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Chu Yang 'woke up' gradually, and suddenly saw a bald-headed man with clenched teeth and big eyes looking at himself ferociously.

At once, he was 'astounded', he stepped backward hastily and landed his ass solidly on the ground, and he cried, "I… I… I didn't do anything!"

This was really a delicate touch to his story.

The old bald man twitched his nose in anger.

You had already cursed all my ancestors and descendants, and still, you said that you didn't do anything. And yet, I couldn't put blame on you. He groaned as if he had a toothache and said, "Yes, you didn't do anything."

When he said this, he almost wanted to slap his own face. This was the first time he spoke against his own conscience!

Such suffering that he could only bear in silence was also an unprecedented surprise to him! He felt a mouthful of blood arriving at the tip of his throat, yet he could neither spit nor swallow it.

His entire face was flushed.

This phenomenon was really a wonder. This was the number one technique in the Nine Heavens and only the law-enforcement officers used it for interrogation purposes. For the average person, even for people who had a similar level of cultivation with this old bald man, would definitely fall of it. He would only have to take more effort, at most.

But he was very unlucky: This time he had interrogated a Nine Tribulations Sword Master!

And since the Nine Tribulations Sword Master was here, the sword spirit would naturally be within the body of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master! This would be equivalent to two spirits within a body!

But he could only control one spirit. How could he not be greatly disadvantaged?

And this phenomenon… was never documented within the Main Department of Law Enforcement before. After all, the organization's establishment in the first place was to help the Nine Tribulations Sword Master. Who would ever have thought of a Nine Tribulations Sword Master being interrogated? Who would be so bold?

In this way, this loss that he suffered was reasonable and legitimate.

"Then… Then I can go off?" Chu Yang's voice trembled as he revealed a pitiable look. He was clearly very afraid. But in the eyes of the old bald man, it was only natural and proper that Chu Yang behaved in such a manner: Except for law-enforcement officers, which ordinary people would want to stay in such a place even for a second?

"Please don't, please don't. Divine Doctor Chu, I've not yet entertained you well," the old bald man spoke against his own heart, and he swallowed his saliva persistently while in his heart, he severely scolded himself of his uselessness. He forced out a fake smile, "As a matter of fact, I've invited you here as I need to ask for your help."

"Ask for my help?" Chu Yang blinked his eyes miserably, and said, "May I know… what is it?"

"This friend of mine… *cough*, was also injured that night…" the old bald man finally came to the point. He looked very miserable.

Originally, he had intended to crack the case with this kid, and at the same time, ask him to treat Qin Baoshan's injuries. Never did he expect that the reality was a completely different scenario, and he even had to plead the kid subserviently.

Such an epoch-making and unlucky encounter!

"Oh… I see," Chu Yang's cold sweat was reducing and he slowly calmed down. From an apprehensive appearance, he had slowly and gradually recovered the bearing of a 'divine doctor', and he even glanced a resentful look at the old bald man to express his dissatisfaction.

This kid really knows about temporizing… The old bald man felt that he could not bear to spit out a mouthful of blood…

"It's not that I'm saying you…" Chu Yang obviously still had some reservations, but once he heard that he was being pleaded, he gradually became arrogant, "… Mister, you're so wrong. How are there such manners… of inviting doctors? You actually forcefully arrested me, and you bribed my clan…"

As Chu Yang carried on saying, he 'finally' relaxed, and his anger 'gradually' rose to adapt to his present role; He finally realized: Yes, you're asking for my help! And with such mentality!

And so he climbed up from the ground and acted hysterically, "Are you not a bastard? Are you law-enforcement officers so unreasonable!? You asked for help, yet you asked for bribes at the same time? How are there such things under the sun?"

Instantly, the old bald man and Qin Baoshan turned pale.

This matter… they really did not handle it reasonably.

"Those two bastards! They even engaged in bribery!" Qin Baoshan was extremely furious, "Such boldness!"

Chu Yang was furious too, "Not only did they bribe from our clan, they even threatened us in an extremely arrogant manner, as if I'm a prisoner that is to be escorted here. And they looked as stone as zombies along the way…"

The more he said, the angrier he had become. Then, he suddenly flicked his sleeves and walked away, "I won't cure you! I won't attend any of your illnesses! I'm going home now!"

"Wait wait wait…" the old bald man really wanted to cry. If Chu Yang really went off, he would definitely be smeared by Qin Baoshan and his team, "Divine Doctor Chu, Divine Doctor Chu, we can negotiate this… this…"

"Negotiate your ass!" Chu Yang scolded aloud, "Look at all what you've done! There's even such unreasonable things that you call white black and swear black is white! I'm an ordinary person that has been careful, kind, helpful, compassionate and openhearted for all my life! I even fear to step on an ant or injure a fly, and I dedicated my strength to help people who have suffered. But yet such bad luck is still on me! My God, please open your eyes! What world am I in?"

Chu Yang wanted to cry as he lamented.

The sword spirit spurted out a mouthful of blood out in the Nine Tribulations Space.

Qin Baoshan's face turned ashen, while blue veins palpitated on the temples of the old bald man. They didn't know how to respond.

Fearing of Chu Yang becoming even angrier, the old bald man could only stamp his feet and yell, "Bring the two bastards up!"

The two silver-plate law-enforcement officers came up, their faces were full of misery.

Upon coming in, the old bald man hurled himself over the two officers and slapped on each of their faces a dozen times. Their heads swayed like a pendulum as they were slapped. Before they even reacted to what had happened, they had already been beaten into pigs.

"Bastards!" the old bald man squinted his eyes as he slapped, "Didn't I tell you that you must be polite when you ask Divine Doctor Chu to come? And to serve him carefully? You two are sons of a b**ch! You dared to treat Divine Doctor Chu like this! If I don't scrape off your skins today… how will you stand up to Divine Doctor Chu?"

After being slapped into stupefaction, they continued to bear such harsh scoldings that they were about to faint.

Realizing that the old bald man was winking at them, they then recovered from their stupor and dropped to their knees hurriedly, "Yes, commander, you're right in scolding us. We're wrong!"

The old bald man heaved a sigh of relief and continued to reprimand them, "You two dared to engage in bribery! Where is it? Quickly take it out! What are you waiting for? Damn fools!"

"Yes yes… we're too foolish… Commander, please forgive us," the two law-enforcement officers were utterly confounded, and thought: We've been handling our works like this all along! And we've already secretly put half of the purple crystals in your room… Do we have to steal them out again?

It's impossible to steal them out, and we could only sacrifice our own crystals. The two people felt extremely wronged and had no choice but to say, "Yes, we'll get them immediately; There're a total of 60 purple crystals and we'll get them all…"

"60? It's 300!"

Chu Yang was furious and jumped, "How is there such outrageous things in the world? You clearly collected 300 purple crystals, yet you still have a face to say that you only collected 60! I… I… What world am I living in!? Law-enforcement officers… are so evil! I want to cry… I'm angry… I… I want to vomit blood!"

300?! It's f**king us who want to vomit blood… The two silver-plate law-enforcement officers also wanted to cry.

Since when did it become 300? It's obviously 60! How are we going to get the f**king 240 purple crystals?

Chu Yang continued gabbling, "My God! I really can't believe that these people are so greedy. It's 300 pieces of purple crystals! Their two parcels are fully filled, but in the blink of an eye, it had turned 60!"

He rushed in front of Qin Baoshan and said angrily, "Elder, did you hear? 300 purple crystals had actually… turned 60…"

In the Nine Tribulations Space, the sword spirit wondered, "It's clearly 60."

In the consciousness, Chu Yang shouted at the sword spirit, "Piss off!"

Then he shed tears in front of Qin Baoshan, "There's even such injustice in this world! Elder… It's not that I don't want to cure your illness, but I'm really… really… not in the right mind… Elder, you have to invite another doctor… I'm helpless now…"

Qin Baoshan was very furious. Disregarding the pain on his shoulder, he dashed like a bolt of lightning towards the two fellows and gave them two kicks as if they were footballs. And he yelled like a thunder, "What are you waiting for? Get the purple crystals now! You bastards! 300 purple crystals. If there's one less, and if you delayed me having my treatment, I'll ruin your entire families!"

The two were kicked very harshly, but they did not faint.

But once they heard this, they flipped their eyes and almost fainted.

This time around… we're over…

There's such a shameless person in the world. We obviously collected only 60 purple crystals… Woo… And we also gave 30 of them to the commander…

Where can we go to get the 300 purple crystals?

"What are you waiting for?" the old bald man screamed like a villain.

These two men got up fearfully.

When they were about to go out, they heard Divine Doctor Chu saying despondently, "Elder… if my family property isn't back, I really don't have the mood to cure you… Hey, can you allow me to rest for a while?"

The two silver-plate law-enforcement officers jerked on the spot as if they had encountered a fierce thunderstorm, and at the same time, they mourned in their hearts: You're really going to drive us dead… I've never seen such a dark-hearted person before…

Qin Baoshan also wanted to say: Motherf**ker, you don't have the mood, but you could even bear to see me in constant pain!

He became even more frustrated and jumped forward to give the duo another two kicks, "Listen for the two of you: If you don't come back within 15 minutes, you shall directly kill your whole families. Then you shall commit suicide!"

The duo was grief-stricken and fled helter-skelter…

Divine Doctor Chu was still muttering, "Where's the justice in the world? Where's the reason? Where's the conscience… Is this still the Nine Heavens that is dominated by the law-enforcement officers… my God… I'm going to collapse…"

The old bald man covered his face… It's me who's really going to collapse… Motherf**ker, I actually caught such a crackpot…

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