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Chapter 1543 - The Adventures of the Ghost Hut

The man wanted to get angry, but when he saw that the person blocking his way was a beautiful woman, he immediately smiled.

"Big brother really likes girls. Tell me, do you want me to be in front, or do you want me to be in back?"

These words were all vulgar and unbearable.

Before Huangpu Yingruo could make a move, Qin Chao moved even faster.


He directly slapped the man's face.

Suddenly, the man's body did a massive seven hundred and twenty degree turn. He flew out of the rope and landed in the crowd.

It was fortunate that the crowd dodged quickly, otherwise they really would have helped the man with the pincers.

Now, the man with the pincers fell to the ground, screaming in pain like a pig being butchered.

"Ahhhh, you dare to hit I?"

"It was you!"

Qin Chao felt that hitting him was dirtying his own hands.

"With so many people arduously lining up, you actually cut in line and even have so many children watching you. Is this how you act as an example to them?"

"What business do you have with me? What kind of thing do you think you are?"

The slap that Qin Chao gave was not too heavy, it was because he was afraid that Qin Chao would kill him.

The man with the pincers helped his subordinate stand up, gritting his teeth as he yelled, "If I don't beat you to a pulp today, I'm not f * cking called Ye Zilong."

As he spoke, the group of hooligans behind him walked over like tigers eyeing their prey.

The other tourists moved to the side.

They wouldn't interfere in a matter like this.

The security guards at the side seemed to have noticed the commotion and didn't dare to move forward.

Qin Chao frowned slightly.

This was the so-called security.

Compared to when he was a security guard in Guangyuan Academy back then, there must have been a huge difference.

Yes, he just needed to get a little salary every month. There was no need to work so hard for anyone.

But if so, what was the point of Ann keeping it?

"You two are still as arrogant as before, even in broad daylight!"

Huangpu Yingruo saw that the other party was so arrogant and immediately became even more angry.

The little barbarian pinched his waist, and a hand stretched out.

"Little girl, you're so cool, I've messed with you today."

A few hooligans came over while cursing.

"Pa Pa Pa …"

But no matter who it was, if they were in front of Huangpu Yingruo, they would only have one outcome.


The clapping sounds were extremely loud.

All the hooligans were disoriented by the slap. Their faces were red and swollen, and they were unable to tell which direction was north and south.

"What … What is going on?"

Ye Zilong's eyes were wide open, unable to understand what was going on.

In the blink of an eye, his brothers had all been beaten up.

"This is my punishment."

Huangpu Yingruo said, "I asked you all to act like hooligans and to behave so arrogantly, this is how I am leaving the sect. If I were still a disciple of the Ghost King Palace, I would definitely pull all of you up and pull your tendons out one by one."

Huangpu Yingruo was not just saying these words for nothing, she had a faint Evil Blood Qi on her.

Those hooligans had never seen such an aura before.

They were just bullies who were bullying ordinary people. Now that they were frightened by this aura, their courage almost broke.

flesh god stage cultivator.

In the eyes of these hoodlums, it was as if they were looking at a devil covered in blood standing in front of them, roaring as if he was about to tear them apart.


"So, so terrifying!"

"Help, help me …" "There's a ghost …"

The few of them were so scared that they nearly peed their pants and scrambled to run away.

Qin Chao was slightly stunned.

Huangpu Yingruo was still merciful.

But it can't be over, because it concerns the future reputation of the amusement park.

"Those security guards, stop them."

he shouted.

However, the security guards only glanced at him once, as if they were looking at a retard, and did not step forward at all.

A total of three security guards took a step back at the same time and let the hoodlums run out.

"F * ck!"

Qin Chao was so angry that he wanted to kill someone.

"Forget it, cowardice is human nature."

Luo Xi pulled back the crowd and walked over to look for trouble with Qin Chao.

"Talk to your CEO later. Just open up the place for them and we'll have a new batch of security."

Luo Xi advised, "Don't forget, your main objective for today is to accompany the two of us … "Oh, no, it's a game to play with this beauty. I don't want you to waste your time on others. It wasn't easy for us to get there."

"He's obviously accompanying me …"

Huangpu Yingruo immediately said with jealousy.

"Accompany you, look at how you look like a woman."

Luo Xi curled his lips, "Don't let your face get too close to mine, my Mr. Qin is here to accompany me, you just came to take it along with you."

"You, you, you, you're really pissing me off!"

Huangpu Yingruo could not speak for Luo Xi, so he stomped his feet in anger.

"What's the use in getting angry? If you have the ability, don't follow me in."

Coincidentally, it was their turn to enter the haunted house, Luo Xi said provocatively.

"You're the one who shouldn't come in here."

Huangpu Yingruo immediately grabbed Qin Chao's arm and said, "Qin Chao was originally going to accompany me today. Which leek are you?"

"Who do you think I am, my Mr. Qin?"

Luo Xi said as he reached out a finger and drew a few lines on Qin Chao's chest.

Qin Chao's blood boiled.

F * ck, this girl doesn't know how to restrain herself in front of so many people.

"Damn it, you have no shame!"

Huangpu Yingruo slapped Luo Xi's dishonest hands away.

"What is shame? You want to steal my man? You don't know shame."

When it came to scolding people, Luo Xi was not afraid at all.

Qin Chao's head hurt.

These two girls were more than a thousand years old.

Why did he still act like a child?


Huangpu Yingruo decided to use silence to defeat this damned woman.

She pulled Qin Chao's other arm and started walking towards the ghost house.

Luo Xi naturally did not back down, as he grabbed onto Qin Chao's other hand.

Qin Chao was helpless, his son of a bitch was such that he was almost dragged in by two women.

What the hell, where is the dignity of a man?

Inside the haunted house, a staff member was standing at the entrance and speaking into a megaphone.

"Everyone, please pay attention to the order. At the same time, all the ghosts will be played by our staff. Please do not insult or beat our staff, and do not destroy our entertainment facilities. Otherwise, we will compensate at the price …"

Barbarian said a lot of things, and Qin Chao saw that the two women beside him were still looking at each other with hostility.

Damn, it was obvious from one look that he wasn't paying attention to the staff member's words.

Children who don't listen seriously to classes are the most detestable.

"Don't piss your pants when the time comes."

Luo Xi sarcastically said.

"Hmph, I'm afraid you'll be the one to pee in my pants."

Huangpu Yingruo immediately retorted.

"I, I deal with these things all day long."

A proud smile appeared on Luo Xi's face as he said, "It's a pity that you, such a charming little beauty, can't take it …"

"Humph, we'll see when the time comes."

The two women spoke and brought Qin Chao in again.

This was what they called riding on a cloud.

The three of them took the vanguard position and entered the haunted house.

There was basically no light inside, only a row of small green lights on both sides of the road.

However, the three of them had night vision, so it was not difficult for them to walk.

They saw that hands were reaching out from both sides of the road to grab their feet.

Qin Chao took note of it, but Huangpu Yingruo did not see it.

Her eyes were filled with enmity as she looked at Luo Xi.

At this moment, a hand suddenly grabbed her ankle.


She immediately cried out in alarm, so loud that it caused one's hair to stand on end.

Then, a kick flew out, landing on that hand with a crack.


Another creepy voice called out, and the hand immediately retracted.

Qin Chao mourned for his brothers …

However, you are lucky that this girl hasn't used her Blood Demon skill yet.

Otherwise your arm won't hold.

"Scared, scared me to death..."

Huangpu Yingruo patted his chest and said, "A hand suddenly appeared …."

With Qin Chao's helplessness, with her strength, how could there be anything that was within ten metres of her.

The key was that this girl was so focused on Luo Xi that she did not notice any movements at the side.

It was just that he pitied that man.

It was too miserable.

Qin Chao could only silently pray for him.

Fortunately it was dark here, so this brother couldn't see Huangpu Yingruo's face clearly.

But Huangpu Yingruo must have been cursing him to death in his heart.

"Aiya, look at you. You are indeed afraid."

However, Luo Xi grabbed the opportunity, and immediately shouted: "Isn't it just a single hand, let me see how scared you are!"

"How, how am I afraid?"

"Then why did you step on him?"

"I … I was subconsciously using self-protection methods …"

Huangpu Yingruo immediately said.

"He suddenly caught me! I … I thought he was an enemy!"

"If you're afraid, just say so. Why are you still finding excuses."

However, Luo Xi smiled tenderly, "If you're afraid, then we'll just go back the way we came."

"Who's afraid? I think you should be the one scared. Don't use me as an excuse."

"Tch, then keep walking forward. You don't want me to give you the chance, I really don't know what a good person I am."

Luo Xi curled his lips, and the two women carried Qin Chao and continued to walk.

"Holy shit, the two of you can leave if you want to, can't you just put I down?"

Qin Chao was suddenly slightly angered, "I am your toy, you can pick me up just by saying so."

"We are leading you away."

Luo Xi immediately blinked his eyes and said, "Look at the people behind, they're all envious of you, how can you still be dissatisfied with them? My dear, a human's heart is not enough to swallow an elephant."

"Swallowing your head …"

Qin Chao immediately shouted, "I'm about to be tortured to death by you two, there's a small wooden bridge in front of us, hurry up and let me down, otherwise the three of you won't be able to cross it together."

"Alright then."

The two girls had no choice but to let Qin Chao go.

And a wooden bridge, swaying unsteadily in front of the three of them.

On the other side of the wooden bridge, ghostly shadows filled the air. The three of them could see figures moving back and forth.

But Qin Chao could tell that they were all fake human beings, that they were being held up by ropes and swaying back and forth.

"Who, who wants to pass first?"

As for Huangpu Yingruo, he actually turned his head and asked.

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