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The old bald man was already too deep for tears…

With his experience, how could he not see that the two silver-plate law-enforcement officers had indeed obtained only 60 purple crystals? Besides, Chu Yang had just returned to the Chu clan and his cultivation was also completely scrapped. How would the Chu clan take out 300 purple crystals for him?

Isn't this a joke?

But the adversary had successfully tricked us into a snare. Furthermore, we were wrong at the start, but we still need his help!

If we don't return the purple crystals, what can we do?

Qin Baoshan was not a fool and he realized this too. But he deemed the give out of the 300 purple crystals to Chu Yang as another case.

He was now forced to the edge of the cliff.

He could not give the crystals.

Qin Baoshan and the old bald man glanced at each other and shook their heads miserably. The bald man moved his lips slightly and passed down a message, "Old Qin, we've made a blunder now. We've been completely tricked by this brat… The only thing I don't understand is, how did this bastard change his character so quickly? He was very fearful just now. But once he heard that we needed his help, he immediately changed his face! This… this is nothing short of a rascal!"

Qin Baoshan sighed, "Didn't you figure this out? He grew up in a rogue nest since he was a child… They are good at taking opportunities at every moment, and their skills are more than just this … It would be a wonder if he doesn't look like this…"

The old bald man nodded continuously, "You're right… You're better in observations than me."

And he asked again, "Now, we shall give him the purple crystals first to stabilize him. After he cured your injury, then… yes?"

Qin Baoshan sighed slightly, "We should plan as we go along. If my injury is treated, I'll owe him a favor. If I turned against him… won't I be ungrateful? Not mentioning anything else, how should I overcome my guilty conscience?"

The old bald man flashed his eyes wickedly and said, "We will talk about this… later."

Qin Baoshan guessed what he was going to do later, but he sighed and said, "You shall decide what to do."

At this moment, Chu Yang turned around his mood and said, "Elder, how about having me to look at your injuries first? This way, I would have some ideas about your injury."

Qin Baoshan was very delighted and said, "Then I really have to trouble Divine Doctor Chu."

Chu Yang sighed and said seriously, "A doctor has the heart of a parent. After all, it's quite unbearable to see my elder suffering," the old bald man turned his head back violently and covered his mouth to cough.

Motherf**ker! Your 'heart of a doctor' is exchanged with 300 purple crystals! Even the Medicine Valley isn't as black-hearted as you…

"Elder, please relax and disperse the power that you use to protect your body. Otherwise, with my abolished cultivation, I can't properly diagnose your injury," Chu Yang said lightly.

Qin Baoshan said according to the instructions. In his own territory, there was really nothing to be afraid of.

Qin Baoshan untied his clothes to reveal his injured area. Chu Yang extended his hand forward and two fingers pressed down on it gently.

Qin Baoshan groaned. He felt that these two fingers had penetrated into his own flesh and organs. If he did not see it with his own eyes, he would not believe that even his skin and flesh had not been torn apart.

As though his every vein and bone was pinched and pulled once by these two fingers.

Even though he had high cultivations and could endure much more than the ordinary people, he still groaned. His face became snow-white and sweat beads of the size of beans dripped down.

Chu Yang finally withdrew his fingers and frowned.

The old bald man's and Qin Baoshan's heart fluttered as they saw Chu Yang's heavy face, and they quickly asked, "Divine Doctor Chu, is there any problem?"

"It's quite troublesome!" Chu Yang frowned and looked at Qin Baoshan. It seemed that Chu Yang was angry but he dared not to burst out his anger. Finally, he sighed and said, "Why could you be… so mischievous?!"

"Mischievous?" Qin Baoshan asked with bewilderedness.

"This injury was caused by a very evil kungfu. From the looks of injury, the kungfu is undoubtedly called 'Meridian-Smashing Finger'. After being attacked, the shoulder and arms would be completely locked up! And the pain is hard to endure. If it wasn't resolved within one day, the surrounding meridians would begin to crack; after two days, they would begin to break; after three days, they would begin to crumble."

"This is the terrible thing about the Meridian-Smashing Finger! This way, the entire arm would be wasted."

Chu Yang said as if he was very familiar with it.

"Yes, it's exactly this way!" Qin Baoshan widened his eyes and became excited. This kid was indeed good at medicines!

"Actually, I can help you to resolve your injury if you find me immediately. But you have dragged on your injury for more than three days!"

"Yes… It's five days," Qin Baoshan said guiltily.

"It's still fine if you delay the treatment. After I stop your meridians from continuing to break up, I can use a secret method to obtain medicine. You could then recover after taking it for half a month… But you have actually…"

Chu Yang shook his head as he heaved a sigh.

Qin Baoshan sensed something wrong, and asked nervously, "What?"

"You have already consulted a doctor before… and he had helped you to resolve it! But he resolved it in a completely incorrect way!" Chu Yang stared at him in anger, "He actually followed the treatment method for a 'Meridian-Breaking Palm'! He's simply a quack and a bastard!"

Qin Baoshan's face turned pale. He had consulted the in-house doctor within the law-enforcement officers. The doctor had sworn that it's caused by the 'Meridian-Breaking Palm' and had treated him once already.

He had felt better at the moment, and he even sent a big gift to the doctor. He went back with great excitement, only to find his pain worsened the day after. The doctor was helpless when Qin Baoshan went to find the doctor again…

"Divine Doctor Chu… What, what's the end result?" the old bald man was also frightened: It was him who introduced that doctor to Qin Baoshan…

"What's the end result?" Chu Yang said with frustration, "There'll be no end result, only that the root of the injury could not be cured within half a year when it could originally be cured within a day! And it's still worse than that, from the symptoms! It is this kind of end result, do you understand?"

"Ah?!" although their calmness level was already higher than that of the common people, they still couldn't bear to exclaim aloud.

"Exercise your shoulders and don't be afraid of pain, yes, lift them up… Use your hand to cover your right chest, and press it down hard! Yes! Hardly!" Chu Yang commanded in a cold manner. His finger was effortlessly laying on Qin Baoshan's wrist.

Qin Baoshan did accordingly. As he raised his left shoulder and his right hand was pressed hard on his right chest, the spiritual power of the sword spirit had already entered Qin Baoshan's body through Chu Yang's hands unknowingly. The spiritual qi crouched under Qin Baoshan's right chest, getting ready to explode…

Qin Baoshan pressed down hard… Suddenly, with an 'ah' scream, he felt as though his right chest was being chopped down with a knife. Instantly, he felt a heartbreaking pain, and sweat crept him up profusely. He almost fainted due to the pain, but he could utter no words, so he could only squat on the ground gasping for breath.

"What happened?!" the old bald man was shocked.

"Nothing, only that he had gone bad from the quack's treatment. Not only did the quack not cure the left shoulder, but he also twisted the meridians. The treatment method for Meridian-Breaking Palm was to twist the meridians in the opposite direction… Elder Qin's meridians were not twisted previously, but the quack's treatment was equivalent to making him endure another attack of Meridian-Breaking Palm… This had broken the meridians…"

Chu Yang said to Qin Baoshan lightly, "The most powerful part of the quack's treatment was… He exercised Meridian-Breaking Palm above your injuries from Meridian-Smashing Finger. This had an immediate rippling effect across the meridians across the entire two shoulders! In addition, with the force that came from the Meridian-Smashing Finger, the end result was a strange injury that's neither Meridian-Smashing Finger nor Meridian-Breaking Palm!"

He looked at Qin Baoshan pitifully, It's lucky that you find me now. Otherwise, within one day from now, your right shoulder would be wasted. And, followed by your heart… Hey, don't forget that even though you've found me, I also don't have any medicines for your injuries…"

Qin Baoshan opened his mouth and his teeth clattered.

"Is this doctor that you had found your enemy? He's clearly putting you to death!… Moreover, he shouldn't treat injuries that he's not confident in. This time around, the problem is big. Damn…" Chu Yang shook his head and sighed.

Qin Baoshan was startled.

The old bald man was also startled.

At that moment, both of them wanted to cry!

Next, Qin Baoshan grasped hold of the collar of the old bald man vehemently and screamed in a sullen voice, "Sha Xinliang! What a f**king good doctor you had found me! Now I'm good! What f**king deep hatred do you have towards me that you have to harm me in this manner…"

Qin Baoshan was utterly indignant.

The old bald man Sha Xinliang almost dropped his tears and explained hurriedly, "Brother Qin, Brother Qin… This… This is none of my business…"

"Then whose business is it?!" Qin Baoshan yelled like a thunder, "My injury wasn't that serious at first, yet the quack you introduced harmed me so seriously. Now that I'm going to die, how dare you say that this is none of your business?"

These words reminded Sha Xinliang. He immediately turned around to look at Chu Yang and pleaded, "Little brother, do you think… Brother Qin… can be cured?"

Chu Yang snorted and said, "What are you both fighting for? Elder Qin, you're certainly pushed into a hopeless state by the quack, but Elder Sha… there's a black aura surrounding you. This clearly shows that you've suffered from serious fundamental injuries, and you've also been attacked by Yin and Yang Bipolar Poison. You were also being treated incorrectly and you were left with three to five years of longevity. If you two… Haha, I estimate that both of you would be buried at about the same time."

This was like a bolt from the blue!

Sha Xinliang's body shook and face turned pale. He said blankly, "What? … How do you know that I've suffered from serious fundamental injuries? And attacked by Yin and Yang Bipolar Poison?"

All kinds of terrible consequences poured into his mind. The more Sha Xinliang thought, the more afraid he became. The truth had proven that the 'divine doctor' he introduced to Qin Baoshan was a quack! Or just a smatterer. It also turned out that Sha Xinliang's injuries were also treated by this quack… What if the quack also treated him like he treated Qin Baoshan?…

He became even more afraid and could not even stand still.

With the lesson taken from Qin Baoshan, how could Sha Xinliang believe the 'divine doctor' from the Law Enforcement Hall? And with Chu Yang's such expertise in medicines, how could he say incorrectly?

Chu Yang revealed an inscrutable smile, and sighed deeply, "You two… have met a quack!"

He said evilly in his heart: I shall kill you two old bastards!

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