holding it tightly as though he was afraid that the vase would fly away.

The 5 Family heads were in a hall, all of their expressions solemn. Although the 5 families were close like a family, but there was rarely a gathering of the 5 family heads.

“It is miraculous.” Ye Feng Lie’s eyes flickered with a light, he had a bold and powerful appearance, but in truth was a careful man, as he always had an opinion on everything. In his hand was a silver scale, it was extremely delicate and small, and what was surprising about it was the bizarre ripples it was releasing.

Ye Feng Lie closed his eyes, as though he was immersed in the wonderful ripple.

“If I did not see it with my own eyes, I would never believe that there would be a spirit object that is so compatible with me in this world, it is as though it was made right for me.” Ye Feng Lie looked like he was drunk, yet his voice was as cold as ice.

Li Yue Tao was the only female out of the 5 Family heads, she spoke: “These spirit objects are completely different from the spirit objects of Sacred Saint Galaxy, and have some resemblance to the spirit objects of the Honorable Martial Continent.”

In her hand was a small and delicate silver shield, on it was an engraving of a crab. She used her hand to go along the engravings of the shield, the energy ripple that seemed extremely faint, was resonating with the energy in her body.

“The Honorable Martial Continent?” Wei Da sneered; “Although the spirit objects of Honorable Martial Continent are hailed as the best in Sacred Saint Galaxy, but compared to these spirit objects, they are still lacking.”

The 5 families and Honorable Martial Continent had fought for so many years, but they were not destroyed, and were long familiar with one another. Whatever methods the Honorable Martial Continent had, no one was as clear as them.

In Wei Da’s hand was a silver bow, the Wei Family were experts in bow techniques, and upon landing in his hand, he became excited.

Yu Xian Zhi said slowly: “Look at the insignia on this, the Aries Yu Family, has been passed down for so many generations, this Aries insignia has never appeared at any other place before. The Aries Silver Spear, how can there be such coincidental things in the world.”

He looked at the silver spear in front of him, his eyes filled with a cold glint.

Everyone quieted down. Why was the 13 Families being chased after Honorable Martial Continent? Other people may not know about it, but how could the people present not?

“Could it be that our 13 ancestors that went missing in the past, did not die, but found another place to spread the legacy?”

Zhang Ying Ru’s voice trembled slightly, the legend of the past had been written in the records of the 13 families. This legend had never been proven, and the 13 families had spent immense effort, even sending people into the internal parts of Honorable Martial Continent, but all the information they had received was always vague, just like the legends.

Wei Da snorted: “If not, why would the assholes from the Honorable Martial Continent want us to die even after so many years? The Honorable Martial Continent is afraid of us receiving this information. Humph, the Honorable Martial Continent had miraculously broke through with their spirit research, most likely it is because of this.”

Wei Da had profo

und attainments in the dao of the bow, yet he did not have the calmness of Sagittarius, he had a bad temper and harbored grudges, his personality like fire.

Everyone else nodded their heads, Wei Da’s words coincided with what they thought.

“Could it be the Honorable Martial Continent’s trap?” Li Yue Tao asked.

“The Continent Lord does not gain from it.” Ye Feng Lie’s clear and cold voice sounded out: “To casually gift 5 spirit objects, the Honorable Martial Continent is not so free and rich to do this.”

Everyone else laughed, truly, no matter how generous the Honorable Martial Continent was, they would not gift out 5 exquisite spirit objects as bait.

“And we also need these to change our current situation.”

Yu Xian Zhi slowed tone caused everyone to calm down. The recent situation of the Southern Islands have not been good.

“Then we shall take a look!” Zhang Ying Ru said: “Open the gate and welcome the noble guest!”

The other four family heads stood up at the same time.

Outside the Green Sea of Mist.

Richard could not resist but ask: “Boss, are we spending a bit too much for this?”

Ling Xia who stood by the side had a distressed expression.

The two of them were not worried about the Southern Island Five Families rejecting them at the door, but honestly, what kind of joke was Meng Nan playing at, five spirit objects, and they were extremely high grade spirit objects. Luckily, Xu Jin was not present, if not, his eyes would turn green. Richard had seen many spirit objects at his son’s lab, they were all given by the boss for his son to research, but the grades of the five spirit objects were far superior to those that he had seen.

The Sacred Saint Galaxy was not Heaven’s Road, spirit objects here were rare treasures, and for such high quality spirit objects, they could exchange them for cities.

But the spirit objects were not theirs, so the two of them could only feel envy and sadness.

Richard had long known of the boss’ big gestures, but the amount paid out still shocked him.

Ling Xia only felt that the word “Rich Tyrant” had completely changed to a new meaning.

“Is it too much?” Tang Tian asked casually, his expression showing that he did not even care about what Richard said.

“Of course it is!” Richard immediately replied: “You can simply gift 1! Giving 5 of them, that’s….that’s truly….truly too extravagant!”

“Extravagant?” Tang Tian regained his senses: “It isn’t, each family only has one.”

Each family only has one…..

Tang Tian turned his head and looked at Wei Ting Ting: “Hey, are your family heads coming to meet me or not? If they are not, I’m leaving.”

Tang Tian’s tone was filled with impatience, it seemed as though he was extremely displeased with the current situation.

No one would feel that Tang Tian’s displease was wrong, even Wei Ting Ting felt that he was right to be displeased.

“That’s right!” Richard was the first to reinforce, and snorted: “Those 5 spirit objects can buy a continent! And a big continent at that, your side is acting too high and mighty already.”

Ling Xia did not say a word, but the expression on her face also showed her displeasure towards the other party.

Wei Ting Ting was helpless about it, but just at that moment, she suddenly heard a voice coming out from the Green Sea of Mist, and she was instantly roused: “I welcome noble guests to the Southern Islands.”

Rumble rumble rumble, the thunderous sound came out from the sea of green.

After the rumbling, countless of disciples shouted in unison.

“We welcome the noble guests!”

The clamors sounded out like a powerful current, the Green Sea of Mist behind Wei Ting Ting churned about restlessly, being split into two by an immense power, revealing a vast path of clouds that extended into the distance. The white clouds being placed between the dark Green Sea of Mist, made it look spotlessly white.

Disciples dressed in different colors arrived like running water, splitting and standing by the two sides of the path of clouds.

Five figures floated down from the sky, and landed on the path of clouds, their faces covered with smiles. Surprise flashed past their eyes, Tang Tian’s age had definitely surprised them.

Zhang Ying Ru raised his white eyebrows, and laughed: “Noble guests you have waited long for us, my apologies my apologies!”

The other four maintained smiles and waved at Tang Tian.

Wei Ting TIng stared at the five family heads in front of her, her entire mind filled with shock. She had thought that the five family heads would agree for Tang Tian to enter the Southern Islands, but never thought that they would perform such a greeting. For the five family heads to appear at the same time to welcome the guest, with the disciples formed long rows beside the path of clouds, it was the biggest and most supreme welcoming gesture the Southern Islands has ever done.

~When was the last time this happened?~

Ever since she was born, she had never seen such a thing. Even when the Continent Lord had personally visited, they would definitely not do such a thing.

This guy…..

She instantly turned her head and looked at Tang Tian. She was quick witted and intelligent, although the five spirit objects were worth cities, but they were definitely not sufficient for the five elderlies to come out to greet him.

“Hello granny, hello four grandpas!”

Seeing the appearances of the five family heads, Tang Tian was slightly taken aback, he never thought that they would be so old, and he instantly shouted with manners, since he was still young, Tang Tian did not have to bear any burden. Tang Tian had always been extremely polite towards the elderly.

Standing by the side, Richard’s expression froze on his face, in his eyes, his boss was a powerful and tyrannical man that could kill without blinking, and placed anywhere, he was a formidable person.

But the lovable youngster in front of him…..

Richard started to feel himself going deranged.

Ling Xia was equally dumbstruck, she thought she had heard wrongly, ~t-t-this……is this the tyrannical lord that killed countless of people, and fought all the way even when he was bleeding entirely?~

Shi Sen was stunned, Boss…….

Zhang Ying Ru and the other 4 family heads smiled even wider, they had never met Tang Tian before, and only felt that the child in front of them was lovable and polite, with one look they believed that he was brought up well. The 5 of them were all old, and they extremely loved children.
(TN: Tang Tian never grows old, or that this entire story takes place at an extremely fast pace, in a short span of a few years.) (DeAndreR: I’ll go with a few short years since time isn’t directly referenced)

The five families had long traditions with strict etiquettes, all of their younger generations and disciples were brought up under stringent rules, and as long as they saw the five elders, they would tremble with fear and acted carefully.

The instant Tang Tian greeted them, the five of them instantly became happy.

“Oh my, it is a young kid, how can the family be at ease letting you come out on your own?” Li Yue Tao was the first to be unable to hold back.

“Yes yes!”

“Come in come in, are you hungry, we made you wait so long….”


Seeing Tang Tian being surrounded by the old people, and his naive and harmless face, replying and talking to them obediently and adorably, Richard and the rest were petrified.

They had never thought that, their expressions would be a displeasure to the five elders.

“Truly, it was difficult for this young man to come out, they should had chosen brighter and smarter bodyguards, how dumb and stupid can the family be….”

“It’s alright, we can replenish the ranks with our own people….”

~Dumb and stupid…..~

Shi sen, Richard and the rest wanted to vomit blood.

Instead, Tang Tian felt good, although he was not very bright, but his intuition was extremely sharp, he could feel the care and concern from the granny and grandpas, causing him to feel the warmth he had not felt in a long time.

This unfamiliar warmth made Tang Tian slightly absent-minded.

For the entire time, majority of it was his strong determination, his rage, his displease inner shoutings, his struggles, his battles. Unknowingly, he had gotten used to the nonstop fighting, gotten used to the intense danger, gotten used to the cold blade tips, gotten used to the blood stench and smell.

The sudden care and concern was like a trace of sunlight that punctured through the black clouds.

No matter how much or how less it was, warmth was still a cure for the heart.

Suddenly, Tang Tian thought about his mother, his mother’s gentle gaze, his mother’s warm hands.

He thought about Ghost Claw, the quiet and stern figure that always cared and had expectations for him.

He felt his nose turning slightly sour, but he allowed his smile to blossom even more splendidly.

In the world, there was not only darkness and blood, not only open struggles and covert maneuvers, not only mutual deception, there was also light and warmth, the simple and honest care and concern, and the desire to take care of others.

Human relations could be as complicated as ten thousand strings interweaving, or as simple as one line.

Throwing away all thoughts of self interest, Tang Tian’s smile became even more sincere.

What 12 Ecliptic Palaces, what benefits and disputes, at the moment, all those thoughts had been tossed unimaginably far away.

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