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Chapter 2298 - Seventh-rank Grandmaster

Elder Ming left.

He had to prepare to enter the second floor of Xuan Yue secret territory.

As for the matter that Yi Yourong entrusted to him, he did not take it to heart.

No matter how important Long Fei was, he wasn't as important as the inheritance of the Netherwyrm.

With the inheritance of the Netherwyrm, there is hope for the rise of the Ming Clan!

… ….

Yi Yourong stood on top of the cliff, quietly looked into the distance, her eyes were a little dazed while her mind was filled with many thoughts, so many that even she herself did not know what she was thinking about.

After a long time.

Yi Yourong clenched his fists, as though he had made a decision.

Then he turned around and left.

Two hours later.

Pill Pavilion, Alchemy Room.

"Grand Elder, the Young Sect Master is here!"

The voice of a disciple came from outside the room.

Yi Changfeng was preparing his Alchemy. Even though it was just a small Long Fei, he did not put it in his eyes. However, he would not give Long Fei even the slightest of hope.

He would definitely crush Long Fei to death on the pill stage with a completely crushed posture.

He wanted to take revenge!

The corner of Yi Changfeng's mouth hooked up as he revealed a cold smile, "Yi Yourong?"

A Alchemy boy said, "Master, what is Young Sect Master doing here at this time?"

Another alchemist said with a smile: "What else can I do? I must be begging you, Master."

Yi Changfeng was secretly pleased with himself.

At this time, Yi Yourong only appeared for one thing, and that was to beg him to spare Long Fei.

And then …

Yi Changfeng said indifferently: "I'm at Alchemy, I won't see guests, so I can't be disturbed. Let her wait outside, if anything happens, wait for me to finish refining the pill first."

"Yes sir!" The disciple's expression became slightly startled, and then quickly withdrew far away from the Alchemy.

Ask the Young Sect Master to wait?

It should be known that although Yi Yourong was the Young Sect Master, she was actually the Sect Master of the Xuan Yue sect.

His status was supreme.

Even if it was the Great Clan Elder, Yi Changfeng couldn't be disrespectful to her.

Now she had to wait outside!

Yi Changfeng sneered, and muttered: "Yi Yourong, do you also have a time to beg me? Hahaha... Wait for me. "

The two alchemists also started laughing.

"Let her wait a little longer, what Young Sect Master? If she doesn't have a Master, then what is she?"

"That's right. Without the support of Master's medicinal pellets, she could control the Xuan Yue sect. She simply doesn't have the qualifications."

Yi Changfeng's face was filled with pride. He had already guessed the purpose of Yi Yourong's visit, and his heart was very pleased as he said: "Prepare your Alchemy, today is a good day. I want to breakthrough to the seventh stage."

A light flashed in the eyes of the two alchemists. They immediately replied: "Understood!"

Yi Yourong's appearance made Yi Changfeng feel very good. He felt great, and maybe he could use this opportunity to break through!

… ….

Yi Yourong stood quietly outside the Alchemy Courtyard.

She was ready when she came here.

For Long Fei!

She was willing to give up everything for the sake of that obsession in her heart.

An hour passed.

Yi Yourong was still waiting.

Two hours passed.

She was still waiting.

Until nightfall, Yi Yourong was still waiting outside the courtyard.

… ….

"What did you say?"

"elder Yi made You Rong wait more than five hours?" Yue Wanshan's eyes shook, and shouted: "How dare you, isn't this Yi Changfeng too arrogant!"

Wu Yi also said angrily: "elder Yi is too much, after all, she is the Young Sect Master!"

"Is he embarrassing Yourong by doing this?"

"Who would still respect her in the future?"

Yue Wanshan said heavily, "No, I have to go and call Yourong back."

Wu Yi caught it, and said: "Senior Brother Yue, could it be that you can't see it? Yi Changfeng was purposely making things difficult for You Rong, and You Rong had to wait for that brat A Long. "

Yue Wanshan said: "But even so, you can't do this right? What was her identity? What is the prestige of the Sect Leader in the future? Could it be that Yi Changfeng is going to climb up to the sect master's level? "

Very angry.

Five hours. It was dark now.

But Yi Changfeng did not show any signs of coming out.


Now that the entire sect knew about this matter, everyone was discussing it.

It wasn't to say that Yi Changfeng was wrong, but that Yi Yourong was willing to accept such humiliation for Long Fei. Was this the work of a sect master?

Not to mention.

Long Fei had made a bet in front of everyone, and he had brought all of this upon himself.

Now that Yi Yourong had come to plead with him, what was this worth?

To favor a disciple?

What about the Great Elder?

For a time, all sorts of rumors arose.

"I think the Young Sect Master has his eyes on that kid."

"Maybe that brat is an illegitimate child of the Master. As the big sister, the Young Sect Master wants to protect his little brother."

"What's so good about that kid?" "I think it's a pile of dog shit."

"That kid stayed on the Reflection Cliff's face for a month. I heard that only the Young Sect Master can see him, maybe the two of them have already …"

"Don't spout nonsense. The Young Sect Master is the Crown Prince's consort. Does she want to give the Crown Prince green hair?"

"Hahaha …"

… ….

All sorts of rumors and mocking laughter rang out.

Some of the Elders also joined in.

"If I were the Grand Elder, I would surely not see the Young Sect Master."

"Young Sect Master, this is too much."

"That's right. Last month, she didn't ask for the pill house to stop working, but now, she asked for a disciple. She said she was concerned about a disciple, so that's why she asked for that. Bullshit."

… ….

Outside the Alchemy Courtyard.

Yi Yourong's Maid said anxiously, "Young Sect Master, let's go."

"The entire sect is talking about it now."

"You don't even know how unpleasant their words are. If you continue waiting like this, then your Young Sect Master status …" Maid pulled Yi Yourong's arm.

Yi Yourong did not move, but asked, "How is he?"


Maid immediately said angrily: "When I talk about him, I get angry. Do you know what he is doing right now? He tramples on wild flowers and wild grass everywhere, making him look like a fool. "

"He doesn't know what you've done for him. Young Sect Master, let's go." Maid was puzzled as she observed Long Fei for an entire day.

She didn't know what Long Fei was doing today.

He started to graze everywhere, not even sparing the flowers now. Sometimes, he would not even let go of small animals. He was completely a person with a broken mental state.

Yi Yourong no longer asked, and instead said, "I'm not doing all this for him."

Maid asked: If it's not for him, then who is it for? Young Sect Master, stop lying to yourself. Everyone is saying that you have fallen for this fool. "

Yi Yourong's pupils slightly moved, and did not rush to explain himself as he silently thought in his heart: "Do I like him?"


"I don't like him."

At this time, Elder Ming's warning voice sounded in her mind, "You are a Gifted Soul of Underworld, his identity is not compatible with yours. You are burdened with the heavy responsibility of rising to prominence in the Ming Clan, so you should put aside your relationship with your children. You need to be clear about your identity, your mission!"

Half a moment.

Yi Yourong said: "Go back and protect him."

Maid did not agree.

At this moment.

A clear hum came from the Alchemy Courtyard, this was the sound coming from the pill furnace. At the same time, a clear and excited laugh came out from the furnace, "Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

"This old man has broken through!"

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