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Chapter 1752 - The Power of the Heavens and the Earth

A huge eight trigram diagram covered the top of the tower, suppressing the constantly moving Inferno Tower for Demons.

Qin Chao was surprised. Even with the Geomancy Sect pressuring him together, he still could not suppress the tower much …

Then what step did the Devil King in the tower have?

"Sect Leader... We have some. "I can't take it anymore..."

"Even if you can't hold on, you have to!"

The Sect Leader shouted, "Otherwise, if that Devil King is released, the entire Geomancy Sect will return to being in great danger."

"Sigh, if only Immortal Fenglei was here."

An elder said dejectedly.

"Immortal Fenglei was injured in the last battle and has not fully recovered."

Another elder shouted, "Ghost King Sect is attacking my Geomancy Sect again in a few days, he is still trying his best to recuperate from his injuries, I am afraid Immortal Fenglei cannot help this time."

"Damn it, I'm running out of energy."

"Persist... "Hold on..."

It was obvious that these experts of the Geomancy Sect were beginning to find it hard to persevere.

"Four thousand years have passed … His cultivation is getting higher and higher … "

Standing there, the Butterfly Demon could not help but exclaim, "Now that the Seven Stars Arrays have been broken, there's nothing that can stop him anymore …"

While he was speaking, the red light that shot out from the top of the Inferno Tower for Demons suddenly grew ten times thicker.

In an instant, the eight trigram diagram that was suppressing the Inferno Tower for Demons was broken.

Following the red light, a tall and sturdy man broke out from the top of the tower.

The moment he walked out, ghostly wails could be heard.

The surrounding sand and dust also became berserk, forming a black sand tornado that coiled around the Inferno Tower for Demons.

The stalwart man stood at the top of the tornado, his crimson red eyes staring at the Geomancy Sect disciples below.

"He, he still came out …"

One of the elders almost fell to his knees in fear.

It seemed that this person's notoriety had been deeply engraved in the hearts of these people.

"Kill, kill all the people in the world!"

The man let out a roar that brought with it a powerful pressure that filled the hundred meter radius around Inferno Tower for Demons.

A few disciples with weaker cultivations all knelt on the ground, sweat beading on their foreheads.

Qin Chao and Wu Qingye also helplessly sat on the ground, preparing to put on an act …

Lily did not need to put on an act at all as she sat beside Wu Qingye with a pale face and trembled while hugging onto his arm.

What the hell, it's too unfair. I wanted to hug her too.

"The killing intent in his heart is too strong …" "I can't turn back anymore …"

The Butterfly Demon looked at its former lover, a flash of sadness flashing across its eyes.


Devil King roared, and the sky changed color.

"Sect Leader... "What should I do..."

An elder asked for the Sect Leader's opinion.

"Now that things have come to this, what else can we do? Kill him … "This is the only way."

As the Sect Leader spoke, he extended his left hand and drew a spell in the air.

"Lightning Curse!"


The Geomancy Sect's Lightning Curse was obviously the upgraded version of the Thunder Rune.

An enormous lightning bolt suddenly descended from the sky and landed on Devil King's body.

But a red light flashed from Devil King's body, blocking the lightning.

With a "peng," the lightning struck the ground, leaving a huge black crater on the ground.

"You all … All of you will die... "

After fending off the Thunder Curse from the Sect Leader's attack, the fierceness in the Devil King's eyes became even more intense.

Qin Chao couldn't help but exclaim in his heart.

"My god, the strength of this Devil King, I'm afraid he is already a celestial being Da Luo."

He secretly transmitted to Wu Qingye who was beside him.

"It's not just that..."

Wu Qingye was also dumbstruck, he did not think that such a thing could happen in this Geomancy Sect, "From what I see, he should at least be close to the supreme being, and haven't you noticed that the aura around this Inferno Tower for Demons is a little strange …"

"Un, it should be the effect of the Inferno Tower for Demons releasing the devil energy … There are no world laws here … "

Qin Chao sensed that it should be because the devilish aura that was being released had twisted the surrounding space, causing it to seem as if this place had become an independent world, where the laws set by the Human Venerable and the Human Venerable did not exist.

"Yes... This would be even more disadvantageous for the people of the Geomancy Sect … Looks like this battle is going to be very tragic for Geomancy Sect … "

"It's not just that..."

Qin Chao's heart was thumping, "In this Inferno Tower for Demons, I can even feel the power of the Principle Pillars … This was the last Principle Pillars left by the main entrance... If things go wrong, the Ghost King Sect will admit defeat even before the Ghost King Sect comes, "Mu Xuanyin said in a low voice.

"Sigh... It was all because of that idiot Bu Jingtian … "We should have killed him earlier."

Wu Qingye gritted her teeth.

At this time, Feng Baili, with a face full of piety and flattery, kneeled towards Devil King and could not help but laugh.

"My king, my master, you have finally come out of the tower. This world is already yours, and I am only your humble servant, my king. "Eh …"

Without waiting for him to finish speaking, a red light suddenly flashed and directly pierced through Feng Baili's head.

This expert of the Earthly Immortal Stage had died and was lying on the ground.

And Devil King who was standing on top of the tower, slowly withdrew his finger.

F * ck me.

He killed Feng Baili in one move.

This fellow was truly amazing.

Qin Chao opened his eyes wide.

"He actually killed his own people …" "It seems that he has completely lost his humanity …"

The Sect Leader also gritted his teeth, anger in his almond eyes. "Disciples of Geomancy Sect, listen up, activate the Devil Slayer Formation."

As she spoke, she and the other elders had already scattered and jumped out.

Pig Magic Formation.

It sounded awkward.

Although Qin Chao lamented the fact that his reputation was not good, the power of this array was not weak.

A few clan elders of the Geomancy Sect looked around, and each of them released a blue light from their fingers.

This blue light was like a chain that coiled around Devil King's wrists and ankles.

In the beginning, it was only a dozen or so rays of blue light from the elders, but in the end, it developed into the Geomancy Sect.

In an instant, almost a hundred blue lights twined around Devil King's body.

It was as if due to the suppression from the blue light, the black tornado beneath Devil King's feet slowly dissipated.

The Inferno Tower for Demons revealed its original appearance.

"Sigh …"

Seeing the Devil King struggling, the Butterfly Demon could not help but sigh.

"Sect Leader, this Devil Slayer Formation can only trap him for a short period of time. Please quickly think of a way."

An elder couldn't help but shout.

The eight trigram diagram had explained everything.

The Devil King could break free at any time.

"Hold on, I need half an incense stick of time."

The Sect Leader constantly drew runes in the air with his hands.

Qin Chao and Wu Qingye could not help but be shocked.

At the same time, he drew a spell with both hands.

This was not something an ordinary person could do.

No wonder she had become the sect master of the Geomancy Sect. With this move, she could kill countless geniuses in the Geomancy Sect in a second.

Too strong.

Some of the Daoist spells required a spell to be drawn beforehand and then printed on a yellow paper.

However, there were some powerful spells that the yellow paper could not store and needed to be drawn temporarily.

Many of the stronger the runes, the more runes needed to be drawn.

For example, for a super charm that was slightly more complicated, no matter how fast a Taoist's hands were, he would need to draw for half an hour.

However, if this Daoist Priest was powerful, he could use other Daoist magics and constantly draw talismans on his hands at the same time.

But half an hour was too long.

A genius like the Sect Leader who could draw talismans with his hands could do it in 15 minutes at most, and the time needed had almost been cut in half.

It seemed that the Sect Leader was casting this kind of incantation right now.

"Half an incense stick of time, let's buy the Sect Leader some time."

"You have to hold on!"

Those experts of the Geomancy Sect were all red in the face as they tried their best to support the Demon Slaying Formation.

"I, I wish I could contribute as well …"

Lily couldn't help but say, "What a pity... "I don't even have the strength to stand up …"

Under the Devil King's pressure, it was already difficult for her to speak.

"It will definitely be alright …"

Wu Qingye comforted her.

"I'm afraid not..."

However, the Butterfly Demon said worriedly, "This level of strength … … Still not enough. He was too strong … "Until now, he still hasn't used his true strength …"


Qin Chao was immediately shocked, "Isn't this all his strength?"

is almost unparalleled in celestial being Da Luo.

Could this fellow be hiding his strength?

Heavens, this guy was really strong.

It seemed that his true strength was already at an unparalleled level.

A pitchfork.

Qin Chao couldn't help but admire her.

"Sect Leader... "We can't hold on much longer..."

An elder whose face was about to turn into that of a gatekeeper couldn't help but shout.

"It's here!"

The Sect Leader's hands were like butterflies fluttering in the wind, dazzling everyone who saw it.

She suddenly retracted her hands, and formed a hand sign, pointing at Devil King above her head, she said.

"Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, Black Turtle, all listen to my commands. Exterminate the Evil, break the devil, pardon the devil."

The Sect Leader seemed to be reciting a simple incantation.

Suddenly, four rays of light appeared in the sky.

In the east, there was a cyan light, and a swimming dragon was faintly discernable in the clouds.

Flames raged in the south, and the giant red bird continued to spew out flames.

Black light coiled around the north, and the gigantic turtle popped its head out of the cloud.

The west was shrouded in a white haze, with mighty white tiger legs stepping on the gale.

These four powers formed four rays of light, converging together and forming a ball of light that floated above the Devil King's head.

"I'm sorry..."

The Sect Leader suddenly apologized in a low voice. Then, she waved her arm, and the ball of light suddenly slashed a Rainbow treasure sword, directly flying through the air and piercing towards Devil King's head.

"What a powerful move..."

Wu Qingye could not help but sigh. "This move, is enough to show the might of a celestial being Da Luo, the Sect Leader is merely a Heavenly Immortal … It seems that the fact that Geomancy Sect was able to borrow the power of heaven and earth was indeed true … "

While speaking, the rainbow-coloured treasure sword had already landed on top of Devil King's head.

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